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Saturday, March 03, 2012

Man Stabbed 7 Times in Kansas City MO Motel

This call came in at 11:17 p.m. Friday night- a reported stabbing in a room at the infamous Capri Motel at 600 Paseo...

Police arrived to find a 36-year-old male- who- according to a KCFD-EMS crew- had been "stabbed seven (7) times" over his middle to upper body.

Oddly- or rather fortunately for the victim- the paramedic's description of the man's wounds didn't indicate his condition to be life-threatening.

Didn't hear if any suspects were taken into police custody at the scene.

CSW BREAKING: Fire Destroys House- Damages Another in Kansas City KS

At least six KC-KS fire crews are fighting a fire in two houses in the southern part of that city...

The alarm sounded at 3:47 p.m. Saturday afternoon for a house fire in the 3000 block of South 46th Street in the Turner area of KC-KS.

This is west of I-635 and north of Shawnee Drive/County Line Road.

The first pumper truck arrived three minutes later to report a "1-story" house "fully-involved" in flames.

The occupants of that house were reported out and uninjured a minute later.

By 3:58 p.m.- the fire had spread to a second house to the north- as the occupants of that structure evacuate.

The fire in the second house is quickly knocked down by 4:10 p.m.- but it takes about another ten minutes to bring the flames in the original structure under control.

No injuries have been reported as of this post- and a cause and dollar amount of damage done is pending upon the official investigation.  

Serious-Injury in Single-Car Crash on I-35 in Lenexa

The crash occurred several minutes after 11 p.m. Friday night on northbound I-35 near the I-435 junction...

MEDACT-EMS reported a woman "in her middle 60's" lost control of her car which "left the roadway and rolled over several times down an embankment."

The woman was also reported to have been "thrown from the car" during the crash.

She was taken to a nearby medical trauma hospital in at least serious condition- and there was no indication another vehicle was involved and there wasn't anyone else hurt in the crash.

CSW BREAKING: At Least 5 Victims Total in Twin Kansas Cities Shootings

Back to Kansas City news now...

Two shooting scenes- one in KC-MO and the other in KC-KS have left one confirmed dead and at least two others seriously to critically injured early Saturday morning.

The extent of injuries to two others that arrived themselves at a Kansas City medical center from the KC-MO scene are not yet known...

That KC-MO scene was at an apartment building at 3950 Warwick in Midtown.

Police- sent to the Warwick address minutes earlier on a "disturbance" call- arrived at eight minutes after midnight reporting "a large crowd" had gathered outside.

A shooting victim was found inside minutes later- reported by EMS as a late-teens male- who had been shot "three to four times" in the middle and lower body sections- and taken emergency to a nearby medical trauma center.

About an hour and a half later- what was reported by police as two additional victims from this shooing showed up at Truman Medical Center's Lakewood campus hospital (TMC/East I call it)- and they were transferred by KCFD-EMS ambulance to another hospital who could better treat their unspecified gunshot wounds.

Police reported having two suspects "in custody" at the scene on Warwick and were further investigating the incident.

The second shooting scene was in east Kansas City KS- with one person confirmed dead and another critically-wounded.

That happened at a house in the 300 block of North 34th Street around 1:40 a.m. (initial PD call dispatch time).

A male dead by gunshot(s?) was found by police in a back bedroom.

A "34-year-old female" was transported by KC-KS FD-EMS to a hospital with a critical gunshot wound.

The police investigation was under way there.

U.S. Tornado Outbreak Kills More Than 30

Scores of tornadoes ripped through at least seven states from the Ohio Valley to the southern and southeastern U.S. on Friday- killing at least 31 people- according to the latest ASSOCIATED PRESS report  Saturday morning.

At least a dozen people are still reported missing.

Hundreds of people were hurt- with injuries ranging from minor to critical being treated by overwhelmed resources in the sticken areas.

The activity began early Friday morning with severe thunderstorms in western Missouri- then spread east and south through the day into early Saturday morning.

The first tornadoes struck northern Alabama during the mid-morning hours- then other thunderstorms moved into or developed in western Illinois and raced eastward at speeds up to 70 miles per hour..

As reported here at CSW Friday- hardest hit was southern Indiana- where the towns of Henryville and Marysville were heavily-damaged or virtually destroyed by large tornadoes.

Witnesses said Henryville- population about 1900 and birthplace of Kentucky Fried Chicken founder Harlan (Colonel) Sanders- was struck by two tornadoes that came minutes apart.

