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Friday, October 02, 2009

Central States WEATHER: Frost - Freeze Warnings KS-NE

s indicated by this National Weather Service graphic- some areas of the Central States will experience their first frost or freeze of the 2009-10 fall/winter season.

No such cold around the Kansas City MetroRegion through the next 4 days at least.

Metro Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Big Fire In Lee's Summit-MO

t 11:54 am- Lee's Summit firefighters have a "first-alarm" fire working in a multi-family dwelling the 900 block of Southeast Hampton Court.

The initial alarm sounded around 11:50 am- and no injuries have been reported yet.

Winds gusting to more than 40 mph are impeding the firefight.

The 6 LSFD companies got the fire under control at 12:16 pm. It was necessary for the LSFD to call-in off-duty firefighters.

It appears all units in the 4-plex residence received at least some damage- with the fire centered in a middle unit.

No injuries were reported and a fire investigator had been summoned.


WEATHER: High Winds Today

trong low pressure centered over Iowa this morning is creating high winds over the Central States today.

Metro Kansas City along with about the northern half of the MetroRegion is under a NWS-issued "Wind Advisory" until this Friday evening.

West wind gusts of 40-50 mph are possible throughout the afternoon- and will make driving difficult for high profile vehicles such as 18-wheelers and RVs on north-south roadways.

In addition- don't park or stand next to trees today.

Downed trees and/or limbs and power lines have already been reported in Bonner Springs-KS- KC and Raytown-MO- the latter reportedly on a house there with no injuries.

Happy Birthday, Captain Spaulding

As this day, October 2, 2009, begins, we are awakened to a cool, crisp, & sunny morning here in KCMO. As you read this blog, you may sense one who is very concerned for the welfare of our Nation, and our world. You may even be aware that the Captain is posting "breaking news & weather" before the local media can present it.

However; today is Captain Spaulding's special day! So, for starters we tuned into Turner Classic Movies to watch the Marx Brothers "A Day at the Races" and have our morning coffee. As we laughed, a call came from his daughter to wish him a "Happy Birthday". As they chatted, I watched his smile grow. Thank heaven for little girls. And even though she has grown into a beautiful, wonderful mom, she took the time to let him know she loves him. She is a sweetheart with a heart of gold!

Tonight's festivities will include a dinner (by request from the Captain). If your hungry when you read this, grab a napkin. Drooling on the keyboard is not conducive to operations, necessarily. I have already made (from scratch) a savory meat sauce for my very own Baked Lasagna, as the main course. And, even though we'll be having birthday cake (the Captain's Choice), we will not be doing traditional candles. As you may know, the Captain was previously a firefighter, and has forewarned me of the danger, i.e., the magnitude of that many candles burning in such a small space. (Doesn't this sound like something he'd say? LOL)

Now, since all of you can't join us here for the fun, and if you'd like to, the invitation to wish him a happy birthday is extended. Happy Birthday, my love! I love you!

Oh, BTW, dinner is at 7PM, or so....

American Job Losses Soar

he American consumer accounts for roughly 70% of this nation's economy.

In other words- if we don't spend- the economy doesn't grow.

In September- the Associated Press reports that another 263,000 jobs disappeared- and the unemployment is now reported to be 9.8% of the American working population.

It's reported too that since the "recession (depression)" began in December 2007- more than 7.2 million jobs have been lost in this Land of The Welfare Millionaires.

To the morons who've recently said this "recession (depression)" is over- I hope somebody gives you pink slips- but they're probably already wearing them.



ulius Henry "Groucho" Marx is 119 years-old today.

The imposter that feeds this blog is only 57- WHEW!


Thursday, October 01, 2009

Congratulations Dan Henry

Kudos to my old smoking buddy and former WDAF weatherman Dan Henry (Bowser)- who will be inducted into the "Silver Circle" during the 33rd Annual Emmy Awards this Saturday night in St. Louis.

We miss ya Dan!


