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Saturday, November 07, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Motorcycle Crash In Shawnee-KS

ot too many details but around 5 pm two motorcycles crashed into each other on K-7 near 75th Street.

It was reported 2 riders involved and that one of them was killed in the crash with the other receiving serious injuries.


Wall Street Yankee Fans Find Alternative Paper Shredder

hat to do when one runs out of confetti during a ticker-tape parade?

Just throw out entire files- according to this Associated Press story.

After the Yankees World Series victory parade- clean-up crews found "pay stubs, banking data, law firm memos and even some court files" in the mounds of ticker-tape- according to the AP story.


Way To Show THEM - Snoop Dogg Fans

n case you missed out- Snoop Dogg brought his hip-hop revue to the Voodoo Lounge at Harrah's Casino in North KC-MO last night.

Heh- I know for a FACT that there were news media concerns a riot might break out.

I knew better.
Snoop is what I call first-generation hip-hop and with that- Snoop AND his fans are just a little older than the snot-nosed cap-poppers in this burg.

In other words: Snoops people were out to have FUN.
Nothing else.

Rapper Aaron Dontez Yates (born November 8, 1971 in Kansas City, Missouri) a.k.a. Tech N9ne will be coming to the Independence Arena soon.

Maybe the news media will get their wish....


Tropical Storm IDA - Saturday - November 7

he National Weather Service's (NWS) National Hurricane Center (NHC) is watching re-formed Tropical Storm (TS) Ida in the southwest Carribean Sea.

Ida- as a hurricane- struck Nicaragua earlier this week- weakened- and re-entered to Carribean and is moving generally northward.

The NHC says Ida- remaining a tropical storm- could make American landfall next week.

The (no) hurricane season had virtually ended so stay tuned....

WEATHER: Great Day- Weekend Ahead

look at the weather maps this Saturday morning shows a weak cool front that has slowly sagged southward over about the northwestern one-third of the Central States (Nebraska-Iowa-Kansas-Missouri-Oklahoma-Arkansas).

This front will continue south into the Kansas City MetroRegion before washing out.

This will calm winds from yesterday's gustiness- and provide a very pleasant "Indian Summer" day for many locations.

High temperatures in the MetroRegion today will range from the middle 60's north to the mid to upper 70's south- the latter including Metro Kansas City. In fact- the record high temperature of 78 degrees- set in the 1930's- could be tied or broken today.

The national forecast temperature map shows most of the really cold autumn air remains north of the U.S..

The closer look at the Central States shows the cooler air will reside in northern through western Nebraska- 60's and 70's south and eastward with highs in the 80's- possibly reaching the 90's in parts of western Oklahoma.

Sunday looks good locally as well- with highs in the 60's.

Next chance of rain looks to be later Monday into Tuesday. No really cold air in sight for the coming week though....


Firefighter Injured At KC-KS Vacant House Fire

ix companies of the Kansas City-KS Fire department responded to a vacant house fire in the 2200 block of South Mill Street just before 2 am Saturday morning.

The "2-story" structure was fully-engulfed in flames when the first fire company arrived at 2:03 am and the firefight was on.

An additional fire company was ordered when it appeared neighboring structures were in danger. Later- yet another company brought an air supply apparatus.

The fire was declared "out" by 3:15 am and did not spread to surrounding structures.

At 3:49 am- a firefighter was reported to have suffered a "not serious" injury while doing overhaul at the scene and was taken to a hospital.

An arson investigator was determining a cause.

Man Shot In South-Midtown KC-MO Home Robbery

C-MO Metro zone police officers were called to the 1800 block of East 55th Street around 3:12 am on a reported shooting as a result of an armed residential robbery.

At the address- police found a male with a "non life-threatening" gunshot wound to his chest.

The victim was taken to the hospital while police sought the "black male" suspect who fled the scene.


