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Saturday, January 10, 2009

Lee's Summit Police Nab Smash and Grab Suspect After A Chase

Just after 4:30am Saturday morning- Lee's Summit MO police received a burglar alarm from a business on Langsford Road near M-291.

An officer arrived minutes later a saw a possible suspect vehicle leaving the area. The officer gave chase.

Missouri Highway Patrol troopers from the nearby Troop A headquarters assisted in a short time as the chase wound around on streets north of Lee's Summit High School near M-291 East and U.S. 50.

At 4:43am- the suspect- "a white male wearing a black sweatshirt and blue jeans- bailed-out of chased vehicle- ran and hid from searching officers for about 10 minutes- then was captured without incident.

Police were investigating windows smashed in at least 4 businesses and items taken in what a police spokesperson described as "smash & grab" burglaries.

Among the items- lottery tickets with serial numbers that can be traced when the tickets are stolen.

The suspect- said NOT to be an area resident- is in police custody today.

KC-KS Man Shot and Critically Injured

At 6:50am Saturday morning- KC-KS 9-1-1 call takers received a report of a shooting in the 900 block of Cleveland in east-central part of that city.

Police and fire department paramedics arrived to find a 28-year-old male- shot in the upper groin.

An officer told Kansas City's Overnight News that the victim told them someone came to the victim's front door and when the victim opened the door- an unknown suspect shot the victim with an unknown caliber handgun.

The officer added that the victim "was not very cooperative" with police in describing a suspect.

Paramedics transported the victim in serious to critical condition to a Kansas City MO trauma center (does KC-MO hospitals NEED other cities' traumas?) .

Friday, January 09, 2009

Lee's Summit Domestic Dispute Leads To Killing

The LSPD got a call around 8:45pm Thursday evening for a domestic disturbance with a person armed with a gun in the 1200 block of Southwest Sunflower Drive.

Police arrived a short time later- finding a dead female just inside the residence. The only other occupant of the house- a male- was arrested by police and is considered a suspect in the crime.

Police have not yet identified the victim or the suspect.

KANSAS CITY'S BREAKING NEWS: Large Brush Fire In KC-MO's Northland

A regular alarm of 5 KC-MO fire companies are battling a brush fire in the Northland..

The fire in in the 4300 block of Northwest 78th Street. It's yet unknown how many arces are burning or if any structures are threatened.
More as received...
UPDATE: By 7:30am- this brush fire was under control with no structures involved and no reports of injuries.
The fire was fanned by southerly winds that will present an increased fire threat through tonight- when winds shift and become gusty from the northwest.

Kansas City's Breaking News Leader - NBC41 ACTION NEWS.


Thursday, January 08, 2009

Obama Wants Digital TV Conversion Date Postponed

This from the AP.

Makes sense since America's in a depression and the government has no more funds to allow poor people to buy digital conversion boxes for their analog TVs.

Maybe I won't have to throw my portable TV out after all....


Madoff Case PROVES Rich Criminals Treated Differently

Since I became aware of judicial processes over the past 40-50 years- one nearly constant truth prevailed: Justice is bought and the rich & powerful buy their way out of most crimes you or I would be locked away for.

Case #288962 in point is this ripoff artist Bernard Madoff.

They catch the guy ripping people off FOR TENS OF BILLIONS OF $$$- so what does the "justice system" do?

Put the criminal under HOUSE ARREST - in his mansion- while his millions of victims suffer. One even killed himself over Madoff's crimes.

THEN today we find out that Madoff and his wife- while under house arrest- sent out more than $1-million worth of gifts to friends and family over the Christmas holiday.

Just that much less for the ripped-off investors to recover.

There shouldn't be ANY debate today over jailing Madoff and seizing/freezing every one of Madoff's assets.

Oops- I forgot. This criminal is a RICH GUY.

Never mind.

Oil Companies Resolution For 2009: Gouge Americans Again

Although at this writing the price of a barrel of oil has dropped to around $42.34- gasoline prices have been RISING again.

