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Saturday, February 26, 2011

Lawrence Police Officer Injured Saturday Morning

It was about 4:20 a.m. Saturday morning when a Lawrence police officer made a car stop next to the South Pointe Apartments in the 2100 block of West 26th Street in West Lawrence.

The driver that was stopped- a 21-year-old male- got out of his car and proceeded to assault the 36-year-old LPD officer.

An "assist-the-officer" call went out- as the suspect tried to run away.

The suspect didn't make it very far- was captured and subdued with chemical spray by other officers.

The suspect was taken to a Topeka hospital- under arrest and accompanied by other officers- for treatment of the spray and other injuries.

The Lawrence officer was taken to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for treatment of a number of injuries- albeit not life-threatening- suffered when the suspect attacked him.

I thank the most-diligent Shawnee KS monitor "Operation100" for his assistance in gathering information on this incident.

A Not-So "Bea-u-ti-ful" Day- K.C. Sports Broadcasting Icon Bill Grigsby Passes Away

When I awoke this afternoon- every tree was dripping water from their ice-coated branches.

Then I read that longtime Kansas City sports broadcaster and civic booster Bill Grigsby has passed away early this morning.

It was then I understood that wasn't the ice on those trees melting- those were tears.

Goodbye "Old Partner!"

Use Caution On Metro K.C. Roadways- Walkways This Morning

Freezing drizzle has formed an icy glaze on roads and walks throughout Metro Kansas City early Saturday morning.

There have been NUMEROUS- mostly minor-injury crashes from Cass county north and west through Platte county MO into Leavenworth county KS..

If you're driving and/or walking- please- use EXTREME caution through midday Saturday!


CSW BREAKING: Two Dead in Randolph MO Triple Shooting

The call came in a little after 3:20 a.m. Saturday morning- a shooting at the Red Roof Inn motel in the 3600 block of North Randolph Road.

Randolph- Claycomo and KC-MO police as well as Clay County Sheriff deputies rushed to the scene- along with Claycomo & KC-MO fire & EMS units.

Within minutes- it was determined that "3" had been shot in a motel room there.

One of those victims died at the scene and 2 males- one in their late teens and the other in his early 20's-  with gunshot wounds to their heads were transported to a Northland medical trauma center.

One of them was in grave condition- the other in critical condition.

One of those victims was later declared dead at the hospital.

One of the victims is also reportedly a student at North Kansas City High school.

Police are seeking "6 Hispanic males and 2 females" who left the scene "southbound on I-435" in two vehicles: "a white Mitsubishi and a red Jeep."

Several law enforcement agencies are assisting in the investigation.


WEATHER UPDATE: Freezing Drizzle Increasing Southwest of Kansas City

This is the latest composite NWS weather radar view- showing the blue area as freezing drizzle and/or very light snow increasing rapidly from Miami and Franklin counties KS westward past the Topeka area.

This activity is moving east-northeastward and parts of Metro K.C. south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers are under a NWS Winter Weather Advisory through 9 a.m. this Saturday morning.

Updates here at CSW as needed....

Friday, February 25, 2011

Tweet From KDoT- Possibly A Bad Decision?

The following Tweet from the Kansas Department of Transportation (KDoT) was received about 5 p.m. Friday afternoon:

Based on the weather bulletin I posted within the hour- wonder if that was a bad decision on KDoT's part?

The next 6 hours or so will tell....

CSW BREAKING WEATHER-NEWS: NWS Winter Weather Advisory For Parts of Metro K.C.

At 11 p.m. the NWS office in Pleasant Hill (Kansas City MO) has issues a "Winter Weather Advisory" in effect now until 9 a.m. Saturday morning for those parts of Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City generally south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers.


An area of "freezing drizzle" is reportedly moving north out of south and east-central Kansas.

Two fatality traffic crashes as a result of icy roadways were reported on the Kansas Turnpike in Wichita around 10 p.m.- according to The WICHITA EAGLE.

On duty here all night- your Captain will keep you informed on this developing and potentially dangerous weather situation...

MetroRegion K.C. News: Major Fire Burns Business in Nevada MO

A fire has consumed a Nevada auto parts store- reports the NEVADA (MO) DAILY MAIL online.

