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Saturday, May 01, 2010

Homicide in Grain Valley MO

he Jackson County Sheriff's department has a possible suspect in custody- and are investigating the circumstances that led to the stabbing death of a male in that eastern Metro Kansas City suburb

The incident happened after 2 a.m. Saturday morning near the intersection of AA Highway and Minter Road- where the victim was found by police & EMS crews about 2:15 a.m..

A male suspect was identified- and sought in an area search in eastern Blue Springs involving the KC-MO Police helicopter just before sunrise.

That suspect was taken into custody near Adams Dairy Parkway and Ryan Road around 6:45 a.m..

Friday, April 30, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Tornado in Metro Little Rock AR

tornado has struck the southern and eastern parts of Little Rock AR. tonight.

The tornado first touched down around 8:15 p.m. about 15 miles south of downtown Little Rock and has moved to near the Arkansas River near I-440-I-40.

Damage was reported on 145th Street northwest of Wrightsville and another location on Sardis Road and people were trapped in tornado-wrecked mobile homes near the community of East End- south of Little Rock- according to live coverage on KARK4 TV.

Around 10:30 p.m.- another tornado was reported on the ground in East End..

Other tornadoes have been reported in counties and communities west and northwest of Little Rock as the tornado outbreak continued late Friday night.

"Three fatalities" were reported by KARK4 just after 9 p.m. in the "community of Scotland" northwest of Little Rock- with at least "25" serious and general other injuries and damage confirmed.

That was the same tornado that struck near the town of Cleveland AR.

Damage from tornadoes has also been reported in southeastern Missouri- but as of yet- no reports of injuries.

Tornadoes have also been reported today in Wisconsin and Illinois.


CSW BREAKING: Two Kids Hurt After Being Struck by a Vehicle in Olathe KS

The accident occurred after school hours at around 5:45 p.m.- but nonetheless it happened in front of Heatherstone Elementary school in the 13700 block of West 123rd Street in northeastern Olathe.

Two kids were struck by a vehicle- and one was in critical condition- the other had reported minor injuries.

It's reported by Olathe Police that one of the children's "mother witnessed the accident."

A medical helicopter was ordered and is flying to the scene for the critically-injured child.

Updates here as received....


BREAKING NEWS: Kansas City TV Networks Taken Hostage By Lawrence-KU Dorm Gun Report

lthough no shots were fired so nobody's hurt- Kansas City network television has been taken hostage by a report of a man having a gun in or near a dorm on the University of Kansas campus in Lawrence.

Helicopters are flying- live units speeding and students are reporting from the campus to KC TV stations about the precautionary hub-bub going on at McCollum residence hall at KU..

As this situation has been going down for nearly 2 hours- nothing or nobody is in police custody- not even your regular TV programming (NOTE- KSHB just resumed regular TV).

CSW BREAKING: Bicyclist Struck By Car in Lawrence KS

awrence emergency services are on the scene of a reported bicyclist struck by a car at 29th Street and Iowa/U.S. 59 in south Lawrence.

The call came in at 11:18 a.m. Friday morning- and the first emergency responder arriving a few minutes later said the bicyclist's injuries were serious but not critical.

According to Douglas County/Lawrence EMS- the "26-year-old male" cyclist "was found underneath" the car that struck him- but the cyclist "was not run-over by the car."

The patient was taken to Lawrence Memorial hospital with his non life-threatening injuries.

CSW Weather: Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 11 Until 3 P.M.- MO-IA

evere Thunderstorm Watch No. 111 does NOT include Metro Kansas City- but DOES include counties in Missouri close such as Johnson and Lafayette counties.

There is additional shower and thunderstorm activity southwest of Kansas City moving this way but at this time- none of that activity is severe.

There have been no reports of damage or injury in Metro K.C. this morning.

CSW BREAKING: Severe ThunderStorm Warning- Lawrence- Garnett- Ottawa KS

A Severe Storm Warning is in effect for western and southwestern counties of the Kansas City MetroRegion: including Douglas- Franklin- Anderson- Coffey and Osage counties Kansas until 9 a.m..

Thursday, April 29, 2010

CSW WEATHER: Tornado Watch No. 108 Until Midnight- KS-MO-NE-IA

ornado Watch No. 108 does NOT include the Kansas City- St. Joseph- Topeka or Lawrence areas.


Severe Storms in Kansas- Watch Likely for Northern MetroRegion

hunderstorms are beginning to boil-up over north-central Kansas and they have rapidly become severe.

The NWS' SPC is said to soon be issuing a severe weather watch for northeast Kansas- southeastern Nebraska and southwestern Iowa.

The current storms are moving northeastward- and will avoid the K.C.-St. Joseph and Lawrence areas through the evening.


CSW BREAKING: Wrecks on I-435 in MO- I-35 in KS Slow- Stop Traffic

he wrecks are:

In KC-MO on northbound I-435 near I-70-

In JoCoKS- on I-35 near Antioch.

There are 3 injured reported in the KC-MO crash- and as you can see by KC SCOUT images- northbound I-435 is coming to a stop near Eastwood Trafficway.

