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Saturday, December 04, 2010

Blogger 'South Kansas City Observer' Joins Fight For Justice for Glenn and Irene Stevens

More and more Metro Kansas City and Central States citizens are becoming aware of and joining the fight against Walmart and inept law enforcement agencies attempting to railroad Raymore MO's Glenn Stevens for thefts from Walmart that Mr. Stevens did not commit.

The latest blogger to join the crusade is "The South Kansas City Observer."

Even though I haven't met 'The Observer' or simply 'T.O.-' I consider her a friend and ally against any and all wrongs and injustices we come across.

Please read T.O.'s post about Glenn Stevens- and please join us BOYCOTTING WALMART until that MegaCorporation quits making criminals out of innocent Americans like Glenn Stevens! 

CSW BREAKING: Mobile Home Fire in KC-MO Northland

Just before 7 a.m. Saturday morning- five companies of the Kansas City MO Fire Department got the call of a mobile home on fire in the Lakeview Trailer park.

The fire is in a mobile home in the 1200 block of Northwest Lakeview- and when the first fire company arrives at 7:02 a.m. they report "everyone out" of the trailer- but a "working fire."

Two handlines are being used on the fire that was reported "under control" at 7:10 a.m..

No injuries have been reported as of 7:15 a.m..


Not related- at 7:10 a.m.- six companies of the KC-KS Fire department have been sent to the Owens-Corning plant at 300 Sunshine Road.

Dispatch tells responding companies at 7:13 a.m. that this is "an oven on-fire on the west side of the building."

Shortly after that- Pumper 15 arrives- reporting "nothing showing."

No further on this- I've been slammed since midnight and now I'm off-duty and going to bed.

Fatal Vehicle Crash on I-35 in Johnson County KS

Interstate 35 was closed almost 3 hours early Saturday morning after a 1-vehicle crash on the southbound side just north of 75th Street.

The call was dispatched at 12:34 a.m.- and when emergency crews arrived-  they reported "one unconscious" person at that scene- later reporting that patient deceased..

The Kansas Highway Patrol reports that  44-year-old Troy Keith Downs of KC-MO was in a 2006 Honda when he lost control of the vehicle- overcorrected and crashed into the concrete median divider.

Mr. Downs reportedly was not wearing a seatbelt.

Four Victims in Midtown KC-MO Shooting

The incident was reported to KC-MO emergency services at 12:06 a.m. Saturday morning- four people shot in a vehicle on 36th Street just east of Woodland in Midtown KC-MO..

One victim died at the scene- according to police.

Three other victims- all males in the 20's- were taken to 2 Metro K.C. hospitals with injuries ranging from serious to critical.

Police found "numerous shell casings" at the shooting scene and say the shooter left westbound on 36th Street from Woodland in a black- newer-model General Motors product with tinted windows.

Metro Kansas City Neighborhood Christmas Displays No. 2 - Chicago Street in Blue Springs

One of the Metro's longest-running Christmas light displays on the Missouri side is a neighborhood project on Chicago and surrounding neighborhood streets in Blue Springs

(Photo by Adam Vogler- Courtesy of The I-BS-GV EXAMINER)

I first saw this display in the late 1980's and- according to this story from the INDEPENDENCE- BLUE SPRINGS- GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER- the display has been an annual affair since 1982.

The lights go on Thanksgiving Day and run through New Year's Eve- from 5:30 p.m. to midnight daily.

Donations are taken- but not required at a booth at the end of the display on 1st Street- with the proceeds going to Blue Springs charities.


Friday, December 03, 2010

CSW Images: KC-MO Power-Light District on an Early December Day

Fighting a massive weekday traffic jam and the huge crowds in this $10-15-million-a-year civic masterpiece- I still managed to squeeze-off a few photos.

This is on 14th Street- looking east from Main

At least the old Empire Theater- now the Mainstreet Theater- looks good!


Traffic-Meter Signal Needed at Westbound I-435 Ramp From U.S. 69 and Quivira

On occasion- we go visit my brother "Zeppo" and his family who live in Olathe during a weekday and- in what will be decreasing occasions- it's around the evening "drive (park)-time."

