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Saturday, November 13, 2010

Northland KC-MO House Fire Displaces 7

It was around 4:15 a.m. Saturday morning when five companies of the KC-MO Fire department were called to a house fire in the 5300 block of North Richmond in the Gracemor subdivision.

Arriving about 5 minutes later- firefighters found a small fire inside the residence with the occupants safely outside in the 40-degree weather with wind chills in the 20's.

The fire was put out PDQ- but electricity had to be turned off and the occupants- reported by the fire department as "3 adults and 4 children-" required Red Cross assistance for temporary lodging.

The good news was that no one was harmed in the damaging of that residence.


There's A Snowstorm in Omaha NE

Here's an image from a live Web camera on the Creighton University campus just north of Downtown Omaha.

Notice the snow has covered the ground early this Saturday morning- and the live picture is showing light to moderate snow continuing.

No snow forecast overnight in Metro Kansas City.

Friday, November 12, 2010

K.C. STAR: KC-MO Cops Shot at "Backfiring Van" on Gregory Near I-435 Last Night

Hearing this story on the late TV news last night- you'd thought that the KC-MO Police were under siege.

Around 6 p.m.- it had been initially reported that someone fired upon two KC-MO cops on Gregory Boulevard near I-435.

The windshield of the police car had reportedly been shot-out by the unknown assailant.


According to a KANSAS CITY STAR story just published- the cops who thought someone was shooting at them was only a "backfiring van."

On top of that- it's reported that the 2 cops in their car shot-out THEIR OWN WINDSHIELD before they bailed out of their car.

More than 2 dozen cops responded to the now-apparently bogus call- and they had the freeway ramps and Gregory itself shut-down for more than 4 hours after the "backfire."

One question I have: Were BOTH of these cops ROOKIES????

Thursday, November 11, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Abducted Cass County MO Child Found Safe in Iowa

KCCI-TV 8 in Des Moines is reporting that the female suspect- van and 2-year-old Syah Duffey were stopped and taken into custody by the Iowa State Patrol in Jasper county around 5:54 p.m. Thursday evening.

Syah was abducted from Cass County MO around 8:30 a.m..

Syah was reported to be fine- according to reports.

Two-Year-Old Child Abducted in Cass County MO

It happened late this morning in the eastern Cass county community of East Lynne MO- when a heavy-set white female age 20- to 30-years bullied her way into a residence and took a female child.

The child taken was 2-year-old Syah D. Duffey- and she was wearing blue jeans and a Mickey Mouse shirt.

The female suspect was driving an older- unknown-make- white-colored van with Iowa license plates.

Already this afternoon- area police have stopped at least 2 vans with Iowa plates- but neither was the suspect or the vehicle.

The female suspect reportedly identified herself as representing some child welfare agency- the abducted child's maternal grandmother told Cass county sheriff's deputies.

CSW BREAKING: Light Rainshowers Making Roadways Extremely Slick

There have been an increasing number of vehicle crashes reported thoughout mainly the southern half of Metro Kansas City due to light rainshowers moving in from the south and southwest.

PLEASE use caution on area roadways until heavier rains later tonight completely washes away the about months' worth of dirt- oil and grime that has accumulated on the pavement due to the recent dry spell.

Attention K.C. STAR and Christine Vendel: More Rapes Happen in K.C. Than Reported

he STAR posted the following story on their Website about this rape:

Reading this- you MIGHT get the impression rapes are a fairly-rare occurrance in Metro Kansas City.


Working the weekend overnights as I do- a couple of reported "sexual assaults" are NOT uncommon just in the two Kansas Citys.

I see the difference though- THIS rape The STAR reported on happened in a predominately WHITE part of the Northland.

The majority of rapes that I hear are in THE INNER CITY.

I guess THOSE rapes aren't newsworthy since they occur in that part of town- NOT Zona Rosa- The Plaza- Power & Light District- Johnson County KS- etc.- etc.- etc..

Racist news coverage? 

Could be- but be aware too- The STAR doesn't have ANYONE on overnights down there and apparently- the police don't mention them when the reporter calls in for the overnight activity report the next morning.

MetroRegion Kansas City News: High Schoolers Run Community Grocery Store in Leeton MO

The residents of Leeton- a small community in southern Johnson county MO- now have a town grocery store due to the town's high school.

