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Saturday, June 30, 2012

News Around Metro Kansas City- Morning of June 30- 2012

With the hot- humid summer weather comes LOTS of activity overnight on weekends...

Crimes Against People

  • Around 1:36 a.m- a shooting was reported in the 1500 block of West 12th street in Kansas City MO's West Bottoms.

There- police found a male who had been shot by who he reported as "3-4 Hispanic males in a gold-colored Ford Explorer with a Kansas license."

The suspects were reportedly "armed with an assault rifle and a shotgun."

Police say the victim "wasn't going to prosecute" the perps- and the victim had serious to critical injuries as he was transported to a hospital...

  • Another KC-MO shooting at 12:37 a.m. found a man shot in the back and in serious condition.

This one occurred at Linwood Boulevard and Cleveland- but no suspect information was available 

  • Around that time- KC-MO Fire-EMS was dispatched to a medical call in the 3100 block of East 49th Street.

Police called at 12:52 a.m. to the address on the request of the EMS crew found a female in her 50's with "a hole in the back of her head" along with other injuries.

The ambulance rushed the critically-injured woman to a hospital- where police later report arresting a possible "male" suspect who had "gone to the hospital to check on the victim's condition" police said.

Vehicle Crashes

  • A crash with suspicious circumstances occurred about 4:44 a.m. at Bannister and Fremont in south KC-MO..

Emergency crews arrived to find "a black- full-sized pickup truck" with "heavy damage" and the female driver "unresponsive."

Police had believed the wreck involved a 2nd hit & run vehicle- and were looking for "a light-skinned black male" seen walking in the area.

The word "rape" was also mentioned in regard to this incident.

The female driver"around 30-years-of-age" but "with no visible injuries" never regained consciousness as she was being taken to an area hospital in serious to critical condition.

  • A 4:04 a.m. "traumatic injury" call to a nightclub in the 7400 block of East U.S. 40 highway and a 3:54 a.m. call to a "motorcycle" crash on eastbound I-70 near Sterling Avenue was reportedly related...

Emergency crews arriving at the I-70 wreck scene reported finding "a motorcycle down in the middle of the" freeway- but no one around.

It turns out the motorcycle's driver had somehow made it to the U.S. 40 address- where the ambulance crew was treating a male who had "a broken ankle" and other non life-threatening injuries.

He was taken to a hospital with curious police investigators not far behind... 


  • Around 1:53 a.m.- five companies of the KC-MO Fire department responded to the East Bottoms- a reported "house fire" on Rochester and North Garland.

Arriving- the fire crew reported heavy fire coming from a vacant house that was spreading to other structures and requested additional help.

Dispatching a "1st-alarm-" five more fire companies would arrive to help quell the flames that ended up devouring a row of vacant structures on the north side of Rochester just west of North Garland.

That fire was reported "out" by 2:35 a.m.- and no one got hurt.

The cause of the fire was "suspicious-" probable arson.

  • Fire did fairly minor damage to an Oak Grove MO house around sunrise...

Sni Valley firefighters were called to the 1400 block of Southeast 16th Place at 5:23 a.m. and when the first crew arrived at 5:29 a.m.- they had "smoke showing" from the "single-story" structure.

Although a "mutual-aid" fire company from Central Jackson County's department was sent at 5:31 a.m.- Sni Valley crews reported the fire "under control" three minutes later.

No one was injured.

Car Chase

  • Around 5:10 a.m.- Kansas City KS police and a Kansas Highway patrolman chase a vehicle east of I-70 from the western portions of Wyandotte county.

Only "traffic charges" are pending on the chased vehicle's driver.

Speeds of the chase varied between "100" and "120" mph as the suspect vehicle managed to "swerve" and miss at least one set of road spikes that other officers threw across the highway.

Police "terminated" the chase around eastbound I-70 and I-635 at 5:16 a.m.- with the suspect vehicle last seen around "7th Street" still eastbound several minutes later

Friday, June 29, 2012

Kansas City MO Pollys Set to Give Away The Farm to Lure Kansas-side Firm

Once again- the KC-MO City Clowncil- along with the State of Missouri- are positioning themselves to give a large amount of corporate welfare to lure a firm on the Metro's KANSAS side to Missouri...

In fact- the Clowncil is set to issue "$65-million" of "Chapter 100 (whatever the HELL that  is) bonds to build a building for a company- "Freightquote-" currently headquartered in Lenexa KS- according to this story in the KANSAS CITY BUSINESS JOURNAL.

The KCBJ story says that the City of KC-MO would be the virtual owner of the proposed "200000-square-foot" building that would be built very close to the St. Joseph Health (Medical) Center east of State Line and south of I-435.

That's only the tip of the corporate welfare iceberg...

