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Saturday, August 13, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Three Injured in KC-MO Plaza Shooting

Just after 11 p.m. Saturday night- KC-MO Police on-patrol in the Country Club Plaza area reported "shots fired in the area of 47th" Street "and Wyandotte."

Police- fire department and EMS units pour into the area over the next 20 minutes as three injured victims are located around the intersections of 47th Street- Wyandotte to Central.

The first victim- a teenage male- is located "in front of the Cheesecake Factory-" reportedly "shot in the leg."

A 2nd victim is located minutes later "about 100 feet east" of the first victim- this person- a "16-year-old female- grazed" by a bullet.

The 3rd victim- a 13-year-old male "shot in an ankle-" is located nearby at 11:18 p.m..

KC-MO Mayor Sylvester James was near where the shots were fired- and he was reportedly pushed to the ground by his bodyguard.

Community activist and former police officer/councilman and mayorial candidate Alvin Brooks was also in the mayor's entourage- and Mr. Brooks also hit the ground when the shots were fired.

Neither Mayor James or Mr. Brooks were injured.

Preliminary suspect information was "3 black males" with no vehicle information.

It wasn't clear if there are any further victims who may have left the scene.

Republicrat Candidates Focusing on Morality- Not Economic Issues

Talk about a political party COMPLETELY out of touch- Republicrat presidential candidates are tomenting Iowa and talking about morality issues- NOT the economic issues that concern most Americans.

Republicrat Michelle Bachmann "says her campaign will focus on her opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage-" according to this blurb from the ASSOCIATED PRESS.

Gee- I wasn't aware that those 2 items were causing the economic upheaval in the UCSA (United Corporate States of America) and it's just like Republicrats to want to stand guard in America's bedrooms and NOT address REAL issues.

CSW BREAKING: Tanker-Truck Fire Has U.S. 71 Closed in South KC-MO

A tanker truck caught fire on northbound U.S. 71 south of 75th Street around 2:15 a.m. Saturday morning- shutting the highway down to traffic.

The "8000-gallon" tanker was reportedly nearly empty of diesel fuel in it's rear delivery compartment- and the rear of the trailer was heavily-involved in flames when the first fire crews arrived at 2:24 a.m..

The front compartment of the tanker-trailer had held gasoline- according to the truck's driver who was not hurt.

Additional fire companies- Haz-Mat-71 and a fire department "foam tanker" also responded to this scene.

A fire pumper's turret (deck gun) was initially used on the fire which did get into the tanker-trailer's fuel compartment.

That company was moved after knocking most of the fire down- and water supply was brought to a ladder truck for a safer-to-position aerial stream.

The fire was reported out at 2:49 a.m. with no explosion and no injuries.

Both directions of U.S. 71 between 75th and 85th Streets were closed to traffic.

Southbound re-opened around 3:20 a.m. and northbound opened again around 4:35 a.m..

CSW BREAKING: Suspect Critically-Injured During KC-MO Police Chase

A crash reportedly happened during a police pursuit in the 3800 block of Cleveland Avenue around 12:30 a.m. Saturday morning.

The vehicle being pursued "in regard to a shooting" at an unknown location reportedly struck another vehicle on Cleveland "head-on."

The suspect/driver- "an approximately 20 to 25-year-old male" was transported to a KC-MO medical trauma center in critical condition.

The driver of the 2nd vehicle- a male in his 20's- was taken to another hospital with a possible broken leg.

Police report pending....

CSW BREAKING: Critical-Injury Motorcycle Crash in Douglas County KS

A mid to late 30's male motorcycle driver/rider is in critical condition at a Kansas City medical trauma center after his cycle left the roadway on U.S. 59 south of Lawrence.

The crash occurred late Friday night a few minutes before 11 p.m. at the 157-mile post on U.S. 59.

First responders ordered a medical helicopter for the victim- and it was "Lifestar" who flew the patient to K.C..

An official accident report is pending....

Friday, August 12, 2011

K.C. STAR: Firefighter Loses It At Duty Station

There were odd goings-on in fire stations when I was on the job- but I never witnessed quite the following...