Miley Cyrus Cancels Friday's Omaha Concert

his also according to The Lincoln (NE) Star Journal- Ms. Miley Cyrus has cancelled her show that was to be in Omaha Friday due to an unspecified illness.

Ms. Cyrus also has shows scheduled Saturday in Kansas City and Sunday in St. Louis but as of yet- no word if any of those shows will be cancelled.

The Omaha show is said to be "re-scheduled."

BREAKING NEWS 1710 CDT: Miley Cyrus has also cancelled her Kansas City show.

The concert here will be re-scheduled..

"Phony" Amber Alerts Being Sent In Nebraska

his is reported by the Lincoln (NE) JOURNAL STAR.

Apparently- someone has been sending fake Amber Alerts text messages and emails to Nebraskans- including Nebraska Highway Patrol troopers.

Mebs on the fakers!

Live Coverage of This Weekend's Candlelight and Memorial Service from the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation

ife is precious.

No occupation respects that code more than our nation's firefighters.

This weekend is a televised candlelight and memorial service sponsored by the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation.

Thanks to fellow blogger Dave Statter of WUSA-9 who operates the fine blog STATter 911- you can watch these services (among other places) here at CSW.


Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Wreck In Midtown KC-MO

MAST/KCFD-EMS is reporting "2" fatalities and an infant in critical condition after a crash at 40th Street and Prospect.

The crash occurred just after 4 pm.. Extrication was necessary on one patient and first responders were performing CPR on an infant.

That "unknown age infant" was transported to a hospital.

A large crowd had gathered at the scene.

No incidents have been reported from the several police units there and Prospect is closed between 39th and 43rd Streets..

More information here as received.


WEATHER: Severe Storm Chance For Thursday Diminished

ccording to the new Storm Prediction Center (SPC) forecasts- Metro Kansas City's chance for any severe thunderstorms on Thursday now appears to be small.

The cold front contributing to the Thursday storms should pass through Metro K.C. early to mid-afternoon tomorrow- with on-going precipitation and cloud cover- they (and I) don't expect the atmosphere to become unstable enough for organized severe storms locally.

However areas east and southeast of KC-MO- particularly the Missouri Lakes region- will likely see severe storms Thursday afternoon.

Of course all this can change in the next 24 hours like it has the PAST 24- so keep a browser tab logged to commercial-free CSW for the latest.


Kansas City-MO Council Committee Approves $35-Million For NEW Radio System

hat's left of The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that the city is about ready to spend $35- (maybe $40) million on another new radio system.

The City spent about that much 15 years ago on the existing 800mhz "trunked" system- which replaced a VHF radio system that was usable for more than 30 years.

The STAR reports- but does NOT investigate- this facet of a "new" radio system:

"...Kansas City’s public safety crews could now be able to communicate in an emergency with those in Independence and Johnson County."

For The STAR's and the general public's information- Kansas City emergency crews HAVE ALWAYS been able to communicate with and to outside fire or police agencies on designated "mutual-aid" radio channels- fire had 154.280 and police had 155.475.

These existing modes of outside communication were "patched" into the existing 800-trunked radio system and work just fine to this day.

Could $35-million be better spent on repairing things like decrepit sewer lines that break and dump millions of gallons of RAW sewage into our creeks and rivers?

Probably- but that's logical and governments don't apply much logic to things...

(Previous posts on a new KC-MO radio system are found HERE- HERE and HERE.)


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Shooting Next To Penn Valley College Campus

At 11:42 am- KC-MO emergency services responded to 3200 Pennsylvania on a reported shooting.

This location is right next to the Penn Valley campus of the Metropolitan Community Colleges.

Officers arrived about 3 minutes later and have confirmed a shooting victim here- "conscious and talking" to bystanders.

MAST-EMS transported an 18-year-old male to a local medical trauma center in not immediately life-threatening condition.

Both MAST and police say this incident was "self-inflicted."

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

In Behalf Of Our MOST Important Resource- Thanks Juanita Peaslee

he Warrensburg (MO) DAILY STAR JOURNAL has a nice story about how Centerview-MO science teacher Juanita Peaslee was recently recognized by the school district as well as present and former students for her 45 YEARS(!) of service.