KC-MO would alter the rules and provisions of those Chapter 100 bonds so Freightquote would get extended benefits (23 years!).

In addition- the building's site (hardly in a dilapidated area) would become a tax-increment financing (TIF) district- funneling more money that WOULD have been paid in taxes back to the company's coffers.

There's more...

According to KCBJ- the State of Missouri also would be involved- "the city’s economic development incentives are expected to be coupled with state-level incentives- including Missouri Quality Jobs- Missouri Build- state sales tax exemptions and recruitment assistance."

Except for the story in the KCBJ- I've seen absolutely nothing about this in or on any of the other of the Metro's "news" sources.

This lifelong Metro Kansas City resident can't wait to move the HELL away from this Corporate Christmasland....

Thursday, June 28, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Two Shot- 1 Dead in Kansas City MO

At 4:35 p.m. Thursday afternoon- a "witness" drove "two gunshot victims" to the emergency room of Saint Joseph Health (Medical) Center.

According to KC-MO Police- one victim brought to that hospital has died- the other was being transported to a medical trauma center (which St. Joe's is not).

That 2nd victim had at least one gunshot wound to the abdomen according to a KC-MO FD-EMS paramedic- and that victim's condition was critical but "stable."

Police report there is "a 15-year-old" and a "17"-year-old involved in this incident- not known if one was the "witness" though.

The shooting reportedly occurred at the YMCA at Red Bridge and Holmes.

No other details yet in what appears to be Kansas City MO's latest homicide  (50 or 51?).

Live Coverage of Colorado Springs-area Wildfire

In case you have family- friends or other interests in the Colorado Springs CO-area and you are concerned about the large wildfire- KRDO TV-13 is streaming their live broadcast of the "Waldo Canyon Fire" at this following URL:

May The Great Spirit keep affected residents and the many- many fire crews safe and well!

CSW BREAKING: Multi-Vehicle Crash on I-635 in Kansas City KS

Northbound I-635 has been closed at State Avenue as a result of a reported "5-vehicle" crash there.

The initial call went out at 12:15 a.m. Thursday morning- with the first arriving fire truck reporting the number of vehicles involved and ordering "2 additional" ambulances.

As of 12:53 a.m.- only two injured were transported by ambulance- a "17-year-old male who was in a car that was being towed by another van and was rear-ended" and a "19-year-old male in the van that was towing" the other vehicle- according to KC-KS FD-EMS radio comms to a local medical trauma center.

Both the injured sounded to be non life-threatening to my EMT-trained ears.

Didn't hear anyone in the vehicle that rear-ended the towed car taken to a hospital- potentially bad news.

Northbound I-635 remains closed as of 1 a.m. with traffic being diverted onto the State Avenue exit.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Open Message to KC-MO Fire Dispatchers: Don't Hang Up on Someone Trying to HELP!

Yesterday at 3:05 p.m.- Kansas City MO Fire and EMS dispatchers sent SOUTH KC-MO fire companies to a reported wreck involving an overturned concrete truck at "Westbound I-435 and Woodland."

Immediately I'm thinking- "where the heck does Woodland meet I-435 in south Kansas City?"

Responding Southland companies soon wondered the same thing over their radios.

There IS an interchange of I-435 and NORTH Woodland in Clay county- and shortly the KC-MO Police Shoal Creek Zone dispatch sends a car to that location to check.

Meanwhile- as the south KC-MO companies go looking in vain for the crash- I decide to call the KC-MO Fire dispatch non-emergency phone number.

I was TRYING to tell them that the Shoal Creek Zone cop HAD arrived at North Woodland and found the overturned truck "with the driver trapped- but conscious and talking" to the officer. 

Somewhere in the middle of my statement- the female dispatcher hangs up on me!

Shortly- fire dispatch sends ONE fire company to North Woodland- and- at 3:13 p.m. or a full eight (8) minutes after the initial crash dispatch to the (wrong) south location- an ambulance is dispatched.

Meanwhile- the Northland officer on the scene is wondering where the HELL the fire and EMS units are.

Kansas City MO citizens would not believe the fire and EMS dispatch screw-ups I have heard over the past several months since the new radio system was brought online and the fire dispatch center moved to the former MAST headquarters building near I-435 and Eastwood Trafficway.

After my experience yesterday- I won't be wasting my time to help-out the fire & EMS dispatchers as I sit back- listen and document these incredible screw-ups.

CSW BREAKING: Crash Involving Motorcycle on I-435 East of I-435 in Overland Park

This was reported at 10:11 a.m. as being "eastbound I-435 about 1/4-mile west of Quivira" and it involves a motorcyclist struck.

