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Friday, October 24, 2008

Zeal To Be Your Leader Makes Life Miserable

I mean- you can't look at or listen to damn near ANYTHING for all the political ads.

The budget these politicians raise to get elected to get their hands on MORE money (and power) is unreal.

It's all over television and radio- in newspapers- even the public "opinion" page. You can't even answer your phone- unless you have caller ID for all the political robo-calls.

It sucks and Americans just keep voting the same 2 parties in with the same results time after time.

I say restrict any and all political ads on electronic media to the week before the election. Citizens also SHOULD be able to opt out of idiotic robo-calls on their PRIVATE phone lines too.

The bottom line is: there is just TOO much money spent in these political campaigns and simple sheep-bleating won't stop it.

Where Is Meredith Hoenes

Since Ms. Hoenes disappeared from FAUX4 we've been wondering what has become of her.

We caught up with a post on a TV Jobs site signed by her name and dropped the poster a line asking (kindly) to update us on her job search.

No response after 2 weeks now- maybe Meredith's finally moved on.

Just another bio to add to the memory lane-revolving door of Kansas City TV talking heads.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Victim Critical After S.E. KC-MO Shooting

A shooting around 10:15am in the 8700 block of Kentucky has left the victim in very critical condition with multiple gunshot wounds.

MAST-EMS reports this victim as a male in his early-20's- shot "3 to 4 times with a high-caliber weapon."

Police report having one suspect in custody on the scene. A 2nd "unknown suspect" apparently left the scene.

Police are investigating a motive- but report there have been some "burglary calls" in the area where the shooting occurred.


Gasoline Prices Continue To Fall

With prices as low as $2.15 per gallon in Independence-MO (click on image for full size)- one has to wonder if maybe- just maybe- gas won't go BELOW $2 a gallon.

It's sure to make it easier to get to the soup kitchen or the bread lines.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Gasoline Below $2.20 Per Gallon

At a posted on Wedensday morning $2.17 per gallon along 23rd Street in Independence-MO- it's getting cheaper to drive to the poorhouse.

Monday, October 20, 2008

K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER Heads-Up: Strong - Severe Storms Possible Late Tuesday - Early Wednesday

ow pressure will increase across the Central Rockies over the next 24-36 hours- producing a strong storm system over the Central States.

At the present time- strong to severe thunderstorms are indicated Tuesday into early Wednesday over the area shown on the Storm Prediction Center image (click on it for full size).

The slashed lines indicate forecasted areas of possible strong to severe storms late in that forecast's period.

In addition- heavy rainfalls are indicated over the Central States over the next five days. One-half to two inches of rain is forecast over most of the Kansas City MetroRegion into Friday.

Stay tuned....

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Obama Making "History"- McCain Making McBush Clone-ness

Even though I intend to vote 3rd party in November- there are some pretty glaring differences how the Demoblican & Republicrat candidates are stumping for votes.

One of the candidates has rallies in open and public areas- usually open to anybody who wants to drop by and watch.

The other tends to restrict his appearances to mostly conservative venues where the only access is by ticket.

One candidate is making history as the first black major-party presidential candidate.

The other candidate is serving the status quo of the Destruction of America by the current Republicrat administration.

Barack Obama drew nearly 200000 citizens to Saturday rallies in St. Louis and Kansas City.

John McCain did well to draw 10000 to a couple of his rallies on the East Coast.

I still intend to vote for a 3rd party candidate. But I won't be angry at all if the open- historic candidate wins the presidency.