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Saturday, January 23, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Armed Business Robbery In South KC-MO

C-MO Metro and South Zone police officers responded to a reported armed robbery of the Advance Auto Parts store at 8680 Blue Ridge at 7:33 pm Saturday night.

No injuries occurred as a result of the crime- and police were seeking the black male suspect who was wearing a brown jacket and left northbound on foot.

Anyone with information is urged to call the K.C. Tips Hotline at 474-TIPS.

Another Bank Robbery In Gladstone MO Today

SW reported yesterday's bank robbery first in Kansas City- Saturday morning- another Gladstone bank was robbed.

Around 11 am a lone male armed with a handgun came into the U.S. Bank branch at 6098 North Antioch Road and demanded his bailout funds.

The man was dressed in a dark coat- green or black and he had a scarf wrapped around his head.

He left on foot in an unknown direction.

Church-Residence Burns In Raymore MO

fire in a church that had reportedly been converted into a residence burned in Raymore MO overnight.

The fire at 105 South Plum Street was reported to the South Metro Fire department at 1:32 am..

Police- also responding on the alarm- arrived a few minutes later and reported "flames in the rear" of the 2-1/2-story structure "in the basement area."

By the time mutual-aid help arrived from the Belton Fire department at 1:45 am- flames had spread throughout the interior of the building- and into the attic.

By 2:03 am- the on-scene South Metro fire chief has determined "the structure is probably vacant" of any occupants.

At 2:15 am- the chief ordered all crews inside the structure fighting the fire back outside as flames were consuming the roof.

Also providing mutual-aid fire fighting or coverage was the West Peculiar and Grandview fire departments.

As of two hours after the initial alarm (3:33 am)- no injuries had been reported and the flames had been knocked down with crews "wetting down the hot spots."

Awaiting official report as to the fire's cause.

Friday, January 22, 2010

American Job Losses Mount In December 2009

orty-three American states reported job losses for a "net" national total of 85,000 new unemployed in December according to The ASSOCIATED PRESS via My Way News.

Small wonder the stock market has fallen nearly 500 points the past 2 days.

At least the price on raw crude oil has also fallen to the low-$74-per-barrel range as well.

Bank In Gladstone MO Robbed

his robbery occurred about 9:45 am at the First Bank of Missouri at 5959 North Antioch.

Gladstone Police say a black male dressed all in black robbed the bank and left a "suspicious package" there that police are still cautiously checking.

The suspect is reported to have left the bank "northbound in a dark-green (coloured) 4-door possibly an Oldsmobile with MO tags DC7L2E.

That vehicle was also reported stolen from a location near I-435 and 63rd Street in KC-MO yesterday.

No one was reportedly hurt in the bank robbery.


Thursday, January 21, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Robbery of United Missouri Bank in Raytown MO

It's not entirely clear yet whether the bank itself was robbed or a customer (PS it WAS the bank itself robbed)- nonetheless Raytown Police are on-scene at the UMB Bank at 6252 Raytown Road after the initial call of a reported "armed robbery" at 3:34 pm Thursday afternoon.

Reportedly- witnesses are telling police the suspect was a "black male- about 6-foot 1 to 6-foot 2 (inches in height) wearing a black skull cap" who "ran" north toward an apartment complex near where 4 murders occurred last year.

No injuries were reported.

Possible Break In Missing Atchison County KS Woman

he ST. JOSEPH (MO) NEWS-PRESS announced a "possible" break in the case of missing Atchison County resident Patricia Kimmi.

Ms. Kimmi has been missing from her rural Horton KS home since early November 2009.

Atchison County authoriities are now checking "a dismantled vehicle" on the land of "Roger and Rebecca Hollister" says the NEWS-PRESS story.


No New News On Dead Female Found In Miami County KS

ednesday morning- a passerby on U.S. 69 north of the 311th Street interchange spotted the partially-clothed body of a female off the west side of the highway.

The Miami County Sheriff's department is investigating the find and- according to The MIAMI COUNTY REPUBLIC- the victim had "black hair" and was "in her late 20s or early 30s" and was wearing "a black T-shirt with the name “Backyard Burgers” on the front left corner."

(Scene photo courtesy of The MIAMI COUNTY REPUBLIC)

The victim reportedly had been at the location where her body was found "less than 24 hours."

Any information on this victim is requested by the MiCo Sheriff's Department- their number is (913) 294-4444 or call the Kansas City TIPS hotline at (816) 474-TIPS.

NOW KC-KS Pollys Want To "Save" A Dead Woodlands Race Track

n our never-ending crusade to have politicians drug-tested like the rest of Voting America is- Nick Sloan's The KANSAS CITY (KS) KANSAN reports that WyCo pollys are actually talking about resurrecting the Woodlands horse and dog racing track that died in 2008.

The WyCo brain-dead JUST NOW have realized that a smaller piece of a gambling-revenue pie is better than no piece at all.

Not confirmed yet is that one of those WyCo pollys also just discovered a cool new rock & roll band called The Beatles....


Duh - Increased Baggage Fees Mean More $$$ For Airlines

t's really kind of silly for me to even post this- as it really qualifies for the DUH! Files...

The KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL uneditioringly(?) reports that these airlines' increased baggage fees will mean more revenue for airlines- although probably less customers.

Those customers will probably gravitate (like us) to Southwest Airlines- as Southwest STILL does NOT charge for your luggage and even manages to mostly get us to where we're going ON-TIME!

A double pox on airlines- or for that matter any other business or government trying to make their dimes off the backs of Recession (Depression)-battered consumers!

More UCSA Court Attacks On America: Newspaper Reporter Ordered To Testify At Kansas Murder Trial

he LAST thing an increasingly-corrupt and mentally-addled judicial and political system wants nipping at it's collectively calloused heels is a free press.

This story out of Dodge City KS where a newspaper reporter has been ordered to testify in a murder trial is another step- much like the wonky judicial decisions made in the Kansas abortion doctor murder.

Yes I know- this doesn't affect YOU (yet...)

Americans Buy-In Well To 2-Party Political Hoodwinking

ou voters in Massachusetts REALLY showed those corrupt politicians- by replacing them with the same-old same-old.


Replacing Demublicans with Republicrats or vice versa just changes the FACES of politically-impotent America.

It's like changing the bandage on a festering wound with another dirty bandage.

Listen to me carefully here: There will be NO fundamental changes in the way American politicians do business UNTIL Americans start ELECTING 3RD-PARTY CANDIDATES.

Demublicans and Republicrats care ONLY about their own welfare- NOT THAT OF THE AMERICAN PEOPLE.

I would hope the American voters would really wake up to that reality- but I'm not holding my breath.

CSW BREAKING: House Fire In Shawnee KS

Five companies of the Shawnee Fire department responded at 1:17 pm to a house fire in the 12600 block of West 57th Street.

At 1:20 pm a police car arriving at the scene reports "heavy smoke"- and a minute later the first-arriving fire unit reports "a working fire in a 2-story" structure there.

A neighbor reportedly told fire dispatchers the "house was believed vacant."

All fire crews are currently working this incident.


UCSA Supreme Court Opens Door For Corporate Purchase of Politicians

fter all- what ELSE does this latest decision from our corporate-friendly highest court in the land mean?

Corporations- and (disappearing) labor unions now see an "easing" of a long-time limit on their financial participation in federal campaigns.

If buying of politicians USED to be behind closed doors- now these outfits can lock them....


Tulsa OK To Lay Off 147 Firefighters

he story in The TULSA (OK) WORLD states that "8 to 9 fire (companies)" will be eliminated- but "no" city fire stations will close.

I say to the residents of Tulsa- Be afraid- be VERY afraid....


Wednesday, January 20, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Small Fire Reported At Jess and Jim's Steakhouse in SW KC-MO

he fire was reported to be "in the roof" of the venerable restaurant on 135th Street in old Martin City.

The fire alarm was sounded at 4:08 pm to Jess & Jim's at 600 East 135th Street and five KC-MO fire companies responded.

The first truck on the scene was Pumper 45 at 4:11 pm reporting nothing showing- but less than a minute later the captain said there was "a fire in the roof."

The fire- reportedly possibly caused by roofers at the business (up by the cow?)- was brought under control at 4:18 pm and it's not believed to affect operations at the restaurant other than the short term.

No injuries reported either..

CSW BREAKING: Shooting In Blue Springs MO

Around 3:35 pm Wednesday afternoon there was a shooting in south Blue Springs MO with a reported victim lying in the street...

It happened in the 2900 block of Southeast 3rd Street and the BSPD reports the suspects were "3 black males" in "a red Dodge Stratus with a black hood" that "left westbound on Moreland School" Road from the scene.

At least one of the suspects was thought to be "from the Raytown area" police said.

The male victim was in serious to critical condition when enroute to a Metro medical trauma center moments ago.


Swarm of Minor Earthquakes In Yellowstone Park WY

mong the 24-hour alerts received here at CSW are those of earthquakes.