Most area gas prices are again approaching $1.60 per gallon- after being around $1.30 per gallon when oil-barrel prices were similar to today.

Reports from news sources also report that oil companies are leaving fully-loaded oil tankers off-shore- waiting for a good time to gouge America with exorbitant fuel prices.

Americans- conserving gasoline since summer- are now being rewarded with higher fuel prices and talks of raises in fuel taxes.

You CAN'T win!

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

American TV Network Will Rely On British TV To Cover An American War

Boy- does this have an American corporation trying to save money at the expense of news coverage written ALL over it:

ABC News has announced- via this story from the BROADCASTING AND CABLE Web site- that ABC will be letting BBC cover the Iraq ("Bush's Folly) War for ABC.

No word when ABC will be relying on BBC to cover news in America...

FINALLY - A Petition To Drug Test Politicians

You can find and sign this petition HERE.
To quote CSN&Y: "It's been a LONG TIME coming...."

Preliminary: 114 American FIrefighters Died In 2008

A big THANX to Ms. Rittenhouse for this:

USFA Releases Provisional 2008 Firefighter Fatality Statistics

EMMITSBURG, MD. – The United States Fire Administration (USFA) announced today there were 114 on-duty firefighter fatalities in the United States as a result of incidents that occurred in 2008. During this period, there were firefighters lost from 34 states and one from the Virgin Islands. North Carolina experienced the highest number of fatalities (11), while Oregon (9), Pennsylvania (9), California ( 8), New York (7), Illinois (6), Missouri (6), and Ohio (6) each suffered more than 5 on-duty losses.

"The tragic losses of on-duty firefighters in 2008 are a reminder of the necessary commitment and efforts by firefighters in all fire departments across the United States to focus on and improve our operational safety," United States Fire Administrator Greg Cade said. "We understand all too well that many of these losses are preventable. The USFA remains dedicated to continuing our efforts to ensure 2009 is a year where we reduce these losses so that firefighters can return home safely to their families and continue serving their communities."

As the USFA continues to collect and evaluate information regarding the 2008 on-duty firefighter deaths, here are some of the early known facts:

* Preliminary estimates indicate that heart attacks and strokes were responsible for the deaths of 50 firefighters (43.8%) in 2008. This shows a decrease from 54 of the 118 (45.7%) firefighters in 2007.

* In 2008, 26 on-duty firefighters died in association with wildland fires.
o This loss is more than double the 11 wildland firefighter fatalities in 2007.
o The 2008 toll is also above the annual average of 21 wildland fire-associated fatalities over the past 10 years, 1999-2008.

* For 2008, 64.9% of all firefighter fatalities occurred while performing emergency duties.

* Twenty-nine firefighters died in 2008 as the result of vehicle crashes.
o Fourteen of these deaths involved aircraft crashes.
o Fifteen firefighters died in motor vehicle crashes.
+ Six firefighters were killed in crashes involving their personal vehicles and three died in water tender (tanker) crashes. These two vehicle types have historically been most often involved in crashes that take the lives of firefighters.
+ Speed and a lack of seat belt use historically contribute to these incidents.

These fatality statistics for 2008 are provisional and subject to change as the USFA contacts State Fire Marshals to verify the names of firefighters reported to have died on-duty during 2008. The final number of firefighter fatalities will be reported in USFA’s annual firefighter fatality report and is expected to be available by early July.

Monthly Siren Test

The air raid/tornado warning sirens were tested today as they are the first Wednesday of every month at 11am local time.

If you heard them where you are- the local siren worked. If not- contact your city fire department and tell them.

Local Investors Buy Under-performing Olathe Mall- Want City $$$ Help

Here we go again!

It seems in this day and age- no monied "investors" will touch a new construction project or buying of existing properties without taxpayer welfare.

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that local investors have bought The Great Mall of The Great Plains from the firm that ran the mall's potential into the ground- well- nearly so.

Never mind shopping malls across America are failing- the local investors didn't just do this for civic pride.

