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Saturday, March 28, 2009

The BIG Snowgasm

Just my humble opinion a little after 3am Saturday morn- but I think this storm will mostly be a "our special early-edition news(storm)cast/live at a state highway maintenance facility" bust.


Friday, March 27, 2009

Some Red River of The North- Fargo-ND- Flood Photos

The stage on the Red River at Fargo-ND stands at over 40.6 feet- more than a foot higher than the record flood crest of 1897.

So far the levees are holding- but a forecasted flood crest at Fargo of 43 feet has city officials worried. Some evacuations have already been carried out.

Here is a link for live streaming of Fargo radio station WDAY-AM 970.

Besides Fargo- the entire length of the Red River will expeience major to record flooding. The southern Canadian city of Winnepeg will be on the receiving end of all this water.

Here are some flood photos- courtesy of FEMA:


K.C. Metro-MetroRegion WEATHER: Winter Storm Warning In Effect

There has already been reports of sleet and freezing rain in north and northwest parts of Metro Kansas City within the past hour- as the entire MetroRegion is under a NWS-issued "Winter Storm Warning" through Saturday.

As much as a foot of snow could fall in or very close to Metro K.C. by the time the storm ends Saturday afternoon.

In addition to the snow- strong north to northeast winds will blow and drift the snowfall- and visibilities on roadways could drop to near zero in heavy snow bands.

There could well be "thundersnow" as well- thunderstorms dropping heavy snow.

Here are the latest satellite and weather radar images for the MetroRegion and the Central States.

This is a developing- potentially life-threatening situation. Updates- photos- videos and other information here on CSW....


Thursday, March 26, 2009

K.C. Metro-MetroRegion BREAKING WEATHER: Winter Storm Watch Friday-Saturday

The National Weather Service (NWS) in Pleasant Hill has issued a Winter Storm Watch- effective Friday evening into Saturday- that will include all of Metro Kansas City and all points north- west and south in the MetroRegion.

The NWS is forecasting a wintry mix of sleet and freezing rain that will be turning to all snow by late Friday night.

Snow- up to 8-inches presently forecasted- will fall most of at least the first half of Saturday.

Here is the latest visible satellite photo and weather radar image for the Central States and the K.C. MetroRegion.

NOTE: A complaint has been filed with Mother Nature Inc. for her out-of-season behavior.


Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Fargo-Bismarck-ND Warily Watches Flooding Rivers

The levees in Fargo stand at 40 feet. A forecasted flood crest for Friday evening in Fargo is 39-41 feet.

Thousands of people from in and around that southeastern North Dakota city are helping fill sandbags to raise the levee's height to 42 feet in an attempt to save much of that city of around 100000.

Here is the URL of a live flood camera in Fargo- this view looking west from the neighboring city of Moorhead-MN..

Flooding from an ice-jammed Missouri River also threatens the North Dakota town of Bismarck.

For the first time since it was built in the 1950's- the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers have closed all outlets to the Garrison Dam- trying to lower the water level in downstream Bismarck.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Status of Bannister Mall Demolition- March 2009

What used to be south Kansas City's retail destination- Bannister Mall- is slowly disappearing from north to south.

As you can see by these images from Tuesday afternoon- the old Jones Store building is gone- with the Mall being taken apart from the north to south ends.

Lane4 Group- the developer of the site for the new K.C. Wizards soccer stadium- says in about 2 weeks- the public will be allowed to photograph a concrete slab containing children's foot & hand prints done when the Mall was in it's finishing stages in 1980.

That will be at 2pm on April 4.

New photographic status of the Mall's destruction next month....

Monday, March 23, 2009

K.C. MetroRegion BREAKING WEATHER: New Tornado Watch No. 57 Until 1am- KS

new Tornado Watch- Number 57- includes much of Eastern Kansas except the far eastern tier of counties.

Lawrence- Oskaloosa- Ottawa- Garnett- Emporia and Topeka are some Kansas cities in TW-57 until 1am Wednesday morning.

TW-57 DOES NOT include Metro Kansas City.

In addition- a flood watch is in effect until Wednesday for much of western Missouri and extreme eastern Kansas- including Metro K.C..

Here is a current weather radar view:


K.C. MetroRegion WEATHER UPDATE No. 1

At this report- there are no severe weather warnings in the Kansas City MetroRegion.

Here are the latest visible satellite and weather radar images.


K.C. MetroRegion BREAKING WEATHER: Tornado Watch No. 55- MO-IA-NE

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has issued Tornado Watch Number 55 that will include Atchison- Holt and Nodaway counties MO in the extreme north-northwestern portion of the Kansas City MetroRegion.

TW No. 55 will be in effect until 10pm this Tuesday evening.

This watch DOES NOT include St. Jospeh or Metro Kansas City.

Here are the latest visible satellite and weather radar images (click-on for full size).

Metro K.C. BREAKING NEWS: House Burning In Lee's Summit-MO

ee's Summit firefighters- in a "first-alarm" response of about 7 fire companies- is battling a wind-whipped fire in a lived-in house in the 1500 block of Northeast Misty Lane.

The alarm was first sounded at 3:34pm then was quickly upgraded. The first fire company arrived at 3:39pm reporting "heavy smoke showing."

By 3:45pm- a LS-MO police officer says "the house's fully-engulfed" in flames.

LS-MO FD-EMS looked over who they reported as "the owner of the house"- but any medical care was refused.


K.C. MetroRegion-Central States WEATHER UPDATE: Severe Storm Chances Continue

I'm watching the satellite- radar and other weather sources at this hour and things are beginning to light up.