The city's high and junior high schools were heavily-damaged- and on Saturday a National Weather Service survey team rated the Henryville tornado as "an EF-4-" second highest on the scale of five.

One person died in Henryville.

Fourteen people were reported dead in Indiana by midnight Saturday.

Rescue crews searched through the rubble as darkness fell over those middle Ohio River Valley areas damaged that stretched from extreme southeastern Illinois east and south through Indiana- Ohio- Kentucky- West Virginia and Tennessee.

The National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center in Norman OK listed more than 700 reports of severe weather across the central and eastern U.S. early Saturday.

Of those reports- 94 were listed as tornadoes.

Fortunately- the tornadoes missed medium to large cities.

The powerful storm system was also producing flash flooding in West Virginia- Mississippi and Georgia into early Saturday morning- with snows in the Upper Great Lakes north and eastward.

Friday, March 02, 2012

Henryville, Marysville Indiana "Destroyed" by A Tornado

The reports are coming both from the ASSOCIATED PRESS and Louisville TV...

Live reports are that buildings- schools and homes are damaged and destroyed by a "large tornado" that has struck that southern Indiana town about 30 miles north of Louisville.

The LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL reports that the Henryville High school was struck with "significant damage-"  but no immediate reports of injuries and the school did have students inside at the time the tornado struck....

Tornado Video near Henryville IN

Also- the ASSOCIATED PRESS is reporting the town of Marysville IN is "completely gone" after a tornado struck there.

Marysville is about 10-15 miles east-northeast of Henryville.

No immediate word of injuries or deaths from Marysville....

Also- four dead- at least one  near Henryville and the others at or near Chelsea IN- are  reported from tornadoes in southern Indiana from WHAS-TV11 in Louisville.

I am also monitoring a TV station- WKRC in Cincinnati- as the tornadic storms approach that southwestern Ohio metropolis.

Tornado Video near Borden IN..

WKRC in Cincinnati is reporting "two fatalities" in the tornado-stricken town of Holton IN..

Heavy damage and possible injuries and fatalities also reported in Moscow OH- southeast of Cincinnati on the Ohio River.

A tornado has also created significant damage near Cookson TN.

No reports of injuries or deaths from central and eastern Tennessee yet.....

CSW BREAKING: Multiple Tornadoes Around Metro Louisville KY

These tornado pix are screencaps:

This was near Evansville IN more than an hour ago-

These tornado pix are north to northeast of Louisville-

Reports of "significant damage and "people trapped in homes" in those areas.

Live TV broadcasts on the Net- WAVE-3



After reaching the lower 70's on Thursday- snow- heavy at times- falls across Metro Kansas City Friday morning.

No great accumulation is expected on area roads- but up to 2 inches could fall on grassy areas.

Don't know if a slick spot on the roads caused a Raytown police officer to run into a power pole on Raytown Road just north of M-350 highway around 10:30 a.m.

The officer's injuries were not life-threatening but the patrol car's airbag did go off-  according to my brother Zeppo- who witnessed the aftermath of the crash.

CSW BREAKING: Apartment Building Fire With Rescues- Injury in Northeast Kansas City MO

At least 4 people have been rescued from an apartment building fire by firefighters early Friday morning.

The alarm was sounded at 2:55 a.m. for the fire at 6403 (East) Independence Avenue.

When the first fire crews arrived at 2:57 a.m.- smoke was reported showing from "a 3-story wood-frame" apartment building.

At 3:02 a.m.- fire command reports "2" people were rescued from a 3rd-floor apartment by ladders.

"Two" additional people were also rescued "from a basement apartment."

The fire was reported under control at 3:09 a.m..

EMS was about to transport "54-year-old male" with "respiratory" issues due to smoke inhalation in serious condition to Truman Med Center-Hospital Hill.

This victim also was reported to have "a broken arm."

A "57-year-old female" apartment occupant was taken to North Kansas City Hospital with non life-threatening "smoke inhalation.

Unknown if any additional injuries at the scene.

The Red Cross was ordered for "seven adults" displaced by the fire.

CSW WEATHER: First Severe Storm Watch of Latest Outbreak Issued Close to Metro Kansas City

Severe Thunderstorm Watch Number 54 is in effect for a swath of Missouri from west to east as well as a small part of western Illinois until 7 a.m..

Close to Metro Kansas City- the watch includes Cass- Johnson and Lafayette counties in Missouri- including the cities of Harrisonville- Warrensburg and Lexington- as well as counties and cities south and east of these locations such as Boonville- Sedalia and Warsaw.

