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Friday, November 26, 2010

A Raymore MO Family Man Gets Criminally Railroaded by Walmart- Police

Just in case you thought films like 'Friday The 13th' were horror stories- then you haven't read a REAL-LIFE horror story like what has happened to Raymore MO citizen Glenn Stevens- according to The KANSAS CITY STAR.

SuperCorporation Walmart- apparently supported by various police departments using suspect and even possibly bogus evidence- accused Mr. Stevens of thefts from Walmart stores from Kansas to Illinois.

Trouble is- Glenn Stevens has PROOF he wasn't the thief- and The STAR's story- well-written by Donald Bradley- is proof once again that in Bizzaro 21st Century America- American citizens are forced into near (or real) bankruptcy to prove their innocence against clearly bogus charges.

After reading the story- Ms. Rittenhouse and I am not stepping foot in another Walmart- Sam's Club- et al- until Walmart not only clears Glenn Stevens' name- but pays him and his family back with GENEROUS interest for their obvious screw-up!

Other CSW posts on The Glenn Stevens Injustice can be found HERE- HERE- HEREHERE- HERE and HERE as well as the Stevens' family blog on this injustice- GLENN STEVENS IS INNOCENT!

Like America- The Irish Citizens Will Pay for Irish Banks' 'Gambling' Losses

Ireland's major banks are going belly-up and will require a SUBSTANTIAL governmental bail-out.

And like America- the Irish citizens will pay dearly with less governmental services and increased taxes- all due to the Irish-version of financial institution "speculation (gambling)-" according to this story by the Associate Press via MyWay news.

Coming soon- more financial troubles from Greece- Portugal and Spain.

2012 (see also North Korea) is only a little more than a year away you know....


Kansas City Christmas 2010 - Fireworks with a Musical Accompanyment

Many thanks and my sincere gratitude for taking your valuable time to read Capt. Spaulding's World this year and since 2006...

May you and yours be truly blessed- safe and happy this 2010 holiday season from Ms. Rittenhouse and your Captain.


Wednesday, November 24, 2010

CSW BREAKING Weather: Tornado Watch Issued for Extreme Southern K.C. MetroRegion

This is Tornado Watch Number 750- and it's valid until 10 p.m..

The closest MetroRegion cities in this watch are Nevada (Vernon county) MO- Pleasanton (Linn)- Fort Scott (Bourbon) and Iola in KS..

Metro Kansas City is NOT included in TW #750.

The watch also includes much of southwestern MO- southeastern KS- six counties in northeastern OK and 2 counties in northwestern AR..

Here are the 2 most recent Doppler weather radar images from the site near Topeka KS..

CSW BREAKING: House On Fire in Midtown KC-MO

Six KC-MO fire companies are battling a house fire in the 2300 block of Agnes that was reported just before noon.

There haven't been any reports of injuries as of this report.

One handline brought the flames under control at 12:07 p.m..

The American Red Cross was requested to assist the 3 adult residents of the house.

CSW BREAKING: Shooting Homicide Reported in South-Central KC-MO

KC-MO Police are confirming a deceased victim of a shooting in the 7300 block of Brooklyn.

The incident was reported just after 11:30 a.m. Wednesday morning where it was reported that 2 black males walked up to a silver-colored car and asked for a cigarette- then shot one of the car's occupants in the head.

Police also report taking the possible suspects into custody a few blocks from the shooting.

Harrisonville- Metro Kansas City Residents Tell Fred Phelps to GET LOST

Don't confuse Fred Phelps and his hateful congregation's 'Freedom of Speech' with any known decorum of decency and respect.

You could make a good debate point too that Phelps' "Westboro Baptist Church" could well be known as the "Phelps Church of Satan."

Regardless- several thousand Harrisonville and Metro Kansas City residents made SURE Phelp's little band of morons didn't disrupt the funeral of a young Freeman MO resident and U.S. Army corporal Jacob R. Carver who died November 13 in a suicide bomb attack in Afghanistan.

Like a recent and similar situation in Weston MO- literally thousands of area people lined the funeral route- keeping Phelps and his inbred clan away from Cpl. Jacobs' family and friends- according to this story written by The KANSAS CITY (MO) STAR's Donald Bradley.

THIS was/IS the way to counter the Fred Phelps version of 'Freedom of Speech' with OUR OWN legal and non-violent/criminal version.

A BIG Capt. Spaulding salute and bless each and every one of you who shut-out and up the "Westboro Baptist Church" brand of hate in Harrisonville yesterday!


