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Sunday, May 08, 2011

University of Kansas Students' Pre-Finals Partying Ends in Stabbing

At least 6 reports of K.U. students over-indulging and requiring an EMS response Sunday morning was capped by a student who suffered a stab wound.

The wounded student- an 18-year-old male- was reported to Lawrence emergency services to be in the lobby of McCollum residence hall at 1800 Engle Road in the 5-o'clock hour just before dawn.

A Douglas County EMS paramedic said the young man had an about 1/2-deep wound to his left arm ("bicep") and was also intoxicated.

K.U. police later said the man was "punctured" when he let a white male he did not know into the victim's dorm room.

The 18-year-old K.U. student was taken to Lawrence Memorial hospital in good condition.

The other 5 patients needing an EMS response for their drinking probably didn't feel in as "good condition" as the stabbing victim when they awoke later Sunday.

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