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Saturday, November 10, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, November 10, 2007


*** A male is in critical condition at an area trauma center after being stabbed in the neck early Saturday morning.

Reported as an assault victim at 13th Street and Central Avenue at 12:31am - it took nearly 10 minutes for fire- EMS and police to locate the victim- in the 100 block of North 13th Street.

Crews find the victim had been stabbed in the neck with a steak knife. His condition very critical as he's taken to an area trauma center.

There was no suspect info available nor victim condition update as of this report.


*** The fire was reported shortly before midnight in a structure several miles south of Lawrence and east of U.S. 59 on 1375 Road. This is believed to be the house where NBC41's SkyTracker showed a S.W.A.T.-type operation on newscasts Friday evening.

A working fire- the last units did not leave this scene until around 5:30am Saturday morning. There was no report on the outcome of the SWAT operation or any injuries heard.

A complete report will appear on NBC 41's evening and nightside newscasts.



... A car containing 3 people being chased by KC-MO police crashed into a Northeast business just after 12:10am..

The charges were said to be "speeding" as the car raced east on Independence Avenue- crashing into the front window of Aaron Rents near Brighton.

The driver ran from the scene- a female and male inside the wrecked car did not have life-threatening injuries.



... AMR-EMS reports a male in his early 20's was struck in the head several times with a tire iron in the 600 block of South Cedar around 2:17am Saturday morning.

There was no suspect information available and the victim's condition was serious to critical as he was transported to an area trauma center.



... At 6:25am- all South Metro fire stations were dispatched to a fire "in old Fire Station 3" near 8218 E. 189th Terrace in Pickering Place.

Heavy smoke and fire was reported from the rear of the building at 6:30am- and mutual-aid companies from Belton and West Peculiar FDs responded.

Reports are that a lawn care service with chemicals was now located in the old firehouse- but the fire was brought under control without incident as of 7am.

No injuries had been reported- and there was no other information available as of this report.


<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

Variably-cloudy skies- light winds and slightly-above average temperatures prevailed across the Kansas City MetroRegion overnight. Temperatures ranged from the upper 30's to lower 40's..

Indian summer-like weather will prevail today and Sunday with a chance of some showers in the area Sunday morning.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Friday, November 09, 2007

Beware Of Unmarked Independence-MO Police Escorts

William Rockhill Nelson- like yours truly a dead person mysteriously reappearing on an Internet blog- points out a long-term problem involving Independence police and uncooperative citizens in motorized vehicles.

As regular readers of this dissonant gathering of thoughts can attest- my work involves providing to certified members of our cherished Free Press information from the American citizen's public safety agencies regarding the up-to-the-second status of the citizen's security.

Lots goes on in the MetroRegion that's either later or never reported.

I don't know if any definative study has been made- but Independence PD has got to far and away be the leader in vehicle pursuits and I am DAMNED surprised their asses haven't been sued bankrupt.

I've heard chases of suspects for things like shoplifting. One I heard on that very charge resulted in a fatality accident in east KC-MO back in the 1990's. I've heard dozens of pursuits by IPD through or into KC-MO since 1991.

The latest fatality was a young Independence fellow- struck by a vehicle attempting to elude the IPD.

Well Indy- you got your suspects again and again I ask but at what price?

KC-MO City Council Repeals Voter-Approved Light Rail Plan

Kansas City- MO's City Council voted Thursday to repeal the voter-approved light rail plan that had been submitted by Clay Chastain.

The Council trashed the plan and Kansas City voters' wishes without ANY alternative light rail plan tendered.

We can railroad the citizens to vote for niceties for the corporate pro sports teams and new arenas- two things with little to no benefit to middle and lower-income voters- yet give little attention to public transit.

This really pisses me off- damn good thing the council didn't pull this stunt the week BEFORE the sales tax extension vote!

Until the city council rectifies this political gaffe- all of my sales tax will be collected in Raytown and I'll be humming some re-done song lyrics: "Little is up to date in Kansas City...."

Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Critic Of Lethal Injection-Mode Death Hangs Herself

A sad and ironic ending for nationally-known defense attorney Lisa McCalmont- outspoken critic of death penalties administered via lethal injection- according to the Associated Press.