The purchase and promised improvements come with a cost- to Olathe taxpayers.

Quote from THE STAR article buried more than halfway down the story:

"The new owners also are in talks with Olathe city officials about financial incentives for redevelopment. Block said the incentives are necessary to bring in “new and exciting and large retailers” that will set the mall apart from others in the area."

"“When times were good we gave the incentives to the Bass Pros and the Nebraska Furniture Marts,” Block said. “So what do you do when times aren’t as good?”"

You turn to corporate welfare- THAT'S what you do Mr. Block.

I look for existing businesses to start holding the cities they are located in hostage for tax incentives soon.

This will snowball until the individual American taxpayer finally revolts (some already have). Only then will all the taxpayer welfare for corporations end.


AP: "Crosswinds A Factor" In Denver Jet Crash

A "37 MPH" crosswind possibly "wind-vaned" that Continental 737 that went off the runway in Denver last month- states a party in this Associate Press article.

That's one of the theories behind the crash on December 20 that sent the 737 sailing 2000 feet off a runway- then catching fire- injuring 37 but killing no one.

Experienced pilots aren't buying that 37 MPH wind gust as the sole cause of the crash- since that's way- way below the ground wind speeds that the 737 is designed to operate in.

Good thing- if those kind of winds on the ground cause a jet to spin around- we'd be building airports with runways in every direction or grounding every flight suffering a 35+ MPH crosswind.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Olathe Purse-Snatching Makes Headlines

This incident reportedly happened Monday during local television's 10pm newscasts.

A woman who was walking across an apartment complex parking lot had her purse snatched by "a man"- only description according to this KANSAS CITY STAR article.
The victim wasn't hurt other than the mental trauma.

It was headline news on most early TV newscasts- it'll probably make at least the "B-block" on evening newscasts.

POINT: My speciality since 1991 is tracking these sort of things for local news media. Purse-snatching happen all the time in other areas- particularly the 2 Kansas Citys.

Sometimes someone gets hurt and unless the injuries are severe the incidents don't get reported at all except in published police blotters.

In the time spent airing a VO-SOT or live shot of a non-serious crime in a suburban city of around 100000 people- instead read and roll a list of all similar crimes all over the Metro.

Or just the 2 Kansas Citys- where more than one-half million of your viewers live.

It's also too bad I wasn't "on-duty" that night. Although I wouldn't have classified this incident as headline news- I would have at least managed to acquire and publish better suspect descriptions than "a man."

That makes around 50% of the population suspect.


Trans-Texas Transportation Corridor Officially Dead

A few years ago- the Texas Department of Transportation (TX-DOT) made ambitious plans to build additional lanes on existing highways as well as new- proposed toll lanes.

All this was to handle the forecasted increased cargo coming up from Mexico to Kansas City's foreign trade zones (specifically the KC Southern facility at the Old Richards-Gebaur Air Force base and BN's new freight facility near Gardner-KS).

Right of way for new pipe and rail lines were also proposed in the plan.

However- after a number of public forums on this proposal- the State of Texas has shot down the not-so-glorious "Trans-Texas Plan"- according to this story from the HOUSTON (TX) CHRONICLE.

No-Driving 101: Entering - Exiting Freeways

The continuing tutorial containing no secondhand smoke- but four to one hundred and twenty times as likely to kill you (and me)...

Today's Lesson: Entering and exiting freeways.

The recent surge in gasoline prices made these maneuvers particularly tricky- as you had people actually driving BELOW the posted speed limits as well as those in their Consumption Chariots driving their normal 80 MPH..

Most of those driving slowly (trying to conserve fuel- heh) tend to be in that lane closest to the freeway on-ramp.

Without using that lever we discussed in the last lesson- enter the freeway on-ramp at a low speed and- regardless of the freeway ramp's grade (even a downhill one)- maintain a speed on the ramp at least 10-15 MPH below that of existing traffic.

