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Saturday, December 19, 2009

Critical Injuries In A Lawrence KS Long Fall

was tipped around 1:20 am Saturday morning that 2 people fell 10 to 12 feet off a retaining wall on 9th Street just west of Emery in Lawrence and one of them was in pretty bad shape.

Lawrence/Douglas County EMS said that one of the victim's condition was critical- the other in serious condition. An attempt was made to fly-in a medical helicopter but the choppers weren't flying because of "low visibilities."

Both patients were taken to Lawrence Memorial hospital- with the critical patient "a 23-year-old female"- later transferred by L/DC-EMS to K.U. Med Center.

CSW BREAKING: Fatal Injuries In KC-KS Crash

t 1:09 am Saturday morning- Kansas City KS emergency services were called to a vehicle crash on southbound I-635 near 38th Street.

Upon arrival- crews found a SUV containing 3 people that had crashed into a concrete highway divider and rolled-over into the freeway's median.

One woman inside- the 29-year-old driver- wasn't breathing and had to be cut from the vehicle. Her condition remained very critical with "C.P.R. in progress" when she was transported to a hospital about 25 minutes later.

The woman later died of her injuries at K.U. Med Center.

There were 2 lesser-injured persons- one "a 30-year-old female" and "a 28-year-old male" both passengers- also taken to Metro trauma hospitals.

The Kansas Highway Patrol was investigating possible road rage as a factor in this fatal crash.

Fire Heavily Damages KC-MO Northland Home

n adult and 3 children have been rendered at least temporarily homeless after a fire early Saturday morning.

The fire alarm was sent to 5 KC-MO fire companies at 1:23 am to the 5400 block of Northeast 51st Street.

When the first pumper arrived at 1:29 am- smoke was pouring from the rear of the 1-story house as the 4 occupants stood outside in sub-freezing cold.

Two handlines were used on the fire that was under control at 1:38 am.

There were no reported injuries and the fire's cause is under investigation.

Red Cross responded to assist the family with temporary lodging.


Friday, December 18, 2009

Some Activity At Raytown's 63rd Street Bridge Replacement

any wonder why the City of Raytown MO closed the slated-for-replacement 63rd Street railroad bridge just east of Raytown Trafficway BEFORE the Christmas season.

It does tend to send through traffic away from the 2-3 blocks of 63rd Street "Downtown" Raytown..

Some said they have seen no activity there since the December 1st closing.

CSW dropped by for a photo of the site today and saw this crane and other construction equipment on and around the closed bridge.

We also saw this old tree chopped up on the southwest corner of the Raytown Water Company building's property.

The trunk was about 8-10 feet around- probably lived since the 19th Century. Progress.

We did see 2 actual construction/demolition? workers at the site.

Hey- it WAS lunch hour when we took the photo.

More on this construction project in the months to come.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

CSW BREAKING: Multi-Injury Crash on Westbound I-70 in Lawrence KS

ix people are reported injured in a 2-vehicle crash on westbound I-70/Kansas Turnpike between the East and West Lawrence interchanges.

The wreck happened just before 9:30 pm and it's on the westbound bridge over the Kansas River.

One vehicle reportedly has "5" people in it- 3 of them have EMS-reported minor injuries- but 2 are possibly seriously hurt.

The other driver's injuries are also termed serious and Lawrence-Douglas County EMS asked for additional help.

The crash is in one of the 2 westbound lanes- but traffic has been stopped near this wreck so expect traffic delays through at least 10:30 pm..

CSW BREAKING: A Barn-Burner In Independence MO

ive companies and their crews are working a barn fire in the 19200 block of East Salisbury Road in northeastern Independence MO..

The alarm came in at 8:53 pm and Pumper 8 could see flames and smoke looming from the burning structure "about a quarter-mile away" at 8:58 pm..

Dispatch initially said "a horse" was trapped in the barn- but at 9:14 pm- a fire department official said all the animals got out before firefighters arrived.

The barn does contain farm and other motorized equipment that is burning.

No injuries have been reported as of this post.

KC-MO Pizza Hut On Wornall Robbed

C-MO police are reporting the armed robbery of a Pizza Hut delivery driver- then the business itself just after 8 pm.