Ms. McCalmont was found hanged in her Norman-OK home last week with no suicide note.

Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Show Your Pride For America And Please Vote Today

Many locations are having elections today- here in Kansas City two issues are being decided: an extension of the 1-cent sales tax and secession of the Independence-MO schools in the KC-MO School District from this district.

We here on the south side are only allowed to vote on the sales tax extension- which this family has voted to extend.

On the school issue- I would also vote to allow those schools to leave- but we're not in the KCMOSD.

Regardless- please exercise your right as an American and vote today!


News From The Mayor's Office: Priorities In Progress

Nov. 6, 2007
Mayor Mark Funkhouser

Thank you to subscribing to my monthly e-newsletter. I am pleased to share how we're progressing on efforts to improve the city.
The first quarterly analysis of the city budget indicated that the city has an $18 million gap between projected revenues and expenses. In other words, we expect to come up short by a lot of money. If things don't rebound, this is going to make this upcoming budget discussion very interesting. Nevertheless, I intend to work with Budget Officer Troy Schulte, Councilmember Deb Hermann and her fellow members of the Finance and Audit Committee on including as much public input as possible in this year's budget discussion. Schulte will be introducing a resolution this Thursday that'll set that process in motion and make it so the public's input is heeded.

On a positive note, the Council passed a debt policy for the City, something a lot of people would be surprised to know we haven't had before. City staff have worked for a debt policy for a number of years, and I'm glad we finally got it done. Along with the economic development and incentive policy passed in September, I think the city is on track to be much smarter with its money.

In October, I created a new committee of the City Council in hopes of paying closer attention to the goings on in Jefferson City and Washington, D.C. The Legislative Committee is being chaired by Councilmember John Sharp, who along with the other members of the committee, brings a lot of experience as a former state representative. I know they will help this city stay on top of its legislative and lobbying efforts.

It was not easy, but the Council found a compromise on the process for selecting municipal judges. We also took an important step in our negotiations with City Manager Wayne Cauthen by voting to terminate his contract if we can’t agree to a new contract by the end of November. This was a dramatic move, but it was required if we are to have a contract that is in line with the priorities of this Council. None of these votes are easy, but the Council is working very well together lately. We all campaigned on the same issues, and the shared vision we agreed to during our strategic planning session in August showed me how much we have in common.

I am confident the city's voters will renew the one-cent sales tax for capital improvements. The need for the tax renewal is acute as we continue to repair our city's crumbling streets and sidewalks. The campaign on its behalf has been well organized. It has been fun to see the orange ink from my campaign bleed over into the sales tax renewal campaign literature and television spots.

October saw the beginning of the focus groups the city is hosting as it works on a Long-Term Solid Waste Strategic Management Plan. Generally, the plan will determine how we collect and get rid of the city's trash in the future. But more specifically, I expect the plan to include ways to curb illegal dumping, encourage recycling and keep our neighborhoods cleaner.

The Sprint Center continues to draw crowds of new visitors to downtown Kansas City. So far, we've had no significant traffic or parking problems, and people seem to be having a safe and wonderful time.

The Police Department approved a new strategic plan that includes outcomes connected to citizen satisfaction. In other words it is going to try to measure how people feel about their police department, rather than just how many officers we have or how many traffic stops we make.

In October, I had breakfast and a press conference at Union Station with six Platte County mayors, who had written a letter in support of a regional approach to light rail. It was a wonderful letter that showed these six officials see transit as I do – as something we need to consider as a metropolitan area. Also last month, the Kansas City Star came out with its own plan for light rail, and I participated in a special project hosted by KCPT on the subject of regional light rail.

On Monday, the city welcomed its 11 newest employees when high school students from Kansas City's Cristo Rey High School had their first day of work for the city. The school is in its second year and relies on a unique work study program through which the students pay for their private schooling by working real jobs five days a month. I was pleased with how much city Human Resources Director Gary O'Bannon and his department did to work out an agreement. I think both the city and the students will benefit from the connection. Watch the news conference online.