Mrs. Peaslee is not retiring- yet.

(Photo courtesy of AMANDA LUBINSKI/Star-Journal)

With that- your Captain gives a big- hearty salute to this wonderful person and all who are like her that are responsible for Mankind's most important natural resource- our youth.

Bless you Juanita Peaslee!


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Working Apartment Building Fire in South-Central KC-MO

ive companies of the Kansas City-MO Fire Department are currently fighting a fire on the 3rd floor of an apartment building in the 8000 block of Campbell.

The alarm was dispatched at 10:08 am and companies report a working fire upon arrival in Apartment 307.

Initial searches for possible trapped occupants have been clear- the fire sounds to be in the wall between apartments and has spread to the attic.

Moments ago- the on-scene commander has requested more fire companies- "a 1st-alarm."

More here if this incident deteorates....

Kansas City Sewer Line Break Fills Big Blue With Sludge

'm reporting this story via The SEDALIA (MO) DEMOCRAT after NOT reading or seeing this story on ANY Kansas City news media yet today (or yesterday- Sunday- etc)...

The Associated Press reported that a break in a sewer line "in southeast Kansas City (Swope Park?)" last Friday has dumped more than 3 MILLION gallons of untreated sewage into the Big Blue River.

Too bad the City's spending millions paying for past GLITZ projects (KC Live- Jazz District- Kemper- etc. et al) instead of addressing old and worn-out INFRASTUCTURE!


On October 2- 1959- Earth Entered "The Twilight Zone"

ifty years ago on this author's 7th birthday- a new television show would change the way this kid- and countless millions of others- would view the unknown.

I was just discovering the terror of tornadoes- just a little over 2 years since the Ruskin Heights disaster.

As I embraced the wonderful world of meteorology- I also embraced this classic program produced by Rod Serling.

This Friday- October 2nd- will be the 50th anniversary of when the first Twilight Zone episode aired on CBS TV.

The cable channel SyFy (KC Time-Warner channel 63) will air a 15-show package of classic Twilight Zones beginning this Friday.

Why Would Kansas Officials Need Public Input On Freight Trains?

That's one of the rail modes Kansas officials will be hearing from the public on this evening at the "Jewish Community Campus of Greater Kansas City’s social hall- 5801 W. 115th St. in Overland Park" from 5-7 pm.

If you have time on your hands- feel free to attend as Metro Kansas City will have Rocketships to Mars before it builds so much as a foot of commuter/light/public transit rail line.

WEATHER: Risk Of Severe Storms For Thursday Increasing

ust because it's early autumn doesn't mean the threat for severe thunderstorms has ended.

In fact- there's a 2nd - albeit lesser- severe weather season in the fall that can run as late as Christmas.

Well- we don't have to wait until Christmas (it's supposed to SNOW then anyway- not tornado) for our next possible round.

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has had the Kansas City MetroRegion bulls-eyed all week for a possible severe storm "outbreak" on Thursday.

You can see by the graphics here that the severe risk actually begins later Wednesday to our northwest and by Thursday- Metro K.C. is practically bulls-eyed for that "slight risk."

Heat is a necessary ingredient for severe thunderstorms- and that MAY be a problem locally.

Storms and cloudiness that form upstream later tomorrow may inhibit heating around here Thursday- which SHOULD lessen the intensity of any severe weather.

Nonetheless- the chance remains for the chance of severe thunderstorms with all modes of severe weather- including a few tornadoes- Thursday.

Any and all facets of telling YOU what will happen will occur here at CSW throughout this entire (forecasted) event.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: First Alarm Fire Near Downtown

he fire is reported to be in a 2-story structure that had been converted to apartments.

The alarm first came in at 7:36 pm Sunday evening to the structure in the 1800 block of Washington.

When Pumper 9 arrived a minute later- they reported fire showing from a 2nd-story window.