In Merriam-JoCoKS- this crash reportedly involves at least 3 vehicles- one rolled over and caught fire.

So far- heard of only one injury there and all are believed non life-threatening.

High Winds Knock Out Power To Hundreds in Kansas City MetroRegion

inds have gusted into the 40-50 mph range at times today- and that has caused tree limbs and utility lines to fall.

According to the latest KCP&L map- more than 300 people across the Metro are without electrical service.

An unknown number of people are affected by a whole tree falling across lines and a street in Lawrence KS at this time.

The winds will continue through at least Friday morning- as well as a chance of strong thunderstorms by then.

Victim Will 'Live to Tell' After East Side Kansas City Shooting

ust before 12:45 p.m. this Thursday afternoon- KC-MO emergency services responded on a shooting call at 31st Street and Mersington.

Police arrived to find a male victim of a single-gunshot- with a reported suspect- a "man in a truck-" having left the scene.

The victim was transported by FD-EMS to a Metro medical trauma center- the victim "had no feeling in his legs" but was otherwise in not-immediately life-threatening condition.

Odessa MO Teen Club- The Black Flag- Won't Open This Weekend

he club hasn't even opened yet and Odessa residents are already up-in-arms over one of the owners of "The Black Flag Club-" a place for the under-21 crowd to gather in the Odessa Outlet Mall.

Charles John Juba was once the national director for Aryan Nations- a racist organization- states the story in THE ODESSAN.

The club was slated to open tomorrow night- but city officials say that WON'T happen until the club's building is inspected and approved for occupation.

Goin' Mushrooming? Make Sure They're Not Poisonous

any people like to hunt for wild mushrooms this time of year- as well as in the Fall.

I once was hunting some edible 'rooms ON some mushrooms right before I fell- but that's beside the point.

When you're our mushroomin'- make SURE you don't get the poisonous types- and THIS URL to a good Web page from Ohio State University shows which types of mushrooms are safe and those that are not.

As soon as we get a couple of warm days in a row- the 'rooms should start sprouting in earnest.

In our MetroRegion too....

Metro Kansas City Weather: Wind Farm- Sails Needed Today

o doubt many of you locally have experienced the gusty south winds today- being produced by a deep low pressure center over Nebraska.

The National Weather Service (NWS) office in Pleasant Hill has issued a "Wind Advisory" for these winds- gusting as high as 50 m.p.h. today.

Don't do any outdoor burning unless it's in a covered BBQ grill today unless you want to chance the fire spreading out of control.

Missouri State Trooper Rescues Driver From Burning Van Near Boonville

n my experiences with the Highway Patrol in both Kansas and Missouri- their troopers have always been consummate professionals- class acts and just damn nice people.

The BOONVILLE (MO) DAILY NEWS reports that a van caught fire on I-70 in Cooper county Wednesday morning- and a trooper- identified in the article only as "Officer Doza-" pulled the male driver "in his 50's or 60's" out of the window of the burning van.

There's no mention in the BDN story if either the trooper or the driver of the burned van was injured.

Olathe Gets June Harley Motorcycle Rally

he "Harley Owners Group" appropriately initialled "HOG" will hold their annual 2011 rally June 1 to 4th in Olathe KS..

The city is expecting a revenue "bump" of more than a million dollars from the rally- which will be "headquartered" at Olathe's Rawhide Harley-Davidson with the "host hotel" being the Holiday Inn on 151st Street- says the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL.

British Petroleum (BP) "Underestimated" Amount of Gulf of Mexico Oil Leak

he original "estimate" of leakage was 1000 barrels a day or 42000 gallons.

Now- that estimate has grown by five-times that amount that is leaking from what's left of the exploded oil rig.

This morning on NBC's Today Show- a BP official now says that estimate was probably low- more like "5000 barrels a day" or 210000 gallons a day of crude oil is pouring unchecked into the Gulf of Mexico off the Louisiana coast.

In addition- the Associated Press story states that the cost to BP for stopping the leak and cleaning up their mess could cost "around $1-billion-"  that BP would like to use America's military to help- and not stated was the old saying "were 'ifs' and 'buts' candy and nuts- we'd ALL have a Merry Christmas."

Two Thugs Charged For Kansas City MO Plaza-area Beat-down

emember the so-called "flash mob" that converged on the Plaza several weekends ago?

A 16-year-old male was beat-down and otherwise humiliated by a couple of older teenaged thugs in the parking lot of Winstead's that night- and now those thugs are in police custody- according to The KANSAS CITY STAR.

BTW- it's the PARENTS job to keep their children controlled/entertained- NOT the job of the city and general public!

Central States Weather: "Slight Risk" of Severe Thunderstorms- Tornadoes Later Today- Friday

strong low pressure center and it's attendant frontal systems will bring an increase in shower and thunderstorm activity later today and tomorrow across the Central States- and a few of those thunderstorms could become severe later this Thursday afternoon and evening into Friday.

Note that the low pressure center located this morning in northeastern Nebraska is almost as strong as the storm that produced last Saturday's long-track tornado in Mississippi.

According to the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC)  and the graphic- today's "slight risk" of severe weather comes generally across parts of the northern and western Central States: Iowa- Kansas and Nebraska.

