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Saturday, August 14, 2010

Commentary: RECALL KC-MO "Officials" Who Want to Take Away YOUR American Freedoms

ansas City MO officials made a very- VERY grave error in trying to stop the statewide election of earnings taxes collected in KC and St. Louis.

Those officials- whether they KNOW what they're doing or not- are trying to take away basic American rights of petitioning it's government for changes and voting for those said changes.

And that move has angered many local citizens who tended to SUPPORT continuation of the earnings tax- including ME.

The election was brought about fair and square- citizens signed petitions and the State of Missouri checked those signatures- found the number of signers valid- and allowed the election to take place.

In one of the most incredibly BRAZEN political moves I've seen in my nearly 58 years as an American citizen- KC-MO city officials on Friday filed a lawsuit in an eastern Missouri court to STOP-THE-ELECTION!!!

Are YOU angry yet?

I'm going to find out which "city officials" approved of this move to take away 2 of our most basic American rights- and make those names a permanent fixture on this blog in a Hall of SHAME.

Then- pending the judges' decision whether to let the citizens exercise their BASIC rights or not- I'm going to push for an immediate removal and/or recall of those city officials who would ATTEMPT to remove those rights from us.

And should the judge do what is right and throw the lawsuit out and allowing the election- my vote to keep the earnings tax will change to REPEAL THE EARNINGS TAX- as well as voting against each and every "official" who approved taking away our American rights.


Police Car Reported "Stolen" in Norborne MO

It was a little after 2 a.m. Saturday morning when the Carroll county MO Sheriff's office (CrCoSO)  broadcast an all points bulletin:

A Norborne police car had been "stolen" from that southwestern Carroll county town- and the car contained the usual police gadget and weaponry.

About 45 minutes later- the CrCoSO returns to the air- this time to advise all agencies that the "stolen" police car and all it's gadgets and weaponry had been "located" at an unspecified location.

There wasn't any suspect or any other information available on this incident from the CrCoSO yet.    

Friday, August 13, 2010

"K.C. Officials" File Lawsuit To Block Missouri Vote on Earnings Tax

he KANSAS CITY STAR is reporting that "Kansas City officials announced tonight that they filed a lawsuit in court today seeking to block an earnings tax issue from going on the statewide November ballot."

These "city officials" are going to the courts to stop the e-tax vote.

Those "city officials" do not trust the public's vote on the matter- even though there was the necessary number of citizen's petitioning for such an election.

Also- note how those "city officials" wait until Friday evening and the coming weekend when the spare news media staffs are even less to announce this underhanded move.

One has to wonder if Kansas City's City "Clowncil" is behind this one- after all- they DID throw out Kansas City voters' wishes for light rail public transportation.

CSW BREAKING: Knife-Wielding Man Shot By Cops in Kansas City KS

A man who according to a KCKFD-EMS paramedic said was "coming at" police officers "with a knife" was shot by those officers late Friday afternoon.

The incident occurred around 5 p.m. in the parking lot of an apartment complex in the 4100 block of Mission Road.

A KCKFD paramedic said the man shot was estimated to be in his 40's and suffered 2 gunshot wounds- one through and through- to the abdomen area.

The patient's condition was considered serious to critical as he was being transported to a Kansas Metro medical trauma center.

MetroRegion Kansas City WEATHER: Severe T-storm Watch No. 612 Valid Until 11 P.M. for KS-MO

Metro and much of the Kansas City MetroRegion are included in Severe Thunderstorm (Tstm) Watch Number 612 that was just issued by the NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC in Norman OK..

Severe Tstm Watch No. 612 is valid until 11 p.m. CDT this Friday night.

Damaging wind gusts of 60 m.p.h. or greater and hail 1-inch in diameter or larger are the primary severe threats- as well as deadly cloud to ground lightning and torrential- possibly flash-flooding rainfalls.

Current weather radar shows the storm activity well to the west and north of Metro K.C.- but please keep an eye to the southwest/west sky this evening....


CSW BREAKING: 2-Alarm Fire in Downtown Lawrence KS

A 2nd-alarm has been sounded for a reported electrical fire in the basement of a building in downtown Lawrence.

The initial alarm was broadcast to Lawrence firefighters at 12:06 p.m. for the fire at 825 Mass.  The 2nd-alarm was issued 4 minutes later.

