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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Central States BREAKING WEATHER: Flash Flood Warning For Springfield-MO

lick on the following image for a NWS Doppler radar-indicated rainfall map and details on the Flash Flood Warning that includes all of Greene county-MO and the city of Springfield until 8 pm this Saturday evening.

Other scattered showers and thunderstorms are popping up around the Kansas City MetroRegion and this trend will continue until sunset when most activity should die out after losing the heat of the day.

I don't expect any severe weather- but if one of the heavier showers or thunderstorms should develop over you- it won't move very fast and you can expect torrential rainfall amounts.

This situation only deteriorates as we get further into the Memorial Day weekend- with the highest probability of rain coming Monday.

Here is the latest visible cloud picture of the Central States- and NWS-Pleasant Hill/KC-MO reflectivity radar image:


Shooting at KC-MO Dance Hall - Possible Suicide In Midtown

party at the El Torreon Dance Hall- the former Cowtown Ballroom- turned violent early Saturday morning.

Around 12:05 am- MAST-EMS dispatchers had become concerned that they could not reach one of their units by radio. The unit had been last heard from at the El Torreon at 31st Street and Gillham Road.

Sounding their system emergency or "a 10-38"- police and fire department units rushed toward the area.

At 12:12 am- the shooting was reported.

It turns out a 21-year-old male had been shot in the buttocks- with the bullet exiting near the man's groin- a paramedic said.

The man was transported to a nearby medical trauma center in serious condition.

Police say the victim "refused to press charges" against the shooter- who police may have apprehended at the scene while they sorted through the departing crowd.


About 40 minutes later came the report of a person who had "shot themselves" inside "a silver Acura with (a) Johnson County KS (license plate)" near 43rd Street and Walnut in front of a laundrymat.

Officers arrived a short time later and found that person dead inside the car.

The incident was being investigated as a suicide according to KC-MO police.

Farm Implement Business Burns In Holden MO

fire was reported around 11 pm Friday night at the JMG Equipment Company in Holden- MO at 306 East 2nd Street.

Holden is a city of around 2500 people in southwestern Johnson County- about 40 miles southeast of downtown KC-MO..

Fire crews from Holden arrived and found heavy smoke coming from the business- and fire crews from throughout Johnson County as well as a truck from Odessa MO Fire would respond over the next 2 hours.

By around 12:30 am Saturday morning- about half of the structure was reportedly consumed in flames.

As of 6 am- most mutual-aid fire companies had returned to their stations- but Holden fire units remained on the scene overhauling hot spots.

There were no reports of any serious injuries and a state fire marshal was enroute to the scene from Chillicothe to investigate the cause of the fire.

KC-MO City Council Wants New Downtown Convention Hotel

ere we go again with a downtown developer gravy train...

The KC-MO city council- led by councilman Ed Ford- wants a new 1000 room hotel downtown for out-of-towners.

The council seems willing to give out generous tax increment (excrement) financing or other taxpayer-backed subsidies to entice a builder for the hotel- which would primarily be destined for "convention" business.

Here again is an example of just what Kansas City DOESN'T need.

"Without a new hotel- we can't attract conventions." Well sir/ma'am- clue-in the the 21st Century when virtually EVERY corporation is downsizing and- with video conferencing becoming more attractive- most corporations are also downsizing or eliminating conventions.

"A new hotel will attract jobs." Generally low-paying service jobs. Just what a family needs to survive - - - NOT.

Note this comment posted after the story in the K.C. BUSINESS JOURNAL:

Dan McCoy May 22, 2009 7:35AM EST

Caveat Emptor Kansas City.

I see no mention of the St. Louis Convention Center hotel in the report, which would seem like an apt comparison.

It would be wise to evaulate the circumstances of that development in an effort to avoid similar pitfalls.

St. Louis was told that they needed a 1000-room convetntion center hotel in order to re-capture lost convention business.

The hotel was eventually constructed over the a year late and 25% over budget.

The additional convention business never materialized, the hotel has never hit its projected performance, and the massive hotel has dragged down the entire downtown market with it.

In Febraury the hotel went into recievership and it is now owned by it's bondholders.

'Nuff said for me....


