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Saturday, May 14, 2011

Intoxicated Man Slams Car Into An Overland Park Residence

This call came into Overland Park police around 4:06 a.m.: a reported male driver of a car had crashed into a residence in the 9400 block of West 123rd Street- 123rd and Grant.

The caller to police reported the male exited the car after the crash- wandered around the scene a bit- then fell to the ground bemoaning his situation.

The crash also severed a gas line at the house- and the family inside who was uninjured were forced to evacuate the structure for about an hour until the gas was shut off by a utility crew.

The male driver of the car wasn't injured in the crash- but was arrested by the OPPD for driving under the influence.

This was one of several overnight crashes that involved reportedly intoxicated persons but fortunately no critical injuries or fatalities.


Man in Critical Condition After Jumping From Interstate Bridge

A male in his 20's reportedly jumped from an overpass in Independence onto the westbound lanes of Interstate 70 early Saturday morning.

The incident was reported at 5:55 a.m. on the westbound lanes of I-70 under Crysler Avenue.

The male reportedly parked a light-colored sedan on Crysler (see images) and scaled a protective chain-link fence over the Interstate and jumped off- according to witness reports.

Passersby on I-70 stopped to assist the man.

It was unknown if the jumper had been struck by any vehicles as he lay on the highway before help arrived.

The man was transported by AMR-EMS Unit 322 to an eastern Metro medical trauma center with critical head and other injuries.

Police had traffic on I-70 westbound restricted to one lane for about an hour while they investigated the incident.


Two-Alarm Fire Burns Independence Avenue Building

Around 1:05 p.m. Thursday afternoon- five companies of the KC-MO fire department responded to a reported building fire in the 2600 block of Independence Avenue near the Old Northeast side.

Smoke was visible to responding fire companies several blocks away- and was pouring from the 2-1/2-story structure east of Prospect and on the south side of The Avenue when fire crews arrived minutes later.

Three more fire companies were ordered.

A 2nd-alarm was struck at 1:15 p.m.- and at least 5 more fire companies responded.

The fire was in an old building that once housed the Vista movie theater and been transformed into shops in the 1960's.

There has been no reports of anyone found inside- or any other firefighter injuries.

It took nearly 2 hours using 4 ladder streams and other heavy fire-fight equipment to bring the fire under control.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Breakdown at Takes Out Tens of Thousands of Bloggers Worldwide

Including Capt. Spaulding's World...

We've being TRYING to post since yesterday (Thursday) afternoon- but the host of this free service went down due to some unspecified problem- and remained out to anything but reading days-old posts until just recently.

More than 10 older CSW stories posted since Tuesday have disappeared.

There was no notification on about the unplanned outage until early Friday morning- more than 8 hours after the service went down.

The many thousands of bloggers affected took to social media- including Twitter- to spread the unhappy news.

By early Friday afternoon- had managed to at least reinstate bloggers the ability to post on their blogs- which I'm doing with this story.

It is unknown when the missing posts and reader comments will appear if at all- or how long blogger/ remains up.

It's a free service- so you truly get what you pay for here....


Thursday, May 12, 2011

MetroRegion K.C. News: Nevada MO Habitat For Humanity House Gets Tornado-Safe Room

This is a GREAT idea- photo and caption courtesy of The NEVADA (MO) DAILY MAIL.

My ONLY concern would be is the back porch connection to a concrete slab or wooden flooring?

The latter could be broken off in an EF-5 tornado.


CSW Weather: Another Chance of Severe Storms in the Kansas City MetroRegion Later Today

Strong to severe storms Wednesday night brought down power lines across parts of Douglas county KS- causing U.S. 56 highway to be closed from Baldwin City east to the Johnson county KS line.

A check of the KDoT site around 11:30 a.m. Thursday indicates U.S. 56 is still closed in that area.

According to the latest "convective outlook" from the NWS' SPC- Metro and MetroRegion K.C. is again forecasted to receive severe thunderstorms later today into tonight.

According to the SPC- the greatest risk of severe storms would be from southwestern MO and southeastern KS southward- but daytime heating will be the biggest factor in where the most severe storms form.

As always- CSW will be here with any severe storm watches that are issued later today....


Schools- Social Services or Corporate Airlines- Which Are Kansas Pollys Cutting Funds To?

If you guessed the first two- you would be correct...

After all- public schools and social services don't have ANY stock to offer to wealthy Republicrat politicians!

Million dollar subsidies to keep airlines flying in Kansas- but less money for education and help for the needy.

Maybe the stupid- poor and infirm can fly the hell OUT of the state.


Associated Press Poll: (Rich) Americans "Upbeat" About Economy

The AP poll published this Thursday morning and seen here at MyWay news says that the majority of people they polled were more optimistic about  the American economy.

