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Saturday, May 19, 2007

Uncle Albert, Paul McCartney

"We're so sorry, Paul McCartney,


AP: New Jersey Residents Seething Over Military Gunnery Range

The fire that burned everything in it's path may be out - but a new fire is being set under military commanders of the NJ gunnery range.

AP: Michael Moore's New Movie Applauded at Cannes Film Festival

Moore's new motion picture 'Sicko' focuses on American health care like Fahrenheit 9/11 focused on Bush's Folly- The Iraq "War."

Can't wait until it opens in the States - if and when it does.


AP: Former President Carter Thinks Bush Sucks Too

I always liked Jimmy - what former president actually goes on and builds homes for the poor? (Hope he didn't have anything to do with that shabbily-built Habitat home in Independence shown on local news earlier this week.)

President Carter agrees on what many of us have already figured out about President Shrub.


AP: Another Five American Soldiers Killed in Iraq.

The beat goes on ... and on ... and on ... and on ....

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Saturday, May 19, 2007


MAST reports a male in his 40's received 2 life-threatening stab wounds to the back around 2:20 am.
The crime occurred in the 1200 block of East Independence Avenue.
Police were seeking the suspect who left the scene: a light-skinned, short-haired black male - about 5-feet 11-inches in height and in his mid-30's.

A woman in her 20's was reportedly struck by a vehicle in the 3800 block of North Spruce around 2:25 am Saturday morning.
A MAST paramedic said she had head and other injuries and was intoxicated - as they sped with their lights and siren to a nearby trauma center.
A 1-car wreck on southbound U.S. 71 about a quarter-mile north of Missouri-150 just after 3 am seriously injured a woman and lesser-injured a male.
Southbound U.S. 71 was closed at 140th Street by Grandview police for nearly an hour.

The first incident was in OP-KS just after midnight - fire in a 2nd-story bedroom on one side of a duplex in the 8500 block of Grant.
The occupant escaped uninjured and the fire was out in about 20 minutes. Careless smoking is suspected.
KC-MO fire investigators are checking for the suspicious cause of a fire in an apartment building in the 5700 block of St. John at 3:22 am..
The blaze itself was fairly small and under control within 10 mintes. Smoke from the fire sent one resident to a hospital - the only person displaced by the fire.


Skies remained clear, winds light and of a southerly component and temperature that fell into the lower to mid-50's at dawn was MetroRegion overnight weather.
A slow warm-up - but no precipitation - will prevail both today and Sunday.
First with Kansas City Metro- Region Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Cool and Wet Memorial Day in the Kansas City MetroRegion?

Stand by for more details on this as the numerical weather models do their thing over the next few days.

After this possibly severe thunderstorm & heavy rain event by mid-next week - several of the models are indicating precipitation above the norm and temperatures fluctuating up and down around the norm into the first of June.

Republicrats & Demublicans: We'll Stay In Iraq Until Every Last Iraqui or American Soldier is Maimed or Dead

Compromising on the ending date of a "war" that never should have been.

Are Americans ready for a 3rd political party YET?????????


Thursday, May 17, 2007

National Hurricane Center Wants "Party Money"

In our on-going installments of Bizarro America - our brainy Feds seemingly cut-back the operating budget of the NHC - but is willing to throw $4-million at a party.


Simply The Right Thing To Do

Several Southern states have enacted what are called "Rosa Parks pardons" - or expunging the criminal records of those who were charged with minor "crimes" standing up for their American-given rights during the Civil Rights movement of the 1950's & 1960's.

Great idea - the law passed in Tennessee yet 6 legislators voted AGAINST it! I surely do wonder what their reasoning was.



Thought I'd share a pix of my brother-man's new beach property near Corpus Christi.

It's about 1-1/2-blocks from the Gulf - there are numerous charter services nearby and if you are looking for a vacation getaway - get with me and I'll check with Perry & Neil on availability.

(NOTE: There ARE dolphins nearby at Port Aransas! lol)


"Everyone Loves- The King of The Sea"

Ok- so this story isn't about porpoises (sorry - I watched the original 'Flipper' movie on TCM awhile back - loved the TV show (grin)).

But this IS about swimming mammals- in California.


A Kansas City Solution to All Our Gunplay?

A city councilperson in Baltimore, MD. wants to give the mayor power to put troubled areas of their city into "lockdown."

Would that work here or it this a police-state approach? Methinks the ACLU would have a field day.


NYC Firefighters Still Being Hurt By 9/11

Geez- hasn't NYC Fire Station/Engine & Ladder 10 suffered enough?

Put a damn steel dome over the fecking firehouse!


Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Kansas City at a Crossroads with Light Rail

It was one of the biggest 'in-your-face' election results in K.C.'s history. It was last November when voters surprised the local pollys and actually APPROVED Clay Chastain's plan for a light rail system.

Most voters (moi included) didn't care for the Chastain version- we just wanted to voice our opinion it was time for Kansas City to become a national-class city with a national-class transportation system. If we waited for the A.T.A. and the politicians - it would probably never get done.

