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Thursday, May 12, 2011

Associated Press Poll: (Rich) Americans "Upbeat" About Economy

The AP poll published this Thursday morning and seen here at MyWay news says that the majority of people they polled were more optimistic about  the American economy.

More Americans are said to be "upbeat" regarding the economy- or did they mis-word the term that should have said "beat-up?"

This is either outright media/government propaganda or the AP didn't interview anybody but corporate CEOs and other rich people.

Fuel prices continue to be high- a trip to the grocery store requires a 2nd house mortgage (if you can still afford the payments on the first) and costs for utilities keep rising- not amounts in our paychecks.

The poll respondents must live in the Merry Old Land of Oz and/or the drugs and preservatives are kicking in!

If YOU are "UPBEAT" about the American economy- please comment here and let us know your secret- other than starvation- no driving or sitting in the darkness....

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