When the initial call went out- it was reported that "employees nearly (had) the fire out" and first crews arriving didn't report anything showing- so I don't understand the need for the 2nd-alarm.

At 12:19 p.m.- the fire "in the electrical box is under control" with no injuries reported as of this post.

Americans Not Reaping Benefits of Feds' Virtually Free Money Given To Banks

aptain Spaulding DETESTS banks- and Wall Street.

I don't know if you're aware of this- but for more than a year now- banks have been able to borrow Federal taxpayer money at next-to-zero interest rates- basically free taxpayer money more-or-less given to the fat cats. 

Many of those same banks are the ones who have boosted credit card rates and fees- further gouging the American taxpayer- as well as making small business loans next to impossible to obtain.

 The head of America's semi-private Federal Reserve bank in Kansas City- Thomas Hoenig-  who by the way does not answer to American taxpayers- is somewhat critical of all the free money- according to this story from the LINCOLN (NE) JOURNAL-STAR.

Central States News: Crash Caught on Cedar Rapids IA Traffic Camera

o one was hurt in this 2-vehicle- side-impact ("T-bone") crash at an intersection in Cedar Rapids- according to the CEDAR RAPIDS (IA) GAZETTE- but the crash WAS captured on a "red-light" camera.


Kansas City MetroRegion Weather: Chance of Severe Thunderstorms Later

he long-anticipated cool-down is on the way- and before that cooling- there's a "slight" chance of severe storms across our area for about the next 12-18 hours.

Referring to the NWS-Storm Prediction Center (SPC) graphic- you'll note that virtually all of the K.C. MetroRegion is in this forecasted area for possible severe storms later this Friday afternoon into the overnight hours of early Saturday.

The primary threat will be damaging wind gusts and possibly large hail.

The tornado threat is very small- but not completely out of the question- especially in discrete supercells that form this afternoon.

CSW will be on-duty all night to post any breaking weather developments as needed.

Commentary: Ex-Firefighter Weighs In On Lawrence KS Firefighter "Assault"

y now I'm sure most of you have heard of the alleged battery of a man- Bob Mandell- at a Lawrence KS high school band concert by an 'overly-patriotic' off-duty Lawrence firefighter- Daniel Clouse- according to the story from the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD.

First off- not all firefighters and police officers are well-adjusted- stand-up citizens. I KNOW this for a first-hand fact on a number of occasions.

And as far as firefighters being "heroes" I have news for you- THAT's our job!  We signed up for the job and were paid to do it (personally- I think volunteer firefighters are bigger heroes than paid)

Secondly- it is not THIS or any other public servant's place to force patriotism or any other belief on anybody else.

This is STILL America I think- freedom of choice- etc. until the pollys minimize/enslave us all..

If indeed Firefighter Clouse is guilty- and at least 2 witnesses to the assault on the LJW site  verify Mandell's story- then Clouse should be charged with battery and be punished.

A lawbreaker is a lawbreaker- period- be they a firefighter- cop- priest- whatever.


Thursday, August 12, 2010

The AMAZING 10-Year-Old Jackie Evancho

Kids- do YOU want to be a star?
With competition like this- GOOD LUCK!


CSW BREAKING: Severe Thunderstorm in Metro KC Northland

A thunderstorm that developed in Platte county MO has moved slowly southeastward and has become severe in the Liberty and Claycomo areas

A severe thunderstorm warning is in effect for southern Clay and northern jackson counties MO for about the next 30 minutes as the storm moves toward Sugar Creek and Independence.

There have been reports of trees- tree limbs and power lines down in the Liberty MO area during the past 15 minutes.

In addition to the wind threat- expect torrential and potentially flash-flooding rainfall with this or any other storm that develops.

CSW is monitoring the storm and the areas underneath it.


Get 'Lost in Space' With Perseid Meteor Shower Tonight

f like me- you are literally burned-out on political- economic and general news events- this is the time of year to lose that stress gazing skyward to the awe of The Universe.

Tonight brings the peak of the annual Perseid meteor showers- and the KIRKSVILLE (MO) DAILY EXPRESS has "5 things" you should know if you're going to watch the Perseids.

One thing- get up 1-2 hours before dawn Friday morning for the best viewing.

Pollys Talk Quarter-Million Dollar Subsidy For Golf Course in Money-Strapped Emporia KS

n MOST people's minds- a quarter of a million dollar subsidy for ANYTHING less than maintaining essential services in this faltering economy is absolutely foolhardy.

