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Saturday, November 20, 2010

CSW BREAKING: High-Speed KC-MO Chase of Intoxicated Driver Ends in Crash in KC-KS

A KC-MO North Zone police officer saw and gave chase to the driver of "a red Cadillac SUV (Esplanade)" from southbound U.S. 169/Broadway Extention near Missouri 9 highway around 7:30 p.m. Saturday night.

The Caddy's driver reportedly struck two other vehicles travelling south on U.S. 169 near the Downtown airport and continued south across the Broadway bridge to westbound I-70 in the northwest Downtown KC-MO loop.

At speeds reported from "90" to 100 m.p.h.- the chase went west on I-70- then the driver exited onto U.S. 24/40 and Minnesota then north on 5th Street in KC-KS.

The driver turned around and went back south- and attemped to enter eastbound I-70 when he crashed at about 4th Street and Armstrong at 7:37 p.m..

The reportedly intoxicated male driver was taken into custody- while the red Cadillac burst into flames.

The driver's injuries were reportedly minor- and other KC-MO cops couldn't find the other 2 vehicles that were struck near the Downtown airport.

The Cadillac Esplanade was destroyed in the fire.

Pedestrian Struck- Seriously-Injured in Leavenworth KS Early Saturday

Just after 1 a.m. Saturday morning- a pedestrian was struck by a vehicle and seriously hurt near 20th Street and Cherokee in western Leavenworth.

The unknown gender or age patient was flown by medical helicopter to a Kansas City hospital.

There isn't any word yet from LPD if the driver of the vehicle that struck that person remained at the scene or was charged with any infraction regarding this incident.

UPDATE:  Leavenworth Police says a married couple was struck by a car  while walking on Cherokee east of 20th Street.

The woman- "59-years-of-age" was killed- and her "62-year-old" husband was the one transported by helicopter in critical condition.

Police say the driver of the car that struck them then crashed into a pole and fled- but he was apprehended later at his residence after police ran the vehicle's license plate.

Come ON KC News Media- Grandview Police Officers Were NOT Struck by Hit and Run Driver

The early Saturday morning incident was reported here at CSW before any of the local news media reported the story.

I had it covered completely from the second the 2 Grandview officers reported it to their dispatcher.

However- MOST of the various media outlets- The STAR- KMBC and KCTV got it wrong and had the officers themselves struck.

KSHB (who contracts my services weekend overnights) got it SORT-OF correct- but ONLY WDAF- who didn't have scene video since they close their news desk weekend early mornings- clearly got it right.

And- unless EMS crews LIE to hospital emergency room doctors- I take their versions of incidents where they can talk to both witnesses and- many times- the victims themselves regarding the chain-of-events leading to their injuries.

As noted in my original story- GPD officers and Grandview-EMS medics both had concurred that the 2 officers involved in the U.S. 71 hit & run were NOT actually struck- but "showered by debris."

And- what I should have but didn't report trying to protect the cops' pride- the GFD paramedic actually told the ER doctor at Research Med Center that the 2 cops "ran into EACH OTHER" trying to avoid the impact and debris.

MAYBE- like the initial reports of 2 cops being shot at on Gregory and I-435 in KC-MO last week- the REAL story will come out later.

MAYBE- no one really gives a damn what REALLY happened in Grandview early Saturday morning.

The Weather: Continental USA-MetroRegion K.C.Outlook for December 2010 and Thanksgiving Travel

ationally- above-average temperatures are forecast across the southern 2/3 of America.

30-Day Temperature Outlook

Precipitation-wise- above-average totals are possible from the Pacific Northwest into the northern Rockies.

30-Day Precipitation Outlook

Below-average precipitation is forecast across the southern third of the country.

In Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- an about 40% chance of above-average temperatures are indicated.

Kansas City NWS December Precipitation and Temperature Averages/Records
Period of Observation: 1888-2009

Precipitation amounts will be around the average of 1.6-inches.

In the near term- a warmer today and a warmer-still Sunday will dive south by Tuesday when an Arctic airmass northwest of us now shifts south.