Yet six months later and the discussion continues - not so much as one route has been planned- much less approved.

Former City Council candidate Mark Forsythe - on his Web site
'The Kansas City Post' - has been running a series of stories - with reader commentary - on the various type of commuter rail available. (One might wonder where our local "news" media is on this education process - this would have made one HELL of an on-going 'rating sweeps' subject.)

My inner fear is that the KC government leaders will screw this up like they did the rolling roofs voters approved for the sports stadiums but never built. Then 35 years later when the costs to build the roofs were more than the cost to build BOTH stadiums - the pollys come back to the voters.

The new Kansas City mantra should be "Think Cowtown."

Instead of a BIG new arena (like Dallas' AA) with significantly more seats that Kemper - we build a glass-covered doughtnut with less than a 3,000 seat increase. Oh yes- we're still PAYING for Kemper too.

This city LOVES to run glitzy projects by the voters instead of projects benefitting the whole. We've subsidized our pro sports team to the max- how about a solid- efficient- SPEEDY transportation system?

Sure it's going to be expensive. Nothing worth doing RIGHT comes cheap.

Shall the Kansas City taxpayers continue to subsidize corporations or is it time for us to really get to work on our basic infrastructure - things that will benefit present residents and make this city attractive to future Kansas Citians?

(PS: And my pissy-ant attitude towards our sports teams isn't necessarily because their field performances suck given the Broadway-show-calibre parking/ticket/concession prices charged.)

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

'Boycott Gasoline Day' Has No Effect

I guess SOME Americans participated in the impromptu "No Gas Day" but it had little to no affect.

I keep telling people- NOTHING short of a national 1 or 2 day 'strike' will work - and the effect of that is questionable.

Fill up! Go joyriding! Contribute to nations that subsidize terrorism with their oil profits! Make G.W. Shrub one of the world's richest men!

In other words- why give a shit America?

(NOTE: I did not drive anywhere today nor will I tomorrow.)

Nation's Lead Bigot Shot 35 Years Ago Today

I had long thought it would have been more appropriate if Gov. George Wallace had been kidnapped by Black Panthers and put through some of the things the KKK had been doing to people of color for decades.

In the Real World, it was a young white man with a gun that help rid us of a national blight. Yes Virginia, sometimes we DO take care of 'our-own.'


Rev. Jerry 'Right Wing' Falwell Dies

You can wonder how many mouths the money spent on Jerry Falwells's funeral might feed or how high the temperature in Hell got today.

Me? I'll welcome the relative silence of pontification from Virginia.


Going To California?

The AP reports that it's more than fruit being sprayed with pesticides in The "Golden State."


Monday, May 14, 2007


Give a read here about the article that The Star decided to hold - edit - THEN print on local political goings-on.

Actually- The Star lost me forever during the campaign to give corporate pro sports teams a chunk of hard-earned tax dollars.

Of course the lemming-like voters that went along with the scam share the blame too.

One day when I get my cybernetics completed and can do 24/7 stretches on the scanners and other bloggers can fill-in details with investigative reporting - we'll do away with "newspapers" and radio/TV "newscasts altogether.

Until that day we'll have to suffer being ill, under or just plain uninformed by our "free" press.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, May 13, 2007


A "male in his 30's" according to a MAST-EMS paramedic is in critical condition at an area hospital this morning.
The man's head injuries and possible gunshot to the back were suffered around 3:15 am in the 2500 block of Hardesty.
Any witnesses left before police arrived and there was no suspect information.



An 'Operation-100' tactical situation with a barricaded subject police wanted ended without incident Sunday morning.
The operation was in the area of 31st Street & Paseo and lasted during the 2 and 3 am hours.
No injuries nor details heard.


This begins in the 800 block of Prospect- KC-MO - around 2:30 am Sunday morning.
The call came in as a shooting - and police find a man on the ground with a head injury but not shot. He had been struck by "a beer bottle."
As a MAST unit is transporting the victim to a hospital- he "assaulted a MAST employee" and a general emergency call brought fire & police to help the EMS crew.
About 90 minutes after the original call was dispatched the patient - "in restraints"- finally completed his hospital trip.


Fire department units were dispatched to a business on U.S. 59 around 5:30 am where it was reported an anhydrous ammonia tank was leaking.
Firefighters shut off a valve on the tank and within 10 minutes stopped the leak. They also reported apparent vandalism to the tank.
Anhydrous ammonia is used in the manufacture of meth.


Again a lovely mid-springs' morning - clear calm with temperatures into the lower 60's at dawn.
A beautiful Mother's Day today - temperatures again in the mid to upper 80's - but a Stevie Ray-like 'Change In The Weather' coming Monday night/Tuesday morning.

A cold front will traverse the area - bringing a chance for showers and thunderstorms ( no severe weather expected) and temperatures up to 20-degrees cooler than today's readings.

First with Kansas City Metro- Region Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.