Metro Zone officers say 2 black males (with a clothing description) accosted the delivery driver outside the business at 7624 Wornall- robbed him- then forced the driver into the Pizza Hut where the thugs made all the employees lie on the floor- then took the cash from the register.

Reportedly- none of the employees was physically hurt.

The 2 robbers left on foot to an unknown getaway vehicle.

Lee's Summit MO Firefighters' Annual Charity 'Boot Block'

n 1975- I went through the Kansas City MO Fire department's Fire Academy with some training Lee's Summit smoke eaters- came to know most of their guys personally.

The LSFD guys were/are both professionals as well as class acts.

Their fire union Local 2195 will have off-duty Lee's Summit firefighters doing their 30th annual "boot block" to collect for a LOCAL needy families fund sayth The INDEPENDENCE- BLUE SPRINGS- GRAIN VALLEY EXAMINER in this story.

On December 22nd (Tues)- 23rd (Weds) and Christmas Eve (Thur)- these firefighters will humbly accept your donations at the intersection of 3rd Street and Douglas in classy downtown Lee's Summit from around 9 AM to dusk on those days.

Ms. Rittenhouse will drop by with our meager but heartfelt share one of the days and I urge all good Metro Kansas Citians to drop by there with what you can too.

With a Captain 'Nog' Morgan raised- I wish a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to all MetroRegion paid and volunteer firefighters- law enforcement officers and EMT-paramedics!


CSW BREAKING: "Shots Fired" After KC-MO Police Car Follow

C-MO Police undercover officers report "shots fired" at 36th Street and Wayne after they followed possible burglary suspects in a reported stolen car from south KC-MO..

As of this post- it appears no police officers were hit by the gunfire- but I can't say the same about any suspect(s).

No MAST-EMS nor fire department units has yet been sent to this scene.

Police had followed the suspect's car using unmarked police cars as well as the police helicopter.

More here if indeed anyone was shot....

CSW BREAKING: Large Brush Fire In Southeastern Jackson County MO

everal fire departments are either on-the-scene or enroute to what is reported as "a large natural-cover (brush-grass) fire" in the 12800 block of South Al Gossett Road.

The initial call came in just before 5 pm and addition assistance was requested once the dispatched fire company arrived on-scene.

Haven't heard if any structure are involved or threatened nor anyone hurt yet.

An Ottawa KS Hero

n this blog where I frequently have to report people's loss of their homes- businesses or worse- injury and death- comes this holiday feel-good story from The OTTAWA (KS) HERALD.

Reported is that last Friday morning a resident- Nick Harris age 32- who was dropping off his child to an elementary school in Ottawa witnessed a nearby resident accidentally back her vehicle out of the driveway and over another child who was walking to school.

Harris reportedly ran from his car to the scene and lifted the car off of the child.

The 6-year-old girl not only survived this potential tragedy with minor injuries- but was able to attend Mr. Harris' daughter's party the very next day.

Captain Spaulding owes Mr. Harris a free drink of his choice ... way to go Nick and a VERY Merry Christmas and all New Years to come from all of us!

News Media In Error: Area Police Have ALWAYS Had The Ability To Talk To Each Other

he widely-televised chase of non-felony crime suspects during Monday's afternoon drive-time ("rush? hour") brought side-stories for 2 days afterwards.

One of the stories focused on how Kansas City's police couldn't talk to Overland Park and other Kansas law agencies on their radios.

Well folks- it ISN'T because of Kansas City's reportedly "outdated radio system" that city leaders are throwing $34-million taxpayer dollars at for replacement.

I've been listening to public service- "police" radios since the 1960's. I still do.

There HAS been a radio channel around since that time that is available to EVERY law agency in America.

That frequency- 155.475 is the National Police Mutual-Aid (NPMA) channel (Fire depts. have one too- 154.28).

Kansas City MO's 800mhz trunked radio system has been linked into both the police NPMA AND fire mutual aid channels since the 800-system was installed for around $40-million in 1995 dollars.

By the way- KC-MO's old VHF radio system worked fine for more than 30 years.