Teen Stabbed In Blue Springs-MO

olice in Blue Springs are investigating a stabbing that occurred around 12:45 am in the 1300 block of Southwest U.S. 40 Highway.

The victim was reported by Central Jackson County Fire Protection District (CJC) EMS as "a 15-year-old male with a single stab wound" to his "lower back."

CJC-EMS transported the victim to a KC-MO pediatric medical trauma center in serious condition.

Blue Springs and area police departments were seeking the suspect: "a white male about 6-foot 1-inch tall and weighing around 200 pounds- with brown hair and eyes" and a clothing description- seen leaving the scene in a vehicle.

Friday, November 06, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: "Several Shot" In Orlando-FL Office Building

elevision station WFTV in Orlando is reporting a multiple-victim shooting at an office building in downtown Orlando-FL..

The station reports "one" suspect being sought by police- with no other details yet.

Other news media outlets are reporting "8" people have been shot there.

As of 12:20 CST- media outlets in Orlando are reporting "2 dead and 6 injured" in the incident with the gunman still at large.

Check the WFTV link for further updates....


Kansas City-MO Citizens Need A City Hall-Council "Consultant"

indy Circo- chairwoman for the committee to force a 1000-room convention hotel down a recession/depression-battered citizenry's throats- has used taxpayer money to give a consultant job to the same firm that help HER get elected city councilwoman- says The Pitch.

This is how politicians work- a business helps them get elected with contributions- then that elected official beholden to that business funnels business their way.

The consultants Circo got hired are "to educate and inform constituents regarding the potential development" of a new convention hotel.

Educate and inform us? Most of us ARE educated and informed on this white-elephant plan.

Check around- the CSW poll down on the right side of this blog if you don't believe that Kansas Citians DON'T WANT TAX MONEY GIVEN AWAY TO DEVELOPERS or in any way shape or form for ANOTHER hotel which taxpayers will HAVE to subsidize building and operating.

* We need new and replaced sidewalks- bridges- roadways- decrepit empty structures demolished or repaired- we need reliable- speedy public transit.

* We need the sewer and water lines replaced or repaired. We need to pay-off the debt on Kemper Arena- the Power & Light District and the Jazz District.

* We need something done to the abandoned Bannister Mall site on Chuck Eddy (Hillcrest) Road and quit building/subsidizing silly shit like luxury convention hotels 95% of the city's citizens will never use.

! We just need to replace Circo and the rest of the uneducated and uninformed on that committee- for that matter the entire council and mayor too- next election!

Near 200K American Jobs Lost In October 2009

h- but HEY- "the recession (depression) is over" you hear these noodniks on the financial channels say.

Regardless- America's CITIZENS keep biting the big one with a reported 190000 jobs lost nationwide in October.

We can all go to Dow Jones' house and let THEM feed us....


Historic Building Burns In Lexington-MO

ire gutted the old Lexington Brewery building early Friday morning.

A large explosion was said to have preceeded the fire that was first reported around 6:15 am- according to the Richmond-MO DAILY NEWS.

(Photo courtesy of the Richmond (MO) DAILY NEWS)

A Mexican restaurant was currently operating in the historic building. It took 5 outside fire departments to help Lexington Fire extinguish the flames.

There were no reports of injuries.

The Sign At Arrowhead The News Media Didn't See

don't post much on "pro" sports on this blog as much of that is a waste of other people's time and my money.

However- some well-meaning- but misguided apparent Chefs fan sent me the text of a sign that is supposed to be posted outside Arrowhead stadium.

That sign stated:

“Losers question our qualifications to fix this franchise.
Winners do what we tell them to do to avoid getting fined, cut or losing access to our self-promoting, unenlightening off-the-record conversations.
And in keeping with our tight-lipped approach on talking about in-house matters, we have no comment on Larry Johnson.”

