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Saturday, December 06, 2008

Extended Period Of Winter-like Weather Soon

Some might say "soon??" with the spate of chilly weather since early November.

According to some weather models- it appears to be getting worse- starting as early as this coming Tuesday.

Temperatures don't recover much beyond the warmest highs in the 40's locally- plunging progressively after each storm system passes by through December 21.

Several wet storm systems are in store to affect the Central States not only December 9- but on the 12th through 15th- when we'll have weaker systems moving through.

At least one strong storm system is on the horizon too- now pegged to affect the Central States on December 16-17.

Parts of the northwestern Central States could see blizzard-conditions with this one. Maybe thunderstorms and a chance for severe ones further south and east

Cold air moves as far south as central California according to one model by December 21- with a strong Southwestern U.S. storm system developing by that time.

That storm system could well affect Christmas travel in the Central States.

Stay tuned....

Friday, December 05, 2008

Grain Valley Teen Dead After School Accident

The KANSAS CITY STAR is reporting a "Grain Valley Middle-School" student died as a result of that student hitting her head on a wall during gym class the previous day.

The STAR says the unnamed girl struck her head Wednesday- went home but not to any doctor and "woke up with a headache" Thursday morning.

Her mom let her stay home from school that day- but when Mom went in a few hours later to check- her daughter was "unresponsive" or unconscious.

Central Jackson County Fire Protection District ("CJC") firefighters and medics could not revive the girl.

There is no mention of any comments from school officials on why they did not institute a medical examination of the girl after her accident.


Great News For Missouri Casinos - Kansas Speedway Casino Cancelled

This news came down today from Cordish- the company that built and operates Kansas City Live in the downtown Power & Light District:

The Hard Rock casino & hotel complex that was to be built at the Kansas Speedway by a Cordish-led consortium is now off the table.
Cordish also wants it's $25-million "privilege fee" it paid to the State last year- according to this story in BUSINESS FIRST.

It's now back to the drawing board and re-bids for that long-awaited Kansas Metro K.C. destination casino.

Mayor Funkhouser Goes Off On K.C. Newspaper

This is according to a story on bottomlinecom- who reports that our Mayor was on a KCMO radio talk show this morning.

According to the story- the Mayor blasts The KANSAS CITY STAR for obsessing on his battle with the City Council over his wife Gloria Squitiro's presence in City Hall and NOT addressing the nearly $90-million shortfall in this year's City's budget.

Hmmmm. I guess the Mayor's wife is bigger news than the city going broke.

No wonder The STAR is going bankrupt- their news content seems to be already there....

Tragic End To Oregon Marriage Proposal

According to this AP story- a couple in Oregon went to a place along the Pacific shore called "Proposal Rock" where the 45-year-old man was going to propose marriage to his 22-year-old lady.

A wave washed over the small 22-year-old woman and washed her out to sea.

Religious folk MIGHT say this was God's way of saying "No."

Link to video of this story is HERE.


O.J. Simpson Convicted To 15 Years In Prison

That famous football player turned actor turned (allegedly) murderer was convicted to 15 years in prison for his part in that Las Vegas roust of a memorabilia collector.

O.J.'s story apparently didn't fit- so they DID convict....

OJ's term is 9 to 33 years- according to later AP dispatches.

Kansas' Top Court Says Philll Kline "...Obvious and Sorry"

So goes Herr Kline's obsession with Kansas Planned Parenthood organizations- according to this Associated Press report.

The single-purpose/seemingly single-cell-brained Herr Kline was also recommended by the KS Supreme Court to be "disciplined" for his anti-abortion zeal.

He's supposed to turn over many of the documents in these cases to the current state Attorney General.

We'll see if Herr Kline complies with this court order or- like so many other pollys- think he's ABOVE the law.

Updates on the Cartoon Network.

America Lost More Than One-Half Million Jobs In November

This IS astounding news: according to
this AP story- America lost 533,000 jobs last month.