USA Central States Surface Synopsis Map - 0600 CST 20 Nov 2010

Thus far- some precip- possibly frozen- is possible by Tuesday/Wednesday- but no dangerous conditions are expected in the MetroRegion as Saturday morning's weather forecast models.

The really-wet weather looks at this time to stay at least a couple of hundred miles south to east of us.

Mother Nature has the final word- stay tuned!

Residence Burns in Rural Johnson County MO

Fire reported by a passer-by has virtually destroyed a house in Johnson county MO Saturday morning.

The alarm sounded at 1:19 a.m. for Eastern District stations for an address in the 100 block of Northwest H highway.

The first unit arriving at 1:35 a.m. reported a 1-story house heavily-involved in flames and minutes later- reported the occupants of the house were outside.

There have not been any reports of injuries nor possible cause of the fire as of this report.


Grandview Police Officers Injured By Hit and Run Driver

wo male Grandview PD officers cops narrowly avoided serious injury when a hit & run driver slammed into one of their patrol cars on southbound U.S. 71 highway just south of Missouri-150 just before 2 a.m. Saturday morning.

The officers were outside of their cars conducting a traffic stop on another motorist when "a dark-colored" possibly 4-door General Motors" vehicle ran into- then bounced off a GPD patrol car- slid sideways across the roadway- corrected and continued south on U.S. 71.

The officers were showered by flying debris from the crash and knocked to the ground- but weren't struck by the suspect vehicle

One "60-year-old" officer suffered back and leg pain and the 2nd officer- "a 36-year-old" had cuts and bruises and were taken to a KC-MO hospital.

Their injuries were non life-threatening.

Law enforcement throughout the southern part of Metro KC were on the lookout for the suspect vehicle- said to have front-end and passenger-side damage.


Friday, November 19, 2010

Chattanooga TN TV Reporter's Child 'Groped' By TSA Agent in Airport

Hopefully- you saw the CSW post or other media accounts of the San Diego CA man who refused both the government-claimed "safe" X-ray scan and the new TSA gropings prior to a plane ride the man ended up not taking.

Now- a TV reporter from Chattanooga TN has his OWN video of a TSA agent attempting to scan and grope his 3-year-old daughter prior to a flight his family took.

A 3-year-old TERRORIST???  Are you convinced this crap is ABSOLUTELY screwball and out-of-control YET???

I WILL NOT fly until some common sense returns to this country and it appears I may never fly again in that case.

Janet Napolitano- Other Government Officials Need Reminding of Their "Role"

n an ASSOCIATED PRESS story today regarding the increasing American citizen resistance to the "Homeland Security's" airport scans and gropes- HSA's chief official Janet Napolitano says:

"It's all about security ... It's all about everybody recognizing their role."

The American Government is getting too DAMN big for their britches- remember the oldie but goodie "By The People and FOR The People?"

The Government's "role" is to LISTEN to The People and HEED what The People say!

The People pay your salary and DAMMIT Ms. Napolitano- YOU WORK FOR US- not the other way around.

 I'm neither a "Tea Bag Partier" nor a "right-wing conservative- but more smug American government officials like this and those who are NOT 'The American Sheeple' are going to counter this attitude in ways that may not be entirely pleasant....

CSW BREAKING: Critical-Injury Crash Involves ATA Bus on East U.S. 40 Highway

KC-MO fire department EMS is reporting one critical- and 5 other injuries- at a crash involving an ATA bus in the 7800 block of East U.S. 40 highway northwest of the Truman Sports Complex.

EMS reported "5 injuries on the bus-" and the fire department crews had extricated one "critically-injured" person from the vehicle that was involved with the bus.

There are no indications of serious or critical injuries to any of the 5 bus occupants reportedly hurt.


Thursday, November 18, 2010

CSW BREAKING: I-435 Westbound Restricted West of Mission Road in KS Due to Dumptruck Rollover

As shown by these K.C. SCOUT images- westbound I-435 is restricted to one lane due to a reported rollover of a dump truck just east of Roe in Leawood/Overland Park.

Injuries are reported to be not life-threatening- but there appears the dump truck's unknown load of material has spread over a large part of the westbound lanes.


