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Monday, April 19, 2010

Forty-Four Years Ago Today- A Tornado Struck Central Overland Park KS

oday marks the 44th anniversary of what is called 'The Overland Park Tornado' that- on April 19 1966- struck a then-new subdivision and grazed an elementary school just letting out for the school day near 95th Street and Knox.

Here's the summary of that event- found in the weather history area on the lower right side of this blog:

1966 - April 19 - A tornado forms over what was then farmland east of I-35 & 119th Street in Johnson County KS. and moves northeastward.

Within 10 minutes - the F-3-rated tornado strikes a new housing subdivision and barely misses an elementary school at West 96th St. & Knox in Overland Park.

There are several minor injuries and the tornado-bearing storm moves over highly-populated areas of southern K.C. & Independence, MO..

The official warning was issued by the local broadcast media after the tornado had touched down - traveled it's roughly 4 to 5-mile-long path and lifted.

Also- here's a CSW blog post relating to the OP tornado from 3 years ago.


Atana said...

You might be interested in reading my "eyewitness account" of this event as a kid...


Groucho K. Marx said...

Sorry it took awhile to get you posted here...

I read your "eyewitness account" Katie and enjoyed it!

I was a student at Southeast Junior High school (across from Swope Park) that day- actually predicted the tornado several hours before it struck OP- just based on my observation during the lunch period of some mammato-cumulus or "mama clouds."

The tornado was clearly visible from Southeast.

Also remember the May 15 'white tornado' on Minnesota in KC-KS and of course- Topeka.

Our Boy Scout troop went out to Topeka the week after to assist in clean-up- incredible damage.

Thanks for YOUR memories Katie!