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Saturday, March 29, 2008


A police officer has shot and apparently at least seriously wounded a "suspect" of an unknown offense in near-Northeast KC-MO.

The incident occurred just before 11pm- reportedly in the parking lot of an apartment complex between 7th & 8th Streets- Park to Olive.

The investigation is underway- as that "suspect"- a male in his 20's with a gunshot wound to the face- is enroute to a city trauma center.

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, March 29, 2008

** Four Injured In Bonner Springs- KS Head-On Wreck **

*** A male in his 20's is in critical condition and 2 others were seriously-injured in the 1:40am incident on K-32 under K-7.

The crash reportedly happened at speeds of around 40-50 m.p.h.. Police who arrived first report finding the male in his 20's- unresponsive- not breathing and with no pulse.
Officers revived the man- EMS crews kept him going- but his condition was critical while being flown by a medical helicopter to an area trauma center.

The Kansas Highway Patrol was investigating the possibly alcohol involved wreck.

** Man Shot In KC-MO **

*** A shooting- reported at 2:01am early Sunday morning in the 3400 block of Palmer- has a man in serious to critical injuries at a city trauma center.

The shooting was in the Bunker Hill trailer park. Police had no other information.


** House Under Construction Burns In Warrensburg-MO **

... The fire was reported at 1:45am- "a vacant house- totally-involved" in flames in the 400 block of 9th Street in Warrensburg. The first fire truck arriving 10 minutes later confirms this fact.

It took Warrensburg firefighters until 3am to put the fire out- but no injuries were reported. An investigation as to the cause was underway.



Skies were variably-cloudy overnight with high clouds and temperatures fell into the upper-30's to lower 40's MetroRegion-wide.

A transition day today as a new storm system gathers strength in the Western U.S..
Highs ranging from 50 to 60-degrees under increasingly-cloudy skies and increasing winds later today. The MetroRegion will see- from south to north beginning mid-morning- scattered rain and thundershowers through the day.

On Sunday- the National Weather Service's (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) is forecasting a "slight risk" of severe thunderstorms over the entire Kansas City MetroRegion.
Keep tuned to weather information tomorrow....


Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Friday, March 28, 2008

Bloggers Banning Bloggers

This USUALLY happens when a blogger cannot defend their selling points with anything but FAUX News selling points and a reader tears them new bodily orifices.

First off- I'm not a "liberal" but a pragmatic. If it looks dumb- talks dumb and acts same- that thing usually is what it is- DUMB.

Nuff said about Shrub and virtually EVERYTHING he's done since he's been in office.

Oops- better ban ME TOO- you non-thinking- Shrub-supporting sheeple- before I find YOUR blog!

Question 07-08

The stock market's on it's way to it's third losing session in as many days- two of those days were double-digit losses.

Will the Feds keep pumping billions of OUR DOLLARS into these money-changer institutions to keep them afloat?

Who PAYS US BACK if these same institutions default on those "loans?"

The older I get- the more incredible the stupidity....

Thursday, March 27, 2008

KANSAS CITY MetroRegion WEATHER: More Rain Forecasted

And not just more rain- but heavy rains are forecasted by medium-range forecast models for the next 2 weeks.

As you can see by this image (click to enlarge)- areas from the MetroRegion south and eastward are forecasted to receive heavy rainfall.

Rainfall totals during that 5-day period Friday through next Tuesday range from 2-inches locally to 3-4-inches over areas of Missouri and Arkansas that are still cleaning up from devastating flooding.

Some of those previous flooded areas could again see castastrophic flooding.

Be aware- and pre-plan now.

Updates on this potentially disasterous situation will be forthcoming....

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Site For Live TV News Feeds

A fellow storm stalker turned me on to the following Website HERE ( where you can click on and watch live satellite news feeds from the location listed.

WDAF FOX-4 is the lone local representative on the list.

Kansas Museum Has Severe Weather Exhibit

Kansas museum unveils foul weather exhibit
By JOHN HANNA, Associated Press Writer Sat Mar 22, 4:00 AM ET

TOPEKA, Kan. - After a year in which Kansas endured destructive ice storms, killer tornadoes and severe flooding, it seemed the state history museum carefully timed the opening of an exhibit on extreme weather.

But organizers say the timing is a coincidence, because they have been working on the "Forces of Nature" exhibit for more than a year.

"Weather is a huge part of our identity," said Rebecca Martin, project manager for the exhibit, which opened Friday at the Kansas Museum of History. "People around the world will forever associate us with a really famous tornado in 'The Wizard of Oz.'"

The Kansas State Historical Society is using the exhibit to collect Kansans' recollections of memorable storms. The society set up a small booth with a microphone and computer, so that visitors can tell and
record their stories.

"We often think - let's admit it - that other residents of other states are really wimps, right? That we really know how to survive weather here," said Jennie Chinn, the society's executive director. "We all have our family folklore that revolves around weather."

The exhibit displays photos of power lines and utility poles sagging under the weight of ice from the winter of 2006-07 next to a photo from an 1886 blizzard.

Photos from a night of tornadoes in May 2007 that leveled most of Greensburg in southwest Kansas and killed at least 13 people hang next to images from a twister that left 16 dead in Topeka in 1966. Debris from both also are on display.

The museum built a mock storm shelter just inside the doors to the exhibit, with film footage from a 2004 tornado in south-central Kansas playing just beyond it.

For Rosette Randel, the exhibit stirred up memories of watching a tornado as a college student and having a twister roar by her house in the 1990s. She recalled that the tornado lifted her home off the basement just enough that she could see a bit of light.

"We grabbed the dogs and went to the basement," she said. "We really didn't have a storm shelter. We were in the corner of the basement."