Visits at those times will be decreasing- because westbound I-435 west of U.S. 69 becomes a gas-guzzling parking lot.

We notice all the traffic-metering signals on the I-435 ramps going EASTBOUND- but apparently KDoT ignores the westbound mess.

Look at this image taken from an Overland Park Traffic Dept. camera looking south on Quivira at I-435 and notice all the vehicles lined up to turn onto the westbound I-435 ramp from Quivira.

Also note- this image was screen-capped just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon- several hours before the evening commute!

We've noted the several times we're trapped in the westbound mess- that letting drivers in who have exited off of U.S. 69 OR Quivira is often a mistake- for those drivers take advantage of our consideration letting them in line- just to hold up the line trying to merge into the farther left 2 lanes.

In fact- this is much of the reason the far right lane of westbound I-435 past U.S. 69 comes to a standstill and barely moves- people merging in- then waiting to merge further left.

Hey KDoT- how about some of those traffic-metered signals on the WESTBOUND side of I-435 out there.

In addition- eastbound I-435 traffic merging into the southbound I-35 ramp at the big fly-over don't seem to know what YIELD signs mean- creating an even bigger mess.

We'll just restrict our visits until evening AFTER 6:30 p.m.- or on weekends I guess until traffic engineers get a clue.

Denver's John Elway Gets Taken in a Ponzi Scheme- Gets Mad at Reporter

Al Lewis is a financial reporter for the Dow Jones Newswire- formerly in the same capacity with a Denver newspaper- and does a monthly show with KOA-850 AM's Rick Barber in Denver.

Al recently reported that the former Denver Bronco quarterback John Elway lost tens of millions of dollars to a Bernie Madoff wanna-be Sean Mueller and when Mr. Lewis gracefully tried to get a statement and/or interview from Mr. Elway on the matter- the former quarterback was less than graceful to Mr. Lewis.  

Thursday, December 02, 2010

KC-MO Police Rule Westport Death of Man- Brian Euston- Is A Homicide

Your "news captain-" who works for the news department of a Kansas City television station (KSHB) monitoring weekend overnight news happenings- was on-duty the morning of October 10 when I heard the first report of a man who had suffered a head injury in Westport.

The report of that incident went to the station in my early-morning updates- and the story I compiled for this blog can be found HERE.

It's reported over the next few days that Mr. Euston had been out drinking with friends- and they had parted ways not long before Brian was found lying on the sidewalk with his mortal injuries by Westport security officers.

Speculation went from Mr. Euston simply falling and suffering his soon-fatal skull fracture- to being knocked down by someone.

Incredibly- it was reported even later that week that someone of questionable humanity had actually taken cellphone pictures/video of Mr. Euston laying prone and unconscious on the sidewalk- possibly even of the low-life(s) who knocked Brian down- and posted them on the Internet.

As the police began seriously investigating this incident- those images were removed from the place(s) they were posted.

Now- the police are calling Brian Euston's death "a homicide-" and detectives are seeking the "person or persons" who took the photos/videos.

I have been made aware too that some blogger has made Euston's death "a race issue."

The coward or cowards who took the images of Brian Euston need to step up and fess up.

The blogger making this- the death of A HUMAN BEING a race issue- needs to shut up.  

CSW BREAKING: House Fire With Rescues- Injuries in Lee's Summit MO

The fire was reported in a residence in the Raintree Lake subdivision just after 8:30 p.m. Thursday night.

Police and fire crews responded to the 4400 block of Southwest Rivulet- and when Pumper 5 and police arrived at 8:35 p.m.- they pulled 3 people from the burning house.

The injuries to those 3 people rescued are not indicated to be critical- two of those victims are children and one is an adult.

The fire- said by LSFD to be "in the 1st-floor living room-kitchen area" was reported "under control" at 8:53 p.m. and "out" at 8:57 p.m..

EMS crews transported "a 2-year-old" and a "3-year-old female(s)" to Children's Mercy Hospital- and a "30-year-old female who had to be rescued from a 2nd-story window" to Truman Med Center- Hospital Hill.

