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Saturday, February 23, 2013

CSW WEATHER: Get Ready For Snowgasm II

Current indications are that this new storm should begin precipitating sometime around the 6-9 am Monday morning drive-time.

Like Thursday's snowstorm- snow rates will become heavy during the day with near white-out conditions at times.

Unlike the last storm- we'll get gusty winds during the latter part of this new storm- and with the gusty north winds- drifting will become a serious issue- with east-west roadways suffering the worst.

I forecasted 6 to 12 inches for Thursday's storm which verified- I'm going to go for 8 to 14 inches with this storm.

Some of the weather models show a precip maxima of 3 inches (rainfall equivalent) in eastern Kansas- if those amounts were all snow- it could mean as much as 30 inches!

NWS Winter Storm Watches and/or Warnings extend from Colorado into Illinois.

Blizzard Watches and Warnings cover eastern Colorado- western Kansas and Oklahoma.

Parts of the Metro could have more than two (2) feet of snow on the ground by Wednesday night- putting additional stress on roofs (two roofs collapsed in the last storm) of homes and businesses.

Fire hydrants could disappear beneath fallen- drifted and/or plowed snow..

Light snow could continue off and on through Wednesday as well and the cold weather will be around for another week or two at least.

The good news?

Meteorological spring begins next Friday- March 1 (it won't be long and we needed the moisture.)

Friday, February 22, 2013

CSW WEATHER: If You Liked Thursday's Snowstorm- You May LOVE What Happens Monday

The latest weather models runs are showing a bullseye of anywhere from 1 to 2-inches of rainfall over Kansas City on Monday.

Trouble is- it won't be rain.

Stay tuned to what could be an even larger snow mess... 

Medical Helicopter Crashes in Oklahoma City

An Eagle medical helicopter crashed and burned near a nursing facility in northwestern Oklahoma City around 5:40 am Friday morning.

Two of the flight crew was killed- a third helicopter crew member was rescued by a passerby and that third person was reported to be in critical condition at midday.

The passerby received minor injuries.

According to the OKC OKLAHOMAN newspaper online- the helicopter that was based out of Wichita KS- had just lifted off from an OKC hospital and was enroute to get a patient at a nearby Oklahoma town when it crashed into a street near the care facility.

The crash was under investigation.