This would be equivalent to EVERYONE in Kansas City and Blue Springs-MO losing their jobs.

Can you say Depression? That's where we're headed. This consumptive nation will again discover what it's like to go without.

We middle and lower-income folks that is. We're taking care of those irresponsible rich people with bailouts.

CSW POLL: KSHB-41 Weather People Hype Less

That's according to the CSW non-scientific poll- located down the right column of this blog.

A massive response of 106 people responded to the question about the 4 news/weather shops:
"In Your Opinion- Which Kansas City Television Station Most Overhypes Bad Weather Situations?"

A disclaimer:
I work for KSHB News but- except for Gary Lezak when he still worked at Channel 4- I've not met any of 41's weather people. I do not publicise my blog at the station either.
I mostly make my own weather predictions- being a weather dude since I was 4-1/2-years-old-relying on raw National Weather Service data.
About the ONLY time I'll really watch local TV weather is during severe weather events- and that's only if I'm not out spotting/chasing. I do NOT spot or chase for KSHB either.

According to the poll: 68 citizens or 64% say that KCTV Channel 5- the CBS affiliate- is the weather "hype-king" station in Kansas City.

There is a huge drop to the Number 2 weather-hypers in K.C.- which are tied with 18 votes or 16% of the vote each. They are WDAF-4 the FOX affiliate and KMBC-9 who carries ABC here.

At the bottom of the pack- and where one wants to be with this poll is KHSB NBC41.
Only 5 poll respondents- or 4% of the voters- thought that KSHB over hypes bad weather situations.

The poll will stay up indefinitely and we'll see if any of these possible winter-type storms next week change the vote.

Thursday, December 04, 2008

"There'll Be Much Mistletoe-ing"

Is it just me or do some of the lyrics to the Christmas song "The Most Wonderful Time of the Year" sound like a description of a Russian May Day parade?


ATT To Slash 12000 American Jobs

The Dallas-TX-based firm- which has some of the worst customer service known to Man- is cutting 12000 American jobs- according to the Associated Press.

Merry Christmas.

Bad Economy Is A National Security Issue

The train wreck which is the American economy at this point certainly can be considered an issue of national security.

America's moneychangers- particularily those asking for taxpayer hand-outs- should be considered terrorists for putting our national security at risk.

Since WHEN does the American government subsidize terrorism?

It's happening folks.


AEG Lays Off Kemper Workers- Should The City Close Kemper?

AEG- the outfit that runs both of Kansas City-MO's arenas: Sprint Center and Kemper Arena- laid-off 4 Kemper workers.

AEG claims this isn't bad news for the 35-year-old West Bottoms facility. I'll bet it's not bad news like those Wall Street firms and banks who said they were fine 4 months ago.

I always thought it a little strange that the city hired THE SAME company to run BOTH arenas.

One would think the city might have hired SEPARATE firms to compete with one another for events and such.

Or closed Kemper Arena- as KC-MO councilman Russ Johnson proposes. This city doesn't NEED 2 large arenas- the subsidies for which takes away city money from stuff we actually need.

For too long- Kansas City's leaders have concentrated on glitz projects rater than basic infrastructure.

Now's the time to "get real."


Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Manhattan-KS Recomended For Government Germ Lab

According to the Associated Press- the Homeland Security Administration says Manhattan-KS- aka "The Little Apple"- should get the US Government's new $450-million biodefense laboratory.

Manhattan beat out at least 4 other states for this prize- which is no prize if any of the bio-germs get loose- including bio samples of cattle-deadly foot & mouth disease.

How about an Air Force base instead???


Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Bush Is Sorry

That's all the worst president in my lifetime has to say in regard to America's financial meltdown.

Specifically- "I'm sorry it's happening, of course"- says Bush- who is likely to be filthy rich once he cashes in his oil stocks in escrow for the past 8 years.

W- "sorry" just- don't- cut it.