The watch also includes Columbia and all of Metro St. Louis- according to the Storm Prediction Center (SPC).

The immediate Metro Kansas City counties are NOT included.

Thunderstorms have formed from south-southwest to southeast of Kansas City and are moving northeastward at around 40-50 m.p.h.

The first severe thunderstorm warnings have gone-up around Osceola MO..

This is the beginning of what will likely be a fairly-significant severe weather outbreak with tornadoes across the Middle Mississippi- Lower to middle Ohio and Tennessee River Valleys today.

A "moderate risk of severe weather is expected in those areas throughout the day.

Thursday, March 01, 2012

Now One Dead in Harveyville KS Tornado

The Harveyville Tornado on Tuesday night has claimed a life...

The person who was initially reported to be in critical condition after he was found in the tornado debris died in a Topeka hospital.

The man has been identified as 53-year-old Richard D. Slade. 

CSW Weather: Another Tornado Outbreak Likely Friday

Today- March 1- is the start of "meteorological spring-" and Mother Nature is in on the season...

Another severe storm and tornado outbreak is forecast Friday for many of the same areas that were battered by severe storms and deadly tornadoes on Wednesday.

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman OK predicts a "moderate risk" for severe thunderstorms and tornadoes tomorrow for parts of the Ohio and Tennessee River valleys.

Later today- there is a "slight risk" for the same conditions over southern and southeastern Missouri as well as northern and northeastern Arkansas.

There- storms shouldn't be as intense as early Wednesday's- but there is still a risk for tornadoes.

A few thunderstorms are possible in the Kansas City Metro and MetroRegion- but none are forecast to be severe.

The Friday risk will be more pronounced.

The SPC says Friday's storms will produce "at least a few wind events at or above (70 mph) and long-track- significant tornadoes."

People living in areas from southwestern Missouri- northwest Arkansas east and northeast toward Columbus Ohio to Birmingham Alabama should stay on top of the weather forecasts and current conditions- and prepare NOW for a forecasted severe weather outbreak beginning early and lasting much of Friday.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Two Shot- 1 Killed During Reported Home Invasion in Leavenworth County KS

The dispatch came in at exactly 8:30 p.m. Wednesday night: "two (people) shot" during a "possible home invasion" in a small subdivision of homes about two miles west of Lansing in Leavenworth county KS...

The call was in the 25000 block of 164th Street (see accompanying map images)

On the close-up satellite image- the incident is at one of the houses shown in the image.

A District 1 fire department unit responding (staging actually) on this call still reports "shots fired" in the area of the incident at 8:36 p.m..

At 8:55 p.m.- Leavenworth county sheriff's deputies had just secured the scene for fire and EMS entry.

Dispatch was reporting one person dead at one address north and another "female victim with a head injury" at the original dispatched address.

This was reported late Wednesday night by the Leavenworth County Sheriff's department to be a murder-suicide.

The "female victim with the (minor it turns out) head injury" had been dating the shooter- a yet-unidentified man.

That man broke into a house on 164th Street- and shot the female's father in the chest- killing him.

The shooter reportedly then shot at the female- grazing her in the head.

The shooter left the residence- and reportedly shot and killed himself.

Another female at the residence where the shootings took place suffered an anxiety attack- and she too had to be taken to a hospital.

There was no identity issued by the LCSO early Thursday morning.

Pre-Dawn Tornado Devastated Harrisburg Illinois- Six Dead

The powerful low pressure and frontal system that produced blizzard conditions and heavy snows in the American Northern Plains- brought deadly tornadoes to the Central States.

As reported here at CSW throughout this Leap Year February tornado outbreak- tornadoes devastated  parts of Kansas as well as southwestern through eastern Missouri after sunset late Tuesday into the darkness of pre-dawn Wednesday morning.

However no one locale was hit as hard as Harrisburg- a southern Illinois city of slightly more than 9000 people- when an EF-4 tornado roared through minutes before 5 a.m. Wednesday morning.

Six people were killed- with at least 100 injured.

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Severe Storms Rake Kansas City MetroRegion: Tornadoes Hit Harveyville KS and Branson MO - At Least One Dead in Southern Missouri

A tornado reportedly struck the small southeastern Wabunsee County KS town of Harveyville around 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

Harveyville contains four less than 240 people- according to the 2010 census- and it is located about 30 miles southwest of Topeka.

A tornado watch was in effect for the area at the time the tornado struck.

