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Saturday, December 18, 2010

CSW BREAKING: South-Midtown KC-MO Shooting Critically-Injures Victim

The Guns of Kansas City continue firing unabated...

At 4:52 p.m. Saturday afternoon- KC-MO emergency services responded to the 5100 block of Woodland on a reported shooting.

Police found the victim- who EMS said was an about "50-year-old female- shot in the back of the head."

Her condition was very critical as she was being transported to a city medical trauma center.

Police were processing the crime scene- and seeking at least 2 black male suspects.


Water Main Break Closes Broadway Extention/U.S. 169 by Downtown Airport

This is the 2nd time in less than a week that the water main that runs along U.S. 169-Broadway Extention by the Downtown Airport has broken.

It's also the 2nd time in a week that the southbound portion of that busy roadway is closed.

There's yet no word when this latest break will be repaired (replace it!)- or when southbound U.S. will re-open.

Friday, December 17, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Crash North of 83rd Street on I-435 in KC-MO

This crash appears to be in the median of Interstate 435 north of the 83rd Street overpass- and it occurred around 3:30 p.m. Friday afternoon.

There was at least 1 vehicle smoking at this scene- possibly on fire and possibly up to 4 vehicles involved.

A CSW reporter at the scene said there was "a possible fatality here- several seriously injured" and that "extrication was needed" to get some victims out of crashed vehicles.

(Photo courtesy of KSHB-41 NBC Action News)

It appeared that "this was a cross-over crash" as at least one vehicle had "struck and severed the (protective) median cables."

Traffic is affected both north and southbound on I-435 between 87th Street and Gregory Boulevard.

Southbound I-435 was closed at Gregory Boulevard.

There have been two non life-threatening patients transported from the scene: "a 61-year-old driver" of "a pickup truck" and his "57-year-old female passenger.

Both were reportedly seat-belted and the air bags did go off in the pickup and were taken to a south KC-MO medical trauma center.

KC-MO Police have confirmed that there was a fatality at this crash scene.

Additional patients- conditions unknown- were said by KC-MO EMS to be transported to Centerpoint and Children's Mercy hospitals.

Police have no estimate when  southbound I-435 will be re-opened south of Gregory.


CSW BREAKING: Car and Body of Missing Robert D. Meyer Located in KC-KS

Just after 1 p.m. Friday afternoon- the blue-colored Mazda and then the body of Robert D. Meyer- who was last seen December 13 from the 1300 block of West 49th Street- has been located in south Kansas City KS..

K.U and KC-KS Police are investigating the location where the car and the missing man was located- on a hill south of South 5th Street and Seminary.

No determination has yet been made if the man died by his own means or by someone else's hands as detectives and crime scene investigators are enroute.


CSW BREAKING: Man Shot in Leg in KC-MO Drive-By

A "21-year-old male" was shot in the leg according to a KC-MO EMS paramedic unit by a reported drive-by shooter in KC-MO's East Side Friday morning.

The shooting occurred at 11th Street and Hardesty about 9:15 a.m..

The victim told police that the "black male" shooter was driving "a white vehicle- possibly a Dodge Intrepid."

The victim's injury was not life-threatening.

Central States News: Kansas City Loses Kansas Airline Service To Denver- Missouri Service Discontinued Too

Great Lakes Airlines- which provides passenger service from Dodge City and Garden City airports to K.C.I airport- will discontinue that service in February 2011 states this story from the DODGE CITY (KS) DAILY GLOBE.

However- flight from those cities to Denver International Airport will continue- because DIA has more connecting flights to other destinations than KCI.

Great Lakes will also discontinue passenger service from Fort Leonard Wood and Joplin MO. to Kansas City in February- according to the DAILY GLOBE story.

Great Lakes Airlines is based in Cheyenne WY..

Thursday, December 16, 2010

CSW BREAKING: Fatality Crash Reported in Western KC-KS

A fatality 2-vehicle crash has been reported by KC-KS Fire & EMS on westbound State Avenue about 115th Street.

A "27-year-old male driver" of the other vehicle was taken to a Johnson County KS hospital with non life-threatening injuries.

That driver was reportedly going "55 miles per hour" when they were struck by the vehicle where the fatality occurred.

The fatality is reported to be a yet-unidentified female.

KC-KS police have also ordered crimes scene investigators to this incident.

Westbound State Avenue will be closed at this location- eastbound traffic was shutdown briefly- but should be reopening soon if not already.

An Icy Missouri River on a December Day

These images were taken from Young Park in Riverside MO on this chilly Thursday afternoon.


CSW BREAKING: KC-MO Incidents- House Fire in Ruskin Heights- Crash on Westbound I-470

KC-MO (and Raytown) emergency services are busy in the Southland this Thursday afternoon...

First was a reported "kitchen fire" in a lived-in residence in the 11300 block of Greenwood in the Ruskin Heights area.

The fire alarm was dispatched around 1:45 p.m. for 5 fire companies- and when the first company arrived minutes later they reported a "working fire." 

The fire was reported under control at 1:59 p.m. after 2 hand lines were used.

The Red Cross was called for "1 adult and 3 children" displaced by this fire.

The wreck was reported around 1:50 p.m. on westbound I-470 east of Raytown Road- and a Raytown Fire engine company responded with KC-MO units.

The crash is in the inside or "fast lane" of I-470- but the freeway is open although slow through the crash scene.

Extent and number of injuries are yet unknown.

University of Kansas Basketballer Mario Little Arrested

Criminal behavior continues to plague K.U.'s basketball players...

The LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL WORLD reports that Mario Little- the 22-year-old senior from Chicago- was arrested by Lawrence police early Thursday "on charges of battery, criminal damage and criminal trespassing."

The LPD reportedly had been called to an apartment in the 1200 block of Ohio around 3 a.m.- and that's where Little was arrested.

Mr. Little bonded out of the pokey about 5 a.m. and will be appearing soon in a Lawrence Municipal (and likely not a K.U. basketball) Court.

At least Josh Selby will be available to play in Saturday's game....

Homicide No. 100 For 2010 in Kansas City MO

KC-MO Police have determined that a man who died from injuries suffered during a fight in a Country Club Plaza eating and drinking establishment last week is a homicide.

Thirty-one-year-old Douglas D. Tipton of Tulsa OK suffered the fatal injuries during a fight in the Kona Grill on the Plaza on December 9.

Police interviewed 3 suspects after the incident- and most likely charges will soon be filed against at least one of those suspects.

Mr. Tipton's death is the 100th homicide of 2010 in KC-MO..

The city recorded 107 homicides during the same period in 2009.

Icy Roads Contribute To 2 Fatal Crashes in Cass County MO

Two women in their 20's are dead after 2 separate crashes on Wednesday evenings icy roadways...

Reported here at CSW first in Kansas City was the fatality 1-vehicle crash involving a 23-year-old Garden City MO woman around 5:30 p.m..

The Missouri State Highway Patrol (MOHP) states that Ms. Ashley M. Tabor was driving her 2002 GMC north in the 29300 block of South (U.S. 71) Outer Road south of Harrisonville when her GMC began to skid on the icy roadway.

The GMC slid off the roadway onto the ground- overturned- and ejected Ms. Tabor who was not wearing a seat belt.

The Central Cass County Fire Protection District responded and they pronounced Ms. Tabor dead at the scene around 6 p.m..

The 2nd fatality crash occurred around 10:20 p.m. on northbound U.S. 71 about one-half mile north of Peculiar- according to the MOHP report.

That was when a 2008 Chevrolet- driven by 41-year-old Rodney H. Swain of Independence MO- lost control on the ice-covered highway "at a high rate of speed- struck the ground and overturned."

Passenger Jennifer A. Golightly- age 25 of Kansas City MO- died in this crash.

Another passenger- Brandi D. Willis- age 26 of Collins MO along with the driver Mr. Swain- both suffered serious injuries in the crash.

None of the occupants of this vehicle were wearing seat belts either.

CSW offers our solemn condolences to the family and friends of both Ashey Tabor and Jennifer Golightly.

PLEASE my fellow citizens- wear your seat belts while driving- ESPECIALLY when road conditions are adverse and PLEASE reduce your speed accordingly!

It's best to get wherever you're going LATE than not at all.

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

CSW BREAKING: NWS "Winter Weather Advisory" For Metro KC- Lawrence and Topeka

The National Weather Service has JUST issued the winter weather advisory for Metro Kansas City as freezing drizzle continues to create icy roads and bridges- hence- DANGEROUS DRIVING CONDITIONS.

Crashes have become too numerous to log from Douglas thru Miami counties KS into Cass county MO..

There's been a fatality crash near Harrisonville already this Wednesday evening.

Drive & walk at your own risk!

CSW BREAKING: Freezing Drizzle Creating Slick Roads

Freezing drizzle has began to fall over Metro Kansas City- mostly southern- western and northwestern areas.

Several vehicle crashes have been reported in Miami and Douglas counties KS- and other reports of crashes are coming in from Cass county and Platte county MO..

There has been a possible fatality crash near Garden City/Creighton in southeastern Cass county MO..

Precipitation has also begun over the southern half of Johnson county KS..

Temperatures area-wide are below freezing- and bridges and overpasses not treated by public works and DOT crews will be the first to become icy- along with lesser-travelled roadways.

Also- be careful on outdoor steps and sidewalks.

I'll provide updates as needed here at CSW....

CSW BREAKING: Independence MO Firefighter Reported Injured at a House Fire

The fire is reported to be in a vacant house at 24th Street and Glenwood in extreme western Independence that was reported about 7:20 a.m..

KSHB-41 NBC Action News (thanx Gary!) reports this is the 3rd fire in vacant Independence houses this morning: the first occurring at 1527 Spring Street about 2:48 a.m. and the 2nd fire around 4 a.m. at 1509 Spring Street.

No injuries were reported in those 2 previous fires.

I'm still awaiting word of the firefighter injury at the Glenwood fire- but since it wasn't an immediate EMS transport leads me to believe that firefighter's injury is not major- certainly not life-threatening.

As I learn more details I'll post them here....

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Grain Valley MO Police- After A Week- Ask For Public's Help For Missing Child

The KANSAS CITY STAR reports that Grain Valley police are seeking the public's help locating a child who was "parental kidnapped" on December 7th in Grain Valley.

The man- "Rondell C. Ross, 29" was reportedly having a "custody dispute" with the mother-  reportedly went to the Grain Valley home where the mother (not identified) and the child- "Skyline E. Ross" lived.

Ross knocked the mother down in the driveway of the residence and took the child.

A week after this occurred- Ross and the kidnapped child could be anywhere- raising (my) question why an Amber Alert wasn't issued soon after the kidnapping occurred.

Isn't erring on the side of caution (child's safety) applied here?

Rare Tornado Strikes An Oregon Town

It happened about 2 p.m. Kansas City time- when a tornado touched down and moved through the town of Aumsville Oregon.

Preliminarily rated as an EF-1- the tornado damaged a number of commercial and residential structures.

There have been reports of injuries- but as of yet no deaths in this rare weather event in America's Pacific Northwest- according to The Salem (OR) NEWS.

CSW BREAKING: Weekly (Almost) Fire Reported at KC-MO's Southwest High School

Here we go again...

This Tuesday afternoon brings yet another report of a trash can (set) on-fire at KC-MO's Southwest High School at 6512 Wornall- time of report 2:16 p.m..

When Pumper 37 arrives at 2:19 p.m.- the captain reports the school's "being evacuated" but no smoke or flames visible from the street.

This time- the fire- which is "out with very little smoke" was set "in the planetarium" at the school.

Once again- this during-the-school-day arson is under investigation.

You can view all the other incidents CSW has reported on for the 2010-11 school year thus far HERE.

CSW BREAKING: Shooting Reported at KC-MO Church

At 12:20 p.m.- KC-MO Police reported a "possibly (multiple)-victim shooting" at a church in the 2400 block of Benton Boulevard.

Police arrived minutes later and reported at least one injury- "a woman with a broken arm or wrist-" but it's not yet been confirmed if those injuries were from gunshots or if the injuries from the "large crowd of about 300 people" at the church trying to avoid the gunfire.

Police DO report "a large crime scene" at that location- possible suspect vehicles involved were "a silver (colored) Nissan Pathfinder" and "a burgundy (colored) Allero."

This incident is apparently related to a funeral service at the church.  Officers are also standing by at a cemetary near 23rd Street and Blue Ridge- where the attendees were reportedly heading.

As of 12:50 p.m.- the only injury reported was to the female described above- and that injury was not life-threatening.

Theft Charges Dropped in Versailles/Morgan County MO Against Innocent Glenn Stevens

Kansas City television station KCTV-5 reported Monday that theft charges have been dropped in Versailles/Morgan county MO that were pending against obviously innocent Raymore MO resident Glenn Stevens.

Note however that MegaConglomerate Walmart who initially fingered Mr. Stevens for the thefts has NOT intervened- but the evidence reviewed by a Versailles/Morgan county was revealed to be bogus.

CSW recommends that a boycott against Walmart and it's subsidiary companies be continued (we are sure as Hell not shopping there!) until which time Walmart COMPLETELY drops any and ALL charges against Glenn Stevens AND Mr. Stevens' family- and provides same with a public apology and compensation for the Stevens' family over this bogus matter.

Monday, December 13, 2010

Central States NEWS: The WICHITA EAGLE: Neighbor Steps In To Stop Child Abuse

Doing my daily reads of regional online newspapers often makes me shake my head- but nothing quite yet like the story in today's WICHITA (KS) EAGLE written by The EAGLE's ROY WENZL.

It's the story of 2 young girls- who suffered sexual and other abuses for at least 10 years in their home- how one day- one of them told a neighbor lady about the abuses and for the neighbor "to keep the secret" of the abuse- how the neighbor lady didn't keep that secret- and saved the lives of the 2 youngsters who managed though that adversity to become fine young ladies.

Gripping- heart-tugging material- God Bless the 2 young women Kellie and Kathie- and a BIG KUDOS to The WICHITA EAGLE and Mr. Wenzl!

Joke of The Month

I'm not saying that politicians are stupid- but there are some who represent us who think Roe vs. Wade are alternate methods of crossing a river.


Commentary: SEDALIA DEMOCRAT - "Victims of Economic Collapse Held Hostage

The following commentary was "borrowed" from The SEDALIA DEMOCRAT online.

It's a well-thought-out and well-written article that I've screen-captured and re-posted here by a Sedalia "health care worker- David A. Dillon" who comments on the current political gridlock in Washington D.C. and it's 'cause and effect' on those of us slammed by The Great Recession (Depression).

(Click on article for full size)

Thank you SEDALIA DEMOCRAT and especially the writer- Mr. David A. Dillon.

You have well-stated what your Captain- and many of us- feel about the less-fortunate in America and how those multi-faced politicians wield the knife of budget cuts on them.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

KC-MO Police Investigate Man Found Frozen To Death Downtown Sunday Morning

The call came into KC-MO emergency services at 6:55 a.m. Sunday morning- an "unknown medical" call- report of "a man down" outside the old Pickwick Hotel building at 9th Street and McGee.

When police and EMS crews arrived- they found an unknown-age male dead- apparently of exposure to temperatures near 10-degrees and wind chills below zero.

The medical examiner will be investigating whether the man died of exposure to the elements- or suffered a criminally-inflicted or incapacitating medical condition that caused him the freeze to death.

CSW BREAKING: Southbound U.S. 169-Broadway Extention Closed By Downtown Airport Due To Water Main Break

The KC-MO Water Department can't get it right...

Around 6:46 a.m. KC-MO Police report ANOTHER break in the water main that runs along U.S. 169-Broadway Extention in front of the Downtown Airport.

That stretch of roadway has been closed.

Nortlanders going south across the Missouri River today- and possibly Monday morning- should use the Heart of America or Paseo Bridges to get Downtown until the main is fixed...AGAIN.

A Sunday Morning Look Around Metro- MetroRegion Kansas City and The Central States

Although the first major storm of the Fall-Winter 2010-11 season has moved away from Metro Kansas City-

it left anywhere from a half-inch to an inch and a half of snow around the Metro.

Here are some images from around the area- and the Central States captured

between 7:30 and 8:15 a.m. Sunday morning.