The TV news story we saw said the various police agencies who worked that car chase down I-35 at rush hour "couldn't talk to each other."

Had all agencies had the NPMA patched into THEIR radio systems like they're supposed to- the radio communications problem wouldn't have been an issue whatsoever.

And it costs nowhere NEAR $40-million to ANY AGENCY to do this!

Yet the "news" media completely overlooked that fact and reported false facts without giving the viewer the complete story.

Like the Tiger Woods incident- let's just find a different angle to beat the same story to death.

And let's not even be totally ACCURATE when we (they actually- not me) do so.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Brief Pictorial: The Missouri River on a Sub-Freezing December Day

hese photos were taken yesterday afternoon on the banks of the Missouri River from Young Park in Riverside.

Note the ice floes.

Ice dams on this or any other stream can cause flooding in the winter- something we'll be watching for as we "officially" begin winter next week on December 21.

A significant winter storm continues to show on the weather models in the days before Christmas with chances for lighter snows up to the New Year.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Missouri Unemployment 'Catch-22' Apparently A Non-Story For K.C. TV News 'Investigative' Reporters

f you haven't read Ms. Rittenhouse's story of her issue with the Missouri Division of Employment Security (MODES) people regarding drawing unemployment benefits- having a part-time seasonal job and getting job training all at the same time- HERE it is.

The gist of her story is that she's holding a very part-time seasonal retail job and unemployment benefits fill the gaps her paltry paycheck does not cover.

Ms. Rittenhouse was offered a university-sponsored job training course- but enrolling in that course would jeopardize her part-time job and subsequently any unemployment benefits.

Apparently 2 of Kansas City's TV news 'investigative' reporters don't think this issue is important enough to air for anyone else in this dilemma.

KSHB's investigative reporter declined the story and WDAF's reporter has yet to return a call placed yesterday.

There are more people who've lost their jobs than at ANY time in UCSA (United Corporate States of America) history EXCEPT the Great Depression of the 1930's.

I certainly think that an under-employed person who has their unemployment benefits threatened if they take MODES-approved job training IS more of a story than at least 30% of the crap (Tiger Woods gossip- et al) I see airing on their newscasts.

But- after 18 years IN the news business- what the Hell do I know?

Good Samaritan Carjacked Near Ottawa KS Monday

42-year-old man saw a woman walking in the bitter cold on K-68 west of Ottawa on Monday morning and offered her a ride.

According to the story in The OTTAWA (KS) HERALD- the woman got in the man's "gold-colored Ford Escort with a Kansas firefighter license tag"- she pulled a gun on him and forced him to drive her to the area of Interstate 635 and State Avenue in KC-KS and forced the man to get out.

The woman- descibed in the article as "a white woman in her mid-30s with reddish blond hair ... described as being about 150 pounds and between 5 foot and 5 foot, 4 inches tall" drove off with the man's Escort.

The good samaritan was uninjured- but hopefully wiser about picking up pedestrians in a rural area.

Lane 4 Developers Take Over Management Of Empty Merriam KS Strip Mall

should have said that strip mall was VIRTUALLY empty- as the K.C. BUSINESS JOURNAL story said there had been "a temporary lease by a Halloween store" at the deserted strip mall that was issued a TIF (corporate welfare) by Merriam elected officials.

Lane 4- the outfit that bailed on the old Bannister Mall development in south KC-MO- will take over the responsibility of getting retail tenants into that strip mall that was built with taxpayer welfare but has since sat empty (except for that temporary Halloween store).

Merriam has leveled 161 homes- 300 apartments and 5 retail businesses to build- with TIFs- 2 under-performing retail strip centers on each side of I-35 at Johnson Drive.


Murder Near Fort Scott KS

he FORT SCOTT TRIBUNE reports of a homicide in rural Fort Scott Saturday.

Police found a 37-year-old man dead of a gunshot in a vehicle during the 9 o'clock hour Saturday night- and have arrested and charged a 24-year-old man for the murder.

Fort Scott is in eastern Bourbon County- approximately 75 miles south of Kansas City on U.S. Highway 69.