Maintain that speed regardless of the speed of the freeway traffic and- again not using that left-hand lever- gradually but surely nudge over into the freeway's right lane. Relax as you hear screeching noises and crashes behind you and without using the left lever- merge into whatever lane that pleases you.

Use extreme caution merging rapidly upon entrance into the far left lane- as other no-drivers are probably not paying attention as they whiz along anywhere from 10-20 MPH above the posted speed limit.

Make sure your own speed is at or below the posted speed limit as you merge into these far left lanes- remember- it's from the far left lane that we're going to exit the freeway (yes I know- MOST freeway exits are on the right- but hey- we're NO DRIVERS!)

Now- we're cruising along in the left lane. You may now accelerate above the speed limit- as well as eat- put on makeup- converse and/or text on your cellphone. The stripes painted on the roadway are only GENERAL markers- you're fine if you keep your vehicle on the roadway at all.

Rear view mirrors? Hell- who cares what's BEHIND you- we're not driving in reverse.

Cruising along in the far left lane- we see we want off on the next exit- only 200 feet ahead- and on the RIGHT. Some may- at this time- want to consult that rear view mirror as you drift toward the right lanes.

DO NOT DO THIS- this is a common mistake of DRIVERS- many of which use the left-hand lever in conjunction with the mirror. This can cause slippage of cellphones- beverages- makeup kits and food items.

Without reducing speed- immediately aim your vehicle toward the off ramp. The risk of this maneuver increases with the number of freeway lanes you must cross at the last second to reach your exit. Hope other drivers are fully-insured as you are (optimally) not.

If you have made it successfully down the freeway's off ramp- you are now free to ignore the panhandlers waiting at the traffic signal at the end of the ramp...

And YOU have made another trip as a (nearly) professional no-driver.

Next lesson: No-driver parking.


Monday, January 05, 2009

The Gaza Strip Is Doomed

An Associated Press article has a quote from an Israeli official when asked when the bombing/military assault of the Gaza Strip will end:

"Israeli Defense Minister Ehud Barak said the offensive would go on until Israel achieved "peace and tranquility" for residents of southern Israel."

I read this to mean that Israel is going to destroy every living thing in the Gaza and probably most of the Arab world as well.

Quit the vaccous lip service LameDuck Bush- cut off American aid to Israel until this idiocy stops....

New Kansas City Performing Arts Center Taking Shape

Here are a few photos I took this morning of the new Kauffman Center at 16th Street & Broadway. Click on the image for full size.

These photos were shot from 1) the southwest corner of the intersection of 18th Street & Broadway looking northeast and 2) & 3) from the construction fence along 18th Street east of Broadway looking north.

I'll try to update these weekly to document the progress going on just outside the southwest Downtown Loop.


No-Driving 101: Your Vehicle's Accessories

Since there's hardly any driver's education classes offered in public schools anymore- I thought I'd step up and offer helpful hints to the many no-drivers on our nations roads and freeways.

First lesson: Your vehicle's accessories.

See that lever on the left side of the steering wheel? That's your tune signal/lane change indicator (no- not the lever that adjusts your steering wheel).

The turn signal/lane change indicator is to used ONLY IN EMERGENCIES: like when you have to turn or change lanes when there's a police car behind you.

Otherwise- don't touch this lever- continue to talk or text on your cellphone and leave the other hapless drivers around you clueless as to what your next move (usually sudden and without warning) will be.

"But Captain- I didn't use this lever and got into an accident. What then?"

Well- constant use of that lever will possibly make you a DRIVER- and no no-driver wants THAT do they?

Next lesson: Proper no-driver freeway ramp etiquette.


Prescription Drugs

Small wonder prescription drugs are so high- the drug companies spend millions on TV advertisements.

They can't get away with 30-second commercial blocks too- they HAVE to be at least a minute long so they can spend the first 15-seconds telling you what the drug will do FOR you- and the other 45 seconds what the drug will do TO you.

Like the line from that Blood- Sweat & Tears tune: "Just let me go naturally."