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Saturday, January 04, 2014

Chiefs. Absolutely. Suck.

Blowing a 4-touchdown lead?

Nuff said....

CSW BREAKING: Male Found Inside Burning House in Old Northeast KC-MO

The dispatch was to five companies of the KC-MO Fire department at 7:08 am Saturday morning on a reported "building fire" in the 5800 block of East St. John Avenue.

When firefighters arrived less than three minutes later- they found smoke coming from a 1-story house (pictured here) in the 5700 block of St. John.

More than 10 minutes elapse before an interior fire crew found what is reported to be "a male" victim inside the burning house.

That victim was in critical condition and taken to an area medical trauma center where he later died.

The fire was reported under control at 7:27 am.

Thursday, January 02, 2014

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Fire in Belton MO

A fire in a Belton mobile home has reportedly killed the male occupant.

The incident was dispatched to Belton emergency services at 8:33 am Thursday morning to an address on Iris Lane in the Springdale Mobile Home park.

Minutes later the mobile home where the fire was reported is said to be "fully-engulfed."

The body of the trailer's lone occupant- reportedly a male in his 60's- was located inside the burned-out shell around 9:10 am..

An investigation is just beginning with more details and ident of the victim coming later....

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Early Sunday Morning Rolling Gun Battle in Grandview Leaves Motorist With Child "Badly Shaken"

Shootings are not like an imaginary 'boogie-man-' if you ignore them- they just won't go away.

Except for this blog- only one local 'mainstream' news media outlet- KMBC-9 News- reported all three of late Saturday's shootings in the southeast Kansas City-Raytown MO area that wounded at least nine people.

What happened in Grandview around 2:45 am Sunday morning will probably get the same local 'news' treatment...

According to a witness who reported to Grandview police- shots were fired between two vehicles- "an orange (colored) car and a black pickup" truck.

A car belonging to that witness was struck at least once by one of the flying bullets.

Fortunately- the woman or the 4-year-old child in her car wasn't hit.

A GPD officer sees the black pickup possibly involved in the incident around 2:55 am on Main Street east of I-49- and police end up chasing that suspected truck with "two occupants" into a southeast Kansas City MO neighborhood around East 90th Street and Kentucky.

The two people in the truck bailed out and ran- they hadn't been caught as of 3:30 am Sunday.

If Raytown and Grandview were threatened by a severe storm- you can bet the farm Kansas City's news media wouldn't ignore one second of Mother Nature's wrath.

Every citizen is just at risk with the random gun violence in the main Metro city and it's first-ring suburbs- and it's a story that needs to be told everytime it happens.