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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Come ON KC News Media- Grandview Police Officers Were NOT Struck by Hit and Run Driver

The early Saturday morning incident was reported here at CSW before any of the local news media reported the story.

I had it covered completely from the second the 2 Grandview officers reported it to their dispatcher.

However- MOST of the various media outlets- The STAR- KMBC and KCTV got it wrong and had the officers themselves struck.

KSHB (who contracts my services weekend overnights) got it SORT-OF correct- but ONLY WDAF- who didn't have scene video since they close their news desk weekend early mornings- clearly got it right.

And- unless EMS crews LIE to hospital emergency room doctors- I take their versions of incidents where they can talk to both witnesses and- many times- the victims themselves regarding the chain-of-events leading to their injuries.

As noted in my original story- GPD officers and Grandview-EMS medics both had concurred that the 2 officers involved in the U.S. 71 hit & run were NOT actually struck- but "showered by debris."

And- what I should have but didn't report trying to protect the cops' pride- the GFD paramedic actually told the ER doctor at Research Med Center that the 2 cops "ran into EACH OTHER" trying to avoid the impact and debris.

MAYBE- like the initial reports of 2 cops being shot at on Gregory and I-435 in KC-MO last week- the REAL story will come out later.

MAYBE- no one really gives a damn what REALLY happened in Grandview early Saturday morning.


the observer said...


Don't ask why I had the scanner on at this absurd hour, but I heard the call. It was kind of hard to follow exactly what damage had been done to the officers at first, but after the medics' verdict was reported, it was obvious that if they were hit, it was a brush, if at all. The fact that both cops went in one ambulance also led to me thinking that the injuries were pretty minor as the medics would not take two seriously injured people together, or take them to the same trauma center without asking first.

I did get a laugh out of the description of car handles left at the scene, and when they found a car in Belton, I was lying there trying to remember if the door handles stick out on a Dodge Neon!

Lucky cops. Bad driver--needs to be found and punished.

I miss hearing hospital reports, but I understand why we can't hear them any more!

The Observer, who was glad to be safe at home and usually gets in before 2400, since nothing good happens after that hour ;-)

Groucho K. Marx said...

If you could hear Grandview- and you can receive KC-MO- then you should be able to receive med reports.

They moved from the UHF med channels to the 800mhz on the Raytown- JoCo and KC-KS systems- soon to be 700mhz I guess.

Yeah- the initial call to GPD dispatch was chaotic- but I locked-in everything pertaining to the incident and stayed with it.

In the process- I heard several times that the officers were never actually struck- but like I stated- were hit by debris and each other trying to get out of the way.

Zip me a private email on the radio thing if you want to get squared-away on what you can receive T.O..


the observer said...


I may just do that--thanks! I blogged about my scanner addiction...

the Observer