A KC Scout traffic shows all but the far outside lane (shoulder lane) open to traffic as police- fire and EMS units have arrived.

At 10:19 a.m.- emergency unit on-scene reports the "male" cyclist has serious to critical injuries- but the man was "conscious and talking" to the EMS crew.

At 10:28 a.m.- the patient was being transported to nearby Overland Park Regional Medical Center.

All but the "fast lane" of  eastbound I-435 had re-opened as of 10:35 a.m..

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Worker Critically Injured by Loose Hose Coupling

I didn't hear where this incident occurred- but around 10 a.m. Tuesday morning- the  medical report of a man apparently hurt at a worksite was monitored here at CSW...

It happened somewhere in the eastern part of Kansas City KS- when- according to the KC-KS FD-EMS report the man "was struck in the head by a hose coupling that came loose."

The paramedic reported that the coupling "weighed 25-30 pounds" and the man was "knocked out" and remained unconscious during his ride to the University of Kansas Medical Center.

The man's condition was considered critical.

Murder in Gladstone MO

At 11: 40 p.m. Monday night- a "man in his 20's" who had been gruesomely stabbed several times was driven to Kansas City MO Fire Station 38 at 8100 North Oak.

Firefighter-EMTs at 38's (one of my old duty stations) treated the gravely-injured man and a paramedic-EMS unit transported him to Liberty Hospital- where the victim passed-away.

The subsequent police investigation revealed the man had actually been stabbed in a residence in Gladstone- in the area of Northwest 64th Street and North Wyandotte- nearly 2 miles south of Station 38.

I'm sure police were talking to the person who drove the victim to help- reportedly the victim's girlfriend - as the man who was stabbed was barely alive when the ambulance transported him to the hospital.

Early Wednesday- police identified the victim as "25-year-old Juan M. Orozco-Vargus from Mexico City, Mexico" and Gladstone Police also reported "a suspect in custody."

Monday, June 25, 2012

CSW BREAKING: Serious Injury Crash on I-35 Ramp in Olathe

The crash is reportedly "involving a motorcycle" on "the northbound I-35 ramp from Santa Fe/Clairborne."

One serious to critical injury (the cyclist) is reported in the 4:49 p.m. incident.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Shooting in Swope Park Sunday Morning

Kansas City MO police report a victim arrived at a Metro hospital with critical gunshot wounds around 2:30 a.m. Sunday morning.

Police report the male victim was possibly shot "at the Pavillion in Swope Park" and was apparently driven to the hospital.

Homicide detectives were being called to that hospital about an hour after the victim arrived.

CSW BREAKING: Young Man in Critical Condition After Old Northeast Kansas City MO Shooting

The latest gunplay in Killa City was in Old Northeast KC-MO around 4:45 a.m. Sunday morning.

The incident was in the 100 block of North White- near St. John- when two unknown-race/description males shot a "22-year-old man" multiple times- then the suspects drove toward St. John in a brown 4-door car.

The KC-MO fire department EMS unit transporting the victim reported at least five gunshot wounds- to the young mans "right flank" and "right leg-" and his condition was critical as he was enroute to a Metro medical trauma center.

Victim Has Critical Injuries After Multiple Stabbing in Kansas City KS

An about 50-year-old male was in critical condition after being stabbed at least a half-dozen times near 10th Street and Central in KC-KS around 12:25 a.m. Sunday morning.

The man was stabbed in the back & chest "by a large knife" a KC-KS FD-EMS unit said.

No suspect information was available.

Large Police Response Needed at KC-MO Power & Light District for Large Crowds of Youths

Dozens of Kansas City MO police officers from throughout the city responded to Downtown's Power & Light and Sprint Center area Sunday morning to "herd" crowds of 100 to 200 youths.

The incidents began around 12:54 a.m. near 13th Street and Walnut when a Center Zone officer requested an "assist-the-officer" call for "a large crowd of youths running westbound" from apparently a crime scene.

Reported by one police officer- "some function sponsored by the (KC-MO) school district" at the Sprint Center had "just let out."

The first officer reports "a male in custody" a couple of blocks away minutes later- with the rest of the crowd "scattered."

Several large groups of youth then appear at locations around Sprint Center.

At 1:24 a.m.- "all" the "off-duty KC-MO PD officers working security" in and around those venues (KC Live & Sprint) are called to "a surface parking lot at 13th Street and Grand" where "100 to 150" youths had gathered.

The crowds were dispersed "south" from the areas through 1:45 a.m..

There were two medical calls that could have been related to the roving crowds of youths.

One was a "traumatic injury" at "1310 Grand" at 1:29 a.m..  This person refused EMS transport.

The other was "an unconscious" person at "13th Street and Grand" reported at 1:49 a.m.. No disposition of that patient was heard.