EDITORIAL: Ed Ford's Misplaced Concerns-Priorities

KC-MO 'clowncilperson' Ed Ford is bitching about the cost of Mayor Funkhouser's mailings to the citizens- according to this KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR story.

Yet- 'Clowncilman' Ford hasn't a qualm one about spending a half-million here or a half-million there on studies/proposals for a downtown convention hotel Kansas City MO citizens neither want or need with city revenues in the tank and the Earnings Tax facing the guillotine.

KC-MO will be SO much better off without the likes of Ed Ford next clowncilperson election.

Central States News: Earthquake Rattles Eastern Nebraska Thursday Morning

he quake reportedly struck at 7:02 a.m. about 50 miles north-northwest of Lincoln NE- near the community of Schuyler.

The USGS reports the quake was a 3.3 on the Richter scale- and no damage or injuries were reported- according to the story in the BEATRICE (NE) DAILY SUN.

More Holiday Lightings and Fireworks: KC-MO's Briarcliff Village This Sunday Eve

his Sunday evening- November 21- from 5 until 8 p.m. is the Holiday lighting and fireworks show at the Briarcliff Villiage shopping area- located in the Kansas City MO Northland at Missouri (M) 9 and U.S. 169 highways- co-sponsored by radio station STAR-102.

The fireworks show begins at 7 p.m.- and this show SHOULD be visible from most of Riverside as the launching area is actually a little west of the M-9 and Briarcliff Parkway interchange.

Bear in mind- that M-9 at Briarcliff interchange is STILL under (re-) construction- so your best access would be off the U.S. 169 exit onto Briarcliff Parkway (see map).

The weather SHOULD be excellent Sunday evening- but the weather forecast is not looking that good for the Longview Lake fireworks show next Wednesday evening- Nov. 24 or- for that matter- the Plaza Lighting Ceremony on Thanksgiving evening- Nov. 25.

Here's one of our YouTube videos from the 2008 show:


Wednesday, November 17, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Vehicle Crashes Into Bridge- Catches Fire- Driver Dead near the Grandview Triangle

This incident is reported to be "southbound U.S. 71 ramp to Red Bridge" and KC (MO) Fire advises that this is "a (car) crashed into the bridge-" on-fire- "and possibly occupied.

The incident was reported just after 1:15 p.m. this Wednesday afternoon- and- as of this report- any occupant had not yet been removed.

At 1:36 p.m.- the KCMOFD chief on-scene reports this is a fatality crash- and the vehicle's "fuel tank" ruptured and caught fire as a result of the crash.

Drive-Thru Dollar Store in Emporia KS (GAZETTE Photo)


Longview Lake's 'Christmas In The Sky 2010' Will Be November 24

Since 1996- the Jackson County MO Parks department- in association with radio station KUDL FM-98.1- have collaborated on the "Christmas in the Sky" fireworks show and opening of Longview Lake's 'Christmas in The Park' holiday display.

Here is a YouTube look at that fireworks display as viewed in 2008 by Ms. Rittenhouse and your Captain.

This year- the festivities begin at 6 p.m. at the Longview Lake Beach with a stage show- followed by the fireworks show at 7:30 p.m. then the opening of the drive-thru Christmas in The Park at 8 p.m.- according to the KUDL Web page.

The Longview Lake show and display can be accessed from Interstate 470 and the Raytown Road exit then 2 miles south.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Heavy Law Presence On I-70 in Blue Springs MO

If you're planning a drive on Interstate 70 in Blue Springs today- there are MO Highway Patrol troopers on that stretch of roadway stopping speeders and other driving violators.

Don't say we didn't WARN you!

Nashville's Flood-Ravaged Opryland Hotel Re-Opens

As reported here at CSW and many other media outlets- Nashville was struck by historic flash flooding on May 2 and 3rd this year when more than 13-inches of rain fell in and around that Tennessee city.

The Cumberland river raged from it's banks- although it was supposively protected by several nearby flood-control projects.

The flooding devastated the largest non-gaming hotel in America- The Opryland.

Monday- the Opryland Hotel re-opened to many cheers from Nashville residents.