Christine Vendel of the KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR reports on a police blotter item from Wednesday morning on Red Bridge Road east of Holmes at Fire Station 28.

It seems a firefighter- apparently a fire apparatus operator (FAO)- came to work his 24 hour shift that morning and found a fire apparatus low on fuel.

Seems that was the straw that broke the "47-year-old" male- as he reportedly first went-off on another firefighter going off-duty- nearly got into blows- left- then returned with a gun.

The POed FAO threatened and waved the gun around and "towards" the 4 others in the kitchen/watchroom- and in a short time left without firing a shot.

Ms. Vendel says fire union members went to the man's house afterwards- and "escorted him to a psychiatric hospital."

It was also reported that none of the threatened/assaulted firefighters pressed charges against the 47-year-old firefighter. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Kansas City Radio: Rock- Both Secular and Christian- Among Most Listened To Stations

The latest ratings (July 2011) for Metro Kansas City radio stations covering listeners of all ages are out- and leading the way is classic rocker KCFX-101.1 FM known as "101 The Fox."

The top (roughly) 25 radio stations are listed on the graphic shown here (always click on images shown on CSW for full size rendering).

Interestingly- all but one of the remaining Top 10 stations in the Number 32-size Kansas City market (DMA) play rock and other secular music.

That exception is "K-Love" KLRX-97.3 FM which features Christian contemporary music who came out No. 8.

Their listener-share increased 0.5 from the June rating period.

Two other local stations playing basically a like Christian-based format made the Top 25 listened-to radio stations- Liberty MO's KWJC 91.9 "Air1" and far south Kansas City Calvary College's KLJC-88.5 FM.

CSW WEATHER: Severe Storms Possible For Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City Friday

I think I can speak for 99.9% of us that it's a GOOD thing the recent spell of intensley hot and humid weather has been broken.

Except for the severe storms last Sunday afternoon- we have also been spared in that regard- but we still could use some beneficial rainfall.

Both are possible Friday- according to our friends at the NWS' Storm Predication Center (SPC) in Norman Oklahoma.

All of Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- as well as a large part of our Central States are outlooked for possible severe thunderstorms (tstms) Friday in the period from 7 am CDT until 7 am CDT Saturday.

The primary severe threat is forecast to be strong to severe straight-line winds on leading edges of any tstm lines that may develop.

There is also the outside chance of some tornadoes developing in the bows of any severe tstsm lines- as the highest chance of severe tstms are forecast to exist across eastern Kansas into western Missouri- including Metro K.C..

Today's severe risk area according to the SPC is in the extreme west and northwestern MetroRegion- and that could include areas in and around Emporia and Topeka KS into the extreme northwestern tip of MO..

Please stay alert to these possible developments tomorrow (Friday)....

Topeka's Gasoline Prices Cheaper Than Kansas City (Quik Trip?)

A longtime friend of mine moves cars around the MetroRegion for a national car rental chain- and reported to me last night that Topeka's gas prices were $3.25 per gallon- 15 to 25 cents CHEAPER than any in Metro Kansas City!

You can see by yourself by a screen-cap of the 'Gas Buddy' map found down the right column of this blog.

The friend named Quik Trip's many K.C. area stores as the culprit in "price fixing-" though I'm not so certain.

At any rate- considering Kansas' higher fuel taxes- there is SOMETHING going on causing the price-gouge for Metro Kansas City motorists.... 

Missouri River Flood of 2011- Latest Upper Missouri Reservoir Readings - August 11

The following are the latest reservoir readings on the upper Missouri River- taken on Thursday morning- August 11.

NOTE: This presentation is being posted once a week until September 1.

The key to the project parameters listed can be found on this previous CSW post on daily USACE project readings.

There are also three-week predictions made by USACE on inflows and discharges for each dam/reservoir in the Pick-Sloan system found HERE.

Also- the National Weather Service's US 5-Day precipitation outlook and forecasted rainfall amounts.

America's Politicians: READ THIS POLL!

When it comes to polling people- you can probably manipulate the questions to fit the responses you want.

However in these days of wonky debt deals and uncertain economic times- few Americans can be so manipulated in their true feelings of how our so-called 'elected' officials have acted and responded to Americans' concerns.

From city council chambers to the Congress and the White House the message is clear:

Americans are tired of the political bullcrap.

In one recent poll's results published by The ASSOCIATED PRESS- the following IS established and the nation's pollys had better take heed:

  • By 69-28 (percent), voters support raising taxes on people with annual incomes of more than $250,000.


  • By 62-32 they support eliminating subsidies to oil and gas companies.


  • By 84-14 they oppose cuts in Medicare or Social Security.


  • By 50-46, they support cutting defense spending.


  • By 73-23 they oppose cutting Medicaid and entitlements.


It's time for ALL the 'Mickey Mouse' politicians in America to turn their ears on- or be thrown out of office by same.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

CSW Joke of The Day - Wednesday - August 10

Dad buys a LIE DETECTOR ROBOT which slaps people when they lie.

He decides to test it at dinner.

"Son, where were you today?"

The son says "at school dad."

Robot slaps the son!

"Ok, I watched a dvd at my friends house!"

"What dvd?"

"Toy Story."

Robot slaps the son again!

"Ok, it was a porno" cries the son.

Dad yells "What! When I was your age I didn't know what porn was!"

Robot then slaps the dad!

Mom laughs "HaHaHa!

He's certainly YOUR son."

Robot then slaps the mom!!!!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Dangers of Instant Social Media in Flash Mobs

Incidents in Kansas City MO's Country Club Plaza the past year or so were fueled- at least in part- by so-called "flash mobs" or youths using instant social media like Twitter and Facebook to meet at a certain time at a certain location.

In an ASSOCIATED PRESS story via The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR- a number of incidents nationwide and across the world- an increasing number devoted to lawlessness- have been attributed to the instant crowds that make up the flash mobs- including the on-going riots in England.

England Rioting Spreads- Could America Be Next?

This story seems to be greatly downplayed in the American news media (surprise- surprise) regarding continued rioting in England's major cities.

A 3rd night of riots are reported in Metropolitan London- and the chaos has spread to at least 2 other of the Isle's major cities- Birmingham and Manchester- according to London's DAILY MAIL Online.

The initial London rioting began last Saturday night after police shot and killed a youth who was a suspected drug dealer.

The young man reportedly had pointed a firearm at police before he was shot.

A peaceful protest at the local police station quickly turned violent and spread throughout an impoverished area of North London.

Emotions are high in England- where unemployment is even worse than it is here in America.

In addition- the British government has slashed budgets for police and other social services- yet the country can afford to host next year's Olympics.

It's only a matter of time this sort of thing happens in America- where governments are increasing costs and taxes on middle and lower-income people and short-sighted politicians decrease dollars for social services.

CSW BREAKING: Utility Worker Critically Injured in KC-MO North

A utility worker has suffered critical injuries after being electrocuted and falling "more than 25 feet from a tree" according to EMS in KC-MO North.

The incident was reported to emergency services at 11:13 a.m. at 4457 North Bellfountaine.

The "27-year-old male" was transported emergency to a Northland medical trauma center- and had to have CPR performed on him by first responders.

Monday, August 08, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Dow Jones Closes Down More Than 600 Points- Oil Down To Nearly $80 Per Barrel

The Dow has just closed at 3 pm CDT- down nearly 635 points.

The price of a barrel of oil is down around $6.60 today to around $80.30.

"American" Oil Companies Continue Pump Price-Gouging as Oil Barrel Prices Plunge

When the barrel price of oil increases a couple of dollars- you can count on oil companies raising the pump-price of gasoline 15-cents or more.

Funny isn't it that the reverse doesn't happen...

As of this post on Monday- August 8- the price of a barrel of oil stands at around $83.50- down more than $15 per barrel in the past 10 days or so.

Yet- Metro Kansas City gasoline prices have barely moved- only down as low as $3.46 in favored areas on the Missouri side.

Stand for this crap and fill 'er up folks- or park it in protest until the oil companies respond....

Video Recording of Police Wrong-Doing Can Get YOU Arrested

While the World Trade Center burned on September 11- 2001- I commented to those watching the horror with me: "I wonder how many freedoms this (the terrorist attack) will cost us?"