According to this story by staff writer Teresa Shane of The WARRENSBURG (MO) DAILY STAR-JOURNAL- students of the high school- under supervision and direction of teachers- operate the town's only grocery store "The Bulldog Express.'

Leeton students learn mathematics- business and management skills at the store- and local residents don't have to drive to larger towns like Warrensburg to get groceries.

This excellent idea could become a model for small towns throughout the Central States that would benefit both students and residents in the communities served by such a plan.

The Fading 'Phonebook'

As recently as 15 years ago- many people still used phonebooks- often called "The Yellow Pages-" to find phone numbers and addresses.

With the proliferation of cell phones and personal Internet devices (PIDs)- the phone book is going the way of department store catalogs and newspapers- according to this story from The ASSOCIATED PRESS via MyWay news.

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Jackson County MO Sheriff's Department Bills Cities For Dispatching

or as long as anybody can remember- the Jackson County Sheriff's department has dispatched calls for free for police departments in Metro cities such as Oak Grove- Grain Valley- Buckner- Greenwood and Lone Jack.

According to this story in the LEE'S SUMMIT (MO) JOURNAL- suddenly and without warning- these cities that were provided that free dispatch service received a bill in the mail from ... the Jackson County sheriff.

Not only that- but these "surprise" bills for dispatching services are due in about 2 months- and those cities are scrambling to find either monies to pay that bill or to come up with alternatives. 


Sunday, November 07, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Woman Shot After Purse Robbed in KC-MO's Loma Vista Area

KC-MO police are investigating an armed street robbery where a woman was shot and her purse taken.

It happened just before 8:15 p.m. Sunday night in the 8800 block of East 88th Street in the Loma Vista area of southeastern KC-MO..

Fire department EMS transported "a 48-year-old female- shot in the chest" emergency to a Metro medical trauma center.

Police are seeking the suspect: "a black male wearing braids" and a clothing description.

KC Chiefs Lead Oakland Raiders 10-0 at Halftime (UPDATED)

Okay- since the Chiefs are playing good ball this season and we're playing those @!&$* Oakland Raiders- I'm actually watching the game.

In case you're not- the Chiefs lead the Raiders 10-0 at halftime in a drizzly- foggy Oakland California.

UPDATE 1: At 6:51 p.m.- the Chiefs vs. Raiders game goes into overtime tied at 20.

FINAL UPDATE 2: At 7:01 p.m.- the Raiders beat the Chiefs 23-20.

Three Hurt- One Critically in KC-KS Shooting

KC-KS police are busy investigating an incident Sunday morning that resulted in two vehicles with bullet holes and 3 male gunshot victims.

One of the men arrived at a KC-KS hospital in one of the bullet-ventilated vehicles around 12:50 a.m..

This victim's condition was said by police to be "critical- a gunshot wound to the abdomen" as they were being wheeled into surgery about 1:30 a.m. CDT.

At 12:54 a.m.- police and EMS was sent to an address in the 1000 block of Custer- where two men around 30-years-old had been shot.

One man had been shot twice- and had serious to critical-injury wounds. The others' injury was not life-threatening.


Firefighter Injured at Baldwin City KS House Fire

This fire was reported just before the clocks went back an hour: at 1:48 a.m. CDT the alarm sounded for Baldwin City (BC) as well as the Wakarusa and Clarion Springs fire departments and an EMS crew for a house fire in the 200 block of Dearborn Street in BC..

Only two minutes after the alarm went out- the house was reported to be "fully-engulfed" in flames by a police officer who had just arrived.

The occupants had made it outside uninjured- waken by their cats.

Fire crews began arriving in minutes and the firefight was on with temperatures around 50- low humidities and brisk southerly breezes.

By 1:38 a.m. CST- the EMS crew at the fire reports an injured firefighter- and requests another EMS unit to take their place.

According to EMS reports- the "28-year-old male- passed out while fighting the fire."

The firefighter was in good condition while on the way to Lawrence Memorial Hospital for a check-out.

A fire crew from Franklin county KS was also summonded to the scene at 1:45 a.m. CST.

The structure appears to be a total loss as of 4 a.m.- but no further injuries were reported.

The occupants were missing the 3 housecats that alerted them to the fire.

The cause of the fire has not yet been determined.