As America Becomes A Police State- What I'm Thankful For...

I'm thankful I'm no longer a young person who may live long enough to see our freedoms completely disappear.

Happy Thanksgiving - anyway!


CSW BREAKING: Several Douglas County KS Fire Departments Working a Structure Fire

The fire was reported just after 9 a.m. at 87 U.S. 40 highway in northwestern Douglas county- in the unincorporated community of Big Springs.

At least 4 fire departments- including one from Shawnee county- are battling a fire in at least one structure at or close to the GOOGLE Street view image here.

There's been no reports of injuries as this firefight is underway.

The fire has reportedly spread from one lived-in house to a second nearby structure.

(Photos courtesy of The LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD)

The Red Cross has been requested  ... more as/if received.

If You Pay KC Mo Taxes You SHOULD Get KC MO Services

Not some suburban citys' services.

Within the past 10 minutes- Liberty Fire was sent to an address in the northeast Northland Kansas City MO on an emergency medical call.

All KC-MO Fire units in that area were in service and not on any calls.

Now while I'm sure the issues have been straightened out since- I recall not too many years ago when there was a problem with Liberty MO's EMS people and some of them were fired for some sort of malfeasance.

There has NEVER been ANY such issues regarding KC-MO's emergency services.

In addition- KC-MO residents paying extra taxes like that Earnings Tax SHOULD get the same KC-MO services everyone else gets.

In no way belittling the training of suburban fire departments- I STILL would want and demand THIS city's fire department AND EMS AND police to respond to my KC-MO address if the need arises and certainly when KC-MO resources are available and sitting in their stations.

Not Grandview- not Parkville- not Liberty.


Tuesday, November 23, 2010

One Fatality- At Least 2 Critical Injuries in Crash Near Lawrence KS Involving Stolen Truck

A pickup truck- reportedly stolen from a newpaper carrier near the University of Kansas (K.U.) campus- struck a car carrying 4 people northwest of Lawrence early Tuesday morning.

One person was killed in the car that was struck "head-on" according to the LAWRENCE (KS) JOURNAL-WORLD.

There were at least 2 critical injuries in the car- and they were reportedly flown to K.U. Medical Center in KC-KS.

The suspect driving the stolen vehicle reportedly drover from the crash scene- but was later apprehended and arrested by K.U. Police- said the LJW.

It was NOT stated if police were pursing the stolen vehicle when the crash occurred- and there were no ages- genders- or conditions available of either the suspect nor the other 3 occupants of the car that was hit.

K.C. MetroRegion Faces Rapidly-Changing Weather Situation Next 2 Days

You might as well throw out what the TV weather people- and myself- have told you what the weather's gonna do into Thanksgiving.

As recent as late Monday- it appeared the Arctic cold front and associated low pressure storm system would come through the Kansas City MetroRegion mostly dry.

Now- not only is the entire MetroRegion outlooked to have thunderstorms Wednesday- but possibly into early Thursday- and now there are increasing chances for some impact of frozen precipitation on Thanksgiving Day (Thursday).

Not only that- but now the National Weather Service's Storm Prediction Center (NWS/SPC) has  about the southern 1/2 of the K.C. MetroRegion- including the Metro- in a forecast area of severe thunderstorms tomorrow- as shown by the accompanying graphic.

A far as the frozen precipitation falling in the MetroRegion- the exact area and amount of precip is still very unclear- so stay tuned....

Monday, November 22, 2010

Lee's Summit Man Dies After Sunday Morning Crash in Independence MO

As reported here first in Metro Kansas City was the Sunday morning crash on M-291 near Hidden Valley Road in Independence MO..

The driver of a car with a flat tire who was parked on the shoulder of the highway was rear-ended at high speed by a SUV- and the driver of the car later died at Centerpoint Medical Center.

That driver has been identified by the IPD as "26-year-old Travis M. Miller of Lee's Summit MO.."

The driver of the SUV was arrested- then released- but faces pending charges in the crash.

CSW offers our condolences to family and friends of Mr. Miller.

CSW Weather: Wide Variation of Temperatures Across MetroRegion

Actually- this variation has existed for several days now as an Arctic air mass has stalled virtually over the middle of the Central States of Missouri- Kansas- Iowa- Nebraska- Arkansas and Oklahoma.

You can see for yourself with the Central States-MetroRegion synoptic weather map I've posted here with the 8 a.m.  Monday morning observations.

