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Saturday, February 01, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Friday-Saturday- Jan. 31-Feb. 01, 2014

Surprisingly few vehicle crashes considering the sleet-storm overnight- but there were some incidents- chiefly a shooting homicide in central Lee's Summit MO...

The shooting was dispatched to LSPD and LSFD employees at 2:02 am Saturday morning for the 600 block of Northeast Meadow Lane.

A female across-the-street neighbor is said to have called the police screaming and saying a man was shot at the incident address.

Police arrived by 2:08 am- a man surrenders to officers and find the victim- a male in his 30's.

EMS is sent in- the paramedic announces the victim is "Code Blue" or not breathing at 2:12 am- but not until around 2:25 am was the victim transported to a nearby hospital.

That hospital- not recognized as a medical trauma center- is where the victim died.

The surrendering man is in custody and charges await him.

Independence MO police are investigating an incident of unknown nature that caused serious to critical injuries to a male in the area of 40th Street and Milton.

The injured man reportedly "covered in blood" was reported in the 16300 block of East 40th Street South at 3:25 am. and he ended up at an eastern Metro KC medical trauma center.

A number of fires overnight...

Minor damage and no injuries were reported in a Shawnee KS house fire in the 5500 block of Barton Lane at 1:28 am Saturday morning.

KC-MO crews had a "worker" in the 3200 block of College at 3:16 am..

No one was home- but the lived-in 2-story house had considerable damage when the fire was reported under control at 3:28 am..

Northland KC-MO fire companies were bunked-out at 5:58 am to respond to a house fire in the 7100 block of North Winchester.

It was reported an "off-duty EMS" person called in the fire- and a 2nd "off-duty firefighter" had also arrived there before the first unit arrived.

The two tended to a 53-year-old male resident who suffered what paramedics would describe as "considerable smoke inhalation."

He would later be taken to a Northland medical trauma center in fair condition.

The fire was under control exactly 20 minutes after the alarm was dispatched- but the house was rendered at least temporarily unlivable for the other of the two adult occupants.

Eastside KC-MO companies rolled at 6:27 am to a house fire in the 1800 block of Hardesty.

Smoke was showing from that 2-story house- and that fire was knocked out by 6:33 am..

No one hurt- the suspicious cause being investigated.

Friday, January 31, 2014

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Police Closing Missouri-150 Between Holmes and I-49/U.S. 71

The reason is "an icy roadway" and "gridlock" after several vehicles have spun off the road between those two locations- according to KC-MO South-Zone police radio.

Further snow with possible sleet and/or freezing rain expected in Metro KC through midday Saturday.

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Metro KC Overnight News for Saturday-Sunday Jan. 25-26, 2014

Three shooting scenes in Kansas City MO Sunday morning left one dead- another with critical injuries- and two others with recoverable wounds...

East-Zone Patrol police responded to a report of shots fired at 1:20 am to a nightclub at 39th Street and Jackson on the city's East Side.

Police didn't locate the victim- who was already enroute to a hospital in a friend's vehicle.

Police learned the male victim had been shot twice in the stomach- and was in critical condition.

Broadcast suspect info was "a light-skinned black male who left" the scene in a "2004 white Chevy Impala.

Two men in their early 30's were shot in a leg around 2:30 am in the 1800 block of Vine in KC-MO's Jazz District.

The men were shot at or near a nightclub- and police questioned patrons about the incident with few results.

While KC-MO Police were sorting out the details of the prior two shootings- another victim- a male- is brought to the emergency room of Truman Med Center downtown around 3:30 am.

After awhile- police determine this victim was shot outside a nightclub very near the Power and Light District in the 1500 block of McGee by unknown suspect or suspects.

This victim died at Truman of his wounds.

As the big citys' violence was being attended to- seven companies of Raytown and KC-MO firefighters were battling a house fire at 67th Street and Ralston..

A family dog was killed in the 2:14 am fire that was believed to have started in the home's kitchen.

There were no human injuries- and the house was virtually destroyed.