Nevada is about 75 miles south of Downtown KC-MO on U.S. 71 highway.

A 2-block area was reportedly evacuated due to a threat of explosions from acetylene tanks inside the NAPA store in the 300 block of East Walnut near the town's square (see photo below- courtesy of Chris Hacker & KOAM-TV via SuperDave).

The DAILY MAIL also reported that as of 6  p.m. Friday evening- the fire had spread to a building to the west of the NAPA store (building to the right in the GOOGLE Street View image).

Calls made by CSW to the non-emergency telephone number of the Nevada Fire department for further details on the fire went unanswered as of 9 p.m..


Missouri Gas Prices in an 18-Hour Period

These images taken at the Quik Trip on M-350 near Gregory in Raytown.

At 3:45 p.m. Thursday afternoon

At 10:45 a.m. Friday morning

Image at an oil company counting room


Kansas City MO City Council Freezes Their Pay

For a part-time position as city councilperson- the $61569 annual pay is as much or more than MANY of the city's blue-collar workers make.

The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR reports that Thursday the council voted to freeze their pay.

Too bad we can't freeze-out some of the career politicians who keep getting elected to the council.

CSW BREAKING: Jackson County MO Wreck- KC-MO House Fire and KC-KS Shooting Friday Morning

A variety of breaking news this Friday morning...

The latest first- there's a "4" vehicle crash working at the intersection of Missouri (m) 7 highway and Colborn Road- between Blue Springs and Lake Lotawana.

Reports from the scene are that "2" people had to be extricated by fire department (Prairie Township and Lake Lotawana crews) from vehicles.

Serious but not extremely critical injuries indicated at that scene...

KC-MO fire companies are battling a reported "fire in the basement" in a house in Old Northeast in the 400 block of North Wheeling.

Dispatch told crews all the people got out after the alarm sounded at 8:53 a.m.- but that there "were still animals inside" the residence.

That fire was brought under control about 15 minutes after fire crews arrived- but the homes sustained heavy damage.

No word on the animals reportedly still inside when the residence was evacuated.

Four adults and 2 children were displaced by the fire and the American Red Cross was called to assist them.

At 7:39 a.m. this morning- a "17-year-old male" was shot in the 2000 block of South Mill Street.

The victim was "shot in the upper left leg" and he was whisked off by KC-KS Fire department EMS to a medical trauma center in borderline serious condition.

Police took the incident report- and were seeking a male suspect.

In addition- there are still a number of icy spots on area roadways as proven from quite a number of mostly minor wrecks heard here at CSW over the past few hours.

Be especially careful on Interstate 70 east of M-291 for Blue Springs agencies were just called on on a wreck and there's another crash near Oak Grove and on I-29 near Barry Road in KC-MO where another crash was just reported.


Latest MetroRegion Kansas City Winter Storm Contributes to 2 Traffic Deaths

This wasn't like the other storms MetroRegion Kansas City has suffered through this Winter of 2010-2011- less than a half-foot of snow fell that was preceded by sleet- but it had it's moments and some were tragic.

In Miami county KS- an icy U.S. 169 between Osawatomie and Greeley KS is said to have been a factor in 2 traffic crashes near Stanton Road in the far southwestern part of that county that resulted in 2 deaths and 5 injuries.

As I reported here last night on CSW what initially was a confusing scenario- one person- indentified by the Miami county Sheriff's department as "53-year-old Mary Crawford of Garnett-" drowned when a vehicle went off U.S. 169 there and into a lake that was a former rock quarry according to frequent CSW contributor "Superdave."

Two women were in that car and one of them managed to get out and swim to shore- where she was helped by a Good Samaritan.

The other woman drowned in the car- recovered by divers later Thursday night.

While the drama from that crash was unfolding- two other vehicles- possibly distracted by the commotion of the first crash- collided head-on on the highway.

One person died at that crash- identified by MiCo Sheriff as "66-year-old Mary C. Stuccey" from an unstated location in "Wisconsin" state.

Five others were injured- of those one adult and a 9-month-old infant were critically hurt.