I went looking for THAT sign yesterday- but instead found THIS sign:

"Taxpayers question our worthiness to subsidize this franchise.
Politicians do what we tell them to do to avoid getting campaign contributions reduced- cut or lose access to private suites to view our self-promoting yet unintelligible off-the-wall play calling during games.
And in keeping with our philosophy of gouging the public and holding guessing-games regarding in-house matters- we have no comment about winning ballgames."

Any minute of any day- the LAST sign makes one HELL of a lot more sense than the FIRST sign did....

Workin' On The River- The New Paseo Bridge Update

brief pictorial on the progress of the new I-35 Paseo Bridge over the Missouri.


Thursday, November 05, 2009

Seven Dead- Dozen Injured In Texas Army Post Shooting

Details are still sketchy- but it's being reported that 7 people have been killed with at least 20 injured in a mass-shooting incident on the grounds of the U.S. Army's Fort Hood near Killeen Texas.

News media reports indicated at least 2 shooters- and that this incident occurred at the base exchange or "BX." It's also reported the shooters were "wearing military uniforms."

News media reports also stated one of the shooters was "in custody"- but that a 2nd shooter had escaped. New reports are this may had involved "separate" shooting incidents.

Later media reports indicate either a 3rd shooter- or the suspect that escaped the original scene- is barricaded at a building on the Army base.

There have been reports that among the dead victims are a mother and her baby- but this information has NOT been confirmed....

BREAKING NEWS: "Major" Shooting Incident At Fort Hood In Texas

CNN is reporting "7 dead" and numerous injuries at the Army post near Killeen-TX and they don't have any other details yet.


KCEN-TV6 in Killeen reports "7 dead- 12 injured" in a shooting at U.S. Army's Fort Hood.

KCEN just reported "a 3rd shooter has opened fire" at 2:30 pm- the station initially reported "2" shooters and that one of those had fled the scene....

As of 4 pm CST- 12 people have now been confirmed killed and 31 injured in a shooting spree by a U.S. Army officer in Fort Hood- Texas.

The incident began around 1:30 pm at the world's largest military installation- located near Killeen and Temple-TX.

Among the dead are military personnel as well as a civilian police officer.

The lone gunman- an Army Major- was killed.

Two more soldiers have been apprehended- according to military officials at a news conference outside Fort Hood's main gate shortly before 4 PM..


Best Location For KC-MO 1000-Room Convention Hotel Is On Paper

s in drawings- would-be architect renderings- paid for out of the half-million dollars Silly City pollys allocated for this project- then shelved.

Kansas City's alternative newspaper The Pitch has an update on the inside Silly City Hall machinations of this project that is about 20 years past it's prime (huge conventions will soon be a thing of the past- you see).

What would be the wisest move of all is to return whatever is left of the $500000 convention hotel slush fund to the city's general fund and put this lame idea to sleep.

BREAKING NEWS: House Fire In Independence-MO

t least 8 companies of the Independence Fire department are battling a "2nd-alarm" house fire in the 17900 block of East Kentucky in the northeast part of the city.

Initial reports indicate there may be a person "trapped" inside the burning house- but it is believed there's no one inside as of the latest reports after interior searches.

At 12:19 pm- an IFD chief "cancelled" the 2nd-alarm assignment.

More info here if needed/received....

BREAKING NEWS: Male Near Death After Motorcycle Crash In KC-MO Northland

AST-EMS reports "an 18 to 20-year-old male" is in very critical condition while enroute to a Northland medical trauma center after the male drove his motorcycle into the side of a vehicle near Maple Woods Community college at Northeast Barry Road and North Brighton.

Reports from the scene indicate the critically-injured male was driving his cycle "at a speed around 100 mph" when he slammed into the vehicle around 10:45 am Thursday morning.

No report that the driver of the other vehicle was injured- and police are investigating....

Still No "99/100" Of the "Rest of the Story" in Olathe FBI Shootout

e here at CSW as well as our readers await a FBI statement on why agents decided to arrest a man wanted on an outstanding warrant outside a sandwich shop in Olathe Sunday evening.