The fire department response was upgraded to a 1st-alarm- sending 3 more fire companies to assist the 5 already there or arriving.

While firefighters spray 3 handlines on the fire- it's been determined that all human occupants got out- but 2 dogs were still inside.

Firefighters bring one "large" dog out at 7:51 pm- and begin doing first-aid on the injured animal.

The 2nd dog was brought out at 7:58 pm- no word on that animal's condition- but Animal Control was requested.

The fire was brought under control by 7:50 pm- overhaul and salvage is being performed now.

No firefighter injuries have been reported.

Recession (Depression) Leads To Large Social Security Deficits

t least this "socialist" program directly benefits millions of Americans...

The Associated Press reports that due to the large number of job losses and numbers of people unemployed- the UCSA's Social Security fund will run deficits of $10 billion next year- and $9-billion in 2011.

Social Security has a surplus totaling $2.5 trillion- but the UCSA government has borrowed much of that- so the fund consists of government bonds and IOU's.


Other Sunday Morning News Around Metro Kansas City

wo house fires broke out early Sunday morning- one in a vacant south-central Kansas City house and another in an occupied home in Grandview-MO- and also a stabbing incident in Blue Springs-MO with 2 injured.

The vacant house fire occurred around 4 am Sunday morning in the 5600 block of Brooklyn.

Six KC-MO fire companies responded on the alarm and found fire showing from a 1-story house that was boarded-up.

The fire was brought under control without injury about 20 minutes later- and a fire investigator was ordered as the cause was "suspicious."


About an hour later- 5:03 am- all three Grandview Fire department stations responded to a residence fire in the 14000 block of El Rancho.

Firefighters arrived and found smoke and fire issuing from the structure with the female occupant having left- uninjured.

This fire was under control at 5:26 am and the cause is believed to be smoking in bed.
No injuries were reported.


The stabbing was reported around 4:18 am Sunday morning in the 900 block of Northwest Sunnyside School Road in Blue Springs-MO..

Police report 2 people stabbed- a paramedic told CSW that one of the victims was "a 21-year-old male with 2 stab wounds to the chest- about 1-2-inches deep."

No condition was obtained for the 2nd victim- nor was any suspect information yet available from Blue Springs Police.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 am- 5 & 10 pm for further information on these and other breaking news stories!


Sunday Morning News: KC-MO Drive-By Shooting and Overland Park-KS Crash

fter midnight- there was a drive-by shooting that left 2 injured- one critically- in East Kansas City and a van vs. pole crash in Overland Park left a man and a woman with serious to critical injuries.

Both victims in a drive-by shooting around 12:35 am at 26th Street and Quincy are reported to be Hispanic males.

Police are looking for the "two suspect vehicles- a black Chevy Suburban and a black Ford Explorer- both loaded with Hispanic males" one officer told CSW.

One of the gunshot victims was about 18-years-old with a "head wound from a possible shotgun" blast- according to a MAST-EMS paramedic. He was taken to a Metro trauma center in serious to critical condition.

The 2nd victim about the same age as the first had only a minor leg wound.

Overland Park's emergency services were rolled out at 1:22 am to aid where a van crashed into a pole at 130th Street and Metcalf.

The male driver was pinned inside- but a female passenger got out on her own and seemed fine when the fire department began extrication of the driver.

During that extrication- the "50-60-year-old" passenger suddenly became unconscious and quit breathing. MEDACT-EMS rushed her to county's major medical trauma center.

This patient reportedly died several hours later at the hospital.

The male driver- "47-year-old"- suffered a serious to critical chest injury- and was transported by another MEDACT-EMS unit to a KC-MO trauma hospital.

Police were investigating the wreck.

OP Fire would also run a fire in a recreational vehicle parked near a house in the 6800 block of West 78th Street around 2:50 am.

The RV received heavy fire damage by the time the fire was extinguished at 3:10 am- but the house was not damaged and no one was hurt.

Please watch KSHB-41 NBC Action News at 8 am- 5 & 10 pm for further information on these and other breaking news stories!