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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Weather: Continental USA-MetroRegion K.C.Outlook for December 2010 and Thanksgiving Travel

ationally- above-average temperatures are forecast across the southern 2/3 of America.

30-Day Temperature Outlook

Precipitation-wise- above-average totals are possible from the Pacific Northwest into the northern Rockies.

30-Day Precipitation Outlook

Below-average precipitation is forecast across the southern third of the country.

In Metro and MetroRegion Kansas City- an about 40% chance of above-average temperatures are indicated.

Kansas City NWS December Precipitation and Temperature Averages/Records
Period of Observation: 1888-2009

Precipitation amounts will be around the average of 1.6-inches.

In the near term- a warmer today and a warmer-still Sunday will dive south by Tuesday when an Arctic airmass northwest of us now shifts south.

USA Central States Surface Synopsis Map - 0600 CST 20 Nov 2010

Thus far- some precip- possibly frozen- is possible by Tuesday/Wednesday- but no dangerous conditions are expected in the MetroRegion as Saturday morning's weather forecast models.

The really-wet weather looks at this time to stay at least a couple of hundred miles south to east of us.

Mother Nature has the final word- stay tuned!

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