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Thursday, March 15, 2007


More and more people are becoming aware that this report has been held.

More and more KC VOTERS are becoming suspect the REASON the report is being held is strictly political.

And ALL of them know Al Brooks is ON the present council and are putting this one plus one proposition together.

Mr. Funkhouser - THIS is YOUR issue! You need to harp unfailingly on this lack of release of the report.



Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Now Playing

The music we hear is the fabric upon which many of our lives is sewn. In late 1969, I happened to first see who would become that fabric in mine.

On a cold, rainy September day, guitar licks from somebody who many said "sounded like Hendrix" drew us to the stage at the KC International Raceway grounds.

Chicago Transit Authority would become simply Chicago the next year. According to many 'ex-fans,' the band would become too commercial in another four. The guy who sounded like Hendrix - Terry Kath - would die in less than 9 years from that September day.

Yet their music became the music of my life - the raiser of spirit and the searcher of soul.

Ladies and gentlemen - for those of you who have loved and lost - I dedicate to you ...
Thunder And Lightning

(From Chicago 14. ©1980 Words and Music by Robert Lamm, Danny Seraphine and Peter Cetera)

I thought, that you thought, that we thought,
We were bound to each other;
But it's not that way, we don't care
About one another;
Thunder and lightning, showed me all
The threats you weren't saying;
Thunder and lightning,
Gonna' throw it all away;

Thunder and lightning, and you touched
My life without warning;
Oh how I loved you, you loved me,
Now, what are we thinking?
Thunder and lightning, will burn you
Just as sure as I'm singing;
Thunder and lightning,
Didn't know our love would end this way;

You got your way, we're to blame,
but that's okay;
Another time, another place,
It's one more game;
After all is said and done,
we'll overcome,
The psychological setback of a time on the run;

It hurt to see you play games that
Were so one-sided,
I dealt the cards but the aces
Were in your back pocket;
Thunder and lightning, won't let you
Alone 'til I'm paying;
Thunder and lightning,
Didn't know our love could end this way.



There's a place at Longview Lake where I take my walks that, for many years, has served as an excellent harbinger of spring.

Evidentally once the location of a homestead, this patch of ground is literally overflowing with the first flower of spring.

Their cheery, bright-yellow blooms wave in a welcomingly-warm breeze full of anticipation of the coming season.

It seems the soul of every living thing is replenished - you can almost feel the electricity in the air as if it were the opening night of a new Broadway show.

There can be no doubt that Spring is a special season. New life, new hope.

We surely cannot be so consumed with personal affairs or the affronts of society at such a time. We must all find our little place that fills our souls, brings us inner peace.

Such a simple flower as the daffodil makes me realize how life is so fragile and fleeting and yet so beautiful. No wonder Spring is my favorite season.

Thank you Mother Earth, Mother Nature!

In memory of Maynard Pierce & Jeff Kessler.

Monday, March 12, 2007

New Look for the Blog

Well, how do you like it?

Leave a comment below if you'd like - constructive criticism is always welcome!

Why The Citizens Of KC Should Want The Funk

Last week, 3 losers of the mayorial primary got together and (I guess) showed their support for Alvin Brooks.

Did they spend that news conference time telling us what all Mr. Brooks has DONE for the City as well as what Mr. Brooks intends to DO for the City?

Two of the losers even went to far as to provide Monty Python-like comedy and say - with straight faces mind you - how BAD Mark Funkhouser for Mayor would be.

Yes, that's right.
Councilpersons and Keepers of The Golden Development Ring Chuck Eddy & John Fairfield put on their jester hats and dissed Funkhouser's personality of all things.

That would be fine, except for the fact that in saying what they did, Eddy & Fairfield came off looking like fools.

You see, when Mark Funkhouser retired as city auditor last year, these SAME two men had nothing but praise for Funkhouser. There's video from the local stations of that council session all over the local Net.