More Americans are said to be "upbeat" regarding the economy- or did they mis-word the term that should have said "beat-up?"

This is either outright media/government propaganda or the AP didn't interview anybody but corporate CEOs and other rich people.

Fuel prices continue to be high- a trip to the grocery store requires a 2nd house mortgage (if you can still afford the payments on the first) and costs for utilities keep rising- not amounts in our paychecks.

The poll respondents must live in the Merry Old Land of Oz and/or the drugs and preservatives are kicking in!

If YOU are "UPBEAT" about the American economy- please comment here and let us know your secret- other than starvation- no driving or sitting in the darkness....

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Critical-Injury Motorcycle Crash in Olathe

At 6:58 p.m.- Olathe emergency services including Medact_EMS Unit 1154 were sent to a reported injury crash involving a motorcycle at 133rd Street and Pflumm.

The "35-year-old male" cycle driver was reportedly unconscious before MEDACT arrived- and remained so with "a head injury" "a fractured femur" and other critical injuries while enroute to Overland Park-Regional medical center.

MEDACT-EMS said the man was helmeted- but the "helmet was (broken)" during the crash.

There was no report on how fast the cyclist was going or what he hit/if any other vehicle was involved.


CSW BREAKING: Person Dead By Gunshot in South Lawrence

At 5:51 p.m. Wednesday afternoon- a person injured by gunshot was reported in the parking lot of the Checker's grocery store at 2300 Louisiana is south Lawrence KS..

That gunshot victim has been confirmed dead on the scene by Douglas County-Lawrence-EMS as of 6:02 p.m..

There was an unconfirmed report that this was a possible suicide- but CSW is awaiting confirmed details on this incident....


CSW WEATHER: Entire Kansas City Metro Included in Severe Storm Watch Until 10 P.M.

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center has put all of Metro K.C. under Severe Storm Watch-284 until 10 p.m. this Wednesday night.

In addition- most of MetroRegion Kansas City is also included in this watch for severe tstms.

A warning means a severe storm is taking place: winds of 58 mph or greater and/or hail 1-inch in diameter and larger- deadly cloud to ground lightning and torrential rainfalls.

Please refer to the latest warnings from the NWS down the right-column of CSW or your favorite source of information....

CSW is listening for any storm damage in the extended Metro Kansas City news coverage.


CSW WEATHER: Current Severe Weather Watches in The Central States

The latest is Tornado Watch No. 182 valid for much of western Iowa and eastern Nebraska- including the Metro areas of Omaha-Council Bluffs- Des Moines- Lincoln and Grand Island NE..

As you can see by the graphic- Metro K.C. remains one county east of Severe Thunderstorm Watch No. 179.

Scattered small showers and tstms
continue to develop in and around Metro K.C.- mostly on the Kansas side- and this trend will increase through this evening- night with some storms strong to briefly severe through 8 p.m..


CSW BREAKING: Large House Fire in southern Independence MO

The call went out for 5 companies of the Independence MO (IN-MO) Fire department at 1:53 p.m. Wednesday afternoon for a reported back deck of a house on fire "north of 4925 Conway Court."

First-arriving Station 2 crews reported "smoke and fire showing from a large- 2-story house" when they arrived at 1:56 p.m..

Two extra pumper companies were requested to assist in the firefight at 1:57 p.m..

Flames are been fanned by brisk southerly winds in the 20-30 mph range.

No injuries have been reported as of this post- police were ordered for a number of motorists gawking near the fire.


CSW WEATHER: Severe Tstm Watch No. 279 Valid Until 5 PM- KS-NE

Watch Number 579 does NOT include Metro Kansas City- but DOES cover Lawrence- Ottawa- Iola- Emporia- Topeka- Valley Falls and Seneca in KS..

Severe thunderstorms (tstms) already exist from north central into southern KS early this Wednesday afternoon.

I expect thunderstorms in Metro K.C. by evening- some of those could be strong to severe.

The higher-risk "moderate" area of forecasted severe weather has been dropped- but a tornado risk still applies- especially from northern KS into southern NE..

Tuesday, May 10, 2011

CSW BREAKING: Haz-Mat Scare- Small Fire at St. Luke's Hospital Near The Plaza

A first-alarm response of seven KC-MO fire companies responded at 11:10 a.m. to a reported fire and leak of an unknown chemical gas in an area under renovation at St. Luke's Hospital- 4418 J.C. Nichols Parkway.

As of 11:30 a.m.- the situation was well under control after it was determined the chemical gas was R11 refrigerant and the fire was in a small area of some insulation around an old chilling system that was being dismantled.

There was no indication that any patient areas were affected by the leak and small fire and the exact circumstances of the incident is being investigated.


Rumored New FAUX TV Network Show "American Idiot" To Have Donald Trump as First Contestant

Another show I won't be watching of course.

