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Saturday, March 12, 2011

VOA: Historic Japan Earthquake Shifted Earth's Axis

Japan's 8.9 magnitude earthquake has altered that country's coastline and shifted the entire planet's axis- states this story on the Voice of America Website.

The VOA story says Japan's land mass was shifted "about 2.5 meters (about 8 feet)" and shifted the Earth's axis by "8 centimeters" or about 3 inches.


CSW BREAKING: Male Shot in Overland Park KS

Police are investigating a shooting that occurred around 4:30 a.m. in an Overland Park apartment complex.

The incident happened at the Evergreen Apartments in the 9200 block of West 79th Street.

MEDACT-EMS says the victim is "a 27-year-old male with a gunshot wound to his back in the right shoulder."

The victim reportedly "had no feeling in his legs" and was considered to be in serious condition.

Police haven't issued any suspect information yet.


Explosion- Possible Meltdown in Progress at Japan Nuclear Power Plant Damaged By Historic Earthquake

A violent explosion has occurred in a building at one of Japan's nuclear power plants that was damaged by Friday's historic 8.9-magnitude earthquake.

As yet- Japanese officials seemingly continue to downplay the seriousness of the situation- and have not confirmed a reactor meltdown at that power plant.

Images captured from video show an explosion (Image 2) ripped apart what appeared to be one of 4 reactor containment buildings at the Fukushima 1 plant about 160 miles northeast of Tokyo.

The Fukushima 1 plant was the first nuclear power plant said to be damaged by the earthquake- the hours later came the revelation that a 2nd nuclear plant- Fukushima 2- located about 6 miles south of Fukushima 1- had also been damaged.

Neither plant was able to get coolant to the reactors because of the quake damage- and the reactor's radioactive fuel rods have overheated.

There is yet no confirmation that the explosion at the Fukushima 1 plant was in a reactor containment building- but that does indeed appear to be the case.

Four workers have been injured in the building explosion- and tens of thousands of quake-battered residents within a 6-7 mile radius of both stricken power plants had been ordered to evacuate.

Television news video shows heavy smoke continuing to pour from the destroyed building. 


Friday, March 11, 2011

List of Quakes Leading to and After Japan's 8.9-Magnitude Temblor

The image (click on it for full size) shown is a list of all quakes worldwide leading to and after the mega-quake that struck northeastern Japan late Thursday night Kansas City time.

The list was made at 1:50 p.m. CST.

The list contains 18 aftershocks of 6-magnitude or greater- one of those was a 7.1.

As of this post around 2:15 p.m. Friday afternoon Kansas City time- Japan's NHK-TV reports "350 dead and 550" people "missing."

The resulting tsunami has caused heavy damage in Crescent City California and at least 1 death- according to KVAL-TV in Eugene OR.

Four people were pulled out to sea there- two have been found alive but one of the four died and another is missing.


Will "Supermoon" On March 19 Portend Calamitous Earthquakes?

Hours before the devastating 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck northeastern Japan- Ms. Rittenhouse made me aware of a story that had appeared on YAHOO news of a "supermoon" occurance to take place on March 19.

The "supermoon" as it's being called is our Moon being at the closest point to Earth in 18 years- or "just 221,567 miles away" and the Moon will also be full.

An astrologer predicts massive natural disasters- but scientists aren't so sure.

One thing IS for sure- that the Earth has been quite seismically-active over the past few weeks- leading up to the massive quake in Japan.

Stay tuned for this one.... 

Hundreds Dead in Massive Quake in Japan- Tsunami Warnings For Hawaii- U.S.- Canadian West Coasts

A massive 8.9-magnitude earthquake struck Japan late Thursday night Kansas City time- prompting tsunami warnings for Hawaii- Alaska and the West coasts of the United States and Canada.

A tsunami is expected to hit areas around Crescent City California as early as 9:23 a.m. Kansas City time.

A live broadcast of KTVU-TV2 in the San Francisco-Oakland area can be found here (you can enter this URL directly into your Windows Media player).

It was 2:46 p.m. Friday afternoon when the quake struck northeastern Japan.

So far- Japan's NHK TV Web site is reporting 375 dead with "more than 500  people missing."

American news media was reporting around 8 a.m. Kansas City time that "200-300 bodies were found in Sendai" which was the closest city to the quake's epicenter.

