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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Multiple People Injured- Killed in Hesston KS Workplace Shooting

It occurred around 5 pm Thursday afternoon near and at the Excel Corporation in Hesston KS..

Hesston is about 40 miles north of Wichita- about 120 miles southwest of Kansas City.

The shooter/suspect reported to be among the dead.

Live TV news coverage HERE.

A KMBC9 Kansas City News reporter has posted a possible suspect's photo (see next image) on Twitter.

VIDEO: E-Cigarette Explodes in Kentucky Man's Pocket

I must say- in my 40+ years of smoking regular 'straights' I never had a cig lighter explode in my pocket.

Tulsa World Story Reveals Republicrat Zeal to Decimate Public Education

Tulsa Public Schools considers four-day school week, eliminating buses to meet next year's budget cuts: Tulsa Public Schools Superintendent Deborah Gist sent employees an email Wednesday evening laying out these and other options as possible cuts to the district's budget next year.

Independence MO Cop Shot - Official IPD Report

Click on the following image to view the IPD report on this incident Wednesday evening:

Wednesday, February 24, 2016

HEADLINE: "Donald Trump: ‘I love the poorly educated’"

Tronald Dump thanks all of his supporters.

Price of Gasoline Shoots-Up in Metro Kansas City

About 10 days ago- prices for gasoline were as low as $1.17 in Blue Springs MO..

Today- those prices have shot up nearly 40-cents per gallon in those same areas- although world oil-barrel prices remain in the $30 dollar range.

Apparently- oil company executives were due a raise or a bonus.

Screw us.....

Teen Gets Suicide by Cop in Blue Springs MO

Blue Springs MO Police shot and killed a 16-year-old male early Wednesday morning.

More peaceful times on Southwest 20th Street from GOOGLE maps.
The incident occurred around 5 am in the 1500 block of S.W. 20th Street when the BSPD responded on a "prowler call-" according to other media reports.

It was in the area of the prowler call that police came upon the suspect/victim- who reportedly displayed a firearm.

Apparently in an untenable position at that moment- the two police officers who responded on this call opened fire- killing the teen.

It was later reported that the victim had himself made the prowler call.

The shooting is being investigated by the Missouri State Highway Patrol.

The dead youth was Robert Keil, a student of Blue Springs South High School..

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Critical- Possibly Grave Injury to an East KC-MO Shooting Victim

The incident is in the 6000 block of East 15th Terrace...

Dispatched by KCPD East zone at 6:11 pm and officers arrive at 6:16 pm reporting a victim indicating critical injuries by gunshot.

KCFD EMS "Medic 531" reports victim "an 18-year-old male with a single gunshot (GSW) to his right upper chest" who was transported to TMC/West in critical condition.

No immediate suspect info available as PD investigation begins.

BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Innercity Shooting

Police are working a shooting at 28th Street and Indiana.

Officers on-scene report a male victim- "shot several times" by a yet-unknown suspect.

EMS transported "a 19-year-old male with 4 to 5 GSW" in serious to critical condition to TMC/West.

Monday, February 22, 2016

BREAKING NEWS: Bus Overturns- Passengers Trapped on I-70 in Blue Springs MO

What is reportedly a not-full-size passenger "tour bus" has been involved in a crash on westbound I-70  just west of Adams Dairy Parkway in Blue Springs MO..

It was reported there were people "trapped" in the wreckage- but the extent and number of injured is yet unknown.

Seven EMS transports to Centerpoint Med Center have been monitored here.

Those patients were "an 18-year-old female-" "a 32-year-old male-" "a 34-year-old" and "a 27-year-old male."

Gender and age info on two other patients was not available.

All of the monitored patient transports' injuries were minor and non life-threatening.

Mutual-aid fire and EMS help was requested by the Central Jackson County (CJC) Fire Protection District- in whose area this accident has occurred.

Only one lane of westbound I-70 is open west of Adams Dairy Parkway in Blue Springs.

UPDATE: Click on image below for the Missouri State Patrol crash report...

Sunday, February 21, 2016

Cushing: The Pipeline Crossroads of the World

Sharing an informative story on America's premier petroleum crossroad- courtesy of The TULSA (OK) WORLD... 

Cushing: The Pipeline Crossroads of the World: Cushing may be home to less than half of a percent of Oklahoma’s total population, but the city with just fewer than 8,000 residents is arguably more important to the energy industry than any other point in North America.