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Saturday, March 08, 2008

AMERICA: Screw With Your Clocks Again In A Few Hours

In case you haven't gotten the word yet- time will be screwed up for "Daylight Savings" again Sunday (tomorrow) morning at what I assume is still 2am (1am local time actually).

Turn your clocks AHEAD one hour- as in Spring ahead and Fall back.

For most- it's one hour less sleep- for some of us- it's one hour less work.

For all of us- the time changes and changes to the time changes are one royal P.I.T.A..

In a totally unrelated note- Tuesday and Wednesday are forecast to have a large number of people having spring fever.

Put a lime in yer Corona and call me in the morning....

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, March 08, 2008


*** A 2-year-old female was injured in a south-midtown KC-MO house fire. The child was home alone- and her injuries are said to be not life-threatening.

The fire's dispatched at 2:09am to the house in the 6200 block of South Benton. The first fire company arrives 2 minutes later reporting fire showing from the 2-story structure.

At 2:23am- it's reported the child was found inside the house and taken to a waiting MAST-EMS unit. That child was "in cardiac arrest" when brought to the medics- but was revived and rushed to a hospital.

Firefighters couldn't locate anyone else from the house- until after the fire was out. It was then a woman- claiming to be the injured infant's mother- and a 4-year-old child- arrived.

Police report charging the child's mother with child endangerment. The injured child- at last report- was said to be in stable condition.


... Two people in a taxi were seriously injured in a wreck with an 18-wheeler truck on southbound I-35 near Vivion Road early Saturday morning.

The injured were a male in his 30's and a female in her 20's- according to MAST-EMS- taken to area hospitals. The Missouri Highway Patrol was investigating the 2:58am incident.



Temperatures plunged into the single digits and teens across the Kansas City MetroRegion overnight.

Winds were light from the northwest and north so wind chills were not a serious factor.

A slow warmup today and Sunday forecasted- but temperatures still 10 to 20-degrees below averages into Monday.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Air Force Tanker Decision May Cost John McCain Dearly

The decision by the U.S. government to award that $40-billion contract to a consortium of America's Northrup-Grumman and the European outfit that makes Airbus planes has stirred a hornet's nest of protest.

According to this Associated Press article- many are blaming Republicrat presidential candidate John McCain for Boeing Aircraft's loss of the tanker contract.

Time for your 3rd-party vote yet? Nahhhh....

Friday, March 07, 2008

Another Example Of Idiotic Government Spending

The AP reports: "At a cost of nearly $42 million, the IRS wants you to know: Your check is almost in the mail."


America: McDonald's Jobs Replace Manufacturing Jobs

I've long been suspect on government's reporting of unemployment numbers.

The AP is finally reporting today what most of us people who have to dig for real news already had figured out:

"Employers slashed 63,000 jobs in February, the most in five years...."

This news with the fact that college loans are drying up- or having high interest rates attached to them.

And what's our representatives doing about all this?

One day- it's questioning baseball players on steroids. Today- they're questioning CEOs of a few large companies- in I guess an attempt to figure out why these bozos make millions upon millions while their companies go under.

Beneficial (NOT!!!) to the needs of the American people....

Could Crappy Press Coverage Be Reason For America's Woes

- you'll see no mention of THIS post in The STAR'S "PrimeBuzz."

A letter that appeared in the Friday KANSAS CITY STAR by "Deborah Hirsch of Overland Park" is an ice cube read that masks a massive ice berg:

"You (The STAR) ran an article on the front page on Sunday (March 2) about an "obscure Obama."

"Barrack Obama," it starts out, "we hardly know ye."

I find it odd that a newspaper is lamenting a candidate's obscurity, especially at this stage of the race. Whose job is it, after all, to research a candidate and inform the public about him or her? Could it be the press? (Large type- italics are mine- GS)

Instead of writing that no one knows Obama or much about his record in Illinois or the U.S. Senate, do some research and write about what you find out. Would the Congressional Record be a place to start?"

Brothers and sisters- I've read some FINE letters to The Star by citizens over many years- this letter by Ms. Hirsch should be framed and posted IN EVERY NEWSROOM IN AMERICA.

It's a perfect illustration how America's "free press" has- and continues to fail the American citizen with schlock- under-reported or non-investigated news.

Thursday, March 06, 2008

Republicrats' John McCain Gets Kiss Of Death

To be more precise- McCain got an endorsement from The Shrub.

Further comment from moi should not be necessary....