Thunderstorms have developed in a scattered- super-cellular-fashion from northern Oklahoma into south-central Kansas. More organized storms stretch from northern Kansas- across Nebraska into southeastern South Dakota.

Tornado watches are now in effect from northern Oklahoma into southern South Dakota. As yet- none of the Kansas City MetroRegion is included- but cities such as Emporia and Manhattan-KS are included (TW-54).

This is an intense storm system with dynamic wind fields- as you might guess getting blown around this afternoon. Development of thunderstorms will be fairly swift- as will their movement be as well.

Current indications are that a line of severe thunderstorms will congeal in Kansas and move into the Metro Kansas City area after dark. Meto K.C. should be under some form of weather watch by that time too.

Alaska's Mount Redoubt Has Erupted

The alert level had been lowered to "YELLOW" last week- then Mount Redoubt erupts- 5 times too..

The volcano is about 100 miles southwest of Anchorage- and a number of airline flights in and out of Alaska's largest city have been cancelled.


ll North Kansas City-MO fire companies are battling a fire in the 1600 block of Orleans Circle at the Sunny Hills apartment complex.

This complex is on the northwest intersection of I-35 and Armour Road in "Northtown."

The fire was reported shortly after 9am- and fire was reported showing when the first fire company arrived.

KC-MO Fire has sent 3 fire companies to assist- the fire is not under control at this point and was spreading into the wooded area just north of the complex.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

K.C. MetroRegion-Central States WEATHER: Big Storm System For Early Week

A strong low pressure system that will move across Nebraska over the next few days will produce weather ranging from possibly strong and damaging tornadoes to blizzard conditions.

This storm will produce a lot of precipitation as well.

The NWS-Storm Prediction Center has now outlooked southwestern portions of the Kansas City MetroRegion in a "moderate risk" are for possible severe thunderstorms and tornadoes fro later Monday through early Tuesday.

This would affect Metro K.C. Monday night overnight into Tuesday morning.

If your planning travel to or through western Nebraska Monday- you may have to contend with blizzard conditions west of North Platte.

Winds will be strong throughout the central and western parts of the Central States as well- east-west travel by high-profile vehicles won't be fun.

CSW is planning a possible storm spotting position near Emporia late Monday afternoon and we'll be here if and when severe storms threaten Metro Kansas City late Monday night and early Tuesday.

Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News Report - Sunday - March 22, 2009

** Man Shot In East Side KC-MO **

*** Around ten minutes until 5am Saturday morning- a gunshot victim was reported at a motel in the 6000 block of East 31st Street.

Police arrived about 5 minutes later to find the victim- "a 20-year-old male"- shot twice.
The victim claimed it was a street robbery- and that the black male suspect with braided (dreds) hair and a black coat walked west on 31st Street.

MAST-EMS took the victim to a city trauma center in at least serious condition.


** KC-MO Woman Pedestrian Lucky To Be Alive **

*** A woman reportedly in her early-40's was intoxicated- but otherwise "had no obvious injuries" after "walking into the side of a semi-truck that was moving at (freeway) speed" around 5:50am Sunday morning.

The incident happened on westbound I-70 near the beginning of the ramp to northbound I-435 just west of the Stadium Drive overpass. Parts of the roadway was closed for an investigation until a short time ago.. .


** House Damaged By Fire In KC-MO Northland **

... Five KC-MO fire companies - at least 20 firefighters- battled a house fire in the 400 block of Northwest 81st Street just after 6:30am Sunday.

The occupancy status of the structure is not yet known- but no one was found inside and there were no firefighter injuries.

Cause is under investigation.


** Awaiting Crash Results From Henry County-MO **

... At 4:45am Sunday- Henry County-MO sheriff reported a vehicle wreck "car submerged- the north side of Montrose Lake by the campgrounds" west of Clinton.
Nothing further on the result of this tip yet.

Other wrecks overnight- no fatalities nor critical injuries:

12:03am- KC-KS - 2-vehicles- 10th Street & Kansas Avenue- male with serious injuries.

12:30am- Grain Valley-MO- 1-vehicle- U.S. 40 & Barr- 2 non-major injuries.

1:10 am- KC-MO - 2-vehicle- 20th Street & Grand - 2 non life-threatening (NLT) injuries.

2:07am- KC-KS- 1-vehicle- Northbound I-635 ramp to eastbound I-70- male- (NLT) injuries.

2:37am- Johnson County-MO- 1-vehicle- Missouri(M)-58 east of Highway O." 25-year-old female driver flown to a KC hospital- injuries (NLT).

3:15am- North KC-MO- 1-vehicle- North Oak at M-9. One (NLT) injury.

6:39am- KC-MO- 1-vehicle- 5900 block of Noland Road." Male driver "fell asleep and drove off the road." Injuries (NLT).



Temperatures remained just below average highs in the middle-50's overnight while some scattered showers developed north and northeast of Metro KC-MO. Winds were south to southeasterly around 10 MPH..

A wet week is in store with some possible severe thunderstorms in the Kansas City MetroRegion Monday afternoon through Tuesday morning.

General rainfalls of one to three inches are possible by Thursday over much of the MetroRegion.
Even more precipitation possible next weekend.

A seasonally-strong low pressure storm system with it's fronts will move slowly across Nebraska toward Minnesota by Wednesday.

A second storm system is expected to develop by next weekend in Oklahoma.

Temperatures will remain seasonally cool- at or to 10 degrees below average.


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.