After all- regardless of what the government or corporate news media tells us- this "recession (Depression)" is no where even NEAR ending.

So meet the foolhardy politicians of Emporia- where they're actually seriously considering subsidizing that city's golf course with $255000 of dwindling taxpayer monies- accoring to this story in the EMPORIA (KS) GAZETTE.

One also has to wonder what extra money KC-MO spends on IT's municipal golf courses that takes monies away from other city essential services.

Central States News: Record Flooding Shuts Down Ames IA Water System

Iowa saw devastating floods in 1993 and again in 2008.

But torrential rains continue to plague Iowa in this Summer of 2010- and the flood level Tuesday morning on the Skunk River in Ames broke all the previous records by more than a foot.

Flood waters damaged hundreds of homes- businesses and 4-6 feet of water even flooded Big 12's Iowa State University (ISU) Hilton Coliseum- according to The DES MOINES (IA) REGISTER.

More than all that however is the fact that Ames' water system is shut down as a large main under the Skunk river broke during the flood and drained the city's water tower.

Ames residents could go as long as 2 weeks until water service is fully restored- with more heavy rains forecast.

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Nearly 9 Years After 9-11 Attacks- News Media Tours NYC Underground Memorial Site

At 120,000 square feet and a cost of around $45-million- work continues on the 9-11-01 memorial site and on Tuesday, American and world news media representatives were taken on a tour of the underground space under construction.

(Photo courtesy of The Associated Press)

Among the artifacts that will deplayed is the "survivors' staircase" where several firefighters and a civilian were spared as the north tower World Trade building collapsed around them.

NEWS BULLETIN: KC's Corporate Sports Team's Training Camp Isn't News

ou've seen it on the vast wasteland that is television- some of the local TV stations leading off with the Chief's training camp at the top of their newscasts for the past week.

A lot of this came during a weekend when there were 3 homicides.  THAT news and whatever ELSE happened was shoved to slots later on in the newscast.

It's no wonder that as America's population INCREASES- viewership for local newscasts have actually DECREASED and continue to do so every year.

Yeah- let's keep paying for those overpriced "consultants" telling those TV stations what people want to see.

And that is apparently NOT real news and MORE commercials!

Longtime Airline Employee Makes A Grand Exit

teven Slater was a flight attendant for Jet Blue and had been employed in the airline industry for 28 years.

On Monday as a Jet Blue passenger jet was taxiing to it's gate in New York- a passenger who did NOT remain seated until the plane parked at the gate hit Mr. Slater in the head with a piece of luggage.

Steven Slater reportedly lost it then.

According to the Associated Press story- Slater "cursed-out a passenger on an airplane public-address system, grabbed some beer from the galley and exited on an emergency slide" when the plane arrived and parked at the gate.

Slater then boarded an airline bus and went home- then police showed up to arrest him.

No report if police arrested the rule-breaking passenger- but lest you forget-- justice IS blind.

Monday, August 09, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Extra-Alarm Fire in Northland KC-MO Apartment Building

More than 10 companies of the KC-MO as well as mutual aid assistance from the Southern Platte County Fire District are battling a balcony fire that has spread to other parts of the 3-story building in an apartment complex.

The fire at the Windrose complex at 607 Windrose Drive was first reported to fire dispatchers at 7:54 p.m..

When the first units arrived at 7:58 p.m.- they report smoke and fire billowing from the structure and- at 8 p.m.- ordered a second-alarm response.

There have yet been no reports of injuries at the scene and the battalion chief on-scene reports the fire under control at 8:12 p.m..

CSW BREAKING: Teen Bicyclist Struck By Vehicle in Blue Springs MO

A teenage male bicyclist was reportedly hit and dragged by a Fed Ex delivery truck in Blue Springs within the past hour.

The incident was reported at 10:51 a.m. this Monday morning near the intersection of Missouri-7 highway and Hunter in northern Blue Springs.

There was a report that the male cyclist was "dragged 20 to 30 feet" after he was struck by the delivery truck.

 The 13-year-old patient was transported by Central Jackson County Fire-EMS to Children's Mercy Hospital in serious condition.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Metro Kansas City Incidents on Sunday Morning- August 8, 2010

he action was steady for a weekend summer night- and there's been another KC-MO homicide early Sunday morning.

The midnight hour brought several assault calls Metrowide- including a reported sexual assault (rape) victim at 29th Street and Flora in Midtown KC-MO around 12:40 a.m..

