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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Lee's Summit Proposed Anti-Smoking Law Would Punish Parents

Anyone with half a brain in 2010 knows that parents have little to no control of what teenagers do when they're not around their parents.

According to this story in the LEE'S SUMMIT (MO) JOURNAL- it reads that some pollys in Lee's Summit don't even have half a brain.

One LS elected official now wants a hefty fine added to the parents of teens caught smoking cigarettes (I assume cigars- pipes too).

Not only that- this same air-headed polly would make both the teens and their parents attend "smoking cessation classes."

Maybe it would just be better for Lee's Summit (the entire UCSA) to outlaw tobacco outright if it's so fugging bad for people.

Then again- MAYBE this stupid law proposal is some underhanded attempt to raise revenue to cover Ted White's coming lawsuit against the City of Lee's Summit without cutting-off the revenue LS makes in taxes on tobacco sales....

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