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Thursday, March 16, 2017

BREAKING: Pedestrian in Wheelchair Dead in South Kansas City MO

KC-MO Metro Zone police report "a DOA" at 63rd Street and Prospect.

The fatality is at the scene of a person in a wheelchair being struck and dragged for a short distance by a KC-MO Water Dept. dump truck.

Police have closed that intersection to traffic while they conduct an investigation.

Wednesday, March 15, 2017

BREAKING: Shooting in South Kansas City MO

KC-MO  Metro Zone division offers are investigating a shooting that seriously-injured a male.

The call came in around 10:20 pm to an address in the 8600 block of Chestnut Circle.

The incident could have been the result of a vehicle crash that happened elsewhere and the victim drove himself to the Chestnut Circle location.

The victim was described by the transporting KC-MO Fire EMS unit as "a 27-year-old male" with 2 gunshot wounds: one to his back and another to a thigh.

The man's condition was serious- but not immediately life-threatening.

Only suspect info was that of "a black male wearing a blue hoodie."

PD continues to block off that area in the apartment complex.

BREAKING: Another Vacant House Burns in Old Northeast Kansas City MO

Early this morning- a house on 7th Street and Fuller was destroyed by a suspected arson fire- this time a suspicious fire ignites a vacant 2-story house near Indiana on 7th St....

The initial alarm for 5 KC-MO fire companies was sounded at 9:45 pm on a reported "house fire- Independence Avenue and Benton."

Units began arriving 2-1/2-minutes later finding smoke at that location- but the actual fire was a couple of blocks southeast- in the 3200 block of East 7th St..

The structure was "fully-involved" in fire- so hoselines and master streams were directed on the fire from outside.

No injuries heard as of 10:57 pm with the fire declared "under control."

BREAKING: House Fire in Near East Side Kansas City MO

Seven Kansas City MO fire companies battled a fire in a large house early Wednesday morning.

The  call was dispatched at 1:44 am to "9th Street and Fuller" in the Sheffield area of the East Side.

Pumper 24- responding from a nearby outbuilding fire that had just been extinguished- arrived at 1:47 am to report "fire showing from a 2-story vacant house."

A "working fire response" was dispatched- sending more crews to the scene.

Fire crews took "a defensive (outside)" stance on the firefight.

As of 2:04 am- Battalion chief 104 (BC-104) reported 3 handlines and a master stream being used on the fire- with "a partial collapse of the roof."

A collapse zone for the safety of firefighters had been established at least 7 minutes prior.

As of 2:20 am- the firefight continues in mid-20 degree temperatures with a light east wind.

At 2:22 am- an arson investigator as well as "dangerous buildings" inspector from the city was requested by BC-104 to the scene.

More than a hour after the initial alarm for this fire was dispatched- it has not yet been declared under control.

No injuries have been reported as of 2:53 am..

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

BREAKING: Working Fire in Building South of Downtown Kansas City

The alarm came in at 8:56 pm for a reported "fire in a vacant building at 20th" Street "and Main." 

The first of 6 fire companies rolled-in about 4 minutes later to find "a fire in one- possibly 2 units on the 2nd-floor of a 5-story building."

At least one handline is being used with the fire being reported "under control" at 9:07 pm.

Streetcar operations are suspended until the FD clears this scene.

Monday, March 13, 2017

Woman in Serious Condition after being Carjacked by Teens

Citizens- unfortunately in this day and age you MUST stay constantly aware of your surroundings and the people in it!

Woman in serious condition after being carjacked by teens: A metro woman is in the hospital after being carjacked by a group of teens on Sunday afternoon.

Sunday, March 12, 2017

BREAKING: Grandview MO Police Officer Injured

Grandview Fire and EMS were dispatched at 9:39 am Sunday morning to an address in the 13700 block of Parker- where it was reported a "police officer " suffered "a broken ankle."

The "32-year-old ... male" officer was taken non-emergency to a Kansas medical trauma center in good condition.

Unknown are the circumstances surrounding the officer's injury- that info is pending an 'official' report to the media.