Central States News: Two Iowa Convenience Store Clerks Killed in Robberies

lerks were killed during robberies of convenience stores in Algona and Humboldt in Northern Iowa Monday night- according to The DES MOINES REGISTER.

The male suspect was arrested around midnight in Webster City IA..

CSW offers our condolences to the friends and families of the two slain clerks.

Central States News: Omaha Royals Change Their Name to the Lamest- Ever

Actually- "Lamest- Ever" would have made a good name-change for the Kansas City AND Omaha Royals- as well as the Chiefs.

Unfortunately- JUST the Omaha team changed their name ... to the "Omaha Storm Chasers."

Proposed OSC Team Bus

This COULD be construed as an insult to storm chasers everywhere- because GOOD storm chasers only OCCASIONALLY strike out.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Kansas For Sale

The pollys in Topeka- Olathe and KC-KS work overtime to lure businesses to relocate from Missouri across the state line.

Now- according to The KANSAS CITY STAR- those same political noodleheads (PNs) are compiling a list of state assets for possible sale because the state is going broke.

Hmm- maybe IF those same PNs QUIT giving out corporate welfare....

San Diego Resident Stands UP To Airport Security 'Gropings'

ohn Tyner is a San Diego-area resident who recently created a flap at Lindbergh Field when he refused both a TSA X-ray "full body-scanner" and a TSA groping- according to this Associated Press story via MyWay news.

Mr. Tyner sought a refund from the airline for the flight he didn't take after the incident.

John Tyner posted the story on his blog- and the videos shown here are those Mr. Tyner took during the Incident with TSA that day.

Here is a REAL American- not one of too-damn-many American 'sheeple' who do as their told when they're told by today's American 'gestapos.'

We all should aspire to protect whatever freedoms we have left like Mr. Tyner!!!

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Central States News: Wichita-area Home Builder Clint Miller Accused of Substandard Building

t started with an elderly lady's home that had cracking foundations and floors- now it's spread to other people's homes.

In The WICHITA EAGLE story- one woman has had to literally walk-away from her crumbling home- and it forced her into a bankruptcy that has ruined her credit.

That woman- Diana Morton- had called and called Clint Miller to get him to AT LEAST come look at the problem- which he eventually did.

Incredibly- Miller's response to Morton's crumbling foundation?  "He (Miller) said, 'Other than the problems, what do you think of the floorplan?' " Morton recalled- said the EAGLE story.

Also of no help is the Wichita city government building inspectors and some builder's social club called "Wichita Area Builders Association."

 It's not that we need LESS government ... we need a less CORRUPT government not in pockets of the wealthy people.


Shooting Homicide in Midtown Kansas City MO

KC-MO police responding on a shots fired call in the 3300 block of Wabash around 3:15 a.m. found a victim.

A male believed to be in his 20's had been shot in the back of the head.

Fire department EMS transported the young man to a local hospital where he later died.

Police didn't have any suspect information available at this report.

Independence MO Fire Department Busy With Fires

Two fires drained the resources of the IFD beginning late Saturday night into early Sunday morning.

The first fire began around 11:30 p.m. in a former Dairy Queen building at U.S. 24 highway and Allen Road.

At least 6 fire companies battled the flames for about an hour before the battle's declared under control.

Heavy damage is reported there- but no reports of injuries.

The fire companies here didn't leave until around 1:45 a.m. Sunday- and the fire flared up again briefly around 2:15 a.m.- requiring the return of a few crews.

Fire number two was in a house in the 400 block of East College.

Five IFD companies rolled on this call at 12:16 a.m.- and found a fire in the walls of a story and a half house that had spread to the attic.

Firefighters here not only had to deal with a spreading- concealed fire- but also reportedly an occupant of the house who refused to leave the burning structure.

Police were called at 12:32 a.m.- and officers removed that person to a safer location.

It took at least 45 minutes to bring the fire under control- and heavy damage was done to the residence.

No medical transports from this scene either according to American Medical Response (AMR)-EMS.

Cause of the fire was officially under investigation- but unofficially it was possibly a defective fireplace.

The Fort Osage Fire Protection District filled-in at least one IFD station during the fires.