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Saturday, April 21, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, April 21, 2007


It's the second violent death at the Isle of Capri casino in the past several months.

The call was dispatched at 12:28 am Saturday morning with both police and MAST-EMS saying "a man being chased by (casino) security jumped into (a) moat." Authorities at the scene would not confirmed that piece of information to news sources.

The male- later described by a MAST paramedic as in "his mid-20's" - disappeared under the surface of the reported "15-foot deep" moat that Missouri casinos are required to float on.

Lee's Summit Underwater Recovery divers were called to the scene by KC-MO Fire and the man's body - "in full cardiac arrest"- was pulled from the water at 1:30 am..

He was taken to a nearby trauma center where he was soon pronounced dead.

An investigation of this incident is underway by the Missouri Highway Patrol Gaming Commission arm.

Several months ago, a shooting at this casino left one woman dead and another man seriously injured.


A 37-year-old man suffered only a fractured leg after being accidentally dumped from the dumpster he was sleeping in into a trash truck.

The call came in at 2:38 am to Independence Avenue and Wabash in near-Northeast KC, Mo..
The man was not extricated from the trash truck's compactor until 3:11 am and he was whisked to a nearby trauma center.


*LEE'S SUMMIT and HARRISONVILLE police are investigating deaths in their cities early Saturday
There are no immediate indications of foul play in the 3:09 am LS-MO call in the 300 block of S.W. Delmar.
The 4:35 am call to the 2400 block of Leawood in HARRISONVILLE involved "a 2-week-old."

*JACKSON COUNTY- BLUE SPRINGS & GRAIN VALLEY, MO. law enforcement agencies are investigating an early morning disturbance at the "Whiskey Tango" tavern.
As many as 5 people may have been injured- at least two were transported to medical facilities - one in critical condition and by medical helicopter.

*KC-KS firefighters quelched a vacant house fire in the 3000 block of North 21st Street. No injuries in the call that went out at 1:42 am and was under investigation.


Clear skies, pleasant temperatures and light southerly winds prevailed into dawn Saturday morning.
A warm day is in store with temperatures around the 80-degree mark today with brisk south breezes.

Severe thunderstorms and their nastiness will erupt a couple of hundred miles west & southwest of the KC Metro today.

Severe storms look possible for the KC MetroRegion Sunday and again Tuesday and/or Wednesday.
First with Kansas City Metro- Region Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Friday, April 20, 2007


Two longtime IRC chat friends are currently hospitalized - Wyrdjax of Cumbria, England and Sweet Songbird of Vancouver, Canada.

Both the "Doctor of Love" and myself - all 5 of us - wish you both a speedy recovery. (BFG)

All 3 of us have been through thick & thicker in many ways together and may The Great Spirit Bless you both.

PS: Geez- Doc said not to forget two of his trio of faithful listeners - "The Down-Undah Gurls" - Alleycat, Femme DeMortis and izzy58.

Alley in New Zealand recently (I hope) got out of the hospital due to her on-going illness. A lovely lady in her late-20's who works with mentally-challenged children.
Bless you Alley- my MSN LM is on you know! g

Femme is equally impressive. A late-20's mother of several children in eastern Australia, she's getting her formal education for a career. And still doing a DJ stint or two on "United-Guru"
Most would be and I certainly was - impressed by the road she had taken to get to this point in her life.

Last but not least, the mysterious izzy58 from southeastern Australia who was last seen in the company of one smooth-talking British gentleman and former RadioGuru DJ - Dr.Odd.

Good thoughts to all of you as well and to all good people everywhere.