Faltering Economy Cause 2 Lake of The Ozarks Area Fire Companies To Close

hen municipalities start cutting fire and police protection for it's residents- you KNOW the economy is bad and the outlook for affected citizens even worse. says that the Mid-County Fire Protection District that covers 220-square miles – roughly 1/3 of Camden County – with six stations and responds to approximately 1,200 calls annually- is cutting one of it's only 10 full-time firefighters and closing 2 engine companies- among other cost-saving measures.

I would be VERY unhappy if I lived close to either of the 2 closing engine companies and hope this increasing trend of closing fire stations nationwide in response to The Recession (Depression) doesn't hit Metro Kansas City.

Lawrence KS Apartment House Destroyed By Fire

2-alarm fire in Lawrence late Monday night has destroyed a 2-1/2-story apartment house at 17th Street and Tennessee.

(Photos courtesy of Jacob Allsbrooks and The Lawrence JOURNAL-WORLD)

No one was injured in the fire that broke out around 9:45 am- but the structure's tenants are homeless and lost most of their possessions.

Investigators have yet to release the cause of the fire as of Tuesday morning.

Give To A Local Charity Instead of The Chiefs

nce again- our sorry excuse for a National Football League team will be trolling for ticket buyers for next Sunday's game to avoid a TV blackout of the game locally.

Meanwhile- numerous Kansas City charities are hurting for donations of food- clothing- toys and most of all money this recession (depression)-plagued holiday season.

I'm making a personal plea to those of you who MIGHT consider going to this Sunday's game (gluttons for punishment?) to instead give that ticket- parking and overpriced concessions money to one of Kansas City's deserving charities.

The charities ARE tax-deductable and your donation could make a BIG difference for some worthy person or family needing a helping hand to get through Christmas.

Even though I will be unemployed after this month and I have absolutely NO plans to watch the Chefs either at Arrowhead or at home- I'm going to give a cash donation to a local charity this week.

Please kind citizens of Metro K.C.- help those who need your help most- not a billionaire Texas family....


Monday, December 14, 2009

What Do Today's Teens Have In Common With Bing Crosby?

he answer: They prefer to relax or party with marijuana.

Bing CROSBY I say?

Yes- according to a paragraph from a bio I read on (yes- I know) Wikipedia- "der Bingle" prefered the 'Devil's' weed to alcohol.

Smart move Bing.

The latest 'study' shows an increase in pot smoking among America's teenagers- says this Associated Press dispatch.

Says White House drug czar Gil Kerlikowske in the AP story:
The "continued erosion in youth attitudes and behavior toward substance abuse should give pause to all parents and policy-makers ... these latest data confirm that we must re-double our efforts to implement a comprehensive, evidence-based approach to preventing and treating drug use."

Maybe the "continued erosion in youth attitudes" have more to do with a bleak outlook on their futures:

* A college education priced for princes (or corporate heads)-

* No good job prospects even if you COULD afford college-

* A Federal debt that will soon make the value of a dollar virtually worthless-

* Etc..

And- Mr. 'Drug czar'- if you want to start immediately on the "drug abuse" problem- immediately ban all advertisement of alcohol products.

What's that? Heh- I didn't think so....


Oklahoma Story: Why Cheaper Utility COSTS Don't Translate To Cheaper Utility RATES

hile we've heard lately from the news media that prices for natural gas has FALLEN- we hear only in quick snippets cases where the natural gas service providers have increased the rates to customers.

This story- from The TULSA (OK) WORLD- tells of how Oklahomans will see an almost $4 per month increase in their base gas bills.

This is the base story when citizens conserve things. The companies providing the product being conserved make less money since people aren't using as much of said product- and raise the company's rates to compensate- Catch 22 for the 2nd time today (see unemployment post by Ms. Rittenhouse).

At least gasoline prices seem to be responding- albeit slowly- to dropping oil prices ($69.50 a barrel- down $0.37 today as of this post)....


Missouri Unemployment Benefits and the Full Employment Council-Catch 22

am currently unemployed, seeking gainful employment, and receiving unemployment benefits. I am also registered at the Full Employment Council in hopes that they can help me seek gainful employment.