The suspect pulled a gun and the FBI agents opened fire on the man about 7 pm Sunday outside the Subway at 151st Street & Ridgeview- reported here at CSW.

One restaurant manager complained- as reported at The OLATHE (KS) NEWS- but an FBI spokesperson (doubtless not anywhere near the shooting) commented with some lines of standard gobble-de-gook.

A commenter on the previous CSW post said that we only "had 1/100th of the story."

We patiently wait for the other 99%....

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts Construction Progress - November 2009

ith 2009 winding down- the Kauffman Center for the Performing Arts keeps going up...

The building is scheduled to open in the Fall of 2011...

Previous posts containing photos of the KCPA during construction can be found HERE.

Layoffs Slated For Boonville-MO Plant

aven't people heard the news that "the recession (depression) is OVER?"

Well- here's another layoff story (I'll add my own in the near future- there could be some shaky road ahead on that)- Boonville manufacturer Nordyne will be shedding 110 positions for 2010- according to The COLUMBIA (MO) TRIBUNE.

More Sprint-Nextel Layoffs

hese "dozens" of jobs to be cut are in the "wholesale division" of the Overland Park-headquartered company.

Before long- Sprint-Nextel will be so downsized that they can can move their corporate headquarters from the present location- to this "proposed" new corporate headquarters site coming to a tree near you....

Kansas Jayhawks Men's Basketball Schedule 2009-10

he J-Hawks won their first game last night against Fort Hays State- here's the basketball schedule for the rest of this season.

Note the Jayhawks b-ball and football teams are not scheduled against the other for the rest of the year (heh).


Metro Voters Continue To Tax Themselves To Death

t was a chance to put some money back in our OWN pockets- but voters Tuesday for the most part elected to continue taxing themselves.

Jackson County's controversial "COMBAT" tax passed- obviously people buy into scare-tactic TV advertisements and paid sign-carriers.

Clay County's "law enforcement" tax passed- Fairway-KS voters gave themselves an increased sales tax and Independence voters elected to raise their property taxes for a school bond issue.

Of all the Metro-wide tax issues on ballots- ONLY voters in Peculiar-MO voted DOWN tax increases.

Most sad was voter turnout- a very small percentage of registered voters participated.

If you were against higher taxes but didn't bother to take 5 minutes to vote them down- no bitching here....

Tuesday, November 03, 2009

BREAKING NEWS: I-70 Eastbound Closed East Of Noland Due To Wreck

t 8:14 pm- Independence-MO emergency responders rolled on a reported "rollover" crash on I-70 eastbound east of Noland Road.

As shown by these K.C. SCOUT images- the crash has closed the eastbound lanes near Phelps Road.

Serious injuries are also indicated by AMR-EMS.

More here as received....

Fairway-KS Approve More Taxes On Themselves

f there's a "silly season" for politicians- taxpayers who approve tax increases upon themselves during one of the worst "recessions (depression)" in many decades must also be considered.

Fairway shoppers will soon pay an EXTRA half-cent for their goods and services as the voters there have approved that much of a boost in their sales tax.

What about the old saying- "fools and their money soon part ways?"

Applicable here....


Centerpoint Medical Center To Pay Independence-MO $12-Million To Sponsor Arena "Ice"

ospitals constantly complain about all the uninsured patients coming into their emergency rooms- but have no apparent qualms spending money on advertising or- as reported by The Independence-Blue Springs-Grain Valley EXAMINER- sponsoring "ice."

Yes that's right.

The EXAMINER says that Centerpoint will spend "$12-million over the (next) ten years" to sponsor the ice at the new Independence Arena at I-70 & I-470.

Twelve-million dollars.

Wonder how many uninsured sick people that $12-mil would heal?


BREAKING NEWS: KC-Lee's Summit-MO Car Driven Into Longview Lake

t 2:46 pm- Kansas City and Lee's Summit-MO fire & EMS crews report a vehicle driven into Longview Lake at the Mouse Creek boat ramp.