Actual air temperatures for each station are in red and to the upper left of each stations' circle. Green numbers below those are the dew point.  The three gray numbers to the upper right are barometric pressures (add the '2' or '3' for the exact pressure i.e.- '969' is 29.69).

Note FNB in southeast Nebraska with a temp of 35 and LXT- Lee's Summit at 66- a variation of 31 degrees over less than 100 miles difference.

You would think that with such a variation of temperatures- high dew points and barometric disturbances moving through that we would be seeing all kinds of wild weather here in the Metro- but that's not happening.

The worst we're seeing or expect to see with this whole system are temperature and wind variations- with occasional sprinkles of light rain.

That's not the case from northern Kansas into Iowa- where freezing rain is possible today into southern Minnesota. 

Even Chicago is experiencing thunderstorms at this time- but not us.

Another weak barometric disturbance ("wave") will drag the cold front back over us later today- but not before we experience temperatures up to 20-degrees above normals today.

A cold Thanksgiving is in store- but I don't see much if indeed any frozen precip falling in the Kansas City MetroRegion (area within about 100 miles of K.C.).

We enjoyed a mild lighting of Briarcliff Village last night (fireworks display posted here later today)- but if you're going to the Country Club Plaza lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving night- you'd better bundle up and go heavy on the hot coffee/chocolate as it looks to be chilly.


Sunday, November 21, 2010

Man Stabbed To Death in KC-KS

The call came in- sort of- at 6:35 a.m. Sunday morning- for a KC-KS fire and EMS crew to check on "a possible D.O.A." in an apartment building.

When I say "sort-of" I mean that no address ever came over the KC-KS fire channel.

One crew did ask what apartment number- and that was apartment 412 and it was indeed determined that the occupant- "a male" was deceased.

Other news outlets later today report that a man was stabbed to death "in the 1000 block of North 10th Street."

Okay- GOOGLE Street View shows no apartment buildings in the 1000 block of North 10th Street.

So I have to assume for you- the reader- that this happened in the 1100 block of North 10th- where indeed there are apartments.

Anyway- the man is dead- and police detained 2 people who were in the apartment when police- fire & EMS crews arrived. 

Our condolences to that unidentified victims' family and friends.


CSW BREAKING: Critical-Injury Wrecks in KC-KS - Independence MO

An SUV going about 60 m.p.h. reportedly slammed into the back of a car stopped on the roadway on northbound M-291 south of Hidden Valley Road in Independence about 6:05 a.m. Sunday morning.

A 26-year-old male in the car that was stopped suffered very critical injuries with no word on the occupant of the SUV yet.

Another male was critically-injured in a rollover crash in the 3400 block of Rainbow in KC-KS about 6:15 a.m.. 

A 2nd male suffered non life-threatening injuries in the crash.

Police in both cities are investigating....

Man Critically-Injured in North Kansas City MO Shooting

A male in his 20's is lying in a KC-MO hospital Sunday morning with "multiple gunshot wounds" after a shooting outside a North KC-MO bar.

The shooting occurred about 2 a.m. near 18th Street and Swift.

No suspect or any other information was available as of this report.

KC-MO Police Officer Hurt During KC-KS Police Vehicle Pursuit

A chase of an aggravated assault suspect that began around 11:40 p.m. Saturday night ended about 40 minutes later in south KC-MO..

The chase began around 38th Street and State Avenue when an officer spotted the "white male" suspect driving south in a "tan-colored (Chevy) Suburban.

The suspect refused to stop- and continued south to Interstate 70 where he went west at speeds as high as 85-90 m.p.h..  The chase then went north on I-435 to Parallel Parkway- the back east on Parallel.

By midnight- the suspect had wound back east and got on eastbound I-70 and entered Missouri.  The chase went around the East Loop to southbound U.S. 71.

At 12:08 a.m.- a KC-MO police officer- who had thrown road spikes across southbound U.S. 71 near Swope Parkway- had the rope "yanked" from his hands when the spikes caught on the suspect's vehicle.

Several of the officer's fingers were cut- and he was taken to a Northland hospital in good condition.

The chase continues south and more road spike ("stop-sticks") are thrown in front of the suspect.  At 75th Street- at least 2 KC-MO police cars also hit the spikes and had to drop out of the chase.

At 12:15 a.m. with at least 2 of the suspect's tires flattened and shredded- he crashes near Red Bridge Road.

The man attempts to run- but is caught and detained by a police dog.

Suffering dog bites- the suspect is arrested and later treated by KC-MO FD-EMS people.