Forming first could be individual- "supercell" thunderstorms that could produce large hail and perhaps a tornado or three.

The risks for the various types of severe weather are shown in these SPC graphics- tornadoes- severe hail and wind probabilities.

The storms that do develop are forecast to gather into clusters or short line segements overnight into Friday morning- the latter being the best time for storms in the Metro Kansas City area.

Friday's SPC severe risk area is larger- including the Metro as well as taking in the rest of Iowa- Missouri- eastern Kansas- Oklahoma and Arkansas.

As always- any watches issued will be posted here at CSW.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ecological Disaster Underway in Gulf of Mexico- Courtesy of British Petroleum

orty-two thousand gallons of oil per day continues to pump unabated into the Gulf of Mexico from last week's explosion of a British Petroleum (BP) oil rig off the Louisiana coast.

Eleven died- but hundreds and perhaps thousands of people are about to be affected by the oil slick- now reported to be a hundred miles long and nearly 50 miles wide.

This is an ecological disaster in the making- one that could well exceed the damage caused by the Exxon Valdez in Alaska in 1989.

It could take "months" to cap the oil leak from beneath the destroyed oil platform.

Now- BP and the Coast Guard want to "burn-off" the oil slick to prevent it from spreading onto beaches from northeastern Texas all the way to Florida.

So- in addition to the WATER pollution- we'll now have huge black clouds of oily smoke polluting the AIR along those areas of the Gulf coast.

Geez- let's open even MORE areas of sensitive environment to oil drilling....

CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Emergency Crews Search For Occupant(s) of Capsized Boat on The Missouri River

t 9:49 a.m. Wednesday morning- several companies of the KC-MO Fire department were sent on a possible river rescue of unknown occupant/occupants of a boat seen floating upside down in the Missouri River near the Broadway Bridge.

So far- those crews have recovered the overturned boatnear the new Paseo bridge construction site- but have not recovered any possible occupants of that boat.

I'll update here if that changes....

As European Countries Go Bankrupt- Bad Time To Be in American Stock Market

f course with American investment firms ripping-off their clientele- now's not a good time to be IN the American stock market just for that reason.

But looking across The Big Pond- we see the nation of Greece about to declare bankruptcy with Portugal right behind them.

The so-called "recovery" from America's "recession (Depression)" had begun only in banks that invested badly and were bailed-out handsomely by American tax dollars.

The banks turned around and raised their fees and credit card interest rates- screwing the American taxpayer TWICE.

Well-paying manufacturing jobs continue to leave for Third-World countries- American workers continue to see layoffs- pay-freezes and more work since there's less workers.

There is NO job security in the U.C.S.A..

You BEST hold on TIGHT to what you have now- liquidate ANY outside investments- and pray like MAD the tidal wave from Europe diminishes before it hits America.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Two Shot- Critically Injured in Midtown Kansas City MO

shooting in the area of 26th Street from Agnes to Bellfountaine around 3:45 p.m. Tuesday has left two men in critical to grave condition.

Both victims are reported by Fire-EMS to be "in their mid-20's" and were taken to different Metro hospitals. 

One man was shot in the head and was in grave condition- the other man was shot in the back and shoulder and he was in critical condition.

KC-MO Police are investigating the incident that reportedly involves "a green- older-model mini-van occupied by 4 Hispanic males."

Woman Murdered By Random Gunfire in South KC-MO

rom accounts by all who knew and loved her- 37-year-old Helen Ragan was a wonderful wife- mother- friend and Human Being.

Ms. Ragan- a married mother of four- worked as a school bus driver for the Blue Valley school district.

Helen's life came to an end around 10 p.m. Monday night when a bullet- fired by unknown person or persons- pierced the walls of her apartment in the 11600 block of Holiday Drive and killed her. 

That happened right in front of her husband and her 4 male children were also in the apartment.

KC-MO Police have no clues on who fired the shots that also damaged a neighbor's apartment.

Our sincere condolences to Helen Ragans' family and friends- and we too pray the person who fired the shots is soon brought to Justice.

Goldman-Sachs: Untruthful Containers of Excretement

ranslating the headline for us more pragmatic individuals- Goldman-Sachs is a lying bag of shit.

Wall Street reforms- like last year!

CSW BREAKING: Crash Between Pickup and MoDOT Truck On Westbound I-470 in Lee's Summit

he crash is at or near Prior Road on the westbound side- reported as "a small truck has run into the back of a MoDOT (MO Dept. of Transportation) truck- as shown on this KC SCOUT image just after the wreck was dispatched by Lee's Summit fire & police.

Injuries are said to be non life-threatening and westbound traffic on I-470 west of U.S. 50 will be slowed to say the least....

Missouri Pollys Add Red-Light Camera Ban To Transportation Bill

o you dislike those red-light cameras?

Well- so do Missouri politicians- as they have added an amendment to ban on red-light cameras to a broad transportation bill for Missouri- states this story in LAKE (Ozarks) NEWS ONLINE.

Also- there's yet ANOTHER amendment to do-away with Missouri's state vehicle inspections.