It took nearly all of Miami county's EMS resources nearly an hour to transport those injured on slick roadways to Metro Kansas City hospitals.

After that tragedy- a number of Interstates in Metro Kansas City became so slick and clogged with cars and trucks unable to move that those highways had to be closed.

All of those closed Interstates were re-opened by Friday morning's commute- but at least 1 KC-MO roadway- the Southwest Trafficway hill north of 31st Street to I-35- had to be closed due to ice on the pavement.

While the snow had ended by midnight Friday morning and the number of traffic crashes decreased- there were still an above-average number of those incidents

The most severe crash as of this report was on U.S. 71 south on M-58 highway in Raymore before 6 a.m. where a male driver was seriously-injured when his vehicle rolled-over after hitting a patch of ice on the highway.

If all of this isn't enough- a couple of more storm systems will move through the Central States over the weekend into Monday morning.

There's a slight chance of more light snow over mainly the northern half of the MetroRegion Saturday night into early Sunday- then a rapid warm-up Sunday that will actually bring a chance of showers and thunderstorms over our region- then another cold front that may turn that precip to snow into early next Monday morning.

Of course- CSW will keep you informed on those weather possibilities as we do our overnight-thing Saturday and Sunday mornings.

Good news?

It will probably go into the 50's Sunday and into at least the lower 60's later next week- and no super-cold air (teens or lower) is expected throughout the period.


Thursday, February 24, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Fatality 2-Vehicle Crash With Multiple Serious Injuries in Extreme S.W. Miami County

A head-on crash involving at least 2 vehicles- including one that plunged into a lake- is reported on U.S. 169 just south of Stanton Road near the Anderson county line.

So far have been a total of 5 people injured: 3 adults- 2 serious and 1 critical- and 2 children- 1 serious and 1 critical.

The was also the report of "un unresponsive infant in a car seat" of the vehicle that went into a lake on the east side of U.S. 169.

It is also reported that "one person is unaccounted for" at that crash scene- unknown if that is the infant described above- but a fatality was reported at the crash scene.

Divers- EMS crews and law enforcement agencies throughout Miami as well as Anderson county are either on scene or enroute to this scene.

Apparently a passerby who reported the crash pulled a woman from the vehicle that went into the lake and took them to their residence in the 39800 block of U.S. 169.

That woman's condition has not been stated- but it's believed her condition is non life-threatening.

All patients were being transported to Metro Kansas City hospitals- the children to Children's Mercy.

More as received....

CSW BREAKING: Metro K.C. Weather And Road Conditions Deteoriating Fast

Vehicle crashes have been increasing exponentially in the past 30 mintues...

Crashes have been reported on I-70- from western KC-KS into Bonner Springs and southern Leavenworth county.

Crashes reported in the KC-MO Northland- on northbound U.S. 169 near N.W. 68th street- and I-435 near N.E. 108th Street..

A crash was reported on U.S. 69 in Miami county KS- about 1 mile north of 327th Street- and southbound U.S. 69 near 215th Street in JoCo KS..

A series of crashes are reported along U.S. 50 in Johnson county MO near M-131 and in the Northland on M-33 highway north of Liberty.

Sleet with large snowflakes are falling right now here in south KC-MO in the old Bannister Mall area- and the temperature has fallen about 1-1/2-degrees in the past 30 minutes- 34 here now.

Conditions Metro-wide will continue to go downhill over the next several hours.....

CSW Weather-News UPDATE: "Heavy Sleet" Reported in Platte County MO

Platte county authorities have reported "heavy sleet" falling in the KC-MO Northland within the past 20 minutes as a large area of precipitation moves over the Metro from the southwest.

So far- only 1 traffic crash has been reported in that time frame: a single-vehicle rollover south of Northeast 136th Street and Plattsburg Road at 8:54 a.m..

Kearney Fire and EMS was arriving on the scene and was finding no one around the vehicle at 9:02 a.m..

A Clay County Sheriff's deputy reported the roadways in that area as "very slick."

Temperatures in the Northland are at or slightly below freezing- but remain above freezing south of the Kansas and Missouri Rivers at this hour.