The anniversary of the American Invasion of Iraq is March 19.

Nearly 4000 American dead and the Shrub Administration STILL does not have the alleged mastermind of the Sept. 11- 2001 attacks- Osama Bin Laden- anywhere near in custody- much less located.

However- now I'm blaming the Demobulicans every bit as much as the Republicrats for this costly fiasco in nation-building.

Like many Americans are now hip to this fact- more and more world citizens are realizing when you get the American government/military involved in anything- good chances are that that thing will be ROYALLY screwed-up.

On a related note- the price of a barrel of oil is now more than $105 and the bottom continues to fall out of the (economy) stock market with a 214-point plunge today.

It's going to be one HELL of a long-hot and violent summer in these UCSA (United Corporate States of America)- compliments of both of America's unresponsive main political parties.


KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Aircraft Emergency At K.C.I. Airport

An aircraft with 68 people on board has declared an in-flight emergency and is presently enroute to K.C.I..

The exact nature of the emergency is not yet known.

The alarm went out at 2:29pm- and outside fire companies are enroute to the airport to assist K.C.I. CFR crews.

More here as received....


UPDATE: The aircraft has landed safely and without incident at K.C.I. at 2:38pm. The problem- reported by a K.C.I. CFR crew member- was with directional control of the aircraft's nose landing gear.

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

America On Strike On March 15 - The Ides Of March

Word over the back fence is Americans are going on strike for one day- March 15 - The Ides of March.

We won't buy ANYTHING on that day that we don't absolutely have to.

Let's see our economy react i.e. pollys freak the HELL out.

It's said if Americans don't buy gasoline for one day for example- there'd be a gut of gasoline on the market.

Well? Tired of this $3+ per gallon BULLSHIT??? High food prices???


I'm game- let's go for it - NATIONAL STRIKE ON MARCH 15.


My new hero....


Monday, March 03, 2008

Storm Spotters-Gawkers/Blogger/Reader Meet-Up - March 24

hose surviving members of the Kansas City Weather Service will be attending- and we invite all of you- a storm spotter training session being conducted by the fine members of the K.C./Pleasant Hill National Weather Service office.

This session will be at 7pm- Monday- March 24 at the St. Joseph Medical Center on State Line Road at I-435 in southwestern KC-MO.

We plan to take notes- then ask questions later at a nearby coffeeshop over a latte' and scones.

Maybe we'll start-up the MCOC (Mama Cloud Observation Corps) again or just sit around and insult this winter (which shows indications of STILL hanging around that far down the road) or each other- as normally has been the case for the past 41 years. (bfg)

Regardless- pencil in Monday- March 24 at 7pm and hope to meet ya!


KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Building Fire In North Kansas City

Shortly before 8am- KC-MO fire companies have been sent to assist the North KC-MO Fire department on a building fire in the 1300 block of Burlington.

The fire's reported to be in "a mattress company" and this is a working fire at this time.

More as received....


UPDATE 0817 CST : The KC-MO Fire department has requested a "2nd-alarm" to the fire at 1330 Burlington in North KC-MO..

No injuries have yet been reported.


UPDATE 0830 CST - The fire in the building at 1330 Burlington (click on image) is now under control.

No injuries are being reported.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Masters Of The Obvious

It's amazing- the TV newsreaders tell us what we can see posted daily: the increasing cost of surviving.

Like gasoline: We KNOW it's more than $3 per gallon now.

TRY telling the American Public what we DON'T KNOW- like how much obscene profit the oil companies are making off of us.

Or like yesterday- told by the so with-it newsreaders how all this is translating into the higher food prices THAT'S BEEN HIGH FOR 2 MONTHS NOW.

Next- our weatherman to tell you which way the wind's blowing and perhaps why corporate couldn't afford to give you that paltry RAISE this year.....

Sunday, March 02, 2008

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion BREAKING WEATHER: NWS-SPC: "Slight" Chance Of Severe Storms Today

The National Weather Services' Storm Prediction Center in Norman-OK has outlooked an area of the Kansas City MetroRegion generally south of Interstate-70 for a "slight chance" of severe thunderstorms later this Sunday afternoon and evening.

Severe-criteria hail and wind gusts are the primary severe threats expected- but an isolated tornado cannot be ruled out.

The storms will form in a line along a cold front expected to push through the Metro by late afternoon. Heavy rainfall can also be expected into Monday and some snow accumulations are possible by midday Monday.

If any storm watches are issued later today- they'll be posted ASAP....