Why would Chuck Eddy & John Fairfield then do a 180-degree turn on their opinion of Funkhouser and - in the process - politically shoot themselves in the foot?

M-O-N-E-Y - P-O-W-E-R.

When Mark Funkhouser becomes mayor - the 'good-ole-boy- business-as-usual' crowd will find themselves on the outside looking in (like all of us citizens have done like forever).

Funkhouser is not a career politician. The mayorial race is Mark's first foray into political office. Therefore, Funkhouser is not beholden to any politicals hacks or organizations.

Mark Funkhouser as city auditor for 18 years was at the pinnacle position in ANY government - keeping track of of the city's finances.

Mark TRIED last year to warn the city's politicos - including Alvin Brooks, Eddy & Fairfield - that they were TIFing the city into financial strangulation.

All Funkhouser got was the cold stare from current Mayor Kay Barnes. (Heh- watch HER extravagant city spending ways come home to roost in the citizen's pocketbooks in a few years!)

Mark Funkhouser was on the very inside of the city insiders without actually BEING one. He knows every money-shuffling move that these not-so-honest and forthright politicians use.

Mark Funkhouser won't bring city development to a screeching halt. He will facilitate city development without making the KC, MO. taxpayers libel for the developments twice - when they are built and when they fail (check out a list of project the current leadership have approved and just how much the taxpayers subsidize them).

The politician I've most admired all my 54 years is Harry Truman. Harry told it like it was and he didn't care whose feathers got ruffled when he said it.

I've met Mark Funkhouser once - years ago - but the man looked me in the eye and made me a promise and I was pleasantly surprised when Mr. Funkhouser delivered on that promise. Promptly too.

Mark told me how that issue was - in civil, honest and forthright communications - and this skeptical citizen understood, was satisfied and started watching this guy Funkhouser.

Believe me folks, Groucho does not get too excited over politics & politicians but the KC-MO mayorial race is totally different.

I am convinced - head & heart - that when Mark Funkhouser is elected mayor - any and ALL issues affecting Kansas City, MO. will be dealt with by this man and his staff in the same efficient, timely and forthright manner.

A liveable city is not measured by glass arenas and taxpayer-subsidized projects benefitting the wealthy.

Count on Mark Funkhouser to help lift those citizens at the bottom which will elevate all of us to make Kansas City simply a people-class city.

Sunday, March 11, 2007

The Kansas City MetroRegion Overnight News and Weather Report - Sunday, March 11, 2007


Stabbings in Olathe and Kansas City, KS. left two males with serious but not immediately life-threatening injuries.

The Olathe incident was dispatched at 3:11 am CDT in the 1100 block of East Loula.

There - according to police & MEDACT-EMS reports - a 30-year-old male suffered stab wounds to an upper leg and lower back. MEDACT took him to a trauma center.

The suspect was reported to be a Hispanic male who left the scene.


KC-KS agencies reponded to the 1900 block of Parallel at 3:41 am CDT where they found a 17-year-old male who had been stabbed once in the middle back.

The victim told police the attack came at a party in the 500 block of North 13th Street. There was no suspect information.



Police there may have had a suspicious-cause death early Sunday morning.

They called for EMS at 3:21 am to the 800 block of 2nd Street on "a non-breather."

Before EMS arrived to declare the patient, an officer on the scene called for the county medical examiner. EMS did not transport and no other info heard.



A fire reported shortly before midnight heavily damaged a house at 50th Terrace and Quivira Drive.

The back of a house in flames was reported by a neighbor and it took firefighters more than 50 minutes to control the fire.

There was no word on either occupancy status, injuries or cause of the fire.



Clouds thickened overnight in response to a deepening upper weather system to our southwest. Winds were light easterly and temperatures remained in the upper-40's at dawn.

After a bit of rain today, the coming week will see our warmest temperatures so far this year. Weak fronts may affect our weather by mid-week and again next weekend - but no really cold air will affect us.

First with Kansas City Metro Region Breaking News - KSHB NBC41 ACTION NEWS.