All had suffered "smoke inhalation-" but were in fair to good condition.

There has yet been no determination of the fire's cause.

Glenn Stevens- Raymore MO Man Wrongly Accused by Walmart and Versailles MO Police- Has A Blog

EVERY news media organization in America- certainly every news media outlet in Metro Kansas City- should be reporting the story of Raymore resident Glenn Stevens.

To my knowledge- ONLY KCTV-5- WDAF-4 and The KANSAS CITY STAR have bothered to report the injustice that is being perpetrated upon Mr. Stevens by MegaCorporation Walmart and Versailles and Morgan County MO law enforcement officials.

At any rate- Mr. Stevens' family has started a blog to keep us HIGHLY CONCERNED CITIZENS abreast of this bizarre case of an innocent man being railroaded by either stupid or VERY highly-misguided people.

Click HERE for the blog "Glenn Stevens Is Innocent" and please-

JOIN OUR COMPLETE BOYCOTT OF WALMART and VERSAILLES- MORGAN COUNTY MO until Mr. Stevens and his family receive apologies and re-compensation for their monetary losses and peace of mind!

CSW BREAKING: Eleven Displaced in KC-MO House Fire

The KC-MO Fire Department reports that eleven people- "2 adults and 9 children-" are homeless after a fire in their house near the Jazz District.

The alarm sounded at 5:04 p.m. for a house fire in the 2000 block of East 24th Street and when Pumper 10 arrived at 5:08 p.m.- smoke was reported coming from the 2nd-floor of the 2-1/2-story house.

Two handlines were used on the flames which were brought under control within 10 minutes of Pumper 10's arrival.

No one is reportedly hurt in this incident- and the Red Cross is enroute to provide the occupants assistance with temporary housing.

Help (Needed) Wanted: Editors at Kansas City STAR

Note the following screen capture from a K.C. STAR story posted on their Website concerning a pot-growing bust in The People's Republic(rat) of Johnson County KS:

I thought "professional grade black power" went out with the Black Panthers in the 1970's....

CSW BREAKING: Person Found Not Breathing in A Leavenworth KS Alley

Police- fire and EMS crews are tending to- as well as investigating- a person found not breathing in an alley in the 500 block of Miami in Leavenworth.

Emergency crews were called to the scene just after 12:35 p.m.- and as of yet- EMS has not transported that person to any medical facility.

There was no other information immediately available on this incident.

CSW BREAKING: Large Water and Gas Main Break in KC-MO

Several KC-MO Fire department companies- as well as the KC-MO Police department are on the scene of what is reported as "a large" water main break that has apparently also caused a gas line to leak at 12th Street and Belmont Avenue.

Both 12th Street and Belmont have been closed- and at least several homes and businesses in this area have been evacuated.

Emergency crews are awaiting both the Water Department as well as the Gas Service company crews to shut of the affected lines

This incident was dispatched by the fire department at 10:49 a.m. and the water department was notified shortly thereafter.

However- it has taken more than 90 minutes (12:26 p.m.) for a Water department "representative to arrive.

The situation was reportedly resolved without further incident or injury by 3 p.m.Thursday afternoon.


Metro Kansas City Neighborhood Christmas Displays No. 1 - The Babick House in Prairie Village

CSW is beginning a series of Metro Kansas City free Christmas light display locations that I hope to re-post every year for your enjoyment.

If you know of any neighborhood or extravagantly-done private home holiday light displays that I haven't posted- please let me know at !

The first posting will be one of the longest-running Christmas-themed displays at the Mike Babick's family home at 7611 Falmouth in Prairie Village KS..

I first viewed this classic in the late 1970's- the Babicks' have been putting up this display for about 40 years.

The lights are on from Thanksgiving until New Year's Day- dusk until around 11 p.m..

This Web page- by Keith Stokes (who the image is courtesy of)- tells the story of the Babick house display and the story behind it- as well as additional directions to the location of the display.


