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Thursday, March 07, 2013

BREAKING: Drunk Bicyclist Hurt in Grandview MO

It's not a good idea to ride a bicycle after drinking- as probably learned by a "49-year-old male" in southern Grandview Thursday night.

The southwestern Jackson county city's emergency services were told that a bicyclist "had been struck" at the intersection of 154th Terrace and Bellaire in the Belvidere subdivision around 8:45 pm..

According to EMS- the man- who they report to a Metro hospital was "intoxicated- fell off his bicycle while (cycling) down the street."

His injuries were moderate and it's not yet known if police will cite the man on top of his  likely hangover.

BREAKING: Shooting in Kansas City MO

At 7:41 pm Thursday night- a shooting was reported in south-central KC...

Metro zone police officers were told that a "female had been shot by her boyfriend" in the 5600 block of Agnes.

The victim reportedly walked to a neighbor's house across and down the street where police- fire and EMS were summoned.

The victim was reported to be "shot in the neck."

EMS "Medic-35" transported the "49-year-old female" whose condition didn't sound critical to a medical trauma center.

Police were seeking the suspect- a named black male who stands six feet one inch and weighs around 215 pounds. 

Tuesday, March 05, 2013

CSW BREAKING: Lenexa KS Car Wash Burns

With tens of thousands of dirty cars after our two big snowstorms- it's a bad time for a car wash to burn...

That- however- is what's happening in the 15400 block of West 87th Parkway in Lenexa: fire has consumed the car wash at the BP gas station there.

The call was dispatched to five Lenexa and Shawnee fire companies at 11:16 am Tuesday morning- and responding crews could see the smoke as they left their stations.

The fairly-small 1-story building had "heavy fire" showing to the first arriving fire crew.

As of this post- that fire is under control with heavy damage to the building reported.

There was a report that a crew had been installing new equipment in the car wash- but that has yet to be  absolutely confirmed.

One minor injury was reported- but that person has refused MEDACT-EMS treatment or transport to a medical facility.

Monday, March 04, 2013

Olathe- Edgerton KS to Provide Corporate Welfare

The City of Olathe- Johnson county's seat of government- is also the county's second-largest city with about 125000 residents.

Recently- the city government of Olathe announced two business deals that involve forgiveness of tax dollars and city credit-rating guarantees (corporate welfare).

One of the deals- according to links to the stories in the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL- is a hotel and convention center complex on the southeast part of the K-7/K-10 interchange.

That involves around $20 million of creatively-juggled Olathe tax dollars.

The other handout is a deal with a firm headquartered in a foreign country (okay- so it's Canada).

Taxpayer Door No. 2 is a deal where Olathe floats bonds- then gets into the speculative real estate business of warehouse/office buildings with the Canadian firm "paying rent."

Then you have Edgerton- a small town located in the far southwest corner of JoCo that needs  new streets- curbs and sidewalks in anticipation of rapid growth with the new and nearby Burlington-Northern intermodal.

Edgerton's town officials are about to guarantee bonds and provide other "abatements and incentives" for a business there. "

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Teen Injured in Ruskin Heights Shooting

A 15-year-old male was shot in a leg after a drive-by shooting in Kansas City MO's Ruskin Heights neighborhood early Sunday.

The shooting occurred as the victim was walking at 108th Terrace and Manchester early in the midnight hour Sunday morning.

A second person received slight injuries- but refused EMS treatment or transport.

The teen male's injuries were not considered life-threatening.

Police were seeking a "white- Olds(mobile) Alero containing three black male" suspects in this incident.

Heavy Snow Claims Roof of KC-MO Pawn Shop

The weight of two- 12-inch snowfalls over the past two weeks was too much for the roof of a longtime Kansas City business early Sunday.

Fire- utility and city crews were called to the Golden Nugget pawn shop at 7423 Troost around 4 am Sunday morning on the report of "a gas leak."

When the fire companies arrived- they found that the roof of the business had collapsed.

No one was inside the building when the roof came down- and crews were able to shut off the natural gas leak without incident.

The city's dangerous buildings department were handling the end result of this incident.