Housing/ Sewers / Citizen Satisfaction
In housing, low income housing tax credits have a new process. The Water Services Department is working on a cost of service analysis that is going to have a real bearing on how the city pays for the needed repairs to its sewer and storm drainage system. And the city auditor continues to collect data on his citizen satisfaction survey.
Please check my official weblog at for daily updates on the work of my office. If you've been forwarded this update or know someone who might be interested in subscribing, please sign up for "News from the Mayor's Office."


Mayor Mark Funkhouser

Sunday, November 04, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, November 04, 2007


*** One male died after being shot and ejected from the vehicle he was driving when it crashed.

It was 1:44 Central Daylight Time when the call came in for a shooting on North Mill near Central Avenue in KC-KS.. A suspect was also reported running from the area.

Police arrive and find an overturned vehicle and the victim. As fire and paramedic crews swarm over the injured man- police put out the suspect description of only "a Hispanic male wearing a black T-shirt and black pants and armed with a semi-automatic handgun."

The victim is rushed to the nearest trauma medical center where he dies.

Police were also interviewing at least several witnesses.


*** Now it's 1:44am Central Standard Time (clocks went back) and a shooting is reported at a honky-tonk in Larryville.

The report is of a large disturbance- with a male shot in a leg- at 913 North 2nd Street at a place called "All-Stars."

The report is true- that male who should fully-recover was taken to a KC-area trauma center and the disturbance was quelled with unknown arrests.



... The alarm came in at 5:40am to both Raytown fire stations on a reported fire in a building at the Raytown Place apartments in the 7700 block of Raytown Road..

The first arriving fire truck at 5:44am says they see fire showing from the eaves of the 3-story building and they soon advance a hoseline. Shortly- the building is ordered evacuated.

RFD crews make quick order of this incident and the fire is soon under control with minimal damage and no injuries. A fire investigator is working the scene..

<><><> OVERNIGHT WEATHER <><> <>

Another stellar mid-fall morning weather-wise across the entire 6-state area of Kansas- Missouri- Nebraska- Iowa- Oklahoma and Arkansas.

Temperatures ranged to as low as freezing in scattered valley areas west and north portions of the Kansas City MetroRegion- to around 40 degrees in urban areas. Winds were light from the west and southwest.

Warmer and windier today- highs in the lower-70's- as a Canadian cold front marches on the area on Monday.

No precipitation will accompany the coldest air yet of this autumn- temperatures plunging into the 20's Tuesday and Wednesday mornings.

Precipitation is possible in a looming storm system for late this upcoming week and/or early weekend.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Thanks (Not) Cargill For More Than 1 Million Pounds Of Tainted Hamburger

There are no reports of all this wasted meat in Kansas or Missouri- but if you live in Maine- Connecticut- Maine- Maryland- Massachusetts- Michigan- New Jersey- New York- Ohio- Pennsylvania or Virginia- and you shopped at stores such as Giant- Shop Rite- Stop & Shop- Wegmans or Weis'- you may well have bought the tainted ground beef- according to the AP.

When Johnny Comes Marching Home - Return From Iraq

Okay- I said no more blogs on Iraq. HaHa.

Seriously- this is about those military people returning home- finally- from Bush's Folly.
Blogger Blue Girl- Red State has a very telling story- titled "Welcome Home"- about the return of the Army's 10th Mountain Division.

Kelsey And Fernando: Young Love 2007 Style

Kelsey Peterson was a 25-year-old sixth-grade math teacher and basketball coach at Lexington- Nebraska Middle School.

Thirteen year-old Fernando Rodriguez was a student at that school.

Any person can tell you that's a recipe for love ... anybody with loose screws that is.

The two fled the Nebraska plains to Mexico after word was out that this early January to late April romance had been consummated.

Kelsey had "planned a romantic life with (Fernando) in his native Mexico" says the Associated Press article.

In case you don't want to be bothered reading that- Kelsey's in custody of the FBI. Fernando was not taken back to Lexington- but turned over to relatives in Mexico.

Young Rodriguez was an illegal immigrant you see- he won't be allowed to return to his family in Nebraska anytime soon.