This report was also confirmed on the Web site THE JAPAN TIMES.

There is also a serious concern with a nuclear power plant in the quake area.

Employees at the plant have been unable to generate enough electricty to activate the reactor's cooling system- and residents have been evacuated from an area of 3 kilometers (about 2 miles) around that nuclear plant.

A release of pressure at the plant threatened to send radioactive particles into the air- and it has not yet been assured there would not be a reactor meltdown at that plant.

Fires are seen burning out of control in many areas hit by the quake- including at least one major fire in Tokyo- which is said to have escaped major damage.

Local tsunamis up to 30 feet high have washed cars and buildings away.

Hawaii is under a Tsunami Warning- and you can see a live Web broadcast of KITV-4 Honolulu HERE.

As of 7:45 a.m. Kansas City time and nearly 10 minutes after the tsunami was expected to hit the island chain- water levels have risen to just slightly above-normal in all points monitored by the news media and officials in Hawaii.

The quake is the strongest recorded in 140 years in Japan- and thus far it's the 5th-strongest earthquake ever recorded worldwide.

More information is posted on this blog as received as live Web broadcasts from the affected areas are being received here at CSW.

Please use your browser refresh...

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The Captain Hears You: No More Highlighting

It has been brought to my attention that people have had trouble reading some of the posts here because of my prolific use of colors- in particular- highlighting behind the text.

Consider the highlighting shit-canned- readers are Numero Uno here!

Myself and my 2 staffers offer our sincere apologies to our readers who had difficuties reading some of the posts and please- send us some clothes....

Camera Shows Mobile AL Business Being Hit By Wednesday Morning Tornado

I was watching WALA-TV10 live from Mobile on the Web yesterday morning when a viewer (?) called into the station and reported a tornado had touched down at a busy intersection in west Mobile.

Viewers also sent in several damage photos before the station's own photographers could get on the scene- showing damage at a BP gas station and a Food World grocery store.

Three persons suffered minor injuries.

Today- surveillance video from a hardware store/small engine repair shop located near the gas station and grocery store was released on YouTube.

Note the man seated and working on a riding lawnmower when the lights go out- and slo-mo of the video shows the man getting down and wrapping himself around the mower as the tornado hits the building.

The man wasn't hurt.

CSW BREAKING: Shooting in East-Midtown KC-MO

A shooting was reported just before 4 p.m. on 31st Street between Askew and Monroe by KC-MO Police.

Reportedly- at least one police officer was "shot at" during the incident according to KC-MO Police radio comms- and "one suspect" was "in custody" as of 4 p.m..

There was believed to be at least one other person involved in the shooting.

The victim is reported by KC-MO FD-EMS as "a 17-year-old male- shot 3 times in the right (thigh).  His condition wasn't immediately life-threatening according to a paramedic. 

Police have closed 31st Street between Indiana and Cleveland.

Kansas State Board of Pharmacy Adds To List Things Adults Can't Legally Put in Their Own Bodies

The Board took "emergency action" on naming and listing new illegal substances- according to the story in the TOPEKA (KS) CAPITAL-JOURNAL.

The action allows the State of Kansas to continue to prosecute "Eric Srack, 42, a Salina man who owns The Grind. Srack was charged in late February with multiple felony counts of distributing, selling and delivering JWH-081, a synthetic drug that functions much like marijuana" says the TC-J article.

What?????  Seems to me they arrested Srack- THEN made what he was selling illegal.

Good-old American (Kansas) IN-justice!

Also- it's my opinion the list of what IS legal for Kansans to ingest would be smaller than what isn't- but hey- it's FOR THE CHILDREN- whose educational budgets are being slashed by the Republicrats.


Kansas City Power and Light To Cut 150 Employees

This is reported as "breaking news" from the ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS...

KCP&L- serving 820000 customers in Kansas and Missouri- is reported to be cutting "150 non-union" employees from that company.

However- there's no cutting rates for it's customers in this process.

The SJNP reports "KCP&L is seeking rate increases throughout its service territory, including $22 million in St. Joseph."


Kansas City Radio Personality Mike Murphy Dies

In Kansas City's 'Golden Days' of radio- we were fortunate enough to have such colorful radio personalities as Mike Murphy.

