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Monday, November 29, 2010

KC-MO City 'Clowncil' Committee Meets Today To Plot Further Plunder of Taxpayers

The Great Recession (Depression) of the early 2000's is- contrary to mainstream news media accounts- far from over- both here in Kansas City and worldwide.

Yet- and incredibly- a KC-MO City "Clowncil" sub-commitee meets later today to push along the idea of a new- 1000-room "convention hotel" for downtown.

This is the same ill-timed/conceived- misguided plan that I've wrote about here- here- here- here- here- here- here- here- here- and here  (WHEW!).

On top of all previous posts/comments- this 'Clowncil' paid $130000 to the SAME firm who made the rosy- pre-construction financial estimates for the Power & Light district that now COSTS KC-MO taxpayers $10-15-million per year.

All of us Earnings Tax voters are WATCHING THIS CLOSELY City Hall....

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