Rain mixed with or becoming sleet will continue over Metro Kansas City during the next several hours with temperatures slowly falling by afternoon.

A NWS Winter Storm Warning goes into effect a noon and lasts until midnight tonight.

CSW BREAKING: Child Struck by Vehicle in Kansas City KS

A "6-year-old" boy has suffered what a KC-KS Fire department paramedic said was not life-threatening injuries this morning after being struck by a vehicle near downtown KC-KS.

The incident occurred about 8:10 a.m. in the 500 block of North 5th Street.

The paramedic said the car was going "about 20 m.p.h" when it struck the child- and the child suffered minor cuts and bruises and was taken to Children's Mercy Hospital.

No word if any charges were pending on the vehicle's driver.

MetroRegion K.C. News: Dinner and a Train Ride in Central Missouri

I love trains and if you do too- you'll be interested in this story that appeared in Colombia MO's THE MISSOURIAN.

A company called Central States Rail has begun runs of a privately-owned train called "The Columbia Star Dinner Train" in Boone county.

According to THE MISSOURIAN's story- you get dinner and an about 3-hour train ride from Columbia to Centralia MO and back for $69 per person and the company will very soon begin taking reservations.


CSW Weather: Active Weather Day Across Metro KC- Central States

The Central States will see all kinds of weather today- from sleet and snow in the middle- to rain and thunderstorms with the chance for a few "strong tornadoes" to the south.

First off- the weather affecting Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City...

A WINTER STORM WARNING is in effect beginning at noon and lasting until midnight for the Metro and that part of the MetroRegion from southwest to northeast of Kansas City.

Three to six inches of snow are expected- mainly on the Kansas side and areas north of the Missouri River.

The snow will likely be preceeded by rain changing to sleet- then the snow.

A WINTER WEATHER ADVISORY will be in effect to areas directly north of the WARNING areas (see- click on graphic).

To the south- a SEVERE THUNDERSTORM WATCH is in effect this morning from parts of Oklahoma and northern Texas- and a MODERATE RISK of severe thunderstorms with a chance of tornadoes- a few of those strong- over Arkansas into the Missouri Bootheel later today.

All in all- a dynamic weather situation over our region today- and CSW will keep you informed on the latest developments.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

CSW Weather: NWS "Winter Weather Advisory" Northern Half MetroRegion- Most of Metro Kansas City

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Pleasant Hill (Kansas City) has issued a Winter Weather Advisory valid beginning at noon tomorrow (Thursday) into tomorrow night.

This advisory (see graphic) includes the northern through western areas of MetroRegion- and most of Metro Kansas City except the Missouri side south of the Missouri River.

Rain will turn to sleet- then snow in the advisory area- with an accumulation of 2 to 4 inches of snow before ending late Thursday night.

Driving and walking surfaces have warmed today with temperatures in the 50's- so don't anticipate many problems with them until late Thursday night/early Friday morning.

CSW will keep you informed on this Winter Weather Advisory tomorrow....

Prank Caller Exposes Wisconsin Governor Then The Prankster's Web Site Becomes "Unavailable"

This is a VERY interesting Associated Press (AP) story- courtesy of the KANSAS CITY STAR...

It's reported that a person posing as ultra-conservative Kansas billionaire David Koch called Wisconsin governor Scott Walker and engaged in a "lengthy conversation" with the governor concerning Walker's anti-union activities in the Dairy State.

Governor Walker's office confirmed the call with AP reporter Ryan J. Foley.

The imposter is identified in the AP story as being with the "Buffalo Beast, a left-leaning website based in New York."

CSW has attempted for several hours to access audio of that phone call with Walker via the Buffalo Beast Web site and for reasons unknown- I keep getting the following information that was screen-captured here (latest attempt captured).

One can only wonder what has become of Buffalo Beast Web site- if it's a simple overload of the curious like myself trying to hear the recorded call first-hand- or as a result of The Long Arms (Wallets) of The Rich.

Stay tuned to this post- I'll be trying to access the site throughout the day with hopes that by MY exposure of this fraud governor and his wealthy benefactor- that is IF the Capt. Spaulding's World page doesn't mysteriously disappear as well....

