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Friday, May 13, 2011

Breakdown at Takes Out Tens of Thousands of Bloggers Worldwide

Including Capt. Spaulding's World...

We've being TRYING to post since yesterday (Thursday) afternoon- but the host of this free service went down due to some unspecified problem- and remained out to anything but reading days-old posts until just recently.

More than 10 older CSW stories posted since Tuesday have disappeared.

There was no notification on about the unplanned outage until early Friday morning- more than 8 hours after the service went down.

The many thousands of bloggers affected took to social media- including Twitter- to spread the unhappy news.

By early Friday afternoon- had managed to at least reinstate bloggers the ability to post on their blogs- which I'm doing with this story.

It is unknown when the missing posts and reader comments will appear if at all- or how long blogger/ remains up.

It's a free service- so you truly get what you pay for here....


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