Corporate Welfare ("Tax Abatements") Roll-On For 2 KC-MO Projects

If it seems nothing larger than an outhouse gets built in KC-MO anymore without giving the developer tax breaks- you would probably be correct in that assessment.

The KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL reports the two latest corporate welfare recipients:

A) The "East Village" project for a parking garage- a 15-year "abatement and-

B) The Chatham Hotel building near the Uptown on Broadway- a 25-year abatement.


Wednesday, December 01, 2010

CSW BREAKING: "Fully-Involved" House Fire in Excelsior Springs MO

All Excelsior Springs (ES) firefighters- as well as fire crews from Kearney FD- are fighting a "fully-involved" house fire in the 100 block of Wildwood in ES..

The alarm sounded at 8:25 p.m.- and a police officer who arrived 2 minutes later reported that the house- "believed vacant-" was fully-engulfed in flames.

Thus far- no injuries are reported as fire crews have reportedly extinguished the heaviest part of the fire as of this post.

An American Carjacker's Delight


If you owned this car in Urban America- you could say "Ta-Ta" to your Tata.

Central States BREAKING News: Three Workers Critically-Injured in N.E. Oklahoma Feed Mill Explosion

The blast occurred earlier this Wednesday afternoon in Fairland- about 80 miles northeast of Tulsa- according to The TULSA WORLD website.

The three workers at the Simmons Feed Mill were "critically burned" in the explosion which occurred about 1:30 p.m.- stated the TW. 

Central States News: Iowa Man Dies After Clothes Tangled in Broken Truck's Drive Shaft

I don't/can't work on todays vehicles- probably due to the design (plot) of the automakers and their service departments.

Lucky for me (and probably you too) because- as reported by The OMAHA (NE) WORLD HERALD- a Sioux City IA man was killed when his clothes became entangled in his broken-down truck's drive shaft when he got underneath the truck to try to repair the problem.

Kansas City STAR's Yael T. Abouhalkah- Editorial Board Members- For Mayor

Mr. Yael T. Abouhalkah of The KANSAS CITY STAR's editorial board is SOoooooooo much more knowledgable than our current mayor regarding KC-MO's civic affairs.

Or- according to Mr. Abouhalkah's writings- one might be led to believe anyway.

He and his editorial board also knows what's so much better than recently announced "write-in" mayorial candidate Clay Chastain as well.

So- since Yael T. Abouhalkah (or any member of The STAR's editorial board) IS so expert on how Kansas City MO's government should conduct their business and affairs- I nominate Mr. Yael T. Abouhalkah (and the members of the ed-board) for alternative write-in candidates to be MAYOR(s) OF KANSAS CITY in 2011.


"Strong Proposals" for Downtown KC-MO Convention Hotel To Be "Kept Secret" from Taxpayers

Even though nearly a million of KC-MO taxpayer's dollars have ALREADY been spent on a HIGHLY questionable downtown KC-MO convention hotel project without so much as a shovelful of dirt turned or a single nail driven- yesterday's City "Clowncil" decision on the matter SHOULD drive KC-MO citizens into an at-least mild rage.

According to an article written by the KANSAS CITY STAR's Kevin Collison- the City Hall city "clowncil" sub-committee formed to bring this latest city 'white elephant' to life "plans to keep its deliberations secret until it makes a final recommendation to the Kansas City Council, probably in March" says The STAR's story.

You can link to past CSW posts on this crazy downtown convention hotel scheme HERE.

As much as The STAR and some citizens don't like our current mayor Mark Funkhouser- the man is AGAINST this and all projects that involve heavy taxpayer-subsidies (corporate welfare)- since KC-MO taxpayers ALREADY help several downtown hotels pay their bills to the tune of millions of dollars annually.

Also- if you think Bill George is in this because he's a stand-up and civic-minded Kansas Citian- don't buy that "pay-no-attention-to-the-man-behind-the-curtain" BS for one milli-second.

George- and the politicians (Clowncilmembers) he subsidizes stand to profit in many ways if this white-elephant hotel is built while us KC-MO taxpayers stand to lose more than we already have.