Of course the destructive 7.0 in Haiti and this morning's downgraded 5.9 aftershock came across within minutes of their occurance.

However- somewhat overlooked has been a swarm of minor earthquakes in the Yellowstone National Park are in Wyoming.

This article in The DENVER (CO) POST on Monday makes note of the quakes with the only change since then being a 3.5 Richter-scale quake that occurred Tuesday in Yellowstone- according to the USGS site.

Swarms of minor quakes are fairly common in the Yellowstone area- the last such reported just a year ago.

Of course- scientists can't say for sure if this is another normal swarm or The Shape of (Worse) Things To Come.

Watch the USGS earthquake list and stay tuned....


Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Central States WEATHER: Ice Storm Warning For Southwest Half of Iowa

ust returning to normalcy from recent above-average snowfalls- the state of Iowa is under a NWS-issued "Ice Storm Warning" beginning early Wednesday morning.

The Ice Storm Warning includes areas generally along and southwest of a Sioux City- Des Moines- Ottumwa IA line.

Council Bluffs IA is included- but not Omaha across the Missouri River.

Traffic will be affected on north-south I-29 and I-35 as well as east-west I-80 in Iowa.

Prepare now for tree limb and electrical power losses in areas of heavy ice- as well as impassable roadways!


CSW BREAKING: South KC-MO House Fire Displaces Seven

This fire came in at 4:07 pm Tuesday afternoon: a kitchen fire as a result of food-on-the-stove that was unattended at a house in the 11700 block of Lawndale.

When Pumper 1 arrived at 4:10 pm- they could see smoke coming from the back of the house. When the firefighters went inside- they found kitchen cabinets flaming with the fire extending into the attic.

The seven occupants- 4 adults and 3 children- had already gotten out of the house and were uninjured.

By 4:21 pm- crews from the five fire companies brought the fire under control.

The Red Cross was ordered for those 7 displaced residents of the house.

Rare Tornado Warning In Metro Los Angeles

his was on the weather wire:

128 PM PST TUE JAN 19 2010







Los Angeles television reports some damage already.

Two New Reader Polls: Grade KC-MO Council- Snow Plowing

ou can now vote on Kansas City MO's City Council performance as well as the city's snow plowing efforts here on CSW.

Scroll down on the right side of this blog to vote with standard 'A- B- C- D and F' grading.


CSW BREAKING: House Fire In Kearney MO

This alarm was sounded at 1:18 pm- a reported house fire caused by a wood-burning stove in the 300 block of East 9th Street in Kearney.

The first-arriving fire truck reported smoke showing from the single-story residence at 1:21 pm with the residents outside the house.

Fire was visible to the first interior fire crew and flames had reportedly reached the attic of the structure.

Mutual-aid assistance has been called from Excelsior Springs and Liberty fire departments with the fire reported under control at 1:30 pm..

No other information as of this post.


Local Television News Overrun By Commercials- Teasers

ach new ratings book for local television stations reveals that less people are even watching TV news.

One reason might be the endless commercial breaks and 'teasers' for upcoming stories that may still be 2 more commercial breaks away from actually being shown to you.

Time once was when the 5:30 pm national newscast began right after the local news sign-off- now- there's another 2 minutes of commercials before that happens.

Over the next month or so- we at CSW are going to tape and time the local newscasts from each of the 4 KC "news" stations.

We'll count and time the purely local news stories- as well as the number and length of those insidious commercial breaks.

We won't even bother timing the 5 pm local newscasts and their reporting of national stories when their network's national news is coming on next.

News/weather 'teases' in commercial breaks will be counted as commercials- since they contain no actual useful information for the viewer.

Senseless news people chatter during newscasts will NOT be counted as news time (it's already a waste of the viewers time).

Also- pieces that are veiled station self-promotion (those events that station "personalities" appear) will also NOT be counted as news- local or otherwise.

After all of that- don't be surprised when our numbers come out that there is actually very little time when news and/or weather is presented to Kansas City viewers.


CSW BREAKING: Water Boil-Order In Cameron MO

This is reportedly due to a water main break near a Cameron elementary school Monday morning.

The CAMERON (MO) CITIZEN-OBSERVER says citizens of Cameron should boil all drinking water until around 4 pm today.

Overland Park Rollover Crash Is Non-Injury

his crash occurred on northbound Quivira just south of College Boulevard just after 10:15 am Tuesday morning.

No one was hurt- but this crash was slowing traffic in and around the Johnson County Community College the campus of which is out of camera view to the right.

CSW BREAKING: "Drive-By" Shooting In Midtown KC-MO

At 10:07 am- a shooting was reported in the 1700 block of East 31st Street in Midtown KC-MO..

Center Zone police officers arrived several minutes later and reported it was a "drive-by" shooting- with the "suspect vehicle a gray (colored) Dodge Durango" that went "eastbound on 31st Street."

The victim is reported by MAST-EMS as "a 29-year-old male" who received a non life-threatening wound to his ankle.

Police were investigating the incident.


CSW BREAKING: Crash On I-435 Near Raytown Road in KC-MO

At 9:23 am- KC-MO emergency crews responded to a reported crash involving a semi truck on I-435 south of Raytown Road and ititial reports was that another "car is underneath" the semi.

Arriving units at 9:28 am report this is "a camping trailer with a car being towed behind it"- but there is "one person trapped" in the wreckage- condition yet unknown.

The extrication on the one trapped person was completed by 9:33 am..

Two inside lanes of southbound I-435 south of I-70 are blocked- as you can see by these KC SCOUT images- traffic both directions is being slowed considerably.

MAST-EMS reports one person died in the crash.

MAST also transported one person- "a 70-year-old male with head pain" to a local medical trauma center.

Reports from the scene indicate the overturned vehicle was "a fifth-wheel" recreational trailer.

Monday, January 18, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Adult and 3 Children Chased From KC-MO Home By Fire

A house fire in eastern KC-MO has just been brought under control without injury- but heavily-damaging a home of four.

The alarm sounded at 10:22 pm for a fire in a house in the 4800 block of Farley.

Three pumper companies- a ladder truck and rescue company responded with Battalion chief 105 and upon arrival at 10:25 pm- Pumper 39 reports "fire showing" from the "1-1/2-story" house with 2 floors

Ten minutes and 2 "small streams" later the fire's under control here.

Utility shutoff is requested and the Red Cross was ordered for the "1 adult and 3 children" displaced by the fire.

No injuries reported as of this post..

CSW BREAKING: House Fire In Freeman MO

Firefighters from at least 3 departments have brought a house fire in Freeman under control.

Freeman is about 10 miles west of Harrisonville in west-central Cass county MO..

The fire was first reported to the Dolan-West Dolan fire department around 9:15 pm in the 300 block of East 2nd Street in Freeman.

Western and Central Cass Fire departments also were dispatched.

At 9:24 pm- an arriving fire unit reported "fire through the roof of a large 2-story house."

At 9:34 pm- all interior crews were ordered out of the structure and a "defensive" attack was mounted.

By 9:49 pm- the fire was reportedly "knocked down."

There's been no reports of injury and it's too early to offically determine a cause.

CSW WEATHER: Dense Fog To Continue Through Tuesday

ense fog advisories continue for Metro and much of MetroRegion Kansas City through at least noon on Tuesday.

In addition- some freezing fog is possible early Tuesday morning as area temperatures fall to or below the freezing mark.


Use your headlights and even 4-way flashers in dense fog- and reduce your speed.

Sunday, January 17, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Two Shot In South-central KC-MO

KC-MO Police are currently investigating a shooting that has left victim near death and a second victim in serious condition.

The incident was first reported to emergency services around 8:15 pm Sunday evening at 54th Street and Bellfountaine.

Police arrived and found 2 victims- a male and a female..

MAST-EMS transported "an unknown age male" victim with gunshots to his "head- leg and arm" in very critical condition to a Metro medical trauma center.

The 2nd victim was "an 18-year-old female" with a possible gunshot wound to her chest.

Police haven't released any suspect information yet.

CSW BREAKING: Fatality- 3 Critical Injuries In KC-KS Crash

A child is reported dead at the scene and 3 adults are critically-injured in a 2-vehicle crash at 9th Street and Quindaro Boulevard in northeastern KC-KS..

The wreck occurred just after 7:20 pm Sunday night and emergency crews are currently working this scene with no other information yet.

Overland Park Resident Correctly Gauges KC-MO's "City Services"

he ONLY part of The KANSAS CITY STAR that I read anymore are the letters to the paper that are printed in the editorial section.

Today's winner is Thomas Stroud of Overland Park and his letter titled "KC's Creative Snow Plan:"

"Kansas City has an imaginative snow "control" program. Public money supports Cordish bars rather than snow removal. Side street residents go to saloons to get plowed."
"Don't worry about drunken drivers fighting snow drifts to finally get home. Further funding diversions will make streets totally impassable."
"In return, 1,000 new hotels rooms will be provided so the stranded can hole up until the storm passes."