I received an email from my caseworker at the Full Employment Council last Friday for a class available to me (tuition paid), beginning today ending the last week of January. I was so excited, but then. And, here is the Catch!

If I attended the class, I would become unavailable for my part time (Christmas) seasonal job. And, therefore my unemployment benefits would cease.

I spoke with a clerk at the Missouri Employment Security office, and her supervisor, who stated a bunch of facts and was of no assistance, except to tell me I could not attend class and receive unemployment benefits, based on the fact that I would lose my job to attend class.

I called the Missouri Appeals Tribunal to inquire regarding an appeal of the previous information, and they could not advise me either, except to tell me it would take five weeks to get to be heard, and there was no guarantee of the outcome in favor of my continuing to receive unemployment benefits regarding my situation.

It just goes to show that all we hear about adults furthering their education, and how our Government will help is a bunch of hoop-la. I am angry because I try so hard to work with the laws and regulations in order to survive during these difficult times, only to be denied education or unemployment benefits (it's one, or the other).

Is anyone out there who can help me? Either with the logistics of this email or gaining full time work? I am interested in working full time. I am very qualified and have a long list of references. And, I would love to further my education. But, after today's news, this really is not how things work. How sad that what we hear, is not really true.

Mr. Obama, if I sent an email, would you have time to hear my story? Is anyone listening who really cares?


Fatal Crash Involving Wichita KS Police

he Topeka (KS) CAPITOL-JOURNAL reports a fatality crash Sunday night between a Wichita police officer enroute to a call and another motorist.

(Incident photos courtesy of The WICHITA (KS) EAGLE)

The motorist was killed- the Wichita cop suffered "minor injuries."

What the reader doesn't get is information such as a) Did the officer have his lights and siren going and b) how fast was the officer going when he broadsided the other car (and yes- by all appearnces- the motorist killed was in the wrong here).

Maybe the news media is awaiting the "official" report from the Wichita Police Department....


Tax Increment Financing (TIF) Fight In Osage Beach MO

ust like MOST of us are comfortable with the fact that Kansas City's Country Club Plaza is NOT blighted- I believe most of us would also feel the same regarding the Lake of The Ozarks (LOTO).

Yet- Osage Beach elected officials gave a $3.5-million TIF to Springfield MO developer John Hammons to build a luxury hotel and other amendities at LOTO's Osage Beach near the Bagnell Dam.

Now- Osage Beach officials want to rescind the TIF- and a court battle is underway.

Hammons apparently promised somewhere along the line that his project would be built with or without the Taxpayer Welfare for Developers (TIF) and some of the commenters here on the LakeNews Online page where the article is located seem to know little to nothing on how TIFs work.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Crash During Independence MO Police Chase Injures 3

car containing 3 people being chased by Independence police crashed on eastbound I-70 between Lee's Summit Road and I-470/M-291 about 3:25 pm Sunday afternoon.

The pursued car lost control- vaulted over a guardrail and rolled down an embankment on the south side of I-70 near the Bass Pro Shop complex.

At least 2 of the reported 3 occupants were ejected from the car during the crash.

One male about 20-years-old had very critical life-threatening injuries.
Another young male had serious to critical injuries and the 3rd male's injuries were non life-threatening.

So far- don't know why the IPD was chasing the vehicle or how fast they were going when the crash occurred.

KC-KS House Fire

ire has virtually destroyed an unknown-occupany house at 840 Ann Avenue Sunday afternoon.

Five KC-KS Fire companies responded on the alarm sounded just after 1:30 pm and within minutes- found amoke and fire showing from the 1-1/2-story structure.

The crews advanced hoselines into the front door of the burning house- but- at 1:39 pm- all interior crews were ordered outside while a ground and aerial attack on the fire was mounted.

The fire's under control by 2 pm with no injuries reported. The cause of the fire is under investigation.


Shooting In Downtown Lawrence KS

The trouble started with a verbal disturbance around 1:50 am in front of the Granada Theater at 1020 Massachusetts Street in downtown 'Larryville.'

There was no scheduled public event at the Granada and the verbal disturbance quickly became a large- physical one.