It wasn't long afterwards when I had the answer in the form of the so-called "PATRIOT" Acts One and Two.

This morning- I came upon a commentary by columnist Leonard Pitts via The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE titled "Why do police object to cameras?"

In his column- Pitts tells us of people who have been threatened and actually assaulted by the police when taking videos of police actions on public streets- even from private property.

Incredibly- Mr. Pitts also tells us that there are 3 states (he doesn't name them unfortunately) that actually have laws that makes YOU the criminal if you video police actions.

This is America???

I have experienced this incredibly unconstitutional behavior by police first-hand.

It was in September of 1990 in Raytown MO- when a terrible head-on crash happened in front of a brothers' house in the 7300 block of Blue Ridge.

Another brother who was visiting from California- the brother who lived there and myself rushed out and rendered aid.

One driver had died and the other driver- intoxicated and pinned in her car- was badly injured.

We tended to the badly-injured driver using my EMT training until emergency help arrived.

I assisted the lone Raytown fire truck driver- pulling a reel line from the truck and assisted the medical helicopter's landing in the middle of Blue Ridge.

After all of that- and all the victims had been removed and taken away- I went and got my 35mm camera gear and stood in the front yard of my brother's house to take some photos of the scene.

It was then I heard a female Raytown cop screaming at me- I was NOT allowed to photograph the crash scene from private property or I would be arrested!

The half-dozen residents who had come out to witness the incident looked at the Raytown cop in amazement (not to mention the obvious look of shock on MY face!).

I told her that I had assisted in working the scene- and that I was taking the photos from PRIVATE PROPERTY- but that did not matter to the female officer.

She practically got in my face and repeated it loudly- I WOULD BE ARRESTED.

I ended up taking a few photos from my brother's back deck anyway- talking loudly that I was doing so- but the female cop didn't pursue the matter any further.

A lawyer later told me I should have continued trying to take the photos from my brother's front yard and got arrested.

Unemployed at the time- the cash I would have received from suing the Raytown Police would have probably set me up for the rest of my life.

You can bet that if something like this ever happens again- I WILL stand my ground (rights).

Sunday, August 07, 2011

CSW WEATHER: New Storms Forming to West of K.C. May Prompt New Severe Weather Watch

Thunderstorms have increased in coverage and intensity generally along I-70 in central and eastern Kansas- and the Storm Prediction Center may well issue a new severe storm watch for eastern Kansas and Metro Kansas City within the next hour or so.

Many living in parts of Leavenworth and Wyandotte counties KS as well as southern Platte- Clay and north and eastern Jackson counties in Missouri are still dealing with the after effects of Sunday afternoon's severe storms.

As you can see on the KCP&L map image shown here- thousands are still without electricity as winds of up to hurricane-force tore though those areas from about 2:30 to 4:30 p.m. Sunday.

The new area of storms may mainly affect areas along and south of the Kansas and Missouri rivers.

CSW WEATHER: High Winds Bring Trees- Power Lines Down in KC-MO Metro

What a way to wake up...

A large severe thunderstorm is sliding east-southeast after striking generally the areas north of the Kansas and Missouri rivers- and is currently over the northeastern and eastern parts of the Metro.

Another severe storm is entering Johnson county KS..

There are numerous reports of trees- tree limbs and power lines down from northern KC-KS- the KC-MO Northland- into Independence.

M-9 highway is reported to be "completely blocked" by a downed tree in Parkville- and the KC-MO Fire department reports an apparent "micro-burst" has struck a Northland KC-MO neighborhood.

A house fire in Independence in the 1900 block of Claremont is said to be related to storm damage.

Another house fire was reported in Buckner just moments ago in the 300 block of North Hudson- also storm related.

Estimates are that 25000 to 50000 Metro residents are without electricity at this time.

A severe thunderstorm watch had been issued shortly after 2 p.m. for Metro Kansas City and the storm struck shortly thereafter.

Platte and Clay counties was just removed from the watch by NWS in Pleasant Hill.

Severe thunderstorm warnings continue mainly east of Metro KC-MO.