Thursday, May 21, 2009

NWS National Weather Outlook For June- 2009

ot off the Internet is the latest National Weather Service-Climate Predicition Center (NWS-CPC)30-day outlook for America's weather for June.

Referring to the images (click-on for full size)- the highest probability for above-average temperatures appears centered in the West Intermountain region- around Salt Lake City.

The highest probability for above-average precipitation shows to be in the Desert Southwest- Arizona and New Mexico.

For the Central States- there's an "equal" chance of average temperatures and precipitation for the coming month.

Summer is coming fast around Metro Kansas City. Just an hour ago- I heard the first cicada to emerge.

My Translation Of Jason Whitlock's "Translation" Of Brett's "Tirade"

kay- this isn't a sports blog whatsoever so this is the last I have to say about George Brett's cussing rant in front of a TV camera earlier this week.

Jason Whitlock- the highly-overpaid sportswriter for The KANSAS CITY STAR offered to "translate" Brett's profanity for we citizens obviously too stupid to figure it out ourselves.

Whitlock fixates on locker room attendance as if that should qualify a sportswriter and hey- I too am a city kid- so I know what profanity means.

Lack of education and class.

Also- I have never been in a pro sports locker room AFTER a game- yet I played baseball as a kid and absorbed the game- suffering through the Athletics then savoring the Royals when they began in 1969.

So I like to think I have a great knowledge of the game. No I've never been approached to manage a team because 1) I've never applied for any such job and 2) like ANY job- unless you have prior managerial experience- forget it.

Whitlock needs to also be reminded- the Kansas City Royals are a CORPORATE entity- this "fan" crap is simply to coax paying customers in to satisfy the corporate bottom-line.

Whitlock also needs to be reminded that taxpayers are shelling out more than a quarter BILLION dollars for stadium improvements to both stadiums- effectively a public subsidation of both corporations.

Here's MY (latest) criticism of the Royals:
Last night- a stupid throw by a Royals outfielder ultimately cost us a ballgame. The guy missed a cut-off man allowing a Cleveland runner to advance into scoring position and that runner eventually did score- what turned out to be the winning run.

To me- last night's loss was one of the worst games the Royals have played thus far this season. It appears April was a fluke.

Oh but I- apparently like Whitlock- don't go into post-game locker rooms- so I don't know didley about baseball I guess....

Central States WEATHER: Nice Week Goes To Pot For Holiday

he weather this week has been stellar and of course with the 3-day Memorial Day holiday coming up- here comes the rain again (apologies to Annie Lenox).

Right now- the best chance of thunderstorms looks to be Monday (Memorial Day) into early Tuesday. Smaller rain chances do exist beginning late Saturday locally.

Rain amounts are increasing locally with each new weather model run- as shown on the latest NWS-HPC 5-day forecasted precipitation amounts image.

An unusual for this time of year extra-tropical low pressure area in the eastern Gulf of Mexico is actually retrograding west- then north along the Mississippi River this weekend.

In addition- a weak cool front to our north today will slowly sag south into the Kansas City Metroregion Monday and interact with the Gulf low that had moved north.

Rain chances will be earlier and higher in the Missouri Lakes (late Saturday-Sunday) region than in the Kansas Lakes areas (late Sunday through Monday).

No widespread severe storms are expected- but some of the storms toward Monday COULD briefly pulse-up to severe limits.

Of course- any updates here on CSW....


Wednesday, May 20, 2009

MAST-EMS Open House Displays "Green" Ambulances

ravis of MAST-EMS was our most-gracious host today as we took advantage of a public "open house" to view MAST's spacious facilities on Eastwood Trafficway west of I-435.

First off- Travis told us that according to some national EMS standards recently released- MAST-EMS is number one of all large-city paramedic operations- recently beating out Seattle Fire-EMS for the top spot.

Another thing Travis told us is that the MAST-EMS building itself is a trauma center in the event there is ever a large-scale causality event in Kansas City.

On display was one of MAST's new workhorses of Kansas City's EMS/paramedic service: heavy-duty Chevrolet ambulances with state-of-the art patient care equipment and communications electronics.

The new paramedic units also happen to run on 90% vegetable oil.

That's right- instead of pure diesel- these larger and better riding units run on a mix of 90% vegetable oil and only 10% diesel (the latter added only to keep the veggie fuel from gelling).

The patient treatment and storage areas on the new Chevys are also larger- and the suspension system on the new rigs allows for a smoother ride for paramedics- EMT's and most importantly- the patient.

Also- notice no front light-bar or "cherry tops." See that row of white lenses above the cab along the top of the patient "box?" Those are color-changing LED's.

The LED's use much less power- run cooler and are brighter than the old-fashioned lights.

The entire fleet of more than 60 ambulances will soon be replaced by the new units.


Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Car Vs. School Bus Wreck In South KC-MO

hese images are courtesy of the Kansas City Scout traffic system camera at eastbound I-470 at Blue Ridge.

The first image is right after the 4:06 pm dispatch of the call here at the eastbound I-470 ramp at Blue Ridge.

It's reported no children on the bus and no injuries to the bus's driver- but the driver of the car does not appear to be so lucky- as you can see by where the bus struck.

Eastbound I-470 traffic is not affected.

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Shooting In South KC-MO

t 11:27 am- KC-MO public safety agencies responded to a shooting at the car wash in the 7000 block of East Longview Road- just east of Blue Ridge Boulevard.

Police arrived to find the victim lying in a parking lot there- and were looking for the possible suspect: A black male driver of a red Chevy Camero or Pontiac Trans Am- the driver reportedly was wearing a red cap and a blue shirt- and possibly went by the name of "Cray."

The suspect and vehicle left the scene- but at 11:43 am police reported a "hit & run" crash at Raytown and Bannister roads "involving a red Camero who left westbound" on Bannister from the scene.

The victim- said by MAST-119 as "a 20-year-old male" was in critical condition with gunshot wounds to his lower abdomen- groin and a leg. He was taken emergency to an area medical trauma center.

George Brett's Disgusting Tirade

n case you missed it during last night's newscasts- K.C. baseball icon George Brett went-off on Kansas City's electronic media sports reporters.

Never mind the string of profanities Brett utters- or the fact that Kansas City taxpayers shelled out hundreds of millions of dollars to keep crappy "major league" baseball here.


Raytown-MO Free "Movie Nights" Schedule

he following movies are free to the public- and will be shown starting at sundown on the dates indicated at Raytown's Coleman Park- 59th Street and Lane (about 1/2-mile east of Blue Ridge Cutoff):

Movie Nights

Friday- May 29, 2009 - "The Princess Bride" rated PG.
Friday- June 26, 2009 - "The Last Mimzy" rated PG.
Friday- July 31, 2009 - "Vertigo" rated PG.
Saturday- August 15, 2009 - (Movie not selected yet).

All movies will be shown at Colman(sp) Park, 5912 Lane starting at dusk.
Bring your lawn chairs, blankets, etc. Concessions will be sold. No alcohol please.

Thanx to Greg Walters' Raytown Report blog for the heads-up.

Jackson County-MO Pollys Include Themselves In Ethics Code

or it seems like eternity- Dan over at the Gone Mild blog has almost daily railed against Jackson County legislators who wouldn't include themselves in a county ethics code.

According to The Kansas City STAR- the same pollys backed-off- and "allowed" themselves to be included in the ethics legislation.

In fact- county executive Mike Sanders said the code would probably go to the voters for their approval in 2010.

Good thing- for many voters were quietly taking note of the exclusion when the same pollys (re) elections come up....

KC-MO Needs To Open Streets Around Bankrupt Plaza Project

he good news: Kansas City- MO taxpayers ARE NOT on the hook for the more than $31-million in TIF incentives granted to this project.

The bad news: Streets around the stalled- bankrupt "West Edge" development on Belleview at West 48th Street remain restricted to traffic.

Until construction resumes on this project- all streets in the area should be re-opened.

Independence-MO Seeks Sales Tax Increase

Like Raytown- Independence too is seeking a "public safety" sales tax increase.

The worst recession since the Great Depression of the 1930's apparently didn't faze Raytown voters- who approved their sales tax increase.

According to the INDEPENDENCE EXAMINER- the City Council approved placing a 3/8th-cent police services sales tax on the Aug. 4 ballot.

So says the EXAMINER article- the increased sales tax revenue "could possibly add to the city’s police department 42 sworn officers – including six sergeants – and 18 civilian support staff employees."