The 1 o'clock hour led off with a KC-MO shooting in the 8200 block of Troost at 1:07 a.m..

The 21-year-old female victim was reportedly shot through the door of an apartment by a 21-year-old male suspect named Brandon Jones.

The suspect was still free as of this report and the victim's injuries were not life-threatening according to KCFD-EMS..

Shortly after 1:30 a.m.- KC-MO police joined the Jackson County Sheriff's department and MO Highway Patrol troopers "following" a possible intoxicated driver south on Blue Ridge Cutoff from the Sports Complex area.

The police helicopter watched the male driver continue south on Blue Ridge to Bannister Road- then west to I-435 and northbound.

When the suspect got on I-435 is when the actual pursuit began- with the helicopter above and at least 4 cop cars following.

The driver exited at Gregory- then went west through Swope Park and onward.

Police used road spikes and "got all 4 tires" of the suspect vehicle at Troost then- when the suspect reached Main and Gregory at 1:48 a.m.- he bailed-out of the vehicle and ran.

At least a half-dozen police officers formed a perimeter of the area for an hour- looking for the suspect who apparently- got away.

Single-vehicle crashes were also reported:

At 1:55 a.m.- a Jeep rolls over on North Broadway at N.W. 78th Street in Northland KC-MO but injuries are minor.

A woman is seriously-injured in a Grandview 1-vehicle rollover crash however.

That wreck was found by Grandview police at 1:58 p.m. on the U.S. 71 East frontage road south of 140th Street and the female driver was trapped in the wreckage.

She was freed by firefighters about 25 minutes later and whisked to a KC-MO medical trauma center.

The 2 o'clock hour started out with a female pedestrian struck in a bar parking lot in KC-KS (she refused EMS transport to a hospital)- a wreck on southbound I-435 near 23rd Street in KC-MO (another refusal)- cuttings and assaults in KC-MO and Olathe KS with minor injuries.

At 2:29 a.m.- fire and EMS crews from the Central Jackson County (CJC) Fire Protection District joined Blue Springs police in tending to 2 teenagers injured when the S.U.V. they were riding in rolled-over off the freeway.

The crash happened on the south side of eastbound I-70 about 1/4-mile west of Woods Chapel Road.

CJCFD-EMS said the "19-year-old male passenger" and a "15-year-old female" were "going about 100 miles per hour" when the SUV lost control.

The "40-year-old driver" refused any EMS treatment or transport to a hospital.

The teens' injuries were surprisingly non life-threatening.

The 3 o'clock hour brought a report at 3:32 a.m.- the victim of a shooting that happened near 39th Street and Brooklyn showed up at a KC-KS hospital.

Their injuries were not life-threatening.

Then at 4:05 a.m. comes the report of "a drive-by" shooting in the 2300 block of Mercier on the KC-MO West Side that results to be the city's 67(?) homicide for 2010.

A report also comes in for the 3100 block that is unfounded- and Center Zone police- needing additional help- report an "angry" and vocal scene from a gathering crowd in the 2300 block of Mercier.

There- cops find a male shot in the foot- but refusing EMS treatment or transport.

One male shooting victim had already been driven by private vehicle to a Metro trauma center where he later died.

Suspects were reported to be in "a white- 4-door possibly (Ford) Crown Vic(toria) with a Kansas license plate.

KC-MO Fire companies were busy with 2 structure fires Sunday morning.

The first was at 4:32 a.m. in the 5100 block of Wabash.

No one was hurt- but the residence was moderately-damaged and the cause of the fire was suspicious.

The 2nd fire came in at 5:38 a.m. to "Marcy's Restaurant" in the 2600 block of Northeast Vivion Road.

The first pumper on the scene at 5:42 a.m. reported smoke and fire coming from the roof vent of the 1-story building.

A grill vent fire extinguisher doused most of the fire and firefighters got the rest out by 6:15 a.m..

No one reported hurt- but doubt the restaurant will open today.

The only other fire of any note was in Greenwood MO at 6:40 a.m.- when a rear deck at a residence caught fire.

The fire was in the 1300 block of Cottonwood Drive- and when the first Lee's Summit fire pumper rolled up at 6:47 a.m.- the fire was mostly put out by the homeowner.

The weather?
  It's summer- hot (95) and dry today- chance of rain maybe late Monday...