We have lost Mike- as he passed away at his home Wednesday evening due to a stroke at the age of 71.

Services have been scheduled next Monday at the McGilley State Line Chapel at 12301 State Line with visitation beginning around 4 p.m. and a memorial service at 5:30 p.m..

Ole Irishman Mike was on Kansas City radio from the 1960's until 2004- when he retired.

Heard locally on AM stations KMBC (now KMBZ) and KCMO- 'Murph' was one of those responsible for resurrecting the tradition of Kansas City's St. Patrick's Day parades  back in 1973.

Now K.C. has one of America's largest St. Paddy's Day parades- but this year's won't be the same without one of the founders- and certainly one of the most colorful radio personalities this town has ever- or will ever hear.

Raising a mug of Irish brew and singing one last round of




Hush, now don't you cry!"

Goodbye you old Irishman Mike Murphy....

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

CSW BREAKING: House Fire in Lee's Summit MO

Six companies of the Lee's Summit Fire department are battling a fire in a residence in the 1400 block of Southwest Charleston Avenue.

The initial alarm sounded just before 5:45 p.m.- and upgraded to a "1st-alarm" at 5:50 p.m. when heavy smoke and fire was seen coming from the attic and roof area of the 1-story structure.

Just before 6 p.m.- all firefighters were pulled from the inside of the house- and currently the firefighting is being done from the outside.

All occupants had reportedly left the structure- but there was concern for at least one pet still inside.

Ted White's 2008 Speech to the Lee's Summit City Council

Former Lee's Summit resident Ted White was railroaded into false child abuse charges by a Lee's Summit police detective- Richard McKinley- who was screwing Ted White's wife Tina when the charges were falsified.

Ted White spent 5 years in prison for the crime he didn't commit.

If it can happen to Ted White- this can happen to YOU!

Here is a speech Ted White made in 2008 at a Lee's Summit MO City council meeting- a meeting that the Mayor at the time the charges were made- Karen Messerli- did not attend.


CSW BREAKING: Injury at Independence MO Mobile Home Fire

Five companies of the Independence MO Fire department are wrapping up a fire in a mobile home in the 12800 block of East 47th Street.

The fire was reported at 1:23 p.m. Wednesday afternoon at Lot 119 of the Midwest Mobile Home Park.

When the first crew arrived at 1:28 p.m.- fire was reported coming from the windows of the mobile home.

Searches revealed no one was inside at the time.

While at the scene- the "driver" of one of the pumper companies there began experiencing "chest pains."

The patient- "a 50-year-old male-" was taken to a hospital in good condition by AMR-EMS.

The cause of the fire is yet to be determined- and there were no other injuries reported.

CSW BREAKING: The 2nd Fire Alarm Today at Lee's Summit West High School

Earlier this Wednesday morning- there was a trash can fire at one of Lee's Summit's newest high schools.

At 11:34 a.m.- a full response of the Lee's Summit Fire department was sent back to the school at 2600 Southwest Ward Road- this time on the reported of "smoke on the 2nd-floor" of the building.

As of this report- the fire is reportedly confined to a "trash can in a male restroom" at the school and the building was evacuated of students and faculity.

A fire investigation will soon be underway as the situation is under control and no reports of any injuries.

CSW BREAKING: Chemical Fire Causes Evacuation in KC-MO East Bottoms

A fire in a "500-gallon tank" reportedly containing "epoxy resin" has several KC-MO fire companies and Haz-Mat crews busy in Kansas City MO's East Bottoms.

The incident was reported at 10:11 a.m. Wednesday to be at a business called "Unitex" at ("3101" East) Gardner and Bellfountaine Streets (see BING map image).

A "yellow smoke" coming from the burning product has brought a "100 meter (about 300 feet)" evacuation radius of the incident- but so far only 1 business- "a trucking company" has been so advised.

There's no word if Gardner- a busy route in this industrial area- has been closed- but the situation is on-going.

City of Lee's Summit MO Defense is Weak in Defense of Corrupt Cop in Ted White Case

Do you recall the case of Lee's Summit MO resident Ted White?

Here is a past CSW post on Mr. White and the case where he was falsely accused of a crime (also a post HERE) that was manufactured by a LSPD detective- the latter who was seeing and eventually married Ted White's wife.

