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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Impeach The Entire KC-MO City Council (Clowncil) NOW

n light of continued decreases in city revenues and increases in services needed but are cut- our KC-MO City Council approved a quarter-million dollar expendature today- FOR THAT BLASTED 1000-ROOM CONVENTION HOTEL!!!

By a 12 yea to 1 nay (Mayor Funkhouser was the LONE sane person)- the collective "clowncil" approved MORE MONEY for this whitest of elephants.

Folks- that's 3/4 of a million dollars this clowncil has spend on this idiotic convention hotel without ONE SPADE OF EARTH being turned.

This calls for an IMMEDIATE impeachment- by the residents- of the City Council.

At least vote out EVERY clowncil member next election for approving this 3/4-million dollar drain for corporate interests.

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