The exhibit also highlights major floods along the Kansas River in 1903 and 1951, as well as severe dust storms in the 1930s. One display addresses prairie fires.

Martin said work on the exhibit began early in 2007. Researchers examined a variety of historical sources to cull Kansans' recollections of extreme weather.

"There are tons of diaries and reminiscences, letters, about living through prairie fires and trying to fight them," she said. "There are so many resources."

But the exhibit's opening - and a preview Thursday evening - came with sunny skies and mild temperatures.

"I think it's ironic that we're opening an exhibit on extreme weather on a day that's so picture-perfect," Chinn said.

The exhibit will run through Jan. 4, 2009.


On the Net:

Site for the exhibit:

Kansas State Historical Society:


Monday, March 24, 2008


The ban is a stupid- unAmerican ban of a legal product.

UnAmerican- as in telling business owners what legal products they can and can't use in their places of business.

Why not the SIMPLE posting- on the entrances of said businesses- TELLING YOU whether this is an establishment that either allows or disallows the ingestion of a legal product on it's premises???

If you're so concerned for my health- why not lobby with your passion for AFFORDABLE HEALTH INSURANCE for instance.

This idocasy- PLUS the politicos wanting me to vote for a BUS tax after squashing the voter's desires on light rail with no CLUE for an alternative plan.

Vote- or the socialists will make EVERYTHING (posting on your own BLOG for instance) illegal..

Iraq "Undetermined Cause" War Dead Drives Toll Well Over 4000

If you've followed Iraq- "Bush's Folly" like I have- you find deaths from war causes are surprisingly categorized.

Being there for The Follies and getting killed does not necessarily mean you'd be counted as war dead- as discovered by the parents of James McDonald of Wisconsin.

Young McDonald died of head injuries after an Iraqi bomb blast- but the U.S. military lists his death as "undetermined" cause- according to this Associated Press story.

I did then and more so now thought the leaders who PUT us in Iraq were brain-dead- but I guess I should reclassify my theory to "undetermined" lack of brain cells used to kill 4000+ Americans in this ON-GOING (forever) nation-building and so-wrong exercise in world futility/stupidity from the Shrub Administration....

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Old Photos Showed Flaw In Collapsed Minneapolis I-35 Bridge

AP says that investigators are looking at photos taken in the years prior to the multi-fatal freeway bridge collapse in Minneapolis-MN last summer.

The photos reportedly show a bowing in the plates on the bridge that failed- although no serious attempts to correct the problem were ever carried out.

What good is it to take pictures if you don't LOOK at them???

First Known Atlanta-GA Tornado Victim Found

The body of a male was found under a pile of debris from the tornado in downtown Atlanta-GA on Saturday- according to the Associated Press and other news sources.

The March 14 tornado injured 27 other people in it's 6-mile path- striking 2 arenas filled with thousands of basketball spectators- high-rise hotels and the CNN headquarters among other structures.

Workers clearing piles of brick debris from a damaged building such as in the image found the victim under a pile of fallen bricks.

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, March 23, 2008


*** An elderly woman is dead after a fire in her half of an Overland Park-KS duplex at 4:18am Easter morning.

The fire was in the 9000 block of West 78th Street Circle- a little more than a mile southwest of OPFD Station Number 1 on 75th Street. They responded along with several other OPFD fire units.
Police soon sent nearby cars as well- both agencies arrived at the scene at 4:23am- a police officer saying the back of the 2-story duplex was burning.

Police dispatch had warned of a senior woman with disabilities living there- and had not been seen outside by neighbors reporting the fire.
Sadly- at 4:35am- an OPPD officer says one person had just been brought out by firefighters- 17 minutes after the alarm was first dispatched.

MEDACT-EMS paramedics and EMT's worked on the woman- whose heart had stopped- her body's "top half covered by 2nd-degree burns." The patient was enroute to a Wyandotte County trauma center at 5am- heartbeat kept going only by the EMS crews' machines.

The woman was declared dead by that trauma center shortly before 6am.

Lenexa and Merriam fire departments came to this 2-alarm fire- and OPFD investigators are seeking a cause.
Police say a previous call to that address included "a smoking light fixture."


*** At least 2 vehicles crashed and one caught fire early Sunday morning on northbound I-35 and North Antioch.

A Claycomo-MO EMS unit who happened upon the scene shortly after the 12:58am dispatch found a male lying in the roadway- reportedly after being ejected from one of the wrecked vehicles.

This fellow's in critical condition they say.

This and another male in his mid-20's in serious to critical condition were taken to 2 area trauma centers while KC-MO police began their investigation.



Temperatures fell to the upper-20's to low-mid 30's on brisk north to northwesterly winds overnight.
Some cloud cover kept temperature from falling more- and will help to keep them from warming more today.
Monday- temperatures warming to normal and above through mid-week- then a storm system brings thunderstorms and rain to the MetroRegion through late-week.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.



A woman rescued by firefighters from a burning duplex is medically dead at an area trauma center this Easter morning.

The fire- dispatched at 4:18am Sunday morning- was in the 9000 block of West 78th Circle in Overland Park.

It was reported that a woman with disabilities lived there and she wasn't seen outside when police and fire crews arrived at 4:23am..

She was rescued from the structure about 12 minutes later- non-breathing and heart stopped and with "2nd-degree burns over the top half of her body" according to a MEDACT-EMS paramedic. She was taken to a Kansas-side trauma center around 5am.

Fire companies from Lenexa and Merriam assisted OPFD as the response grew to s 2nd-alarm. No other injuries have been reported and the cause is currently under investigation.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader -