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Saturday, September 03, 2016

Oklahoma Earthquake Felt Widely in Metro Kansas City.

No reports of damage as of this posting- but many people in the Metro felt this M5.6 quake located near I-35 and Ponca City OK at 7:02 am CDT..

Wednesday, August 31, 2016

Metro Kansas City Rainfall Maps - August 23-30 2016

These totals are from last Tuesday night when the rains starting coming through tonight

Today's rains brought up to 2.5-inches in a couple of isolated areas of west Shawnee and Parkville.

In the past week shown here- 9 to nearly 10 inch amounts are found in Johnson county (JoCo) KS...
Around Olathe in the Cedar- Mill and Indian Creeks headwaters and northern Merriam to central Shawnee along Turkey Creek's drainage.

Many 8-9 as well as 6-7-inch areas throughout the Metro as shown in map images as follows... 

The Kansas City Northland and a few Wyandotte county KS gauges...

The Southland- Johnson county KS and Kansas City and burbs MO...

One more round of rain today into tonight - then it should dry-out for at least the next 4 days after.

Tuesday, August 30, 2016

High-Speed Chase Winds Through Kansas City- Lee's Summit and Independence MO

The pursuit began around 7:15 pm near Worlds of Fun after a woman driving a "dark (colored) Pontiac G-5" "rammed" and attempted to strike a Clay County sheriff deputy .

The chase went south on Randolph from N.E. Parvin Roads into Randolph- then to I-435 and south.

Along the southbound leg of this chase- speeds reported more than 100 MPH and the suspect drove on the freeway shoulder at times to avoid unaware drivers.

In the Grandview Triangle in south KC-MO- the chase gets dangerous as the woman goes across a median and starts driving east in the westbound lanes of I-470.

The woman drove east on the inside shoulder against the median all the way to U.S. 50/M-350 and "stopped under the (US 50) bridge."

The driver managed to drive-across I-470 to a northwest-bound M-350 ramp where the driver continue toward Raytown.

A crash was reported on westbound I-470 at US 50 shortly after the chase left this area- but it's not known if related to the pursuit.

At M-350- the suspect goes north on narrow Noland Road- to US 40 where she pulls into the "crowded" according to KC-MO Police helicopter- Hy-Vee grocery store parking lot.

After winding around the lot- the woman drives onto US 40 westbound.

With tires now flattened by police stop-stix- the driver gets on I-70 near Sterling and goes westbound.

By Wbnd I-70 and Manchester- at least 3 of the woman's tire are flat and the vehicle is "riding on rims" at about 30 MPH.

At 7:55 pm- the pursuit comes to a stop off the westbound I-70 exit to Jackson- where the woman is taken into custody.

Arrested was 35-year-old Barbara Hoeflicker- charged with drug possession- resisting arrest- three counts of assault and apparently not charged with felony eluding police.

Kansas City MO: Critical-Injury Wreck- Gunshot Victim in South-Central

At 8:33 pm- a KC-MO Police Metro Zone police officer is needing assistance at an at-least 2-vehicle crash at 63rd Street and Prospect in south-midtown KC-MO..

There are critical-injuries indicated with PD reporting "2 trapped" and "at least 3 ambulances needed" there.

A male in one of the vehicles had reportedly been found to have gunshot wounds by police minutes later.

A suspect vehicle is being sought- and 63rd St. and Prospect is closed.

At 8:43 pm- one KC-MZ police officer by radio was referring to  this incident as "a fatality."

Reports are that the male gunshot victim was either trying to get away from the shooters and/or was trying to drive himself to Research Med Center up the street when he ran the red light at the intersection- causing the fatal crash.

BREAKING: Shooting at Kansas City MO's Minor Park

It happened around 6:30 pm Monday evening near Blue River Road and Red Bridge- according to KC-MO Police Metro/South Zone radio.

Reports are that "2 groups of people were shooting at each other-" and about 20 minutes later- "a male with 2 gunshot" wounds appeared at St. Joseph Med Center.

His medical condition is unknown.

There currently isn't any suspect info- and PD is searching the area for a crime scene.