Initial reports from the National Weather Service was that there was "heavy structural damage to homes and (a) church building" and "reports of people trapped in structures."

A story early Wednesday morning from The EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE's John Giffin said there were "ten minor injuries" with "two" people flown by medical helicopters to a Topeka hospital. 

Mr. Giffin also said "40 to 60 percent" of Harveyville was damaged with "the church completely leveled."

 According to an earlier story in the TOPEKA CAPITAL-JOURNAL- "Dave Sterbenz, director of Shawnee County Emergency Management, shortly after 11 p.m. confirmed via phone from the scene there were nine injuries — one person who was in critical condition and eight who suffered minor injuries. He said the person in critical condition was still trapped within a structure."

At 10:43 p.m.- the NWS reported "two mobile homes" were blown over "3 (miles) east of Weatherby in Daviess" county MO- about 70 miles northeast of Kansas City MO..

The NWS report said "two trapped" there- apparently in one or both of the mobile homes.

At 11:14 p.m.- a possible tornado was reported in or near the southwestern Missouri city of Lamar.

Trees and power lines were reported down in that city about 25 miles north-northeast of Joplin.

Barton County authorities are reporting "three buildings destoyed" near Lamar according to KODE TV-12 in Joplin- but no reports of injuries in that report just after midnight Wednesday morning..

Power was reported out to more than 8000 people in the southeastern Kansas city of Pittsburg.

A roof of a motel there was reportedly "severely damaged-" according to a reporter from The PITTSBURG (KS) MORNING SUN.

A house was reportedly severely damaged by high winds or a tornado near Gouda Springs and four people are reported to be injured- one seriously and three with minor injuries according to KODE-TV 12 when three mobiles homes were blown over in Labette county KS..

It's not yet known if that damage was caused by straight-line winds or a tornado.

At 12:05 p.m.- the National Weather Service passed on the report of a possible tornado 2 miles southwest of Buffalo in the form of "houses destroyed and major damage just southwest of Buffalo."

At 1:30 a.m. KOLR TV-10 in Springfield was reporting at least one tornado fatality near Buffalo.

At 12:20 p.m.- NWS reports "debris structural damage trees down power lines down near Hwy 32 and Hwy A southwest of Lebanon. 

Also tractor-trailer (trucks) blown off (nearby) Interstate I-44 from a possible tornado."
No immediate reports of injuries.

Two other fatalities were reported in southern Missouri early Wednesday morning.

Storms that formed in Arkansas then moved rapidly into far south Missouri around 1 a.m..

A reported tornado damaged five homes around Kimberling City west of Branson around 1:10 a.m.- then the tornado moved toward Branson.

The Kimberling Inn hotel was virtually destroyed.

From around 1:20 to 1:30 a.m. Wednesday morning- a tornado moved through the city of Branson MO..

Early reports told of a wall collapsed at a restaurant there and the roof of a motel  damaged with a roof of a gas station blown off according to the NWS.

KYTV-3 in Springfield was reporting "major damage" and "people injured" in Branson shortly before 3 a.m..

Major damage was reported via Branson police and fire scanner radio at the Walmart on Highway 76 as well as a nearby Taco Bell.

Several motels and hotels were also damaged.

The Blue Bayou Motor Inn was virtually destroyed.

The high-rise Hilton hotel at Branson Landing Convention Center had windows blown out and furnishings were "sucked out windows" according to eyewitness reports.

There was also major damage reported "in the area of Charley's Steakhouse" along the 76 Strip in Branson.

One unit was reporting five minor injuries and one moderately-injured person in one Branson subdivision.

Nearly three-dozen injuries were reported in the Branson vicinity- one of the injured was reported to be in critical condition at a Springfield hospital Wednesday..

Trees and power lines were also down- and much of that Missouri entertainment area about 40 miles south of Springfield was dark and inaccesable by telephone early Wednesday morning.

CSW WEATHER: New Tornado Watch Borders Metro Kansas City's Kansas Side

Tornado Watch Number 41 is in effect until 1 a.m. Wednesday morning and this watch includes Kansas counties just southwest to northwest of Metro Kansas City...

Some cities included in this tornado watch include- Lawrence- Topeka- Ottawa- Garnett- Emporia and Hiawatha.

Although this watch doesn't included Metro Kansas City- we can expect thunderstorms- a few possibly strong to severe- later tonight into early Wednesday morning.

There have been a few reports of tornadoes tonight- mainly around the Hutchinson KS area- but little damage and no injuries have been reported.

Your Captain will be on watch of course....