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Monday, November 22, 2010

CSW Weather: Wide Variation of Temperatures Across MetroRegion

Actually- this variation has existed for several days now as an Arctic air mass has stalled virtually over the middle of the Central States of Missouri- Kansas- Iowa- Nebraska- Arkansas and Oklahoma.

You can see for yourself with the Central States-MetroRegion synoptic weather map I've posted here with the 8 a.m.  Monday morning observations.

Actual air temperatures for each station are in red and to the upper left of each stations' circle. Green numbers below those are the dew point.  The three gray numbers to the upper right are barometric pressures (add the '2' or '3' for the exact pressure i.e.- '969' is 29.69).

Note FNB in southeast Nebraska with a temp of 35 and LXT- Lee's Summit at 66- a variation of 31 degrees over less than 100 miles difference.

You would think that with such a variation of temperatures- high dew points and barometric disturbances moving through that we would be seeing all kinds of wild weather here in the Metro- but that's not happening.

The worst we're seeing or expect to see with this whole system are temperature and wind variations- with occasional sprinkles of light rain.

That's not the case from northern Kansas into Iowa- where freezing rain is possible today into southern Minnesota. 

Even Chicago is experiencing thunderstorms at this time- but not us.

Another weak barometric disturbance ("wave") will drag the cold front back over us later today- but not before we experience temperatures up to 20-degrees above normals today.

A cold Thanksgiving is in store- but I don't see much if indeed any frozen precip falling in the Kansas City MetroRegion (area within about 100 miles of K.C.).

We enjoyed a mild lighting of Briarcliff Village last night (fireworks display posted here later today)- but if you're going to the Country Club Plaza lighting ceremony on Thanksgiving night- you'd better bundle up and go heavy on the hot coffee/chocolate as it looks to be chilly.


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