Voters: Ed Ford and Cindy Circo are two "clowncil" members behind this corporate-welfare project.

Circo's not seeking re-election- but her husband is thinking of running in her place.

Metro Kansas City Tornado Siren Test at 11 a.m.

So don't worry- no twisters within 800 miles nor Russian I.C.B.M.'s within sight! 

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

North KC-MO Police Chase- Lose Bank Robbery Suspects

Around 1 p.m. Tuesday afternnon- two men- one of them armed with a handgun- robbed the Bank Liberty at 1157 Burlington.

A few minutes later- a North KC-MO police officer spotted the suspects in their silver Chrysler Sebring with a Kansas licence plate and gave chase.

The suspects drove southbound on I-35 across the new Paseo bridge- then went right into the north Downtown freeway loop- then south on I-35 into the west loop where the NKC officer lost sight of the vehicle.

I was just 30 seconds away from a downtown overpass on the north loop where I had HOPED to snap a photo of the fleeing felons- but they zoomed by before I could get the shot.

There weren't any injuries in the holdup- nor in the brief pursuit of the suspects.

CSW BREAKING: Rural Home in Miami County KS Burning

The alarm sounded at 11:20 a.m. for Louisburg KS firefighters to respond to a residence fire in the 15500 block of West 299th Street.

A Miami County sheriff's deputy who was also notified shortly after the fire department dispatch- arrived at 11:24 a.m..

The deputy reported "the back" of the "2-story" house on fire- and even with "heavy smoke" in the house- the deputy bravely tried to determine if anyone was still inside.

At 11;30 a.m.- "the owner" of the house reportedly presented himself to that deputy- and told him that "no one was inside" the house "but a cat."

The first fire crew arrived at 11:32 a.m.- and the Paola fire department was also called to this scene as the fire-fight is underway in near freezing temperatures and brisk northwesterly winds.

More here as/if received on this incident.....

CSW Commentary: Investigation of Milburn Country Club Fire Should Be More Than Just The Cause

Okay- being a former firefighter and (I feel) still a part of the firefighting community- I REALLY hate to say this- but firefighting operations at yesterday's 3-alarm fire at the Milburn Golf course and country club SHOULD be closely examined.

First of all- media reports early-on in the fire stated that it took firefighters who responded on the initial alarm around 4:20 p.m. took "about 30 minutes to get water on the fire."


The ONLY time it MIGHT take 30 minutes to get any water on a fire in a heavily-populated and urbanized area is when all the water mains have been ruptured by something like an 8.0 earthquake.

And even then- MOST fire engines/pumpers and even many of the newer (since the mid-1970's) multi-purpose aerial trucks have 500 gallon on-board water tanks.

There is/was simply no excuse for any reported scarcity of hydrants in that heavily-urbanized area around Milburn- but even so- that's why engine/pumpers carry lots of hose.

Here in KC-MO- hydrant locations are known- and with the on-board computers practically ALL those fancy Johnson County KS fire trucks have now- that information SHOULD have been readily available.

Also- the first TV news (KSHB) helicopter pictures showed NO FIREFIGHTERS on the roof of either the burning- nor nearby threatened structure(s).

When I was on the KC-MO FD from 1975-80- I was an "extra driver-" and drove EVERY kind (and year of rig from the late 1940's) of fire apparatus the department had- including the huge and powerful K.C.I. airport "crash" trucks.

When I was the driver (known as a "fire apparatus operator of FAO) of a "Truck" company or aerial rig- my job was to position that truck and prepare it for IMMEDIATE access to the upper floors and/or roof of the involved structure and the members of the truck's crew immediately went for search and rescue and ventilation of the structure.

I saw NONE of that ventilation early-on yesterday at the Milburn fire.

Lastly- here in KC-MO- we fight fires from INSIDE OUT- not the other way around.

From all I've heard and seen of the Milburn fire- crews DID go inside until it seemed they found a fire- then outside went all the crews it appeared.

Here- interior operations are maintained until it's obvious and clear that continuing interior operations would become ABSOLUTELY DANGEROUS to those crews- THEN they're pulled out until it's safe to re-enter.

