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Friday, December 09, 2016

Kansas City MO Murder Total Tops 120 So Far in 2016

December 2016 isn't yet half over- but the homicide count continues to increase...

Friday afternoon- a man was reportedly shot dead in the 8100 block of Troost in south-central around 1:30 pm..

Police report having a suspect in custody- and the killing reportedly was the result of a family dispute.

The last year Kansas City murders reached the 120 mark was in 2008 at 126 killings..

BREAKING: Apartment Building Fire in Kansas City MO's North End

At 3:38 am Thursday morning- 3 pumpers- a rescue squad and ladder company with EMS were dispatched to "an apartment" building fire in the 1100 block of East Missouri Avenue (see GOOGLE image below).

This is in KC's famous North End- home to many original Italian immigrants more than 100 years ago.

One company from Station 10 reported seeing flames "from (Independence Ave.) and Paseo" while enroute at 3:40 am..

When companies pull-up less than two minutes later- fire is shooting through the roof and- at 3:46 am- fire crews are pulled from their interior attack.

As of 4:35 am- no victims have been reported or found and no injuries reported.

Firefighters only able to do a cursory search of the 1st-floor as the firefight continued.

Temperatures are in the middle-teens with light northwest wind..

There had been a minor electrical fire at this address Thursday evening.

Wednesday, December 07, 2016

Kansas City's First Snow of Winter 2016-17

Most areas have seen one-half inch or less- but many roadways are wet and with temperatures just below freezing- you KNOW what that means.

Here's what it looked like minutes ago on the lawn of WDAF FOX-4 at 31st Street and Southwest Trafficway ....

Tuesday, December 06, 2016

BREAKING: Homicide on Kansas City's East Side

Shortly after 8 pm Tuesday night- East Zone Kansas City MO Police got the call of a shooting at the Bluebird Motel at 8920 East U.S. 40 highway.

At 8:08 pm- Fire and EMS are also enroute.

By 8:16 pm- an officer on the shooting scene reports one "confirmed" dead.

Reported suspect info was only "a black male in a black vest- left on foot westbound."

No other info available on this breaking news.


Annual Corporate News Media Fake News Coming

At least one if not all of your 'network' news stations will air fake news in about two and a-half weeks.

Guaranteed.  Perhaps with the US Government involved.

It's known as those Christmas Eve 'Santa sightings-'  for years "tracked" by NORAD (the North American Defense Command).

Your local news station will replace a fluff- celebrity and/or Internet pop-culture story or two with more hard-hitting news of a fictional character being transported in a fictional conveyance to your doorstep (or rooftop if you will- if you won't...forget it ;) ).

Why worry about "fake news" on the Internet when commercial TV has been providing such for years? 

BREAKING: House Fire With Victim in East Kansas City MO

At least seven fire companies from Kansas City and Raytown MO were called to a "house fire" in the 4600 block of Norwood Court at 8:35 am Tuesday morning.

Units from KCFD Station 39- located about 6 blocks from the address- reported a fire in the attic of the structure after they arrived minutes later.

At 8:44 am- a victim is reportedly found inside and a 2nd EMS/ambulance is ordered.

At 9:09 am- KCFD EMS "Medic-521" transported this victim- "an approximately 50-year-old male-" non-emergency and in what sounds good condition to a hospital.

The fire itself was declared "under control" at 8:56 am.

Cause and damage determinations pending.