There was a report this was "a possible suicide attempt."

Fire crews are on-scene and cannot locate any vehicle from the water's surface- but by 3:07 pm the KC-MO Fire battalion chief has determined a vehicle did go into the water- not at the boat ramp but on an access road to the north of the Mouse Creek ramp.

The Lee's Summit Underwater Recovery divers have been called to this scene.

More information as received...

VOTE TODAY in Metro Kansas City

he polls are open until 7 pm in Missouri.

The lone Johnson County-KS issue is voted on by mail ballot only.

The issues in a nutshell:

1. Renewing COMBAT 1/4-cent sales tax- Expires in 2011- $80000 election cost JUST for this issue... NO-

2. Center School District residents: Bond Issue- No tax increase... YES-

3. Independence School District residents: Bond Issue- 15% property tax increase with approval- NO.

1. Countywide sales tax increase- NO.
1. Fairway Sales Tax increase- NO.

1. Edwardsville Special Election - November 3, 2009

*NOTE: There will be only one polling place for this election. Edwardsville Community Center, 696 S. 3rd St.


Monday, November 02, 2009

FBI Gets In Olathe-KS Shootout

couldn't believe my ears & eyes when this story surfaced...

FBI agents got into a shootout around 7 pm Sunday evening at a Subway sandwich shop at busy 151st Street & Ridgeview with a man who reportedly had "an outstanding warrant."

Someone please explain to me why the government agents went to arrest the man in a busy public place instead of a more secure area- like the man's home in early morning hours like most law agencies in this burg likes to arrest warrant scofflaws.

The FBI's suspect is in serious condition today- and it's a DAMN wonder there aren't any citizens shot as well....


Trucks Left After Franklin County-KS "Mudding"

eez- you'd THINK that if you're going to do something airheaded- like "mudding" on unpaved farm roads- you'd AT LEAST take your truck home!

These 2 vehicles were found abandoned on this farm road near Homewood-KS- after a farmer discovered Friday that his unimproved road is even more so now- according to The OTTAWA (KS) HERALD....


Missouri Water Patrol Report On Sunday Morning MO River Rescue

eported here at CSW exclusively Sunday morning was the rescue of 2 people from the Missouri River in Lafayette County.

Click on the image for the "official" MO Water Patrol report of the incident.

I had also monitored a 3rd person rescued at Waverly- but no report on that individual or if it was an erroneous report on the other 2 victims listed here..


BREAKING NEWS: Blue Springs-MO Driver Discovers Bad Vision

t 9:17 am this pleasant- sunny Monday morning- Blue Springs emergency agencies responded on a reported "pedestrian struck" at the "Discover Vision Center at 1613 Southwest Missouri-7 Highway.

What was discovered according to Central Jackson County Fire Protection District radio comms- was "a SUV" crashed into the building there.

CJCFD-EMS reports a woman inside the business suffered minor injuries from the crash- as well as the driver of the SUV.

The business has been evacuated and a Blue Springs building code inspector has been requested.

I haven't heard yet if the SUV contained a person about to test their vision or if their vision had already been checked.


Sunday, November 01, 2009

BREAKING NEWS UPDATE: KC-MO 2-Alarm Fire Is Under Control

his is an update of breaking news first brought to you by CSW

The 2-alarm fire in a 2-story apartment building in the 8700 block of Chestnut Circle- near 8600 Holmes- was declared under control at 7:04 pm..

There was one report of an injury that is being tended to by a MAST-EMS unit on the scene.

There have been no reports of fatalities.

An untended BBQ grill on the balcony of one of the fire building's occupants is believed to be the cause of this fire that was first reported at 6:40 pm- although any "official" determination has yet to be issued.

Temperatures in Kansas City today reached the mid to upper-70's- with south winds that were gusting to as high as 25 mph this Sunday afternoon.