UPDATE - 1:50 P.M. Wednesday- The "Buffalo Beast" website has been accessed- and as I type this- that infamous prank call between the bogus David Koch and Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker is being re-recorded here.

If you want to listen to that call- here it is:


MetroRegion KC News: Expensive New Public Safety Radio System Request for Topeka- No Mention of Unfunded Federal Mandate

Today- I read yet another story of a MetroRegion governmental agency requesting many millions of dollars for a new public safety radio system...

According to the TOPEKA (KS) CAPITAL-JOURNAL- Shawnee County KS Sheriff Dick Barta is requesting more than $19-million for a new radio system "upgrade."

One excuse offered by Sheriff Barta is that their current radio system- also shared by the Topeka police and fire departments- at 14-years-old is outdated.

Kansas City MO approved around $40-million for a new radio system a few years ago.

Before the 1990's- many agencies were still using radio systems that were more than 25-years old that- 99% of the time- worked reliably.

Nowhere in the TC-J story is it mentioned that the new radio system is NECESSARY- because of an unfunded Federal mandate for all public safety agencies in America change over to a new- "narrow-band" radio system by 2013.

No matter that many governmental entities are running deficits in their budgets already- they can cut more dollars from programs and agencies that directly benefit already Recession (depression)-strapped taxpayers and/or raise the taxes some more. 


Questions in Court Decision on MO Highway Patrol Driver Examiner

In Wednesday morning's KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR- reporter- former co-worker and a generally nice fellow Mark Morris wrote of a court decision to allow a Missouri Highway Patrol driver's license examiner to sue a driver that caused the examiner an injury.

Mr. Morris reports that the driver's license examiner "Patricia Ivey" suffered a "shoulder" injury when the person who was taking the driver's test- "Clara Joe Nicholson-McBride-" reportedly "slammed on the brakes" as Ms. Nicholson-McBride came upon a red traffic light.

Some of my questions are:

1. How old was Clara Joe Nicholson-McBride-

2. Was Ms. Nicholson-McBridge a previous driver's license holder- and

3. Did the driver's license examiner Ms. Ivey give any command(s) to the person she was examining prior to Ms. Nicholson-McBride slamming on the brakes?

In addition- it seems that the decision by the "three-judge panel of Missouri’s Western District Court of Appeals" that overturned a Jackson County judge's original decision that stated "the driver’s license examiner had assumed the risk of such injuries when she took the job-" opens a HUGE can of worms.

 Let's take for an example- a firefighter at a house fire is injured by a homeowner improper storage of flammable materials.

Will that firefighter be free to sue the homeowner due to that home owner's negligence?


A Bittersweet Kansas City Primary Election

Even though more that a few of the candidates that I endorsed will advance to the Kansas City MO general election- I'm not feeling good about the turnout.

Less than 1 of 5 registered voters in this city even bothered to vote!

I'm sure those of you who DIDN'T bother have your reasons- but unless you had a recent accident and were in critical condition in a hospital I have little sympathy.

If indeed America is sliding downhill like some of us think it is- it all falls on the shoulders of those who do not bother to exercise one of their responsibilities to keep this republic- for which it stands- free.

In my Internet chatroom days- I recall my conversations with Australian friends and how they would tell me that in their country- people are actually FINED for not voting...

Maybe America has come to that crossroads as well.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

WARNING: Fill Your Gas Tank ... NOW

Think you've seen a gasoline price gouge lately?

You ain't seen nothing yet...

As I type this - (unregulated) speculators have driven the price of a barrel of oil up more than $5- that price that was $86-87 per barrel a few days ago has shot up to more than $95 per barrel.

And if I know the gasoline retailers as they have done too often before- that $2.99 per gallon price at many outlets here on the Missouri-side will be up a dime or more VERY soon.

So- do as your Captain has done- fill 'er up and park it if you can....

KC-MO Primary Election Today- PLEASE Vote

It's a crisp- sunny day and I hope you will get out and vote and PLEASE encourage your family- friends and neighbors to do the same.

A list of candidates was recently posted here at CSW- and you can find them HERE.

Remember- local elections determine those issues and politicians that will most-directly affect you and your quality of life! 