A woman was assaulted- then a Lawrence police officer as the melee spread south along Mass and adjacent streets and shots are heard ringing through the night air.

At 2:13 am- a "19-year-old male" is reportedly "shot in an arm." He's taken to the Lawrence hospital in good condition.

A Topeka man is also arrested and charged with assault on a police officer among other things.

Mass Street as well as the downtown Lawrence area was cleared of any additional troublemakers by 2:45 am..

KC-MO Cop Chases Possible Drunk Driver Almost 20 Miles

KC-MO traffic unit cop spotted and attempted to stop a possible drunk driver on northbound U.S. 169 near Barry Road about 1:48 am Sunday morning.

The male driver sped off at speeds reported in the low-80-mph range then 90 mph- toward Smithville.

At 1:54 am- the driver made a U-turn on U.S. 169 in Smithville and led the chase back into KC-MO- again at speeds around 80-90 MPH.

By 1:56 am- other KC-MO North zone patrol officers were in position and set up tire spikes or "stop sticks" on southbound U.S. 169 south of I-435.

The male suspect struck the spikes at around 80 MPH- soon setting off a shower of sparks down the highway as the flattened tire peeled away to a bare wheel rim.

The suspect continued south a short distance- pulled off onto Northwest 108th Street and ditched his disabled vehicle in a cemetary.

At 1:58 am- officers had the man in custody and under arrest.

No wrecks- injuries or damage other than to the suspect's vehicle resulted in the nearly 20-mile pursuit.

Edwardsville Cop Hurt In KC-KS Crash

n Edwardsville KS police officer suffered non life-threatening injuries after a near head-on crash on Kaw Drive around 12:40 am Sunday morning.

Emergency crews were already responding to a 12:39 am call of a reported assault victim at the Roadhouse Bar in the 6500 block of Kaw Drive when the crash was also reported on Kaw Drive just west of that call.

Crews arrived to find the 36-year-old driver of the "1/2-ton pickup" that struck the Edwardsville officer's car and rolled-over "face down- in a ditch and unresponsive" to bystanders.

He was the most seriously injured and was taken to a Metro trauma hospital.

It's not yet know if the assault call was related to the wreck- but the assaulted victim refused EMS assistance.


Fires Damage Homes In KC-MO and Olathe KS

C-MO and Olathe firefighters have been kept busy Sunday morning on working house fires- but no injuries have been reported and all 3 fires are under investigation.

The first fire was in a 2-story house in the 2500 block of Askew at 1:52 am.

Two "small streams" or 1-3/4-inch handlines were used on the fire that was "under control" at 2:03 am.

The next fire was in Olathe KS at 3:06 am in the 100 block of South Janell.

First-arriving fire crews reported "fire showing from the front porch" of the house when they arrived at 3:10 am and this fire wasn't under control until around 4 am..

The latest fire was reported at 4:33 am- KC-MO Fire went to the 3000 block of East 19th Terrace where they found a single-story house burning.

Two adults have been displaced by this fire that was under control at 5:11 am.

As of this post- no injuries repoprted on the East 30th Street fire- and no damage estimates yet available on any of these fires.


Cab Driver Shot In KC-MO

ew details- but serious injuries are reported to a male cab driver after a shooting in midtown KC-MO..

The incident was reported at 3:14 am at 39th Street and Troost.

No suspect or any other information was yet available.


BREAKING: As Many As 8 Hurt- 2 Critical On K-10 In Douglas County KS

MS reports patients in the roadway and in a ditch after a reported "1-vehicle" rollover crash on eastbound K-10 near Eudora.

The crash was first reported at 4:28 am east of the 11-mile marker on K-10.

A law enforcement officer who first arrived several minutes later first reported "2" critical patients who had been thrown out of the vehicle and onto the roadway- a minute later says "5" patients- then shortly after that the officer reports "8" persons injured in the crash.

No medical helicopters can fly due to fog in the area- and- at 4:37 am- Johnson County MEDACT-EMS sent 2 of their ambulances to assist. They had not arrived as of 4:50 am..

The closest medical trauma centers are here in the immediate K.C. Metro- 15 to 25 miles away from this incident.

More here as recieved....