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Saturday, October 18, 2008

Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News Report - Saturday - October 18, 2008

*** Saturday Morning Shooting In KC-KS Leaves 1 Dead ***

The incident was reported to KC-KS 9-1-1 operators at 6:23am Saturday morning. Officers arrived several minutes later to find the victim laying outside by a vehicle.
The man had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest- and died on the scene..

Occupants of the residence where the shooting occurred reportedly told police the deceased had tried to enter and was shot. There was no report if the man lived or had acquaintances at that address- but indications were it was attempted criminal entry.

No word if police took any of the house's occupants into custody or any charges were yet filed.


*** At Least 6 Males Stabbed In KC-KS Nightclub Disturbance ***

*** At 1:51am Saturday morning- KC-KS police received the report of a large disturbance with people stabbed at Club Sparks in the 1400 block of Kansas Avenue.

When officers arrived- they found at least 3 stabbing victims- all of them males- at or outside the club. Shortly thereafter- another victim reportedly attempted to drive to a hospital and had stopped at Southwest Boulevard and 7th Street- and yet another victim was located a couple of blocks west of the club.

At least 1 other injured party from this disturbance "walked-in" to a hospital more than an hour later.

None of the victim's injuries were considered immediately life-threatening by KC-KS Fire paramedics as they were taken to 3 different trauma centers- 2 of them in KC-MO..

The altercation was still under investigation.


** KC-MO Police Leave An Operation-100 With No Suspect **

... The police tactical operation had been declared at 5:48am in the 3800 block of Wayne after a possible suspect in a domestic dispute reportedly refused to talk to officers.

Police were concerned as there were reportedly children inside the house the man refused to exit.

Several hours later- the "Operation-100" was cancelled and that "suspect" was left alone after a Jackson County prosecutor determined there wasn't sufficient evidence for a search warrant or arrest of the man.

It's the first "Operation-100" I've heard in almost 20 years where a suspect or a suspects' corpse was not taken from a situation.



A cool- crisp fall night prevailed throughout the Kansas City MetroRegion under clear to partly cloudy skies and light winds.

Temperatures ranged from the upper-30's in far west- northwest and northern portions of the KCM- but remained in the lower to mid-40's in urban areas..

Exceptional autumn weather is expected today and Sunday throughout the MetroRegion with highs in the 60's to near 70 and lows in the 40's to near 50 in urban areas.
The next storm system is not expected in the MetroRegion until about mid-week.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Friday, October 17, 2008

ATTENTION AMERICAN NEWS MEDIA: There Are SIX (6) Candidates For American President- Not Two

You'd be damn hard-pressed to know that there's 4 more candidates vying for America's top job UNLESS you educated yourself in ways other than reading- watching or listening to the mainstream "free" press.

Well- as a member of this "free" press- I'm going to do the job it seems most others won't do- SHOW YOU THE OTHER FOUR CANDIDATES.

The site - has ALL the information on all the other 4 candidates too- so you can join me in making a SMART desision November 4 in throwing the Demoblicans and Republicrats OUT of Washington D.C..

Lee's Summit-MO Must Have Police Shortage

Why ELSE would Richard McKinley have a job there?


After conspiring to have a man- Ted White Jr.- falsely imprisoned.

Did I mention Detective McKinley is married now? To Ted White's EX-wife?

Oops- how bad of me. Seems Richard McKinley and Tina (then) White were having an affair in 1999 when McKinley had Ted White charged- then convicted of child molestation.

Trouble is - Ted White Jr. never did what he was accused and imprisoned for.

White spent 5 years in state prison. A 2nd trial for White resulted in a hung jury.

The 3rd trial in 2005 set Ted White Jr. free. Tina White and McKinley got married.

Incredibly- Lee's Summit Police department STILL has McKinley on the force.

Ted White Jr. is asking McKinley to be removed from the LSPD- along with $16-million in cash for the LSPD screw-up.

Then there's that other LS-MO cop- Horner- whose wife died sans medical attention while giving childbirth. Last I heard- he's still a LS-MO cop too.

Lee's Summit MUST have a terrible time recruiting and keeping moral and qualified police officers.

I'd hate to get stopped without witnesses (judges- priests) by either of these 2 guys- think I'll avoid Lee's Summit.


Thursday, October 16, 2008

KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Possible High-Rise Fire Downtown

At 1:25pm- Kansas City-MO Fire has sent more than 12 companies- about 50 firefighters- to a possible fire on the 23rd-floor of a Downtown high-rise at 1100 Main.

The building was being evacuated and firefighters have just reached the 23rd floor- reporting "no smoke."

More here as received....
UPDATE - 1344 CDT : This incident turned out to be much ado about nothing but a traffic mess around 11th & Main.


Kansas City Chiefs Owner Tells Fans To STFU

The trend of wonked-out "public relations" of telling the electorate and/or buying public that YOU are full of crap continues.

Ordinarily- I don't cover local "sports" matters here.

I quit attending Chiefs (Chefs) games when they started patting-down fans entering the stadium like they were penitentiary convicts and Royals games when Glass seemed satisfied to field a minor league team at major league prices.

Lately- I've even quit watching both teams' games on TV.

What arouses my slight wrath today was an interview- on the FRONT PAGE of The KANSAS CITY STAR- with Chefs owner Clark Hunt.

Seems Hunt is happy with his shitty team- Do-Nothing Karl Peterson- and what few sucker fans his corporation can continue to gouge.

It might make one angry- but this is a nation that rewards the mediocre with re-election and such. So please- disregard this rant and lemming-on to Arrowhead or your TV for their next crappy performance.

Just don't bitch to ME about any of this....


Review of Last Presidential Debate

With only 2 of the 6 presidential candidates invited- review is same as the prior two:


Time To Get Out Of Homicide

Something struck me as a little selfish this morning.

With 2 more possible homicides overnight (Nos. 106 & 107)- one homicide detective told a news camera "We see more of each other than we do our families."

You know what? The VICTIMS won't be seeing their families ever again.

Time for a transfer eh?

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Monday, October 13, 2008

KC Live- Power and Light District Has Virtually Crime-Free Weekend

At least those portions of the weekend from midnight to 7am.

Saturday morning I only heard 2 calls to this area and only one made the log: an automatic fire alarm.

Sunday morning I didn't log any calls of importance in the P&L area.

What do I log? Anything from unknown medical calls to assaults- robberies- etc.. I don't log known overdose calls or people klutzes unless they involve criminal intent.

So- for the weekend overnights of October 12 and 13th- I didn't log ANY violence in the Power & Light District.

The questions I had though that didn't get answered:

Were there any people AT the District after midnight this weekend and how many more cops were patrolling the area?

Also- Westport was pretty quiet as well.

Except for the 3 shot around Club Barcelona early Saturday morning- it was a fairly calm weekend all around.