Ted White's attorneys sued the City of Lee's Summit for $16-million for Mr. White's 5 years of false imprisonment- and Lee's Summit officials hid behind a questionable ordinance- refusing the settle the lawsuit.

Now- according to this story from The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR- this case is in court and the judge- the Honorable U.S. District Judge Nanette Laughrey- is losing patience with Lee's Summit officials hem-hawing with facts and details regarding this case.

Lee's Summit's budget is already stretched with all the taxpayer-provided corporate welfare that city's officials have been giving out to businesses met head-on with a shaky economy- now the city not only faces losing the $16-million judgement ( plus interest) against them- but some officials could go to jail themselves on charges of "crime fraud."

When City Hall is wrong and flat-out corrupt- you CAN fight them!


CSW BREAKING: Crash Closes Sbnd I-35 Ramp to I-70 in Downtown KC-MO Loop

This is on the northeast side of the Downtown freeway loop- where southbound I-35 goes to eastbound I-70 near the big Commerce Bank time & temperature sign.

Apparently a semi-truck has crashed there- and the ramp to eastbound I-70 from I-35 south past the new Paseo Bridge is closed.

No word yet on injuries- but this closure may well last well into the morning drive-time.


Tuesday, March 08, 2011

CSW BREAKING: "Large Tornado" Strikes Clarksville Texas

The National Weather Service- storm spotters and the electronic media is reporting that a tornado has struck the Texas city of Clarksville.

Clarksville- a city of nearly 4000 residents- is in northeastern Texas about 25 miles east of Paris and about 100 miles northeast of the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex.

There are reports of "multiple structures- homes damaged- power lines down" and trucks flipped over in the city of Clarksville.

It's too early to report on injuries as the tornado reportedly struck around 5:25 p.m..

More as received.... 


The Sporting Jennies of (West?) Central Missouri University

A couple of weeks ago the ladies Central Missouri University basketball team played the Truman State team in Kirksville.

The CMU "Jennies" coach Dave Slifer- up 11 points with 6 seconds remaining in the game- extended one of the kindest acts of sportsmanship to Truman State- who had inserted a popular injured player- senior Cassie Hunt - for her last hurrah at home.

It didn't stop there- the CMU coach and team allowed Ms Hunt to score her last basket for her team- according to the story from my ole news-partnah KSHB NBC-41.


Billionare Returns Hedge Funds To Investors- Could Another Stock Market Crash Be Near?

The ASSOCIATED PRESS via the KANSAS CITY STAR Net site reports that billionare Carl Icahn is returning $1.76 BILLION to the investors of his hedge fund.

Icahn- best remembered around these parts as the Man Who Destroyed Trans World Airlines- cites "another possible (stock) market crisis (crash)" among the reasons for the return of the money.

One thing is for DAMN sure- mega-inflation is about to pounce with fuel prices rising....

CSW Breaking News UPDATE: KC-MO Operation Possibly Ending

Reported here first in Kansas City was a KC-MO Police "Operation-100" in the area of 9th Street and Prospect.

The 'Op-100' was actually at an apartment building in the 2600 to 2700 block of East Peery- east of Prospect.

KC-MO Police sources say that officers were seeking a male for questioning in regard to an armed robbery that occurred at an unspecified location on Tuesday morning.

The Op-100 was called around 12:30 p.m. and- as of 1:33 p.m. this operation appears to be over with that male "in custody" in an apartment.

There have been no reports of anyone hurt.

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Police Tactical "Operation-100" Area of 9th Street and Prospect

KC-MO Police have few details to release to the public regarding a tactical operation currently underway- known in KC-MO Police jargon as an "Operation 100."

A neighborhood west and south of the area of 9th Street and Prospect has been closed off to access by law enforcement officers while they attempt to make contact with a suspect or suspects in a residence.

There are no particulars on the people police want to "talk to."


CSW BREAKING: Non-Injury Crash Blocks I-435 South of 23rd Street in KC-MO

The KC-MO Fire department reports "southbound I-435 south of 23rd Street" and north of I-70 "is closed right now due to a non-injury" crash "involving a semi-truck sideways across the southbound lanes."

This is in the construction area between 23rd and I-70- and there was no time frame given on when the freeway will be re-opened.

By 2:30 p.m.- the freeway here was open again.