BREAKING: Crash As Result of High-Speed Police Chase in S. Independence MO

The chase- believed by KC-MO North Zone or IPD- was picked up as it went south on Crysler from 23rd St. in Independence (IN-MO)- reported speeds of up to "110 MPH" reported on that 2-lane mostly residential street.

At 6:27 pm- the chased vehicle reportedly "crashed-out-" possibly with another vehicle containing "2 kids" at "47th St. and Crysler at the IN-KC-Raytown MO borders.

The children were reportedly not seriously hurt.

Chase believed of a stolen vehicle- but that has not been confirmed.  A male suspect from that vehicle was arrested.  

Monday, August 29, 2016

BREAKING: Townhouse Fire in Grandview MO

Grandview- Belton and KC-MO Fire departments are at the scene of a townhouse fire in the 6600 block of East 128th Street in Grandview.

The alarm was sounded at 9:14 pm Monday evening- with the report that "there was a fire in the garage of a residence" there.

At 9:16 pm- Belton Fire was requested.

At 9:18 pm- the Grandview fire chief arrived- reporting "heavy fire" that had spread into the 2-story structure.

A "regular alarm from KC-MO" was requested at 9:19 pm..

At 9:28 pm- Grandview Fire reports the blaze "under control."

It was reported the occupant of the burned structure had escaped uninjured.

Cause not yet known at this report.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

Motorcyclist Critically-Injured in SE Kansas City MO

Just after 11 pm Sunday night- a man on a motorcycle reportedly slammed into the back of "a full-sized Ford pickup" truck on Blue Ridge near 87th Street.

The gravely-injured cyclist was transported by FD-EMS to a nearby medical trauma center.

No other details were available- quotes are KC Police and FD-EMS reports.


At 9:07 pm- KC Fire is responding on "a high water rescue at I-70 and Prospect. 

At 9:11 pm- another rescue at "29th St. and Jackson."

Flooding of Cleaver II Blvd. west of Benton Blvd. was also reported by a unit from Station 35.

A short line of showers and storms extends NW-SE from northern Lee's Summit to around Atchison KS..

More than inch amounts already reported in Old NE KC-MO and around Parkville.

BREAKING: Shooting in SW Independence MO

The call came in to AMR_EMS at 4:45 pm Sunday afternoon- to a "liquor store at 9911 E. U.S. 40 Hwy." where a person was reported to be suffering a gunshot wound.

IN-MO Police are investigating- and AMR-EMS transported "a 47-year-old male with a gunshot to the right upper back" emergency and in serious condition to a medical trauma center.

Kansas City MO- Murder-Suicide by Gun at 7th Heaven

Employee, suspect dead after shooting inside KCMO business: An employee is dead after a shooting inside the Kansas City business 7th Heaven on Sunday afternoon, according to the Kansas City Police Department.

BREAKING: Kansas City MO- Multiple Shooting Victims- Shots Fired at Police

This occurred at 12:25 am in the area of "72nd (Street) and Wabash" and an "assist-the-officer (ATO)" was sounded citywide to all police zones.

Numerous officers from all over the city responded.

A female officer that requested the ATO stated that an unknown shooter "was shooting at officers" there- thought to be coming from a block west at Olive.

A "large crowd" was also reported in this area.

No officers had been shot- according to reports as of 12:50 am..

A very short time after this- an officer at Research Medical Center stated "2" gunshot victims had arrived there by private vehicle- one "shot in the stomach-" the other "shot in the chest."

Their conditions are not known.

Fire/EMS sent several fire units and at least 3 ambulances to the ATO scene for at least "2 victims" there- "a male and a female."  

At 12:46 am- a critically-injured male victim from the ATO scene was being taken to a midtown medical trauma center by FD-EMS "Medic-37."

The reported female victim was apparently not transported.

Police have closed off Prospect from 75th St. north past Gregory Blvd.- and Gregory Blvd. west of U.S. 71/Bruce Watkins Expressway as this entire area has been cordoned-off and a police "command post" has been established in the area.

At 1:29 am per police reports- there was only one "walk-in" victim at Research/MC in addition to the other victim transported to another hospital by EMS.

Refresh this post for updates as received....