I didn't see any hoselines running into the Milburn country club building on the helicopter aerial pictures I watched on KSHB-41 (who was there first)- KMBC-9 and KCTV-5.

I hate to admit it as I'm sure the Overland Park Fire department would- but they flat let that fire get away from them in my trained estimation.

And- having lived in Johnson County KS in the early to mid-1980's and having seen firefighters in that county battle several major fires- it's NOT the first time- by a long shot.

If I was paying as much in property and other taxes that Johnson Countians do- I would be just a TAD concerned today and especially if my home or business were to catch fire.

THAT's why I want Kansas City MO's heavily-trained and well-equipped fire department on any and ALL incidents in the city- not any suburban "mutual-aid" companies.


It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like ... Winter

With air temperatures in the upper-20's and wind chill values in the mid-teens- it's also spitting snow flurries around Metro Kansas City this wintry- late-autumn November Tuesday morning.

We're more fortunate than other "I-35ers" to our north.

The depicted image here shows a heavier snowfall at this hour from the "Swan Cam" at the University of Minnesota pointed at the Minneapolis skyline.

A warming trend back into the 50's is expected here in Metro Kansas City by the weekend- before another cold front arrives Sunday.

CSW BREAKING: Vacant Apartment Building Fire in KC-MO

Seven companies of the KC-MO Fire Department are making fast headway on a working fire in a 3-story- reported "vacant" apartment building in the 600 block of Benton.

The alarm was sounded at 8:51 a.m. Tuesday morning- and first-arriving crews reported "heavy fire on the 2nd and 3rd floors" of the building at 8:54 a.m..

As of 9:01 a.m.- this fire is already under control.

No injuries have been reported and the cause of the fire will no doubt be of suspicious origin.

Monday, November 29, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Hostage Situation in Wisconsin High School Has Ended

This is from radio station WHYB 103.7 FM in Marinette WI that- as of 8:20 p.m.- the hostage situation at the Marinette WI High School has ended and without any injuries.

CORRECTION ON INJURIESIt was later reported that the "15-year-old male" who was the armed student and hostage taker shot himself as police broke into the classroom at the end of this incident.

As of 10 a.m. Tuesday morning- that teen was reportedly "in grave condition" from his self-inflicted wound(s).

That teen later died of his injuries..


Armed Student Takes Hostages at a Wisconsin High School

As of this post- this is on-going and breaking news...

WFRV TV-5 News in Green Bay WI reports that a student armed with an unknown number of firearms has taken a classroom hostage at the Marinette WI High School.

Marinette is about 75 miles north of Green Bay and sits next to the border with Upper Michigan.

Reports are that just before the end of the school day Monday afternoon- the armed student rushed into a classroom at the school and has taken an unknown number of people hostage.

(Imbedded video link courtesy of WFRV-5 - Green Bay)



CSW BREAKING: Three-Alarm Fire at The Milburn Golf Clubhouse in Overland Park

At least 10 fire companies from Overland Park- Merriam- Shawnee and JoCo Fire District 2 are battling a 2-alarm fire at the Milburn Golf course clubhouse at 7501 West 69th Street in northern Overland Park KS..

The initial alarm sounded around 4:22 p.m. and a 2nd-alarm was sounded about 20 minutes later.

It took about 25 minutes to get sufficient water on the fire itself.

Fire has burned through the roof of the large clubhouse fanned by strong northwest winds and threatens the rest of the clubhouse which was originally built in 1917 and has been added onto through the years.

So far- no inuries reported and withing the past 20 minutes- no additional fire companies have been sent to the scene.

(Scene Images courtesy of KSHB-41 NBC Action News)

At 6:06 p.m.- a 3rd-alarm response has been requested and 2 minutes later 4 more fire companies were sent to the scene of this fire which has spread beyond the simulated flames in the image depicted here.

In addition- sightseers converging in the area possibly have contributed to an injury crash less than a block from the fire scene.

O.P. police are urging people to stay away from the area.

More as/if received....