Future contestants threatened to be Newt Gingrich and Sarah Palin....


CSW Weather: Severe Storm Chances Increase Across Central States Wednesday

The NWS' Storm Prediction Center (SPC) has upgraded Wednesday's risk factor for severe thunderstorms and possible tornadoes from "slight" to "moderate" for a portion of the Central States that includes cities such as Wichita Kansas (KS) and Oklahoma City Oklahoma (OK).

This fairly-narrow band of an enhanced severe weather risk tomorrow runs from about central KS southward across central OK into extreme northern Texas (TX)..

A "slight" risk of severe storms covers a much-wider portion of the Central States Wednesday- including Metro Kansas City and all but eastern portions of our MetroRegion.

The slight risk area runs from southern Minnesota (MN) to the Mexican border around Laredo TX..

Locally- that risk slight risk for severe thunderstorms also exists Thursday.

CSW will be on top on any tornado occurrences in the Central States tomorrow- but PLEASE keep abreast of the latest weather information in your area.

Sunday, May 08, 2011

University of Kansas Students' Pre-Finals Partying Ends in Stabbing

At least 6 reports of K.U. students over-indulging and requiring an EMS response Sunday morning was capped by a student who suffered a stab wound.

The wounded student- an 18-year-old male- was reported to Lawrence emergency services to be in the lobby of McCollum residence hall at 1800 Engle Road in the 5-o'clock hour just before dawn.

A Douglas County EMS paramedic said the young man had an about 1/2-deep wound to his left arm ("bicep") and was also intoxicated.

K.U. police later said the man was "punctured" when he let a white male he did not know into the victim's dorm room.

The 18-year-old K.U. student was taken to Lawrence Memorial hospital in good condition.

The other 5 patients needing an EMS response for their drinking probably didn't feel in as "good condition" as the stabbing victim when they awoke later Sunday.

Fatality Crash on Mother's Day Morning in Prairie Village KS

A 1-vehicle crash during a police pursuit killed the male driver early Sunday Morning on Mission Road in Prairie Village.

Emergency services responded at 3:03 a.m. to the scene at 71st Street- where the chased SUV had struck a tree.

Prairie Village police were reportedly chasing the vehicle on speeding charges.

The driver- identified later by PVPD as 24-year-old Adam L Keitz- required extrication from the wrecked vehicle and was pronounced dead at the scene by the MEDACT-EMS Unit 1133 paramedic.


CSW Weather: MetroRegion Kansas City Severe Storm Chances Later Today- Late Wednesday Into Early Thursday

There are at least 2 discernible severe weather chances in the region over the next several days:

Later this Sunday afternoon and evening- and again later this coming Wednesday and- for Metro K.C.- more so early Thursday- according to the National Weather Service's (NWS) Storm Prediction Center (SPC) in Norman Oklahoma (OK) .

Today's severe risk (see/click on graphic 1) covers the MetroRegion generally along a line north of U.S. 36 in Missouri (MO) and Kansas (KS) and west of U.S. 63 in MO..

The risk-area covers parts of Iowa (IA)- Nebraska (NE)- and South Dakota (SD) as well.

The greatest tornado risk- 5%- would be in a swath from extreme northern KS- across NE into western SD..

Next Wednesday- the extended outlook  (see/click on graphic 2) indicates the risk of severe thunderstorms with "all facets" of damaging/life-threatening weather- including tornadoes-  aross southern & southeastern NE- all but the western quarter of KS south into OK and central Texas (TX).

Metro Kansas City indicates to be just east of this outlook area that would include KS cities as Topeka- Emporia- Garnett and Pittsburg and which is valid through 7 a.m. Thursday morning.

For your protection- keep alert for rapidly changing- damaging and life-threatening weather conditions later today in the mentioned areas and stay alert of the weather Wednesday and Thursday in the Central States.


CSW BREAKING: Large Fight- Police Presence on The Country Club Plaza

A beautiful spring night in Kansas City has led to crowds- and trouble on the famed Country Club Plaza early Sunday morning.

A "large fight" was reported by a patrolling police officer near the J.C. Nichols fountain at 47th Street and Main just after 12:15 a.m.- and the numerous police cars were sent to the area along with the police helicopter.

An arrest of an allegedly-armed black male was performed at Cleaver II Boulevard and Grand near Winstead's restaurant at 12:45 a.m..

EMS was ordered at that time for a "female short of breath" relating to the call.

At 12:55 a.m.- the police helicopter was asked to look at The Plaza "for any groups that need to be dispersed" according to a requesting officer.

As of 1 a.m.- no such groups had been located and it sounded like the police response was much less urgent/numerous with some units reporting to the Westport area.

No other injuries or arrests have been made as of this post....