We haven't had an Independence police chase into KC-MO for some time- 42 more officers should take care of this oversight- like the added tax will relieve Indy residents of whatever spare change they still have.


KCTV-5 Crime Reporter Ticketed For DUI

he STAR reports it was about 2:40 am last Friday morning when Betsy Webster struck the rear of a Lincoln Town Car on 39th Street near Baltimore in midtown KC-MO..

The driver of the Lincoln and a man standing next to the car suffered "minor" injuries- The STAR reported.

As an officer talked to Ms. Webster- he noted a "strong" odor of alcohol coming from Ms. Webster.

The 38-year-old Kansas City television reporter was said to have "failed several field sobriety tests" and Betsy Webster also "refused to take a breath test.

The STAR article did not state if Ms. Webster was arrested- since after all she was intoxicated- caused an injury accident and refused a breathalyzer.

I was told there was "no one here" when I called KCTV-5 for a comment.

Well- at least someone was making sure the station was on-the-air....

Monday, May 18, 2009

Central States WEATHER: Excellent

inally- most of a spring week the populace and their weather forecasters don't have to worry about tornadoes or any other severe weather.

There should NOT be any bad weather through this weekend- area-wide.

Temperatures will reach early-summer levels tomorrow and generally stay there through this weekend.

A weak cool front may enter northern parts of the Central Sates mid-week- Iowa and Nebraska- but very little adverse weather will be associated with the front as Gulf of Mexico moisture will be slow to return.



Sunday, May 17, 2009

Raw Video Of Oil Tank Fire - Explosion In West Texas

his was shot by a fellow storm chaser/video photog in Lamesa-TX last Friday (May 15).

Lightning had reportedly stuck this small tank farm and started the fire- then during the firefight- one then a 2nd tank BLEVEs (explodes) and sends debris everywhere.

Notice the handline water stream behind the aerial water stream during the explosions. It appeared firefighters dropped that line and ran.

Thankfully- the photographer was about 200 yards away. Tank debris hit the back of his news van- damaging it.

Here is a slow-motion video of the same shot.

Reportedly- no one was injured in this spectacular blast.

Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: KC-MO Police Officer Injured During Traffic Stop

Kansas City- MO police officer had stopped a vehicle at 63rd Street and Manchester- just east of I-435- around 7:15 am this Sunday morning.

As usual- the officer walks up to the driver's side of the vehicle- but this time the driver takes off- and the accelerating car flings the policeman off into some brush by the road.

Police are tracking down the vehicle and driver.

The officer's injuries were not life-threatening paramedics say.


Kansas City's BREAKING NEWS: Fatality Crash On KC-MO's East Side

ne person is reported dead- and the Fire Department had to mechanically extricate the driver of a car that was travelling on Topping Avenue at 19th Terrace around 6:35 am this morning- left the road and crashed into a tree.

The deceased person was ejected from the vehicle and was dead-on-arrival of emergency crews.

That driver- a "33-year-old Hispanic male" with a fractured leg and possibly other life-threatening injuries- was transported by MAST-139 to a local medical trauma center.

More on NBC-41 News at 8am and 5 and 10pm today.


Alleged Passenger On Diverted K.C.I. Flight Says Plane Nearly Crashed

ey- this is the Internet.

Even with a reputable news organization- one can't be sure they're getting the whole story.

Here's what appears was a LOT bigger story than what was reported...

The story as posted Saturday (click on images for full size) on The KANSAS CITY STAR "Breaking News" site was about a U.S. Airways jet with 86 passengers from Washington D.C.- diverted from landing at it's K.C.I. Airport destination Friday due to the severe storms.

According to The STAR's story- the plane "had been in the air for about 6 hours"- lands first at New Century- then heads back to K.C.I. airport when the storms cleared.

However- a person who claimed to be a passenger on the flight comments on The STAR'S story down the same page about what that alleged passenger observed on Flight 3209:

The alleged passenger says the jet was low on fuel and that the pilot attempted to land the plane at Topeka's Forbes Field- nearly crashing due to extreme wind conditions- aborting that landing and being forced to land at fairly-nearby New Century airport (who has a runway long enough for large jets but no other facilities).

You can bet if that pilot of Flight 3209 hadn't been "good" as the alleged passenger states- there would have been more than 3 paragraphs in the local newspaper....