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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Turn Your Clocks Ahead Tonight- Check Smoke Detector Batteries!

At 2 a.m. local time- time moves ahead one hour to 3 a.m. Sunday morning with the onset of government-mandated "Daylight Savings Time."

So don't forget or show up somewhere late...

Also- this is a GREAT time to change the batteries in your smoke and carbon monoxide alarms- as well as your weather radio.

Early Saturday Homicide in Kansas City MO Brings 24 Hour Total to Three

The warm weather apparently brings out the thugs...

Around 3:40 a.m.- KC-MO Police- on the scene of a disturbance with shots fired at 31st Street and Agnes- found a man who had been shot in a reported "drive-by" about a block north.

Also- two other shooting victims- reported from this area- showed up at a hospital shortly after the initial report.

Police didn't have any victim or suspect information yet.

This comes after two killing were reported Friday...

One was a body found by police who were looking for two Independence teen runaways in the Marlborough neighborhood in south-central KC-MO Friday afternoon.

The body was found in the 8200 block of Wayne- and police report having a late-teens male in custody for that killing.

The other homicide was the body of a black male found later Friday afternoon near the Kansas City Southern railroad tracks in the 11000 block of Cambridge in south KC-MO..

Police are investigating that incident.

Monday, March 05, 2012

Independence MO Taxpayers Lose Another $4.7-Million To Shopping Center

In what I can only term an incomplete and vague newspaper story- the INDEPENDENCE-BLUE SPRINGS-GRAIN VALLEY (SIBLEY?) EXAMINER reports that March 1st- the City of Indy a made more than $4.7-million payment on the faltering "The Falls" shopping center anchored by Bass Pro.

CSW has made mention of this fiasco dropped on Independence taxpayers HERE- HERE- HERE and HERE...

The EXAMINER story only mentions that "some funds-" the reporter never bothers to tell the reader how much- came from the city's general fund this time- and that a total of "$10.5-million" has been paid by the city- and there again no mention of how many 'general fund' dollars are involved total.

Is The EXAMINER acting as a citizen "free press" or a City (Politicians) of Independence advocate?

On top of all that lost money- Independence wants to raise the property tax to pay for more police officers.

Indy citizen- you'll get to vote on that tax increase in April.

Rural Kentucky Fire Department Watches Tornado-Bearing Storm That Destroys Fire Station

As the Tornadoes of March 2, 2012 destroyed Henryville and the small burg of Marysville, Indiana- the people who lived downstream from those areas watched the approaching storms nervously- knowing that people were already dead or dying from the previous strikes.

Among those people watching the oncoming storm was the chief of a mostly rural fire district- Milton KY Fire and Rescue- located in Trimble County across the Ohio River from Madison, Indiana.

Milton F & R's chief- Jason Long- had a video camera mounted on the dash of his fire department's SUV.

That camera was running the whole time Chief Long got the tornado warning for Trimble county and during the subsequent harrowing minutes when the same storm that produced the Henryville and Marysville tornado came calling in northern Kentucky.

Shown here will be only be Parts 1 through 3 of the chief's eight-part series of storm-related content.

The tornado itself appears only briefly in Part 1 (about the 12 minute mark- Images 1 and 2 shown here) and Part 2 (at the 1:36 minute mark- Image 3 shown here)- then the destroyed fire station Number 2 of Milton Fire and Rescue is shown in Part 3.

Chief Jason Long has a YouTube page for his department and the remainder of the storm/tornado-damage videos from that day- linked HERE.

Please go there- or to Milton Fire and Rescue's Facebook page if you would like to make a comment- or perhaps a donation to their fire protection district which is supported ONLY by dues-paying citizens of Trimble county Kentucky.

Your 'Captain' salutes all the caring and dedicated volunteer fire and EMS organizations across America!

Sunday, March 04, 2012

Rape Reported at Avila College Sunday Morning

The call was dispatched by Kansas City MO emergency services at 4:05 a.m.- the report of a sexual assault on the campus of the Avila College at 11901 Wornall.

There weren't any additional details early Sunday- but later KC-MO Police said the victim was a girl of high school age.

The victim was in a dorm room at the college but reportedly wasn't a student there.

The dorm was apparently unlocked and known to be by the assailant.

Fire Damages Home Near Kearney MO

A fire that possibly started in a basement room heavily damaged a home southwest of Kearney before dawn Sunday morning.

The alarm sounded for Kearney firefighters for the incident at a 1-story house in the 13400 block of Northeast 139th Street at 5:32 a.m..

Flames were coming from a corner of the residence when fire crews arrived at 5:43 a.m.- but the occupants had escaped- reportedly uninjured.

The fire was reportedly "in the basement-" and had spread upwards to other parts of the house.

Mutual-aid assistance was requested from the Smithville and Holt fire departments- with the fire put out some time after 6 a.m..

No cause or amount of damage done was yet available from Kearney Fire....

Mobile Home Heavily Damaged by Fire in Excelsior Springs MO

The occupants had escaped uninjured- but their residence- a mobile home- was consumed by fire early Sunday.

The fire was reported by the Excelsior Springs Fire department at 12:24 a.m. in the 1100 block of St. Louis Avenue- - and when the first crews arrived less than five minutes later there was heavy smoke and flames coming from the trailer.

Fire crews were called to assist from Kearney- Holt and Wood Heights- and the fire was knocked down about 30 minutes later.

No reported firefighter injuries- and the cause and dollar-amount of damage was pending from the ESFD..

Man Crashes After Being Chased by Grandview Police

It took Kansas City MO fire crews about 15 minutes to cut the driver out of his wrecked car near 115th Street and Blue Ridge Boulevard early Sunday moning.

That "30-year-old male" driver- according to KCFD-EMS reports- reportedly was trying to elude a police car that was chasing him from Grandview when he ran into a utility pole.

The driver's injuries were serious- but according to medical reports he'll live.

Don't know why the Grandview Police department was trying to stop the man in the first place....

Two Killed in Kansas City KS Shooting

Around 2:10 a.m.- KC-KS Police got a call that a possible shooting had taken place in an apartment in the 2100 block of South Mill Street.

When police arrived minutes later- they found two people apparently dead by gunshot- and a juvenile inside the apartment who at first was reportedly "unharmed."

An ambulance was ordered for the child about 20 minutes later- and the youth was taken to a hospital for examination.

There was no suspect info or identities of the deceased early Sunday morning.