Monday, February 21, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Significant Earthquake Strikes Christchurch New Zealand

The USGS is reporting a 6.3-magnitude earthquake has struck very near one of New Zealand's largest cities- Christchurch.

The quake happened at 12:51 p.m. Tuesday New Zealand time- or 5:51 p.m. this evening Kansas City time.

Radio New Zealand reports "multiple fatalities" there- including "2 busses crushed by falling buildings."

Prayers go out to my Bearshare chat friends there- as well as all the good people of that island nation east of Australia.


Asking For A Moment of Prayer For A Fellow Human Being This Wednesday at 7 P.M.

I must sadly confess- I do not personally know Miss Alexandra Umphenour but I know of her through my daughter.

An academically-accomplished young lady- recently Alexandra or "Alex" was riding her beloved horse when the steed suddenly suffered a massive heart attack.

The horse collapsed- throwing Alex to the ground and seriously injuring her.

Alex remains in a coma in a Wichita KS hospital and via a Facebook page set up for her- this is where her family- friends- and well-wishers need your help.

Wednesday night- February 23 at 7 p.m. Central Time is a time set aside for prayers for Miss Alex.

Please- join Ms. Rittenhouse- your Captain- and many others at that  time to say a prayer for a successful and complete recovery of Miss Alexandra Umphenour.

Thank you for YOUR time here and may God/The Great Spirit bless and keep you and yours well. 

Sunday, February 20, 2011

No Reason For Any Human Being to Celebrate 150th Anniversary of America's Civil War

Reading a piece in the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD written by Leonard Pitts Jr. regarding this nation's 150th anniversary of The Civil War and the comments thereafter got me to thinking...

In the Final Analysis- there's not really a whole lot Americans can celebrate regarding the history of our nation- in reality- our existence is based on fraud- killing and taking.

We made deals with the Natives who already were on our lands when the white man floated over- then defaulted on those deals and/or ran those Natives off and killed them.

Land owners made deals with rulers of other countries for slave labor- and brought them here to work the land for the landowners.

When those peoples wanted to experience the very ideals this country was supposedly founded on- freedom from tyranny- oppression- etc.- many railed against that idea and the peoples that wanted it.

In short- the "haves" have ALWAYS wanted to subjugate the "have nots-" if for no other reason- to maintain their privileged standard of existence.

Woe be it the ones on the ground wanting to climb the ladder of betterment.

I find a lot of solace and re-enforcement of my soul in music- and some lyrics in one of my all-time favorite songs said it best:

"We satisfy our endless needs
 and justify our bloody deeds,
In the name of destiny
and the name of God...."

 We can re-write and whitewash our history all we want- but the truth will stain with innocents' blood and cover with the dirt of a thousand graves- every lie.


List of KC-MO Mayorial and City Council Candidates

Here is a list of the candidates running in Tuesday's KC-MO primary election.

Those candidates in green are incumbents- those candidates in bold red are endorsed by Capt. Spaulding's World.

Kansas City Mayor

Sylvester “Sly” James

Henry Klein

Mark Funkhouser

Deb Hermann  

Mike Burke

James “Jim” Rowland

1st District At Large

Scott Wagner

Daina Kennedy

1st District
Richard F. Davis

2nd District At Large

Ed Ford

Allen Dillingham

2nd District
Russ Johnson

Robert A. Benefield

3rd District At Large

Melba Curls

Brandon Ellington

Durwin Rice

Carol J. Gatlin

3rd District

Michael Fletcher

Jermaine Reed

Sharon Sanders Brooks

4th District At Large

John Crawford

Anne McGregor

Edward Pace

Jim Glover

Annie Presley

4th District

Jan Marcason

Mona Lyne

5th District At Large

Cindy Circo

Richard “Charlie” Angel

Mahlon Davis Jr.

5th District

Kenneth T. Bacchus

W. Ruth Turner

Michael Brooks

Ron Dean Birmingham

6th District At Large

Michael R. Brown

Scott Taylor

Ricky Earl Abel

Tracy Ward

Chuck Eddy

Edward Fields

Delmira Quarles

MD Rabbi Alam

6th District

Terrence Nash

John A. Sharp