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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Boycott Won't Hurt Walmart- But Sometimes You HAVE To Make a Stand

Oh brother- ANOTHER useless "boycott against Walmart" you say?

Yep- it's all we can do to clearly show our distaste to the wrong that the Walmart MegaCorporation has perpetrated on Glenn Stevens and his family.

You may have seen the post here at CSW- or seen or read elsewhere the story how Walmart- with the help of some shoddy or just plain stupid Central States police departments (Morgan county/Versailles MO is one)- have wrongly accused Glenn Stevens of Raymore MO of thefts from Walmart stores from Kansas to Illinois.

Never mind that Mr. Stevens has documented PROOF that he wasn't anywhere near ANY of the stores that were robbed of their merchandise.

Seems too when reading the various media accounts that MegaCorporation Walmart doesn't even care that they've cost the Stevens family nearly $100000 trying to prove their innocence (never mind it USED to be THEY had to PROVE guilt)- not to mention the intangible loss of the Stevens' peace of mind and sense of right and wrong and their very belief in the American "justice (for the rich)" system.

Granted- the couple of hundred dollars or so that Ms. Rittenhouse and I spend at Sam's Club and Walmart every month isn't going to bust that MegaCorporation or even make a microscopic scratch on their bottom line.

Fact of the matter is- it'll no doubt cost US in the savings we realize.

But doing the RIGHT thing against a clear wrong has it's price too

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