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Thursday, October 12, 2006

Even Republicans Can't Stand Shrub

I had a very nice elderly lady sit next to me at the casino earlier today. Francis ("Frannie") & I got to talking and she told me that even though she is a lifelong Republican, she CANNOT STAND Dubya!

Francis, as I do, thinks the US of A is being hijacked by "a bunch of corrupt phonies" as she called her fellow party members in power.

I made the mistake of telling her I was seriously considering NOT voting next month - she kindly and gently admonished me about that. I WILL vote now - just for all the Frannies in the country.

I also encourage YOU, the reader, to vote.
PLEASE seriously consider voting for 3rd-party candidates too. The Democrats are just as guilty for the decline of this nation ... all of them are in politics for the power and money.

NEITHER the Republicrats nor the Demublicans really give a damn about the average American and if we'd ALL get behind a 3rd-party (mine's Libertarian) MAYBE we'd throw the fear of God into these corrupt bastards destroying America!